Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience.




Swamiji D.C says,"Natesu, Kuwait - I am reading your sweet and touching message. Swami has already arranged your future plan. I pray for that. I want to meet you in Canada in the near future. Swami is going to arrange a good job in Canada and you are going to organize many pujas. Also, you are going to travel with Swami which will happen in the near future. Wish you all success" (14:38am IST)


Nadesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, today only I was talking to some of our devotees that I had a very powerful pooja with Swamiji.on the phone. I said he showed me the bright future and now the message of today is much more clearer. Swamiji, this Thursday the pooja is going to be conducted in my house. I need your blessings and be present in the Thursday pooja. " (16:22am IST)


Swamiji, DC says,"Nadesu, Kuwait - Today is a very, very special day for you, Nadesu. Next Bhajans is going to be tremendous with Swami's presence. Next week, you can see me directly. Now, are you happy with your car ? I think you purchased something newly which is in your hall. I can see something special in your Puja room. My photograph is kept in other way, which is very nice. I am visiting your Puja room daily. You will get one shell in the near future. Job is ready for you in Canada, which arrives. I am waiting for the time to hand it over to you. Wish you best of luck." (16:26am IST)


Nadesu, Kuwait says,"Oh! Swamiji. I asked you for permission to help somebody to get a job, now you are telling me that my job is ready in Canada. Swamiji, my whole heart and soul is thanking you for all what you are doing in my life. Give me maximum opportunity to help others in whichever way you desire that I should help. Swamiji, yesterday I was looking to purchase something to be kept in the hall but the design I did not desire. As you are telling now it looks like you are going to definitely arrange something. Swamiji, are you referring to your photo with Lakshmi. If that is so you know what is in my mind. I want that to happen Swamiji. All your blessing Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (16:40am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. What a blessing you gave me yesterday. Your vision of I bought something new and I informed you I was thinking of buying. Swamiji, I was wrong and you are 100% right. Today morning when I woke up I remembered that a clock will be brought from Sri Lanka by one of the devotee. This clock was removed from Kuwait during invasion and I was very annoyed with my wife at that time. I know how much she liked this clock and finally it arrived into my house today at 9.35AM our time and your time 11.35PM. Now it is kept in front of you in the hall. Swamiji, can you miss out anything of our past, present and future sight. I was so happy when I placed the clock in front of you. I did not plan to talk to my superior today and you made me to do that. All what I spoke was with your arul only, I felt that you were there. Whatever happen let it be with your blessing because other than you who else can take care of me. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (12:12am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Just few minutes back I finished my pooja. I just prepared my food and you know what I said to you after that in my mind with you. I just tried opening the chat room and you are there Swamiji. You know what is my heartbeat right now. I had very nice pooja today Swamiji. Thank you. " (15:17am IST)


Swamiji-USA says," Natesu-Kuwait You were always remembering Swami. Whatever happened today is unbelievable. God is again and again showing his presence to you. Swami is always with you even when you are sleeping. Wish you best of luck. Are you happy Natesu ?" (15:22am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, I could already feel the change you are bringing into me. Swamiji, today electricity dept. you made me to feel the significant savings. Also, in the residency dept. SWamiji I am very very happy. To my joy is there is any limit when you are 100% LEADING MY LIFE. I wanted to eat and go to sleep. I was strongly thinking that you will be coming to the chat. Swamiji, you are really great Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (15:25am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"As you said whatever happened today is unbelievable. That is because moment the request is made, you my god doing everything. When I request, I leave it to your way. Moment I am shown that it is over with your blessing I want to share with someone immediately. When I go to bed you are sitting and looking at me and when I get up you are looking at me. Wherever I go you are with me. Swamiji, have you ever left me at any time. With your blessing let me lead a patient and happy life. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (15:52am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says," Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. I was thinking of you since morning. Each activity is your blessing Swamiji. I just finished some urgent work and thought of you in the chat. What I saw was your presence and now I am with Swamiji directly. It is our blessing that every time we are in touch with Swamiji. Thank you. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai" (1:53am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, today early morning you told me about Shakti few minutes back one of my colleague told me he want to talk to me. Have you already started of what I am thinking? Please be with me and talk through Swamiji. You are my SHAKTI. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (2:40am IST)


