On 10th January, 2001 I had to make an important decision about taking up a new job. I had a job offer from a university in Canada and I had attended an interview for a similar position at a university in Singapore. I was not sure if I would be offered the job at Singapore. Though the position at the university in Canada was apparently more prestigious, I was looking forward to the offer from Singapore. The Singapore job would let me relocate to a place close to India making it possible for my parents and my wife's parents to easily visit us and for us to stay in touch with Indian culture.

The university at Canada gave a deadline of 10th January, 2001 to let them know of my decision. Even until the ninth there was no word from Singapore and I became quite tense. I was not sure whether the Singapore job would materialize or whether to accept the offer from Canada. I realize that people have much more difficult problems to deal with but I felt that I could not take a decision without divine help. Therefore, on 9th January, I appealed to Swamiji for assistance with silent prayers and by email. It was the evening of 10th January and I had lost all hope of hearing from the university at Singapore, as the offices would be closed. I returned home and checked email at about 10 p.m. There it was! Quite unexpectedly, there was e-mail from the Department Chair indicating that the Dean had accepted that I be appointed. This was quite surprising because that day afternoon I had an e-mail from a faculty-friend at that department informing that the Dean had been opposing any regular appointments for the an year or so. I am convinced that this could not have happened without Swamiji’s grace.

So, what caused this miracle? Was it my faith in you? Honestly, no; I am yet trying to develop that kind of faith, which hopefully Swamiji will grant me one day. Was it because I am a noble soul? Definitely, not; I am an ordinary man with shortcomings, which I believe you will correct soon. You have blessed me out of infinite love and compassion for those who seek refuge in you. In fact, I am writing my experience to let everyone know that you shower blessings on even the most "low level" devotee like me. I firmly believe that anyone who seeks your help for a genuine purpose will find it coming swiftly and effectively. I pray that you help me evolve into a better individual who is able to contribute significantly to the society.


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