Poojya sri vikraman Swamiji ki Jai

Jai Sri Ram...Jai sri vikraman ji....Jai sri Hanuman ji.

I feel it's  my privilege to write my second part of my experience. As mentioned in the first part, Swamiji  has done so many miracles in my life and some of which I would like to share with Swamiji's devotees.

      Before going to Saudi Arabia for the first Project, Swamiji told that at last every thing would be for good. This I have realized after getting the order for the second project in Saudi Arabia for a good salary. In this project Swamiji has done so many miracles with out I would have not completed my project successfully. At the project site I was under extreme pressure and I almost decided to go back to India . With our consent of swamiji I never take any major decision and this time also to get his concurrence I contacted Swamiji over phone and told '" you have only arranged this job but I can't with stand the pressure because of the internal politics in the company. Then swamiji replied that don't worry, I am always with you and situation will be alright soon" The very next day that MIRACLE has happened...That is I was informed by the client Project Manager that the concerned problem maker has gone back to some other job and there after he would not be responsible for the  module in which I was working for. What we can say about  this incident ......GREAT MIRACLE OF SWAMIJI. From that day onwards things were moving smoothly and could feel swamiji's presence in every obstacle and trouble till I got down at Chennai Airport.

     When ever I have any kind of serious problems officially I used to try myself to the core and if it's not completed I just it on Swamiji's chat room. IT gets solved immediately with in a day or two. This I have experienced many times.

When I was thinking to change the company, Once swamiji told to my wife  that in Saudi Arabia itself some thing was going to click for me. When my wife told me about this I couldn't able to understand. After completing that project the previous company was not in a position to pay salary to the employees. That time  I surrendered at the lotus feet of Swamiji and Swamiji also kind enough in arranging a good job for me. Through that I came to Saudi Arabia again which Swamiji told about 3 months back itself. Each and every word uttered by Swamiji will have thousands of meanings. We should have experience and need  to have knowledge to understand Swamiji's wordings.

While changing the Company I asked Swamiji's consent over phone and Swamiji was very kind enough he blessed me and told "you are going to get so many benefits".  As told by Swamiji I have been enjoying with so many benefits which was not mentioned in the order and Swamiji keep arranging so many benefits at time to time.

It was a long term Prayer to Swamiji for getting a transfer to my brother-in law from Gwalior. Swamiji told " will you feel happy if they come soon" . I kept on Praying for this. During last November-2001 swamiji told that he would arrange a transfer next year. Generally in Govt firm transfer comes in  a specific months only but last things were different in his case. He told me that there was a possibility of getting a transfer in January/February but that's not sure and  chances are very very less. As I know very well about Swamiji's blessings and leela, I told them not to worry it will be materialized definitely.

His Bank started announcing transfer list during March. That time  I was informed by my sister saying that his name was not there in the list and she said that there after no chance in getting transfer. They were very much upset but I was very confident about getting transfer and asked my sister to pray for Swamiji.

With in few days his name is included  in the first list itself that too to our home town Madurai which was not at all expected by any body.

Swamiji is our Guru and he is only guiding us and we have totally surrendered at his golden feet.


With Prayers,

S.Tamil Mohan & Family -  Madurai , India

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