Swamiji-USA says,"Natesu Kuwait, I saw your message. You are always remembering Swami. And I want to give you good news in near future. I am going to take you to Canada. Where you are going to conduct very big pooja, which will spread all over the world. Also I conduct big big pooja in America. Specially I am going to conduct very big pooja in Chicago. And specially for you, your wife and children. Wish you best of luck. " (3:00am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, what can I tell other than telling you I surrender to you and no longer have identity to exist without you. Swamiji, for the past one week the messages what you have given to me already given me the pinnacle of Sanyasam without even going through Sanyasam. Last week you had been listening to the conversation between my wife and me and I was very strong in my view of Swamiji and Natesu. You heard the platter story from her and now all you are taking me through she will be speechless. As you say have 100% faith, god will take care. I do not know how many % faith I have god(Swamiji) which you only know but the happiness what you give me I am sure no one else can give me Swamiji. Thank you for all what you are taking me through and especially the blessing you showered on my wife, children and me, make me totally relaxed. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (3:21am IST)


Swamiji-USA says,"Natesu, Kuwait - I read your message that was touching, soothing, wonderful messages. I am so happy. Not only Swami, but who ever read this message also got the tonic and happiness for them. Wish you all success." (3:27am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"It is you who give me all these writings, I was zero and you are pulling me through and increasing my value towards you. Last year my wife was telling me I am scared that you will go Sanyasam and how certain messages you are writing in the chat room. I told her "My dear wife, since I am living alone, you are very lucky that I am with Swamiji than with all unwanted people". Now definitely she is a very happy person. Swamiji really I am blessed to be with you, thank you very much for it. We are really grateful that all the time you are thinking of us and taking care of our needs. Till I depart this world I want to be with Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (3:52am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Thank you very much for the tremendous pooja you conducted for all your devotees. I am sure Swamiji, all your devotees are very happy. Since, I am in the office I have not read all the messages but I could feel all will be very happy. Your untiring 24 hour service to your devotees I am speechless. You are definitely God only. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (4:28am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Today's bhajan started off with when I went to pick 4 children and finally ended up with 7 children came with me. Today being 16th which is 7 and lamp, which I lit, had 7 faces and 7 children walked into my house with me. Swamiji at that moment I felt that already you had arranged everything. First time the participation was full and the pitch everyone sang was tremendous. I was told even the small children were clapping hands for some of the songs. Oh! Swamiji the house was live after long time. After the bhajan the children and adult devotees were so happy. When I called you after the bhajan, you said that the bhajan's were tremendous, songs were sung very melodiously and god's presence was there. Swamiji, if you were not present you could not have told about it. For the amount of blessings you shower on us at least the whole family of yours should sit UNITED and concentrate on you for few minutes. It is your golden lesson that your family should be UNITED, it is true Swamiji when we are united, share the work and it could be done faster. We have to help each other. We are nothing in front of you. When we come to your feet who is great or gifted, it is only you are the greatest and only your blessing that all of us seek. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to conduct bhajans and sing the glory of you. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (21:09am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, I was a very shy person to sing in public, because I do not have any knowledge of music. Now since I started to sing the glory of you, Swamiji you have made me to forget everything and enjoy singing of you. Yesterday, first time I sang Swamiji Ashtotram in bhajan before singing I called you to help me out. Rao commented about the way I sang. Swamiji it was you who sat inside me and gave me the speed and clarity. If not for the blessing of you and pulling this zero, I would have been one of the most confused and worried person on earth. As I told you first 1 ½ years you taught me patience before you started to show happiness. I shall wait patiently and follow you Swamiji. Another aspect you have shown is excitement, yes Swamiji, definitely it will not lead anywhere, other than calmly call you and do the work it will be accomplished without any obstacle. Thank you very much Swamiji for everything you shower on me. As you blessed I shall get to Canada and wait for your instruction. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (21:40am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, when I was talking to Amma she told me, I think someone is listening. I told her who else can listen it is only Swamiji is listening to our conversation. At the start of the conversation itself I heard a faint voice and I did not bother. As I told you about talking to Amma you said what did she say. After I told, you asked me whether I talked to Archana, yesterday first time I spoke to her little longer. Swamiji, as I told Amma you are always listening to whom I am talking and sometimes you make me to abruptly stop the conversation. Those times I use to feel you have made me to do such. Yesterday you confirmed that by asking me about my conversation with Archana. Swamiji, can anything happen in my life without your knowledge. Thank you for all your protection. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (21:55am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. 45 minutes back only I was thinking that you might visit the Chat room today. I just finished my evening pooja and connected to the Internet, what a surprise that you are on line. Swamiji, it is just unbelievable. 2 hours back I had a problem with my video and I tried to rectify and no way it was happening, just called for your intervention and immediately the cassette came out. If called for what you cannot do? Thank you Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (13:17am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, sitting in front of the chat room I am having my dinner. You always advise everyone to have meal on time. Swamiji, we can wait online for sometime, please have your lunch now and if you decide please come to that chat. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (14:17am IST)


