Dear Swamiji,

         One of your many blessings to me are the beautiful dreams you grant me.  I remember Mirabai's bhajans where she says that she loves her sleep where she meets Krishna and longs for the night so that she may meet him again.  Such are the visions of the Gods that you have given me.  I would like to tell  people that if you want to see your Ista Devata just ask for my Swamiji's grace and that God will not only appear before you but also talk to you.

          One early morning in November '94 I had my first dream of Swamiji's.  In several pujas he would tell people he would come in their dreams.  I longed for him to say that to me.  At last when he had last come before that November, he promised to appear in mine.  He went away to India and I forgot about that   promise.  At that time my husband had left Emirates Bank and was looking for another job.  He hadn't found one yet but we just stayed on because Swamiji said he would.  Let me tell you about that dream.  It is something I could  not have imagined because I saw visions which I never though off.  It began with us waiting for Swamiji. He has to conduct a Puja at our house.  The house was full of our friends and relatives and   people whom I didn't know too. The house was an apartment which I had not seen before.  It was covered with a deep red carpet.  I saw the kitchen and the hall.  As we waited anxiously as our guests grew restless.  We were hovering in the landing and through a window there looking at a  parking lot.  Through the kitchen window too we were looking at the parking lot.  Then as we waited I saw a short man in a brick coloured dhoti of the type that Iyer pujaris wear.  I told my husband catch him.  He knows where our Swami is. Venky took him by the scroff of the necck and shook him.  Venky cried out in anguish "Where is my Swami?" where is my Swami?.  The man looked at us and smiled .  When he smiled Venky relesed him and he disappeared.  We both felt utterly disappointed and went into the apartment.  We fed our guests and informed them that Swami was not coming.  After the last guest left, the lift opened and there was Swami surrounded by a host of devotees.  I remember the faces of Shanmugam and Jyoti (Babu) even though I did not know their names then.  Then Shanmugam comes out and says your friends wanted Swami not for himself but for what he can give them.  I am so happy to see my Swami that I am just happy.  He enters the house.  He sits cross legged on a sofa.  I am sitting next to my daughter Maanasa in another sofa.  Suddenly the lights dim.  I cannot see anybody else in the room.  Where Swami was a mist appears and suddenly I see Venu Gopala.  He is beautiful.  More beautiful than any picture I have seen.  Now I know the colour of Krishna-Megha Shyama.  Then Venu Gopala is also enveloped by the swirling mists.  The swirling mists turn into an icy ocean.  There are blocks of ice floating on that white foaming ocean and from that foam forms the serene form of a Maharishi.  He is fair, pink, majestiic and very handsome.  He has locks of hair form from the foam. They are pure glossy white.  He ties it into a knot on his head.  He carries a kamandalu and is seated in Padmasana.  He takes some water from that Kamandala and sprays it on me.  Splash.  I feel the coldness of the spray and he says take to ocean.  I feel  pure bliss and I say to myself, Am I dreaming?  I look at Maanu next to me and I see the same bliss in her eyes.  I know I am not dreaming.  I woke up that instant. This is only a sample of the dreams you have given me.  Krishna is my Ista.  After I met you I have found I love all the Gods in different ways.  You have given me many visions and many lessons in my dreams.

         Shri Ramajayam! Victory to Lord Anjaneya !  Victory to Vikrama Swamiji !

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