Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamikku Jai

With Swamiji’s blessing and divine guidance my family is in a healthier atmosphere. Originally I never wanted to get to Canada with insecurity and leaving a living which I considered to be the eternal in my life. Whereas Swamiji step by step guided me and gave confidence in me to the extent that I need not worry about anything, because he is there to worry about me and do the things the way I will feel comfortable & best for me.

My first meeting

Mid May’96 my friend Kamala phoned me and said a Swamiji has come from India and requested me to come to her place that evening. I was in such a situation that I did not know what to do next in my life, I agreed to go to her place by 7 PM. Even though present, I was not that willing to talk to him. One was the crowd and the other was if Swamiji ask some personal detail, (As every one of us at one stage or other would have committed mistakes) what should I do. When Swamiji arrived devotees were gathering to take the blessings from him. I was wondering how the people are touching the feet of another stranger and decided I am not going to do that. I just stood where I was then Swamiji asked everyone to sit. He started to talk to devotees inquiring about the mixie at home is working, how many watches they have, whether there is sweet in the fridge. These inquiries amused me at that moment. At one stage I was thinking whether this Swamiji is a mind reader. I was wondering, whether, the devotees whom he inquired was thinking about it at that moment? After half an hour He was talking to one devotee about her health and the medication which she totally denied that she was perfect and she was not taking any medication. Then Swamiji insisted on her that if she take 1 step towards him He will take 10 steps if she take 5 steps behind He would take 50 steps behind. Still that lady did not accept his offer. After further questioning Swamiji requested her to leave immediately. Once she left Swamiji continued His talk with the other devotees. This was the turning point for me how to answer Swamiji in case if he ask me any question. After 2 hours of talking to the devotees he looked at me and asked the following:

Swamiji : Where is your wife?

Self: She is not here.

Swamiji: I know that where is she now?

Self: She is in Canada.

Swamiji: So when are you going there?

Self: No I do not want to go there.

Swamiji: When your family is there why you do not want to go there?

Self: I do not like that place so I do not want to go there.

Swamiji: So you want them to come here?

Self: Yes.

Swamiji: Ok I shall bring them over here.

Self: Ok.

This was the talk I had with our loving Swamiji on the first day. With that talk itself I realised that He had some power to understand my problem at that moment, and He has given a satisfying answer to my problem. I felt that, he had the power to go from one devotee to the other and to talk that devotee’s problem immediately without taking a breather to understand the problem of that devotee. This is not possible by a human without having the guidance from the divine.

When the Pooja was over I took the blessing from him because he did not see a human anymore to my naked and inner eye. For me he was a god sent messenger to talk to me and guide me in the correct path. While he was blessing he gave me a picture of his and said I will meet him once again.

Subsequent visits till January’98

Next visit of mine was at Mr. Venkatesh house and Swamiji gave me a half dinar note along with a picture of Him & Hanuman. When he blessed me he said that financially I would be taken care. From that day my confidence was growing in every aspect.

Whenever Swamiji came to Kuwait I visited him once or twice during each of his trip. The dialogue of going to Canada was the only subject between me and Swamiji and it continued, till Swamiji’s visit of January ’98 to Kuwait.

During Swamiji’s visit of January’98

On this visit I went to Mr. Venkatesh house and waited for Swamiji’s darshan. Swamiji as usual started talking about the repair of the electronics, food in the fridge, the dress a devotee wanted to wear and change the mind at the last minute or number of watches a devotee has with him. From the Pooja's what I attended, when he ask these questions it show that always Swamiji watches our movements and sadguru know everything about the individual’s life .

Suddenly he looked at me and asked,

Swamiji: Who is Rajah?

Self: My Brother in law.

Swamiji: Why you do not talk to him?

Self: Personal.

Swamiji: I want to know what is it?

Self: He drinks therefore I do not talk.

Swamiji: If he drinks why you do not talk to him?

Self: Swami after liquor if there is an argument between both of us and if he tells my sister

do not talk to your brother, then I will lose my sister. Therefore, I do not talk to him much.

Swamiji: Yes this is the way should be with him.

Then he asked me the second question,

Swamiji: Do you take coffee?

Self: Yes, I take one cup a day.

Swamiji: Only one cup then it is o.k.

He said the above with a smile, at that moment I could not understand what he was trying to tell me?

Then he asked me the third question,

Swamiji: So when are you going to Canada?

Self: Every time you are asking me this, I am also telling you I do not want to go.

Swamiji: Unfortunately this time I cannot tell you this answer. You better get ready to go to


Self: O.K. (I could not believe that he asked me to go to Canada after telling 1-½ years that

my family will come back to Kuwait)

During the blessing Swamiji told me that if he had told me on the first day that I have to go to Canada, I would not have come to see him afterwards. Now you have belief in Swamiji that is what I told you about Canada.

