Experiences -Part-2



With the blessings of Swamiji I sit to write down part-2 of my experiences.Well in part –1 I had written about how I managed to secure admission in a school in the US to pursue my master`s ,today I have graduatuated and am in a very good job with Swamiji`s blessings. A lot of things have happened , of which I will write a few I remember.I feel the presence of Swamiji continuously. During my master`s program each and every exam I passed out in flying colors was just because of Swamiji `s blessing. I used to pray before going to the exam and visualize Swamiji . Several times it has happened that after writing the exam I felt having done the exam very bad and infact would think in the corner of my mind that I might fail that exam (I consider that childishness) , but to my own surprise I would come out in flying colors and make straight A grade when the results were published.Infact my friends used to be curious as to how I could make such high grades and graduate with a GPA of 3.8/4.0 .I would say it is all because of my faith in Swamiji

And his continous blessings and prayers .Before graduating I had to appear for a comprehensive examination under 4 professors along with my classmates. To everybody`s surprise I was the only one who cleared all the papers .

I graduated in fall`2001.The US economy was doing pretty bad and I was hunting for a job and things became tough for international students to get a job because of the September 11th bombings.Companies were hiring very few people and that too people who were citizens or permanent residents.so even applying for some jobs became remote for me. I always wanted to get into a multinational engineering firm and was constantly targeting them and meanwhile just applying to other firms thru the job search engines.My friends infact suggested that I drop my goal of joining a huge firm , but I was sure with Swamiji `s blessings I would get it. In feb `02 when Swamiji visited Kuwait my parents approached him during puja and he told them that I would be getting one soon.when I happened to chat with Him on two occasions he encouraged me and boosted my morale .

After a period of nearly 1 year I could talk to Him and it happened to be the day before my interview with a huge firm. Now to tell more abt the interview.I had been interviewed by 2 large firms (I wanted to work for) on campus. Though several other people were competing with me to be called for the 1st round of interview I was the only international student to be called.I did good and it was all because of Swamiji .I was worried whether I would be called for the 2nd round ,and even this happened .Mean while another company (the one I work for now) called me up for the 2nd interview.I was competing with people from top schools and that too for a single opening.The interviewer was constantly trying to pull my leg and infact told my parents after the interview that If I were to get a call from them it would be just because of Swamiji .I told my father “I have done my part and leave it now to Swamiji ”.

The great day happened to be April 1, 2002 .I had left for school and my friend called me and told me that I had recd a courier.I thought that they were trying to fool me since it happened to be april fools day.I went home and saw the job letter from the same company ,where the interviewer was trying to pull my leg.Today I work for a huge multinational firm as I had always wanted to and its all because of Swamiji .Despite the bad turn of events here in the US, Swamiji has made the nearly impossible thing possible.All my friends were surprised as to how this could be possible during such a bad time. I would give all the credit to Swamiji .

Though I couldn’t get to speak to Swamiji much over the telephone I used to leave messages in the chat room and Swamiji used to get it. Before graduating I was targeting 2 other firms for a job and left a message to Swamiji to help me get a job there.Today I find both those companies embroiled in lawsuits and losses. Swamiji knows what would be the best for each one of us and will do accordingly.So let us all just do our work and have constant faith in Him for He will take care of everything. No matter however bad the situation may be.He is more like a friend and father to me .I can feel His presence constantly.

Well I forgot to add that before joining this firm I didn’t know where to stay and how to get to work.Swamiji arranged that too.The company offered me corporate accomadation and a car to goto work. The moment You think of a problem Swamiji comes up with the solution.Iam really blessed to meet and know Swamiji.I wish and pray that all of You share Your experiences too .


Pradeep Pugazhendhi


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