Swamiji,NJ says," Natesu,kuwait: I read all your messages.I was keeping suspense.You have patience already, still hanuman swami decided to give you one more examination. You passed with 100% marks. All of our american, canadian and all devotees from all over the world ,they are discussing abt your sweet and real messages, which is happening in our normal life. Even the small thing also, you know how to explain and express things which touches each and everyone's heart. Wish you best of luck natesu. You are always in my heart. Wish you best of luck." (15:25am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, as I told before I learned patience from you. Once you teach me a principle how can I go against. I can sit and wait for you for hours and with 1 or 2 hours sleep you will bring back my body to perfect condition. So why to hurry for your blessing. You know when to bless till such time I can wait. Swamiji, it is you who show and make me to write this way. As I told you I no longer exist without you. All these days I was feeling you are sitting inside my heart. Today you have taken me to a new place. Swamiji, I am really speechless. Swamiji, my next meeting you is kept as suspense by you but today morning I was feeling about it and thought of the place. I hope it is you who had sent the message. Till you tell me, even the thought will be with me only. Last night when I spoke to you after the pooja, first time you told me GOOD NIGHT. After that I tried to put the message in the chat. I could not concentrate on and you made me to leave the computer on and go to bed. The entire house was with Jyothi, which you made me to leave yesterday. Morning 4 am I woke up and came to the computer and wrote all the messages without any problem. Swamiji, you know when to put me to sleep and put me up to do the activities on time. Thank you very much for leading my life so interestingly. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (15:49am IST)


Swamiji,NJ says," Ranji nadesu,canada: I arranged a very good job for you. File is with me. Its a good job, good salary, with out much tension. You are going to remember swami. You are always remembering, which i know. Today, its friday, a very special day. I pray for you and all of your family members." (16:20am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji it is amazing I just told my wife Swamiji knows what you are thinking he will reply accordingly. Before even she could put the message you have replied to her. Swamiji, It is real blessing for us that you are with us. Taking care of me in Kuwait and taking care of my wife and children in Canada. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (16:24am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji my wife did not ask her million dollar question. I am sure at the appropriate time even without her asking you would answer to her. Thank you Swamiji. " (16:27am IST)


Swamiji,NJ says," Natesu,kuwait:Yes natesu,this is a surprise. AS you said, swami is showing miracle. Still natesu is sitting there. I can see Swami has already decided to make you all happy. Wish you all success." (16:28am IST)



(16:29am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says, "Thank you very much Swamiji, when you are in chat room where else can I go Swamiji I shall sit in front of you only. Till you say goodnight I shall sit and enjoy all the messages of devotees. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku jai. " (16:32am IST)


Swamiji,NJ says," OK natesu, you can sit and enjoy all the messages in the chat room sometime. I want to see natesu with ranji natesu.This is amaze.I think this indirect meaning, you are going to join each other in canada. Wish you all success." (16:36am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Oh! Swamiji, when you arrange definitely I have to be with my wife. You know what I feel, it is you who give me the confidence. When you say something I have to go ahead with it. With your blessing I am going to see my family on 7th of June. " (16:39am IST)


Swamiji,NJ says," Ranji nadesu,canada: It is very very nice to see you both in the chat room with swami in the middle! who will get this opportunity in the world? you already go it! The world is listening. THE New Era your life,brightness,happiness,and good health with good finance status,i want to keep suspense in your salary details.Wish you all success for all of you.Are you both happy???" (16:46am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, I just remembered Hanuman between Rama and Sita. When my wife used to ask me when we would be together? I use to say Rama also was separated with Sita. Now Swamiji you are going to bring both of us together. What can I say, other than thank you very much. You know what is the right time? This joining you told me in '98 and now it is coming up, really you made me to wait patiently. Finally the end is happy. Thank you once again. " (16:48am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, I did not read your message before I put the last message but exactly what you said only I have typed. Swamiji it is real blessing that you are joining both of us. Now I feel that again I am getting married to my wife. I am very very happy today. First time my wife has come to the chat room that is also when a powerful pooja is going on. Now you have blessed both of us. What else I need? Swamiji every call Amma also inquire about my wife and children even without seeing them. I wish to bring my wife and children to India to see and stay with you atleast the time you decide. Thank you once again Swamiji. " (16:54am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"As Mr & Mrs Sankar, Mrs. Girija and Mrs Rajasree said only a divine force is sitting in front of us. It is God himself is sitting and dealing with the devotees problem. You are dealing with people all over the world that too scattered in each country. You are answering to people even before they could ask anything. When the answer come, then only question is coming. Amazing Swamiji. We are really blessed to be your devotees. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. "(17:13am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, today is most unforgettable day for my wife and me. First time we entered chat room together and your blessing was really powerful. I just spoke to her and she told me already in the morning she had spoken to you about the million dollar question. That is the reason she did not ask you now. I had already told her if anything has to happen you know how to do it and when. Swamiji, today you really showed me the benefit of patience by bringing in my wife and had a special pooja for us. Thank you very much Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. "(18:50am IST)