Ten days after this episode I had stomach upset. Normally to control it I take coffee. That day also I took coffee but not one cup, continuously I took 3 cups. Just after taking the third cup I fell sick with finding difficult to breathe and severe pain on my stomach to chest. I was taken to the clinic immediately and was given injection and was asked to take 3 days rest. Also I received some tablets to continue. Immediately upon taking the medicine I went to sleep. After 10 hours of sound sleep when I woke up I did not feel any pain. Since I recovered next day I went to office. As usual I took my morning cup of coffee pain like the previous day was developing. When I took the tablets the pain eased off. In the night when I was returning from office I was seeing like a movie trailer that swamiji asking me about coffee and smiling. When I reached home the very first thing I did was emptied the coffee bottle. Next day the office boy was informed never to serve me coffee. Since that day (now nearly 3 years) I did not take single cup of coffee and I did not get any pain. If Swamiji had not cautioned me no way a doctor could have diagnosed me with coffee as the main cause for that pain.

From asking three questions he revealed to me that he know my past (my sister), near future (my sickness due to coffee) and my distant future of Canadian migration. Due to the first two came true, from that moment onwards; I started to believe that I would go to Canada one day. Also he made me to stop the coffee consumption, otherwise I would not have known that coffee was bad for me.

Car getting stuck in front of Kamala’s house

During the year 1998 one night when I visited my friends Siva & Kamala for a meal and said good night it was around 12 P.M. I started off my car and pulled towards the main road instead of taking the normal path I went through a sandy patch to save some seconds. To my surprise the car got stuck in the sand and I could not move out of it. I had to stop the engine and came out to see my tyres were almost half sunk. I knew at that time of the hour I could not go for help and also since the time was not advisable to get Siva to try to help me out. Only thing, which came into my mind, was to contact Swamiji. I stood there and called him for help, then I got into the car and said to him please help me to get out this mess and started the car. When I accelerated the engine to the maximum and thinking of the divine guru I noticed the fine dust flying all over and covering the entire surrounding of car. All of a sudden the car jerked and jumped out of the patch. This was my first experience of calling Swamiji for help and getting it instantly.

During Swamiji’s visit of November 1999

During Swamiji’s visit in November 1999 I asked Swamiji is there a blessing for me to attend the Jayanthi in beginning of January. For that he said of course god has decided that you are coming over. I was in such a dilemma that due to the Y2K bug whether I would be granted leave. Since Swamiji told me that I will attend, then he know how to take me over there. During this visit I asked Swamiji, when my daughter attain age whether I will be able to attend the ceremony. In my community this is a big occasion. Then Swamiji told me father like you will definitely be there for the ceremony. (This is the miracle I will never forget in my life) Since, Sadguru said that I felt there is no more worry for me over this matter.

I spoke to my boss that I want to go for the religious ceremony on the 1st January. Initially there was slight hesitation but later he agreed for me to go on leave on 30th for one week. When I went to book my ticket, travel agent told me that flights are full, anyway she would try. When she punched the request miracle took place. From Kuwait-Colombo-Madras-Colombo-Kuwait got confirmed immediately. I was so shocked to see the way it got confirmed. Even now the travel agent lady tells my office colleagues about this booking. With swamiji’s grace only I got this booking. Since I am a Sri Lankan I had little bit of difficulty in obtaining the visit visa to India. I told Swamiji even after 10 days of applying, embassy is requesting me to wait for another 7 days to issue the visa, he said do not worry, you are coming for the pooja. When I heard this I left that matter to him. Next day morning Embassy called me to inform me that to send the passport to issue the visa. Our Sadguru only performed these miracles.

Attending 12th Hanumanth Jayanthi

When I landed in Chennai I cleared immigration and customs and came out. As Swamiji informed, outside the airport there were two people to receive me. I went with them to see Swamiji. When I got the blessing from Swamiji, he asked me what I want to next. I said to him "I want to find a hotel and then reconfirm my return flight". For that he said you are going to stay in that room and please make yourself comfortable. Then he told me, I will arrange a car please do the reconfirmation and come. After 1/2 hour, I went to confirm my ticket. On the way I remembered the medicine which I wanted to buy for my diabetic and then I realised that I forgot to take the address where the medicine is supposed to be purchased. I was on pins thinking oh! My god am I to come back again in the evening. After finishing the flight re-confirmation I requested the driver to take me to Khadi Kraft to buy a Hanuman statue.

