Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience.



New government elected in Sri Lanka


First week of December 2001 new government got elected in Sri Lanka. After one week when I spoke to my father-in-law with his usual quiz asked me, “Your Swamiji said peace will come to Sri Lanka in 2001 where it is?” I replied to him few more days are there for 2001 to end so why are you impatient? Do you know even 31st December is also considered as 2001, so wait with patience? I honestly felt he strongly knew that peace would not take place. True to my Swamiji’s word, by 22nd order was issued to remove all checkpoints almost in the entire island. Really from that day peace came to major part of my beautiful country. After 2 weeks when I visited Sri Lanka after attending Hanumanth Jayenthi I could really feel the peaceful treatment in Sri Lanka. I am sure my father-in-law would not have imagined this. My Swamiji’s vision is our blessing. 


Synchronisation of Devotees minds


One evening Krishna, Praveena, SrinivasRao and me went to see a movie. When they came to pick me up I knew we were already late. So, as usual I prayed to Swamiji for the assistance not to start the movie till we reach inside the theatre. When we were proceeding, there was a police check point. Upon approaching I was praying to Swamiji that we are already late please take us faster otherwise we will miss some scenes. Our lane moved faster and not only that but the policeman asked us to pass without any check. Praveena too was praying the same to Swamiji. When we reached the theatre I was so nervous because we were 5 minutes late. I do not like to miss a single scene in a movie. This theatre always straight away starts the movie. We were 8 minutes late and to my surprise when we sat on our seats only the main movie started. Till such time probably they were showing some other clips. I thanked him for listening and delaying the start of the movie. Who else we call as our GOD, As Swamiji says “always with faith you call GOD will listen”. When we call Swamiji, always He blesses us by fulfilling our unimaginable even tiny instant requests.



Wife’s anger and tried controlling me through Swamiji


On 24.12.01 my wife wanted me to attend a party with the entire family circle. Since, it was Christmas Eve and I did not have the driving permit, I did not want to drive the car. Also I felt a bit uneasy to go for that party. My wife became very upset. Finally I decided to go, but before that I wanted to perform my evening prayer. I went to the prayer room to pray to Swamiji to take care of me. Unfortunately, I missed the words in the songs and I had to repeat the songs. My wife thought it was my delaying tactic and got angry with me. My wife is a very tough lady but with a very soft heart. Initially, I did not mind her getting angry because I enjoy it, I joked with her and went to dress. From the other room within minutes I heard the words “Sri Ramajayam Swamiji”. I thought she must be joking with me but when the conversation went on I slowly stepped into the room and felt she was really talking to Swamiji. I ran back to the other room and picked up the phone and wanted to make sure it was Swamiji. Moment I heard Swamiji’s voice I was very upset. Why did she call and disturb him? I knew Swamiji would have been waiting for our case to solve it. So slowly I wished him, “Sri Ramajayam Swamiji”. When he wished me back, I said Swamiji I am very sorry about this and narrated my concern. Since Swamiji, knew both our devotions, he told my wife, “Natesan is right he is scared to go out without praying so he was praying to me” and to me he said, “Your wife is also right, when your wife calls you must go with her. I am always with you. In future when you have to go out just think of me and you proceed I will safeguard you”. I said ok in the future there would be no problem like this. Swamiji then instructed both of us to proceed to the party. We both said sorry for disturbing Swamiji.


Even though Swamiji said, my wife did not want me to go with her. For me since Swamiji instructed I cannot wait without going. Finally, she left for the party with the children. I had to stay back at home. For me it was a cyclonic storm had passed through. I could not understand how it got magnified to this extent. Anyway, my wife after dropping my son only came back home with my daughter. I managed to bring down my wife’s anger. Finally, my Swamiji made a way for me not to attend that party. Just 1 week later what happened on 31.12.01 would have got me into serious trouble with my wife. I felt that this took place as a rehearsal to avoid 31st night trauma. Anyway, I learnt the lesson from Swamiji how to take care of my wife’s wishes.       


