Vikraman Swamy’s is always watching over his devotees.

I am sure a lot of other devotees have had similar experiences; here are a few of mine.

Swamyji saving me from a car accident

One night, while I was driving in Bur Dubai, I ended up in a area which was very very dark with no lights anywhere, I was well aware of the surroundings, I noticed a cement truck which was parked in front on the opposite road and it had no lights on. I blinked my eyes and had a flash of Swamyji’s face and the next thing I knew was my right leg moving automatically moving to the brakes, I thought it was a muscle catch and tried to stop my leg from hitting the brakes hard as I had a lot of other cars behind me, the very next moment, I saw the cement truck had moved and was right in front of my car and my car had already stopped. Looking at the cement truck, I was shocked and did not know what had happened…I returned home and when I became calm, I remembered Swamyji’s face that had appeared in front of me when I had blinked and that was the moment the truck moved, everything happened in a matter of seconds. That night I tried calling my parents in Bombay to speak to them, but there was nobody at home, a couple of days later when I spoke to my mother over the phone, I had mentioned of this same incident to her and she told me that on that very same day, my family was on their way to Shirdi, to Sai Baba’s temple, and for them to get there too was more than a miracle, all the while they had left the Bombay city, the roads were covered in fog and also on that day, there was heavy rainfall, they had booked a private jeep and noticed a lot of people cars who had stopped and a lot of buses had canceled the trip. But my family did not stop, they kept going until they reached Shirdi and it kept raining, but the moment, they reached the temple and my mother got down, the rains stopped the very instant. That is the very same day that I got saved from my fatal accident.

Swamyji telling me that I did not carry my licence

One day, while I left home, I took the car and took it out of the car park, as soon as I did so, I thought of Swamyji, and then for some reason, I checked my wallet, which I did not carry, and my drivers licence was in the wallet. This was another way of Swamyji speaking to me in the car.

Swamyji speaking to me at home.

I live with my sister who has 2 children who are very noisy, normally I like doing my poojas when they are asleep. One night, they had gone out and I thought of doing my poojas soon and going to sleep, but I was reluctant as I was not sure when they would arrive, I did not want to start the pooja and then have them ring the bell. I looked at Swamyji picture and thought of this, the very next second, my mobile rang, it was my sister, she had called to tell me that they would arrive only very late at night… Swamyji is listening…

Swamyji in the temple

On my birthday 7th of December and the last year it fell on a Friday. I normally attend the poojas on Friday in the temple, that day when I entered the room where the bhajans had already begun, I saw an apple in front of Swamyji’s picture and in my mind, I told said, today I need that apple as it is my birthday. After the bhajans, I am normally the last to take the prasad. On that day, I was the first to get the prasaad from my uncles hands and he too thought of the fact that I am normally the last person to get the prasaad and today I was the first, he was not aware of my birthday, the very next moment, I saw Pravin Dua, taking the apple from the picture of Swamyji and coming and giving me the same apple.

The first day I met swamyji in 1995, I was not aware of who he really is. I took him very lightly and my life was not easy until I found him again, after nearly 4 years, I think back now and feel so very bad of the years that I lost of not getting his blessings, I went to the US and things were not easy for me from the day I had started flying both in Dubai and in the US, but the day I rememebered him, I know from that day onwards my life started becoming easy.

Jai Shree Ram

Ritesh Nair


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