After purchasing the statues the driver asked me whether we could eat something and go for which I said yes. After finishing the meal and walking towards the car I saw a western medicine pharmacy and wanted to buy some lotion for my friend’s skin problem. After buying the lotion casually I asked him whether any Ayurvedic shop close by. Then he asked me what medicine I am looking for and when I told him the name, he said that medicine he has got that that medicine. When I inquired to my surprise I found that was the only ayurvedic medicine he stored. He had only six packets and I bought all of it from him. Then I asked him where can I get some tilak he asked me go about 1/2 Km but to my surprise I found a seller just 10 steps from his shop. Then I purchased and said to myself, I managed to purchase everything and now no more shopping. After I came home Swamiji asked me Nadesu have you done everything what you wanted to do. I said yes with your help even the things, which I could not have done, was over. When I left the house he said re-confirm the ticket and come back. See how tiny miracles happen when you trust the almighty.

Then he asked me to take rest. So I went into my room and took shower and went out to the balcony and sat down. With the gentle breeze and no proper sleep the previous night I must have been sleeping on the chair. Probably within 15 to 30 minutes someone came and put me up and said that Swamiji wants you to go to your room and sleep. When I went inside he was talking to some people, then he turned to me and said take rest because you have to be up till late night for the pooja. (See from the place where he was sitting with others and discussing the arrangements of next day he could see me sleeping outside) I said ok and went to my room and slept. Then around 9PM I woke up and took shower and went down to the Pooja Mandiram to take part in the Bhajan. Later at 10.30 someone came with the message saying Swami wants me to come upstairs immediately. When I went up he was in his home pooja room blessing his family members and Amma came out and said Swamiji wants you, so please go inside. I went in and got the blessing and New Year wish from Swamiji. Then he made me to sit and have food with him. When Amma put the 3rd idly I requested that is enough, for that Amma said you have only slight diabetic so you can have 4 idly. When I asked amma how she knows about my diabetic she said Swamiji told her and said to take care about my food. After the food I went down and continued the bhajan. Sharp at 12 midnight Swamiji blessed all of us. I was so happy that at the millenium change how Swamiji kept me in the best divine place in the world and blessed.

Morning since it was New Year day I went to the temples. When I went to Hanuman temple I found about 400 to 500 people in the queue to take darshan of Hanuman. I saw the 32 feet Hanuman statue inside and said, god today the crowd is too big, I shall come tomorrow to see you. Then I walked past that temple and went to two other temples. At the second temple I inquired where could I buy god pictures? The priest said you could buy these near the Hanuman temple only. When I went back to the temple and found, it was empty and was able to pray without any problem. So I felt that Hanuman made me to come that day itself and made me to go because of the crowd and to come back to pray leisurely. Within 1 to 1 1/2 hours what miracles I witnessed.

That evening from 5 PM the celebration was suppose to start. I decided to walk in front of the car in which Swamiji was seated. I could not go closer to that car. 10 minutes into the procession someone walked to me and said what are you doing over here and held my hand and took me next to Swamiji. This person told me when Swamiji is blessing the people, please take the fruits and give it to Swamiji. I really enjoyed the service because I was closer to our Swamiji. I felt that this enjoyment was shown to me because when I was talking to Swamiji the previous day, I said hope I will be closer to you, to see everything. So he made me to stand and walk next to him and enjoy the closeness.

In the night after everything was over he blessed me and asked where is your volunteer badge. When I told him I do not have one, he said please give one for Nadesu otherwise he will be pushed around by the others without knowing who is he. Afterwards in the night he came to my room and gave me a badge and asked me to wear it next day. So much care he took to ensure that I would not be inconvenienced next day. Later on I realised how that badge was important because in the jayanthi nobody knew about myself and could have been far away from moving closer to the celebration.

Next day during the Jayanthi celebration he made me to sit on the stage and made me to feel that he know what I was thinking at every moment. He made me to control the crowd. I made a troublesome devotee to calm down and join the line to see Swamiji. After the Jayanthi trip only I started to feel Swamiji’s blessings towards me. I saw how the volunteers were tirelessly performing the duties for Swamiji without saying no for instructions given to them. Also, the food, which was provided to all devotees attended, is not an easy task to perform. Added to all Swamiji looking after each activity and if there is any deficiency giving instructions to rectify. Every activity was supervised by Swamiji personally, and he ensured Jayanthi went well without any obstacles. All mighty only can foresee these and rectify everything in a festival of this magnitude.