Broke my control of 30 years


On 31.12.01 morning I was getting ready to do my pooja. My wife walked to me and showed a newspaper advertisement. When I read it, I knew today is a compromising day. Otherwise surely I would get into big trouble with my wife. It was nothing else other than dinner and dance that night. That means I would be staying in a place, which is other than a place where I cannot pray. Calmly I tried explaining to my wife that midnight I will not be able to pray. She was not in mood to listen to any excuse. Moreover, she knew the power is in her hand because Swamiji guided me to take care of my wife’s wishes. When I knew this would lead into an argument, I asked her to find out the details and escaped to the prayer room to communicate with Swamiji. When I finished my prayer and came out my wife had found out all the details. However much I tried to convince not to go fell into deaf ears. What could I do? So I gave her conditions? That I would not dance and by 11.15 I would leave the hall and proceed home to do my pooja at New Year dawn. After finishing pooja I could get back to the hall. Finally she agreed. I was bit worried to drive home alone only with learners license. Since, Swamiji is always with me, consoled myself that nothing will go wrong. She arranged everything and I just had to go with her and children, sister-in-law and her children and my brother-in-law who had come down from USA. As I got my wife’s promise that I would not be requested to dance (In a family gathering when I danced my father got upset and I had stopped dancing from that day. It happened 30 years ago and after marriage I had refused to dance even with my wife) since she knew the reason even though she did not like it but did not compel me either. We arrived to the hall and they were enjoying. I was sitting and watching the moves and listening to the fast music. When it came to 11.15pm she thought that I may not go home but was proved to be wrong, I requested her to allow me to go. To my surprise she too got up and came with me. We both with daughter left the hall and upon reaching home I took shower and performed my pooja sharp at 12. When I finished my pooja my wife came and handed over the phone to me. Can anybody guess who it was? Yes she got Swamiji for me. This is my wife’s style, she torments with her demands and gets what I like the most for me. Those days I could not make out whether she is a devil or an angel. With this experience I realised Swamiji has given me an angel. Later in a pooja Swamiji confirmed that he will do everything for me through my wife. What a blessing, I really love it.                 


When we returned back to the hall I asked my wife to continue to dance with the kids. My mind was debating whether I should keep my wife happy by dancing with her or to just continue not to dance. Since, the last time I danced it was criticised by my father not to do and I obeyed. Now he is not living and I decided to keep my wife happy. I joined her and danced with her to the dismay of others. I could see the surprise on my wife and children’s face. This is how I sacrificed something and I too enjoyed that nearly 1 ½ hours of non stop dancing. Swamiji, showed to both of us how we both should think of each other and be happy.


Attending 2002 Hanumanth Jayenthi


All my arrangements went very smoothly. Before I left for India I spoke to Swamiji. He carefully asked me what time would I land? I said to him that I am supposed to land at 9am and he asked, is it not 10am? I once again said 9am. Actually my flight got delayed and landed at 10am only. See how my Swamiji has made me to realise his value in my life. For me Swamiji’s leela had started.


One of Swamiji’s relation and devotee saw me and greeted me. That was the first time I saw him. When he continued talking to me I was bit puzzled and asked whether he knew me. He said he had seen me with Swamiji in a temple. At that time Mr.Venkatesh was with me. I mentioned to the devotee that he had mistaken me for someone. I informed the devotee I had never gone to any temple with Swamiji. Mr.V too confirmed that I had never gone to a temple with Swamiji. This person insisted that he saw me 10 years back. I was surprised. I mentioned to him that I know Swamiji only for 6 years and surely he has mistaken me for someone else. I just casually asked him which temple he had seen me and when he said Mangadu Amman temple I got a shock. In 1991 I visited this temple to fulfill the vow what we kept for our daughter’s birth. I mentioned it to Mr.Venkatesh and this devotee “surely I was there at that time but I never saw Swamiji”. When Mr. Venkatesh explained to me that 10 years back itself Swamiji had brought you into his fold. My immediate reaction was if he had taken over me why he waited for 5 more years to show me? During that period I faced lot of problem. How I missed all his protection during that time. Lately I realised that there were lots of difficult time for me and I purely depended on God and never collapsed and never lost my faith in God. At that moment I felt that my God was patiently waiting for me to get ready for him and now he has fully revealed him. Also he is taking care of every minute detail of what should be blessed to me. When my Swamiji is there with me, why to worry for anything?       


