Jai Sri Ram

It is a difficult task to put your experience in appropriate words and share it with other devotes, today I really feel I should have been a writer but anyway I am trying my best to tell you what I had been through.

I had been suffering from back pain from age of 16 years and I used to face regular treatment specially during winter season as my pain used to aggravate during this time. Last year the winter season got over by march but my pain continued . On 8th of may I woke up to find my self unable to move. I was in severe pain and just could not do anything , I was taken to hospital where doctor examined me and said I might have a disc prolapse but also said we would wait for some time before coming to a conclusion. He told me to take complete rest for 15 days and get back to him. Strong pain killers were prescribed for me and I would feel sedated after taking tablets .After 15 days there was no difference was found in my condition so I was asked to get MRI done which indicated about my disc prolaspe. My condition had worsened by this time and I could no longer bear the pain .I went to specialist and I was suggested to go for a surgery. Although I was very reluctant to do so still my husband made all arrangement with the hospital for my operation. Because of my condition my husband and children had suffered a lot (May God bless them). Then one day a friend who came to visit me mentioned about swamiji and gave me a number in Dubai, which I tried several times without being able to reach swamiji. I had started losing hope because within a day or two my husband would shift me to hospital for my surgery. On Tuesday 30th of may when I called swamiji and swamiji asked me how I was feeling but before I could say anything swamiji said I know that you have a problem with right side of your body and has been troubling you a lot. Then he told me about my family In Bombay, he told me not to worry about my brother. Then he asked me if I went to sidhi vinayak temple in my last visit to Bombay with my relatives who stay in Chembur which was true. I could not believe my ears because it seemed as if someone who knows me closely is talking to me and I started crying then swamiji told me that my eating habit was not right, I should not leave gap between two meals etc. After this he said he had to go for puja. It was then I asked him whether I should go for a surgery in India or should I get it done here and I was shocked to hear from swamiji 'Rupa you wont need a surgery. A doctor will treat you without surgery and you need not go to India' .I thanked swamiji and hung the phone but I did not know where to find a doctor who will treat me without a surgery. On Wednesday 31st may I got a call from my colleague who works in Dubai office and was calling to enquire about my health as I had not attended office for over a month now. He told me he had attended a seminar in Dubai where this doctor gives treatment with help of crystals and I could give it a try. I contacted Dr Ramesh who gave me 4 sessions of tachyon treatment and I came back to normal. Today thanks to swamijis blessing I am leading a healthy life. Miracles do happen and my family and friends have seen it.


Mrs. Roopa Wahi

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