Jai Shree Ram,

My first meeting with Vikraman Swamy was a great blessing for me. The night I met Vikraman Swamy, I was not aware of my own future & also not aware of who Swamyji really was.. I had just finished school and had a very good job as well. I was however not sure about my further studies, I was not aware of my own ambition. When I was in school I always wanted to join a courier company, and by the grace of God I did join a courier company.

I met Swamyji in my uncle’s house in 1995. During those days, I was planning for my further studies and was not sure on what to do. I had also thought of being a pilot, but was not very keen on the idea, mainly because I was not a very good academic student, my eye sight was not good for a pilot  & also financially it was not possible., 3 factors which were the only requirements of being a pilot and I was not able to fulfill any. The night I saw Swamyji for the first time, he asked my mother what I wanted to do and she told him that I had many things in mind, but not sure of what I really wanted in life. He looked at me and asked me if I wanted to be a pilot and if I was ready to go to the US, I answered to him positively. He blessed me and we left the pooja. While leaving the building ( the building where the pooja was being held ) my mother told my father, that there was no way I could ever be a pilot, unless we won a LEXUS IN THE DUBAI SHOPPING FESTIVAL. Honestly, none of us truly knew what was happening and we did not take Swamyji very seriously.

The next morning, I woke up and hit my LEFT eye on the edge of the study table, ( this is the same eye that I had a problem with ). We went on with our lives, a couple of months later, I wanted to test my eyes since I wanted to get myself a new frame, I went to my regular doctor and he told me that my eyes did improve a lot. By this time, I had completely forgotten about Swamyji and so did my family. I had also started college nearly a year later, but was not very happy with it. I wanted to do something else. One night I went to my office which is close to the airport and started at the runway, looking at the airplanes landing and taking off, that reminded me of me wanting to be a pilot, so I called the local flying school and one thing lead to the other and I did get my initial licence from Dubai… all this time, I never thought of Swamyji even once. A couple of months later of me getting my licence, I wanted to go to the US for my further flight training, now I was caught because we did not have the money with us. Shopping festival started and my father bought a ticket for Lexus & we won the Lexus and on a very special day – It was the Malayalam New Year, we still did not remember Swamyji. I went to the US, got my training there, but it was not easy. I had to face one problem after another, my flight training was not going as planned and I was getting frustrated. The day I got my COMMERCIAL PILOTS LICENCE, I asked my parents for the first time, to visit the temple in Dubai and thank God. That day, we met the same Uncle and Auntie who had invited us for the Pooja in 1995, and they told us that WHATEVER SWAMYJI SAID HAS COME TRUE, EVEN THE WORDS THAT MY MOTHER TOLD MY FATHER OF WINNING THE LEXUS TICKET CAME TRUE. My parents informed me of this incident in the US and strangely just the previous night of my parents going to the temple, I dreamt of Swamyji but since I did not remember his face, did not know who I saw in the dream, I only knew that I had seen the same face someplace in my life. And he was standing in front of the airplane. I went to his website and tried calling him but was not able to get him. I was still in the stages of doing my flight training on bigger airplanes and I was still having problems. I finally got hold of Swamyji’s devotee in Chicago, who told me of Swamyji’s greatness, he told me to keep trying Swamyji and also told me to think of him before a flight, and I did the same and ever since then, all my flights were easy, It seemed like a puzzle, but after the day, I began taking his name, the puzzle began to fit in its right places.

I finally spoke to to Vikraman Swamy when I was in Florida, and now I don’t want to let go of him.



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