Swamiji, in simple words we wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to you for all the grace and blessings you have showered on us and for being with us in our times of joy and sorrow. With your divine grace even the worst upheaval of our life has seemed so mild and passed away without affecting us the way it would otherwise.

Since "Sharan mein aaye hain hum tumhare" we have received daya from you.

Thank you for overlooking all our faults (which are in abundance) and accepting us as we are with all our flaws. The love and affection we receive from you makes us wonder if we are really worthy of it!

"Rom rom mein Ram base hain

Ang ang mein Swami……." Your presence is felt every moment no matter where we are.

Dear devotees the miracles we have experienced with our dear Swamiji are manifold. They are deeply embedded in our minds and each time we recollect them we experience immense joy and happiness and wish to share some of them with our fellow brethrens.

Miracles and changes began in our lives from the moment Swamiji, you walked into our lives in 1994, when we first had your darshan in Daya Mataji’s house along with Kunda Patkar and immediately came into your fold. That was the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to us. Like you said in Shirdi Avatar "I draw to Me My man from far off, or even across the seven seas, like a sparrow with a string fastened to its feet." We were drawn closer and closer to you! Our humble request to you is to never let go off that string, never ever!!


A few days later Swamiji you came over to the house and blessed us all. That was something that we all needed so much at that time. The very next day our daughter (sorry your daughter) Preetima and her friends met with a terrible car accident in Karama. The car was a total write off but she and her friends came out unscathed. Not a single scratch! At that time, I must confess dear devotees that since we were ignorant it didn’t even cross our minds that Swamiji had saved and protected them from the disaster. Today the realization has dawned and what I should have done much earlier I am doing now -Thanking Swamiji for His divine protection.

Many such accidents have been averted by our dear Swamiji.


I have for long (5 yrs) suffered from severe headaches and blurred vision. I could never remember a day that I had got up feeling fresh without a heavy head. When we used to go for your darshan Swamiji’s I would crave (and still do) for you to put your gentle hands on my forehead while blessing us. I would hope for it to remain there forever! (I know and feel it is always there only not visible to the naked eye). I could feel energy passing through and lightness in the head. The gentle touch did it all!! I have never felt so good.

Once when I returned from India after attending my brother’s last rites, (he had passed away due to severe case of Malaria) I was down with high fever and severe shivering. I was so cold that I had eight blankets over me. I was sure it was the dreaded Malaria. We were so fortunate as you were here with us in Dubai at that time. You casually stated it wasn’t malaria but just a viral fever and mixed vibhuti with water for me to drink and consolingly said the fever would go down the next day. Immediately after consuming the vibhuti water mixture my fever subsided and I was on my feet the next day!! I had my medical tests done and the tests showed no signs of the malicious disease but just the viral fever! Once again Swamiji you came to our rescue. Kodi kodi dhanyavaad!

I have always been restless in mind and body and ‘confused’ too and you always gently chided me for that. I would be easily influenced by others and change the position/remove the photographs in my pooja room as directed by other sources. At that point of time in life I came into contact with YOU and so many other so called Gurus. It is only when you see the good and not so good that one can differentiate and value the good I made my choice and accepted YOU dear SWAMIJI as our Guru. We feel total bliss and contentment that can never be explained and surrender unto you. I have never experienced so much inner joy and peace as I do today. Now I am a changed person Swamiji, and thank you for making me stronger. Again your kripa! I need to be shaped and chiseled much more which I know you are doing gradually as I can feel the inner changes coming in slowly but surely. My humble prayer to you – make us worthy of your love!!


Swamiji, during your last visit to Dubai in Feb 2001, we performed Padh Puja on your arrival to welcome you as we have been doing earlier. After completing all the rituals we drank the water with which we washed your feet. It was as sweet as can be! This was Amrit that we had never tasted before. I drank it again thinking I must be dreaming. It was even sweeter. I then called Pravin and said "Have this, do you taste something different?" He too was taken aback and soon we gulped down the whole glass. We then came to you and said " Swamiji, this is no ordinary water." You smiled and simply said "I Know" Thank you for blessing us with the sweet, pure, holy Ganga from your feet!!


Last year during one of your visits Amma & you presented me with a wonderful gold bracelet which I regarded as my lucky charm and wore it immediately. The very next day we all went shopping and suddenly Amma noticed the bracelet was missing and pointed it out to me. I was completely shattered. How could I lose such a precious gift! We had visited so many shops - where could I begin my search? I prayed deeply "Oh God take any of my other jewellery I have - my gold sets, diamonds just anything in lieu for the bracelet which You and Amma had so lovingly given me. I got extremely restless while You and Amma carried on shopping as if nothing had happened. After dropping Amma, Archana and You home I took your blessings and went out in the car to search for the bracelet. Very casually You said " Don’t worry you will find it. Just look behind Lulu Centre at the parking lot" Immediately I drove to the spot You mentioned and there glittering in the bright sunshine I found my priceless gift!! Considering that spot is always so busy and yet no one’s eyes fell on it. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks. Swamiji, you were playing with me but for me it was no joke. I must admit I am a very forgetful & careless person and I keep losing handbags, shawls, money etc. Swamiji, I know there was a lesson for me behind it - to be more careful with my things in the future. I am trying my best!!


Swamiji, as we all know has since many years been saying "I will conduct puja sitting in one place and will talk and bring together all devotees and leaders from all over the world." At that time we really had no clue as to how this puja would be conducted. Computers was not so common as it is today and the concept of chatroom was unheard of. Ofcourse, we knew for sure that Swamiji’s word would definitely come true. But how and when? Our question has been answered.

Today we can see and experience it for ourselves. What we see today our dear Swamiji had forseen years ago! The Chat Room Puja has begun!

Dear devotees, see how easy Swamiji has made it for us to reach Him. If you can’t meet Him in person or on phone just log in and send your messages. He will surely get them and reply to them too. If we are lucky to get Swamiji on line we can receive instant messages and Blessings.

Swamiji has conducted a few pujas on Chatroom and believe me there are more to come. Those who have experienced it will certainly agree with me that even though we are unable to see Him in person we can feel his presence all the time. He is like a magnet who pulls all his devotees towards Him. As soon as Swamiji logs on we can see everyone log on one by one like bees getting attracted to the Nectar, the Nectar is none other than our dear Swamiji.

The whole scenario is electrifying. Swamiji is like the Main Power sending out currents of love and compassion to all his devotees and recharging them. Just like we feel after attending any of His pujas where we are able to see Him in person! Swamiji’s sense of humor in the chat is amazing. We can’t help but laugh. He does this only for us, his children, so that we forget our worries and tensions and thus uplifts our spirits.

Together we share our happiness and sorrow as Swamiji says we are all His children and belong to one Family but are in different rooms. We may not know in person many of the names that we see on chat but we do feel a sense of oneness with them as we are all linked to the same Father, our Swamiji. We are happy for devotees who give us any good news on chat and pray for others in distress. Your joy is our joy, your sorrow is our sorrow.

So long, will keep meeting you all in the vibrant Chat Room Pujas to seek Swamiji’s blessings.

The list of our experiences is endless. I could write on till eternity.

Since now with your grace Swamiji I have begun the task of writing, (a big miracle for me) I think with your blessings I shall continue to do so. Swamiji, what you have done for each one of our family members is immeasureable. This is the least we can offer at your feet. Accept our kodi kodi pranams.

Your Loving Child

Sunita Dua


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