I came to know about His Holiness Sri Vikraman Swamiji through a person known to my children and became one among the thousands of His devotees. He preaches the worship of God in any form. His devotees include Muslims, Christians, and people of other faiths. Whoever approaches and consults Him return with considerable mental relief. Swamiji is aware of the problems of those who approach Him.

When I first visited the Puja Mandiram, Swamiji asked me to visit the Mandiram as frequently as possible and assured to call me inside. When we visited Puja Mandiram two months later, my wife remarked whether Swamiji would still remember us. Though I was seated with other devotees un-noticed, He called me inside the Puja Room in the first batch itself and blessed me.

My co-brother who is a retired Hon. Captain is settled at Bhuj in Gujarat. When Gujarat was rocked by earthquake on 26-1-2001, I could not get any information about them despite all our efforts. I met Swamiji with a disturbed and confused mind and presented the problem. In a firm and authoritative, tone Swamiji told me that all were safe even though the entire area was affected seriously. I had strong faith on His divine prophecy; I consoled and encouraged all relatives. At about 11.30 p.m. on 1-2-2001, the son of my co-brother informed me over the phone that:

    1. The house where they lived was not affected at all even though the houses around it had collapsed,
    2. All of them were safe and reached Santacruz by air, and
    3. They will be proceeding to native place from Mumbai by train on 2-2-2001.
I could not sleep the whole night, as I was overjoyed. When all communication systems had failed, Swamiji’s divine communication prevailed and gave us the true situation. I have no words to praise the greatness and divine power of Swamiji. Jai Sri Ram

M. Kelu
Senior Administrative Officer (Retd)

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