Kodi pranams at the feet of Swamiji!

Like so many devotees, swamiji has helped me immensely since he stepped into my life.Words are inadequate to describe his divine miracles. I shall attempt to share a few important incidents with the devotees.


I came to know about Swami through my friend Ms.Renuka and just went there out of curiosity.After a long wait I was called in and Swami told me that I had come just to see how the Swami is and I have no faith in him. To my surprise he told me about the child in my hospital who was sick at that time. He made lots of predictions in the year 1996 and all have come true so far. That day swami's puja was going on past mid night, two young girls were sitting infront of me and they  wanted to leave soon since their parents will be worried about them. Swami told them " You are sitting in front of god. He will take care of your safe trip back to your home and your parents will not search for you." Since I had come alone, I too was worried  about going back, but I beleived in Swami's words and stayed till the end. When I came out, it was dark and a couple  were walking close to me. They asked me where I was going and said that they will accompany me to the station, later they took me to their home, cooked dinner for me and gave me a nice hospitality. Later they became one of the ardent devotees of swami, they are Mrs.Suseela and her husband Mr.Srikumar who have become my close friends also.

Miracles in US!

Swami arranged for my study at Johns Hopkins Uiversity and when I told him that I do not have the scholarship, he said that lord Hanuman will take care of it. The tution fees was $25,000 and the day I flew to US I had less than $1,500 with me.One of  my cousins told me, " How you will manage without money in a foreign land, that too in US!!" I told myself if swami has taken the responsibility I can safely proceed to US.

The day I joined the College, the student co-ordinator asked me how I was going to manage for the finance. I told her I shall apply for the student loan, for which she said that she has received a letter from The Columbus Foundation that they will give scholarship for one student from India or Pakistan or Nepal and she said that she can give $13,000 for my tution fees. I could feel swamiji's divine presence at that moment.

Pass without exams!

When I did my MPH at Johns Hopkins I found it difficult to prepare for my Epidemiology exams. I had to appear for the exams on January 2nd and I contacted Swami on the Newyear eve and told my difficulty. He said "Nothing to worry. You will pass without the exams." I was wondering how I can pass without appearing for it, and I conveyed this news to my friend.

The whole class went for the exam and we were glancing through our notes nervously. Our Professor came to the stage to make few announcements before distributing the question papers.He said, " I have a New Year gift to all of you. I shall give you two options, if you have scored more than 80% in the previous assignments, I can give you B grade and you need not write the exams. But if you want a higher grade you have to take the exams." The whole class who had been sitting tense so far, could not beleive what he had said.
First everyone thought that he was  playing a NewYear joke on us. When the Professor said that he really meant what he said, 90% of the class shouted happily in relief and left the exam hall. I was thinking that I was wittnessing one of swami's miracles there.

Anjeneya as a flight companion!

Swami told me that I will be going to Spain shortly, the next day I saw a cliping about the International Perinatal conference at Spain. I told Swami that it will be difficult for the government doctor to get No Objection Certificate.He said that Lord Anjeneya will look after the trip.Till the last minute I didnot get my visa, I made a frantic call to swami. After speaking with swami I made a telephone interview with the counsel and I got the visa immediately.

When I left for Spain I came to the Puja Mandiram to seek Swami's blessing and when he applied kum kum on my forehead he said, " Don't worry. I will be travelling with you".

When I entered the aircraft I was thinking of Swamiji's words, when I about to take my seat I saw the Inflight magazine on my seat. I was shocked to see the picture of Anjeneya displayed in one of the pages and that picture was on my seat. Then I thought to myself if swami is travelling with  me, my next should be empty so that Swami can sit there and I kept the magzine with the picture on the seat. Needless to say that all my trips in Europe the next seat was empty and when I travelled from Zurich to Bombay all the four seats were empty and I was comfortably sleeping throughout the trip.

I humbly pray at the holy feet of Swamiji!
May he guide his children in a divine path!

Viraman swamiji ki Jai!
Veera Hanuman ki Jai!


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