Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji

  Writing about Experiences with Sri Vikraman Swamiji is an experience it self that all of the people who has already experienced Him will agree with me. It is an experience to be felt with in and more we write in our thought becomes more and more small to be written about.

The Protector and His Invisible Hand:

It was August 15th 1998. I had decided to take my wife and 2 year old son for a visit to an amusement park called Dolphine City on Mahabalipuram Road, which I planned very suddenly. A place around 25 Kms from the place I reside. And I was turned a fool by deciding to carry them in my two-wheeler. We too started from my residence exactly 12 noon. I had almost travelled around 15 Kms. and suddenly the engine of my vehicle ceased and I could literally see my wife and son flying in front of my eyes. They were thrown to a distance of 10 meter and I was just on the middle of the road.The next moment a car stops and helped me and my family to a doctor at a place called Muthukadu a place 2 kms away. We were given first aid there and put my family in an auto and proceeded back to Chennai. On my way I found my scooter being looked after by an old man. I thought of trying on my vehicle which I otherwise decided to abandon and come back. It just started as if nothing has happened and riding was really a pleasure.Finally we just reached home safely with small bruises all round the face of my son.At home I just tried to visually reconstruct the scene and felt the presence of a Divine Hand just lifting my wife and son and putting them safely on the side of the road. I could able to listen a small faint laugh and light tapping on my shoulder. And then only I could find that there is a big wound on my shoulder. And there after all the scars were vanished 3 days after the incidence.It all happened definitely as I used to ask for a protection from Swamiji whenever I ride a vehicle or start a journey. And I have never heard Swamiji making an enquire about the incidence at all.He is the saviour and has saved me and my family from several crucial moments of my life.

He Never Lets His Children Down:

This all happened during 12th July 1999. As usual my wife was under severe condition of depression and was treated by a clinical psycologist. She was recovering well by the grace of Swamiji and hence I wanted my parents to come and spend some time with her. She was very fine that day and hence I just went out of home for some official work at around 2 pm in the afternoon.She was just relaxing with my son at her bed side, my father was reading a newspaper on the hall and my mother had gone to the terrace for collecting the cloths. Just during that time my wife had left home and without anybody noticing that. It was just a matter of 10 minutes and I was informed. I had searched all round but in vain.Finally I felt hopeless and surrendered.It was something around4 pm. I called Swamiji's number and was answered by somebody in the Ashram telling me His non-availability. I was almost shattered. I just prayed frantically for an aswer to my prayer and called after anothr 30 minutes. It was the same man again and I told him about my situation and after giving me a listening very patiently he asked me to try around 6 pm. I felt it was Swamiji's divine message. And I stopped trying to search. Finally at around 5.30 pm I was adviced to lodge a police complaint abot my missing wife. Which I did but at the police station again I found a nice gentleman who discouraged me to do so and he adviced me to come back again at 8.30pm if necessary and he promised to wait for me . While I was just returning home I was paged a message by my wife about her reaching home safely and surprisingly when I checked my watch it was just 6 pm and my prayer was answered.She told me that she just walked off for no knowledge of her and had boarded a bus. Suddenly she regained her consiousness and got down from the bus and waled towards a small hut. She found a middle aged lady there and asked for a glass of water and after that she went on to deep sleep. She was waked up by that lady at around 5.30 pm and was offered a cup of tea and the lady then offered her to drop at my place and thats how she was back home safely.And if I reconstuct the the same story today I just wonder how is it possible in the current world for such a thing to happen with out the direct intervention of His Holiness Sri Vikraman Swamiji.And now while writing this page even though my wife is again down with severe depression I have full faith in Swamiji's words " Swami has taken care of Her " .

He is Hanumat Brahman:

I was asked by Swamiji to organise a thursday bhajan at my residence. I was just amused and shocked by His words. I was also confused how to organise as I live in a small rented place. I planned to organise at the terrace of the building but it was raining during that time. Still I was asked by Swamiji to organise the puja at the open terrace and I did whatever I could able to do. And the most important time Swamiji's arrival came and people were ready to receive Him. The moment I saw Swamiji getting down from His vehicle I was just stunned and forgot who I am. I felt being filled by a cold wave within me and as Swamiji moved towards my house I could feel shreiks within my body and mind. And when Swamiji was lighting the lamp at my house a large shreik came from within me and I felt being thrown out of body and I could feel myself crying with joy uncontrollably that too at the highest pitch of my voice and the sound was not at all familiar to me.It must have been my Higher Self / Soul Factor which felt its life time desire to meet the Master Himself. And may be I have come to this planet only to meet the living Master Sri Vikraman Swami .

                             The Puja itself was really soul satisfying and the moment final Aarathi was offered to Swamiji, a strong wind started flowing and I could hear Swamiji telling a devotee that it is Lord Maruta ( Vayu and Hanuman is the Son of Maruta or Vayu,hence called Maruti or Maruta Nandan or Vayu Putra ) himself. And after that within couple of minutes It started raining very very heavily and all the devotees went home wet . I could never that day in my life and it will be recorded as the only happiest day in my life so far.

Bhaktiman Maha Shaktiman:

He has always been the Lord of His Devotees. Full of compassionate and unconditional love . More we Love Him more of love flows from Him . And He is a source of that . Every moment teaching us how we must behave or live in this material world . But what have we learnt from Him. He does not want to be followed by His followers blindly just like that , rather teaches us how to walk through the path being shown by Him and He goes allout to help us and encourage us.If I could able to think positively then it is only His thoughts that prevails and If I could talk sweet then it is only His words in my voice box. He has blessed me more than I feel of my worth. And He channelises lot of Messages for me.Now most of the time I become amused to listen what I speak . The words start flowing fluently and that too I will be listening them for the first time . In the name of Swamiji I used to predict few things for my friends and surprisingly everything has come true. One day I got an oppurtunity to ask Him , if the words spoken by me is just my imagination or what ? To which He replied it is all God's words . And with His blessings If I speak it will be a volume and never end one.

While meditating on Him I used to ask " Who Is God and Who am I ? " For which He answered very simply " I am the Ocean and You are a drop in it . " Such a simple answer to a comples question I was just amused. And to explain it in my words it is just like this " If we need to know an ocean we need to test only a drop of it and the ocean will be multiplied by infinity of the properties of the drop of ocean water as the properties of the ocean will be just the same that of the drop of the ocean water. And to know God is just to know ourselves and He is the collective consiousness . "This lession of Swamiji I will always reagrd as the best ever a lession I got from any of the Teachers.He just tests us with various real life problems so as to make us more and more subtle beings and increse in our subtle energy level will help improving the energy of the Totality that includes the whole human race as well as Mother Earth.

We are yet to know about His identity and His real Mission on this Planet.

His Prophecy Comes True :

Long back when I met Swamiji during the saturday puja He had told me that I will be writing on the internet and I will be praised by people for this. And now the current site www.vikramanswami.com is His blessing. I never trained myself for the job and still then the way the site has come up I really wonder. He plans and executes and we are just instruments at His mission. At everystep during the site development I could feel His presence all round me and flow of ideas were just random and I will feel happy if I have been able to transfer His thoughts at least 10% in my work.

These are just a handful of experiences that I have put on this page . And every devotees experience will run in to volumes for everybody to remember .

Shri Ramajayam

Mr. Sudhansu Sekhar Sahu
30 th March 2001

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