I wanted to purchase some things when I wanted to go out my Amma requested a devotee to take me to the market and buy the things and bring me back. I was always scared to travel in a scooter so tried to avoid. My Amma know my worry she managed to send me with this person. I went with him in his scooter. After we purchased the items when we were returning the devotee said he wanted to go to Hanuman temple. I politely told him I cannot come inside because I am not clean enough so you go in and pray I shall wait outside. After he went inside I went to the entrance and said Swamiji I am not clean enough to come inside. I know that you are there, please send prasadam for me. That devotee came out and gave me banana and said you are very lucky. I think Swamiji himself has arranged the banana for you. When I asked why do you feel like that he said in this temple I always received rice related prasadam this is the first time I received Banana same like how Swamiji gives. Then I said to him whatever I asked Swamiji to provide. He with shock told me yes when you ask Swamiji gives everything. Really every minute wish can be fulfilled by my Swamiji.     


First day of Jayenthi few of the devotees were seated and had a chat of Swamiji’s experiences. 3 hours before the procession I had severe cramp on my leg. It was so unbearable and I could not move to any side. I prayed to Swamiji to take my pain away. Instead of relieving it away, in the other leg too a cramp developed. I just slowly got up and by massaging tried to get rid of the pain. Pain did not go away. Devotees made me to lie down and massaged. I was in tears not because of pain but with the thought that I would not be able to participate in the procession. I was praying with heavy heart that you brought me to your doorstep and now you are putting obstacle for me to participate. Why? I want to take part in the celebration so please take the pain away. After few minutes the pain had vanished, but my worry continued. Since the procession would take about 3 to 4 hours how would I manage walking that distance? 


When procession started Swamiji garland me and I became nervous. What I felt at that moment, only my Swamiji could have felt. To my surprise the cramp did not show up. I am sure it was because of my Swamiji I got cured completely.


Next day morning we had Ganapathi homam and after the homam was over Swamiji came to the devotees and started blessing. Before Swamiji’s arrival I spoke to a person who was sitting next to me and specifically mentioning how Swamiji arranges money for me. Swamiji was moving left to right and blessing selectively. When he came to me he looked at me and moved away from me. Immediately I became very nervous, I was thinking why you did not bless me Swamiji? What is the mistake I had done for you to pass me without blessing? Then I consoled myself that I had not done anything wrong, it is up to him to decide what I should get and when. Swamiji moved to other end and my inner mind, was begging me why I did not get blessing? He walked back and came in front of me and he spoke to the person who was sitting next to me. Swamiji talked to him about his higher studies and his parents are worried about his studies and financing cost in USA. He said to Abishiek (a Dubai devotee at that time was studying in USA), “Tell your parents not to worry about financing your studies. I am a Swiss bank whenever they want they can get it from me. You know Natesan is already doing that.” Then he blessed and gave me money too. What a wonderful blessing I got. Then he said some of you might wonder why I did not bless. I know when and how to bless. Patience is important. I was stunned with that blessing because I always tell my wife my Swamiji will give me money and she gets angry with me. With this kind of blessing I was sure that I was telling the right thing and his assurance of Swamiji will take care of my finance really gave me confidence that he is the one who is taking care of my needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


I came out of the Ashram and proceeded to the book stall to look for some bhajan books. I was indecisive of what to buy and wanted to return back later on. Late in the night I remembered about the purchase and went to the book stall. I took bhajan book-vol 2 and moment I turned the cover page I was happy. That book had double hard cover of Swamiji. The person who was selling the book was looking at me. He said, since morning I thought you might take this book or who else will purchase this book. Now in the night this book was meant to come to your hand and that is what it has come to you now. I do not know how my Swamiji had planned and blessed for me to get that specific book. I was in double ecstasy.


Astrological predictions and Swamiji’s guidance


Till about 1998 every day morning except Friday when I get the newspaper very first thing what I did was to read the prediction of my star for the day. According to the prediction I was cautious, if I had to. Practically I was influenced by astrological predictions to live my day to day life. I had stopped reading any astrological portion in any media because Swamiji can change everything with a prayer. Why to worry by reading or hearing predictions. Even when I get to astrology section in the newspaper, I always smile and say that I do not need you. One day I was thoroughly disturbed by the talk of my wife regard to what few relations telling her how I should live. Also, my wife tried explaining the astrological predictions for future. I tried explaining that when my Swamiji is there I do not want any of the predictions anymore. She was not in any mood to listen to me so I had to listen to her. Every second of the dramas which takes place in my life, I did not bother for anything because I knew Swamiji is there with me. Few minutes, my mind became very heavy with mixture of anger, fear and love for the family. Wonder is that Swamiji is always there to guide me at the right time. Yes with Swamiji’s blessing, from nowhere within minutes I opened Swamiji’s website and read the experience of Dr Shivakumar (No1). When I was reading the astrological portion in it I burst into tears and said Swamiji thank you very much for giving me the confidence back that by giving me the message who are these astrologers, when I am there with you and why are you getting disturbed just leave everything to me. This experience was shown to me to revive my confidence in Swamiji or it is that Swamiji wanted to show others around me, what powerful god I have got who can change my life completely. One hour back Swamiji made me to cry with heavy heart and few minutes later with this message made me happy.


