My experience with Swamiji- Part -II


Let me tell some more experiences I had with this great Swamiji.

We had planned to go to India, on April 28, last year and had booked (Paid in full) through an agent who was famous for good discounts, but alas even on the day we didn't receive the tickets and later were told to go the following monday. We had only two weeks and had made all the bookings to go to kerala from Madras. I had called Swamiji and told him about coming and he said O.K and that I will be able to meet him during this trip. But when such a thing happened we were dumbstruck, as we had hardly few hours to go and tickets were full. We called our usual agent and by Swamiji's grace we got the tickets for the same fight and we rushed to the airport and reached as scheduled. When I met Swamiji ,he told me we'll get the money and by the time we reached back the money was returned in full to one of our friends.

 As we wanted to meet Swamiji we went to the ashram before we went to kerala, and Swamiji had left for Kerala. We were saddened and made our trip to kerala as scheduled.We had only two days when we were back in Madras and so when I called Swamiji on our return, Swamiji answered the call and asked me to come the next day morning. And Swamiji was waiting for me. I am truly blessed to have a swamiji like this to protect me. I have always found that Swamiji always keeps his words, even when we have doubts. He advised me , blessed me and I have the memories to keep going  till the next time , I meet HIM.

Then the other great incident is that I was pregnant with my second child and had called Swamiji and he told that it is alright and I have nothing to fear. I had some wonderful dreams too during that time-

1. A Deiti called Jyothirmayi Devi came in her full form and she told me she is coming to my house.
2. Then during Swamiji's kerala Pujas as if I was witnessing one puja.
3. Then again once one night as if I was with Swamiji and devotees as if Hanuman Jayanthi and Swamiji blessing me when all of us were involved in the kitchen work.
Swamiji made me feel as if I was involved in all activities even when I was far away and was blessing me throughout this pregnancy.
 When I had taken leave some 17 days in advance , noone knew when I will deliver. I had ceaserian for my first , so we were prepared for it, though I was praying for normal birth and told my doctor so. Swamiji always told me that I'll have no problems though. I had some pains during Hanuman jayanthi, 12th January, I was ready after doing my prayers, I did not deliver.On 14th January, Pongal day after the puja , I had done some household jobs, in the evening I had to go to the hospital and was warded as I was due anytime. I was put on IV as the doctor was precautious. By God , I am scared of even the injection. I didn't feel any pains though it was improving till the next day. Even the nurses felt that I had to undergo ceaserian. When I got admitted I called Swamiji's ashram, though I could not contact Swamiji. I left a message, The next day , I called , Swamiji had left a message with his blessings.With this hope that Swamiji is with me, I kept praying" ASADHYA SADHAKA SWAMIN, ASADYAM TAVA KIM VADHA!RAMADOOTA KRIPA SINDHOO, MAT KARYAM SADHYA PRABHOO".I knew even the impossible is possible with Swamiji's blessings. So I prayed and prayed and delivered normally a baby girl to the surprise of all, I had experienced pain for hardly an hour.

But our joy was short lived as my daughter developed very high jaundice within 3 days. It was so high that doctors wanted to do blood transfusion, it was 300 units. I was not able to talk to Swamiji, even though I called many times, but then one of the devotees assured  Swamiji will definitely bless her.Swamiji made him say so.The doctors wanted to try by giving a double blanket UV light,so they gave us 3 hrs. We prayed and prayed, I kept SWAMIJI'S photos on her cradle and asked Swamiji to cure her and within  3 hrs it came down 6 units, and within 3 days she was better. That is real miracle.

Then one day when I was walking in our home, there were blocks arranged, as I was passing by, I saw HANUMANJI standing. I saw Hanumanji three  times.Still I could not talk to Swamiji, though I suceeded in speaking to Aunty and briefing about all the happenings and getting her blessings. Finally after nearly 20 days I spoke to SWAMIJI .Swamiji was with us, eventhough we didn't know it, so he showed me in the blocks.

My husband had to rush to India due to the demise of his grandma to perform the rites, though he could not attend the funeral.

He was rushing through to complete everything and meet everyone. When he was riding the pillion on a busy road in Madras, they had a nasty fall.By Swamiji's grace, though they were thrown away , they escaped with bruises .I received some prasadam through my husband unexpectedly, as my cousin had given him.

Again recently I was feeling very sad one day when Swamiji came to Malaysia in my dreams and was with all of us, throughout the night with a turban, as a lady and his normal self. I thought Swamiji was telling me not to expect him in only the normal form and he might come in any form.

But my Dear Swamiji , I'll be happiest to see you in this form in Malaysia,with aunty and Archana, When will it happen, swamiji?

These are some incidents, some of them I forget and some are such that only the person involved understands his grace is involved.Please forgive my mistakes and  bless all our family members . We cannot be without your blessings.

With tons of love and respects to the great self,

Jai sri ram! Jai Vikraman Swamiji!!

Rajasree Jeevan.

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