My mother was very religious and would perform a puja for Hanuman every year and we use to hoist red flag in the garden where we prayed. After my mother passed away, I moved to Cape Town, approximately 1800 km away from my hometown to live with my sister and her family. It was a critical decision because I had to change my life style. I had been a Sai Baba devotee for many years and in 1999 when I was surfing the Sai net I came across Swami’s website quite by chance. I read the experiences of some devotees and then I sent e-mail to Swami. As I did not receive any reply, I sent some more mails when I received a reply from Swamiji Puja Mandiram that Swami was very busy and that my mail had been handed over to Swami. The letter also contained vibhuthi with blessings from Swamiji.

In October 1999, I wanted to visit India but did not have a companion to travel with. A lady whose son worked with me phoned and asked for a recipe then she said lets go the the movie and then we were busy planning our trip to India in March 2000. Meanwhile, a devotee of Swamiji suggested that I write the Sri Ramajayam mantra 108 times for 41 days, make a garland and give it to any Hanuman temple. This seemed quite laborious task. I took a page and tried to figure out how to do this so that I could cut out the 108 pieces of paper everyday to make the garland. I drew lines in a book without counting the number of pages. When I got to the last page I realised that without knowing I had drawn lines on exactly 41 pages! I finished the 41st day a few days before I was to leave for India and it was then that I realized that there was no Hanuman temple in Cape Town. The devotee asked me to bring it to Puja Mandiram.

On reaching Chennai, I was told that Swamiji was back from his tour and that I should come at 5.00 p.m with a tulsi mala on 20th March. We sat in the Mandiram for quite a long time. We came to know that it was the 50th birthday of Swamiji. As I walked towards Swamiji, He mentioned my name. He asked me to sit in front of Him. He told me that He was very happy to meet the first devotee from South Africa. I was fortunate to be at his birthday celebrations. He prophesied that I would return to India, I will visit Tirupathi Temple, and that I would meet him in Canada one day. He told me that he would appear in my dreams.

August 2000, my purse was stolen. I had all my cards, money and Swami's photograph and vibhuti in my purse. I prayed to Swamiji and the next day a man called to say that my purse was found in the road. The money was stolen but every thing else was intact.

Whenever I feel very low and depressed Swami would appear in dream and make me happy. I have told many people in South Africa about Swamiji, they are waiting to meet Him. I have been writing the mantra 108 times daily since 2nd April last year and I am patiently awaiting the changes as foretold by Swami. Every time I feel distressed I get a message by e-mail or some other means from devotees. I really feel good when I get a message from Him.

Ms. Moodley Vasantha,
South Africa

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