In February 2000 came to my house

During his visit in February, he told me that he would come to my house to light the lamp on Wednesday, which was to be next day. Since we had a long bhajan that night and went to work I was totally confused that what I should do to receive Swamiji. Since I am living alone in an apartment I was worried how to receive Swamiji. When I called Mr. Venkatesh’s residence at about 5p.m. Swamiji asked me to come over to accompany me to my home. When I went over he was talking to the devotees and this went on till 8.30 p.m. Then he asked another devotee to come and take him to their house where he was doing a ‘joking pooja’. Also, Swamiji specifically telling other devotees that Nadesan laughing today and is very happy. When Guru decides to keep you happy he only know how to show that. First time I saw Swamiji like this and felt that Swamiji was trying to show a better life has started for me.

When he finally came to my house it was morning 1 a.m. Since Swamiji did not tell me to invite anyone I did not invite. Whereas he walked into my house with few devotees and straight came to the shrine room and lit the lamp and started the bhajan. When the Bhajan was over he made me to feel relaxed. Till he left the house at 3 a.m. he was continuing his joking puja and made all the devotees relaxed. When Swamiji is around even if you sleep for 1 hour, that will make your batteries recharge. The divine presence of Swamiji was felt in my house by showing how calm I was.

Showed me his presence in my home

Finally Swamiji showered all his blessings to the devotees and left to Dubai. This was the first time I went to the airport to see him off. After Swamiji left I visited Mr.Venkatesh’s house and sat with him and had a small discussion. This time I felt the complete emptiness of Swamiji's departure. After an hour or so I left to my house. I wanted to take the remaining fruits, which Swamiji did not distribute and give it to a devotee of Swamiji. When Swamiji came to my house I had put a saffron cloth on the chair which was given to me by Mrs.Usha. As I got into the house I noticed that cloth had moved a bit, I felt during my absence Swamiji had come to my house once again. So went to the chair and asked "I feel during my absence you had visited my house if you are still here, now I am going to a devotee’s house for 30 minutes. Please pull this cloth a bit more." At that time I did not realise what a childish request I was making. Within 5 minutes I packed the fruits in a bag, and wanted leave the house, still unbelieving about Swamiji’s visit. When I went to the door to go out my phone rang. When I picked up the phone,

Voice: Swamiyodu samsarichho?

Self: I do not understand Malayalam can you please talk to me in English.

Voice: Swamiyodu samsarichho?

Self: May I know who is it and please talk to me in English?

I was wondering whether this person was asking I spoke to Swamiji or can he talk to Swamiji.

Voice: Swamiyodu pesinela?

Self: Yes somewhat I talked to Swamiji, may I know who is calling please.

Voice: Do not you know who I am? (Highly commanding voice)

Self: No I do not know.

Mr. Venkatesh: You do not know my voice.

Self: Oh! Mr. Venkatesh is that you?

Mr. Venkatesh: Can you come to my house now.

Self: OK I shall come now.

Then I left the house and went to the devotee’s house.

Self: Where is your husband?

Mrs. Logan: He is having headache and sleeping.

Self: It is ok, I brought some fruits what Swamiji left at my house. I shall come tomorrow.

Husband walked out of the bedroom.

Self: What happened to you Logan?

Logan: I am having headache if I sleep I will be ok.

Self: Ok you take one banana and eat.

Logan was looking at me.

Self: I asked you to eat the banana.

Logan ate the banana.

Self: I shall come tomorrow and talk to you all.

Within 15 minutes I went to Mr. Venkatesh house.

Mr. Venkatesh: Please come in.

Mr. Venkatesh: On the way did you visit some place?

Self: Yes.

Mr. Venkatesh: How is the headache of your friend.

Self: Yes, he has got headache.

Mr. Venkatesh: What did you do?

Self: I asked him to eat a banana.

Mr. Venkatesh: Yes that is his medicine, now he is ok. Please sit down.

He offered me a glass of juice. On Friday's I fast 24 hrs. When He filled the glass I was thinking hope it is not for me. When Swamiji comes also Friday's prasad I used to take on Saturday. Since it was Friday I was totally confused. I did not know whether Swamiji was testing me and making me to give up my fasting. When he offered the juice I looked at Mr. Venkatesh and felt the request. Without any hesitation I drank the juice and also ate the food what he dished for me. After sometime we spoke and I left to my friend’s house. When I went to my friend’s house he had recovered and amazingly he said 15 minutes after I left his headache had vanished.

With this act not only Swamiji showed me that he has visited my house but he came to Logan and Mr. Venkatesh house and showed me the presence. That day He made me to realise that sincerely you request Swamiji he will show his presence every moment.

Swamiji is everything to me. If he request me anything to be performed that has to be followed as the only thing to be in the mind. For me if I cannot perform the divine's guidance I should not listen to him. He knows what, when and how to tell what you need. He had thought me patience is golden. When you are patient and trust the divine he can shower the benefits what you need.

I had covered the experience till Swamiji’s February 2000 and the balance to continue as and when Swamiji makes me to write.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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