Clock chiming normal


Month of Feb’02 one day around 7pm I noticed that my famous clock (same clock what I had mentioned in exp 105) was going slow. Since the chiming process was completely changed by Swamiji even to adjust the timing I did not dare to touch the clock. This particular day clock was going slow by 45 minutes. Due to longer difference I wanted to change the battery and reset the time. I prayed to Swamiji and pulled out the existing battery and put the new battery. I adjusted the time too. Whole operation took 15 seconds only. Impact of changing that battery was too deep into my heart. Yes, at 11pm the clock did not chime. From this it was evident that previously my Swamiji changed the whole cycle and it was not any mechanical fault.       


Played hide and seek


Swamiji came to Kuwait and we had pooja’s everyday. It was very hectic schedule and I was not having proper sleep. One day Swamiji decided to take few devotees and go to the park. There as usual I was enjoying my small friends by playing cricket with them. This made me more tired. Swamiji wanted to get a dress altered properly so he decided to go to the shop to have fit on. When I wanted to go with him he asked me to stay put and rest. At that time I did not know what he planned for me. Moment he left, I got knocked off to the other world. When I woke up I felt fresh. My Swamiji knew that I will not rest properly and the agony my body was taking, so he decided to give me complete rest.


Few minutes after I woke up I was waiting for Swamiji to come back.  One of the cars which went with Swamiji returned back. When I inquired where is Swamiji she told me that Swamiji is staying back at the shop because the dress was not ready. I felt, Swamiji why did you leave me like this what can I do till you return. Very far I saw a figure moving since it was dark I could not make out anything. I felt it must be Swamiji and started walking in a circle aimlessly praying it must be my Swamiji. After approx. 2 minutes all of a sudden figure appeared, but due to darkness I could not make out who is it. When it became clear I saw the figure as Swamiji, all of you could now imagine what would have happen to me. Swamiji, asked me how you knew I am coming like this. I answered him that my heart felt Swamiji. He wanted to play with us but that divine link showed the presence of him. For days to come I was enjoying the hide and seek game of my lord Swamiji.        


Palindrome effect

This date was a special date which I came to know few days later. I was not supposed to go to Swamiji on this date. Something which Swamiji wanted me to execute I had to show and get confirmation prior to performing it. So with his permission I went to see him. He blessed me to go ahead and walked out of the house. With the excitement I forgot to ask something and I rushed to the road. My Swamiji’s leela’s are unimaginable. He clarified what I wanted and when I took the blessing he asked me to come to a devotee’s house. I was bit hesitant because I had gone to Swamiji directly from office. So I mentioned to Swamiji that I am not clean can I go home and return back to him. He allowed me to take shower and come back to him? It was exactly 20.02.2002 at 20.02pm my Swamiji kept me with him. He is the planner. Perform the acts the way he decides. This day was a special only after two days when I read in the newspaper I felt the whole thing and I cherished it. It was a special day for me same as Y2K change. 


Lord of the rings

Kuwait devotees wanted to go for a movie outing with Swamiji. Normally, this never happens but when we asked, Swamiji agreed to go with us. Previous two days with lengthy pooja and no proper sleep I was very tired. Going with Swamiji for a movie was a novelty for me so I decided to go. As usual like all other Swamiji’s devotees too had rings of personalities. The movie what we wanted to see was Lord of the rings and we were with our Lord. When we went it was noon time. I had my plans and Lord had his plans for me. I was asked to sit next to Swamiji of course you could imagine how I would have felt.

Movie started and we were engrossed in it and the cinema hall was full of noise and clapping because it was an Islamic holiday. That festival was to kill the bad and the movie theme also coincided with it. After the interval I was enjoying my own world. With short intervals I was sleeping and opening my eyes. Imagine sitting next to my lord and sleeping but I did it. One moment Swamiji tapped me and said listen to the music which is coming up. Few minutes time the organ music what Swamiji played the previous day came up. Unbelievable, it was a joy for me. After that again and again I was dosing off. After the movie when we came out Swamiji asked us how was the movie? Mixed replies were given. In my case, I gave a sheepish smile because I enjoyed something else. Swamiji, gave his comments.

Swamiji   : You know hero was very upset.

Devotees : Why Swamiji?

Swamiji   : Rao got late to come for the movie and hero thought he was insulted by Rao  

                 not coming for the movie. He was searching with his sword in his hand.

Rao         : I got stuck in the office that is why I could not come on time.      

Swamiji   : I told the hero you concentrate in acting and leave Rao. So he went back and     

                 Did his acting and when Rao came Hero was very happy.

Then he looked at me.

Swamiji   : You know whole movie Natesan was sleeping and hero came all the time to  

                 Natesan and was staring at him.

Natesu    : Swamiji you know very well that since I could not sleep well for the last two      

                days I was very tired. That is why I slept.

Swamiji   : That is the reason I told Hero, you concentrate in your acting and let Natesan

                 sleep. I had to chase hero out and protect Natesan. Best one is in his sleep too

                 he was holding on to popcorn tightly in an angle, so that I could have it    


Natesu   : Swamiji, why are you teasing me like this. You only did everything the way it was     

                suppose to happen

Swamiji  : Yes you enjoyed what you wanted me to enjoy.

It was a joking matter for all but I got my message from Swamiji. 


He visited my house & next day early morning had a minor accident

Swamiji visited my house and had powerful pooja in my house. Then we went to a devotee’s house in Salmiya which is approximately 35 km’s from my house. Whole night we had the pooja and 5am we left that house. Swamiji left with a devotee and that devotee’s family wanted me to take them to their house. While driving I was feeling very sleepy. That drive back home was very treacherous to me. I traveled every length by chanting Swamiji’s name. I knew couple of spots I was nodding. To reach the house I had to take one u-turn and two right turns. I felt that I hit a car. To see I had parked right in front of the house. Devotee’s got off and with confusion I too came out to check whether I had hit the car. Yes my car right signal was broken and in the other car there was no sign of any damage. I was very confused in trying to recollect how did I take the right turns? Straight drove the car to the mechanic shop and got the light fixed, went home and slept. 

When I reached Swamiji that day very first thing what he asked me was how you escaped that accident. What else could I reply to him other than touching his feet. Few minutes before that only Swamiji got up and were relaxing. So this question was a surprise to everyone at home. Then I realised how my Swamiji protected me from any disaster and brought carefully and gave just a touch as accident. Truly he follows when I go somewhere and to be frank I have always felt that he was driving my car. It could have been a nasty accident but with divine touch it was a touch accident.        


Pain. Is it arthritis?


One day I had nagging pain that developed on my left hand index finger. At first I was bit worried and as usual I left it to Swamiji to take care. During that period on daily basis on and off the pain continued. After my prayer to Swamiji that I will not go anywhere he has to cure the pain it switched to next finger. Every day when I prayed I requested to cure the pain but pain was moving finger to finger. Nearly one week this was going on. All of a sudden pain moved to right hand finger. It looked like Swamiji was playing with my fingers. One day the pain was bit nasty and for few minutes I was highly worried. Then during my prayer I very categorically requested to Swamiji, "I will not go to a doctor unless you tell me to do so. Even when I called you by phone you made me to forget to ask you. When you are there to take care of ALL my needs, do not you know now I am highly worried? Please take this pain away Swamiji."


Few minutes I was thinking at least when Swamiji knew about my problem, why did he leave me like this and is not allowing me to talk to him? After that request I did not have that pain again. Without Swamiji being in my life, what hardship and pain, I would have undergone? When Swamiji decide to keep me happy, would not I enjoy every 1/4 second of blessing of his? I really thanked him for such a miraculous blessing. 


One day when I spoke to Swamiji I mentioned this cure and asked him whether go to a doctor. He told me it is minor, nothing to worry if I want I can go to the doctor. When the greatest doctor tells me nothing to worry why should I go to any other doctor? When I tell him once and leave it to him he is there to take care. No pain killer, only a remote control cure. WOW is it not a great blessing to have Swamiji in our life?


This experience showed me by thinking of Swamiji and passes the problem to Swamiji it will not make me to worry even if I do not reach him. He will resolve all the problems of mine. This has given me the way of how to communicate with him and leave the rest to him.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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