Swamiji,NJ says," Natesu and Ranji Natesu: There were lot of bhaktas coming in the chat room and putting messages. It was like a traffic jam. I could not put any further messages. I then went to sleep. Now the time is 9:30pm.Iam going to sit in a pooja. Wish you all success for you, ranji and children." (20:31am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Yesterday after your blessing I spoke to my wife. It was totally different atmosphere Swamiji. With your blessing all the time I am in Ananda Sagaram Swamiji. Thank you very much for keeping me happy. Yesterday after requesting you to at least remove the video cassette out of the video you did it. Today I was thinking of buying a new video. Some or other you delayed my departure from Office and few minutes back I came home. Just I saw you and asked why this additional expenses Swamiji please do something and repair it. Swamiji when I put it on and tried the video it was working. For the past 3 days it did not respond, even after talking to you nothing happened. Today I do not know how you did it. Thank you very much for saving me the money. Thank you for the joint message what you left for both of us. Still I am enjoying the special pooja you gave Ranji and me. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (11:40am IST)


swamiji,NJ says," Nadesu AND mrs nadesu,kuwait:Yesterday it was very colourful and beautiful and the world was listening.So things are going to be arranged very soon.Wish you all success." (12:03am IST)


Swamiji-NJ says," Natesu, Kuwait - The drama between natesu and his wife, which happened yesterday was unbeleivable. Just like Rama and Sita. Yeterday's pooja went on till early morning. Today, hardly I had 3 hours of sleep. Now we are going for lunch. After that, we are going out for mini pooja. Wish you best of luck !. Good night for all of you." (14:59am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, Thank you very much for the blessing. It was true that drama what you created I really enjoyed. I always tell my wife the example of Rama and Sita and feels that you will be like Hanuman help both of us. Swamiji, it is unbelievable that your message now confirmed my feeling. Swamiji, after the December 24th call of my wife to you I had decided that as you told me keep my wife happy and I am making it a point not to displease her in anyway. You told me that day if you have to go out with your wife you just light the lamp and leave no need to sing bhajan Swamiji understands everything, still it is in my heart Swamiji. When you want me to give that much of importance to my wife I must definitely respect her feelings. From that day I had decided not to displease her. Can there be any secret in my life without yourself knowing it. Swamiji, it is almost 24 hours before I put the message and now you said it as last message. All these while I was patiently reading all the messages and enjoying my Swamiji's prasadam to others. Since, you said goodnight to others I was waiting for a small message. Since there was none I had to do my evening pooja I lit the lamp but with a request at least give me just a line. I lit the agarpaththi and took to the hall and while returning I saw your message on the computer. Swamiji, first thing I ran to you and took the blessing and came and read my message. Oh! Who knows my heart more than you Swamiji. Let my God give happiness to more and more devotees. Thank you very much for all blessing. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (15:27am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. For the past 45 minutes I am doing all my work thinking of you. I was having dinner at Praveena & Srinivas Rao's house. When I was having the meal a call came saying Swamiji is online. I quickly finished the meal and came back to my house. After that till I came to the computer you know what happened. Swamiji, I did not know whether to stay there or come to my house because if you decide to delay of talking to me I have to patiently sit in front their computer and disturb them too. That is the reason I decided to come to my house and stay on with you till I receive a goodnight. Rest I continue with you and shall wait for your blessing. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (14:06am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, today when I went to the travel agent unexpectedly she issued the ticket and gave it to me on the date you asked me to proceed. I spoke to my wife today early morning. She told me all what I was suppose to know. Once you told me I would come to know everything at the right time. Thank you very much for all the blessings. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (15:34am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, today I gave that application which you wanted me to go ahead. Tomorrow he would send the application to Human Resources. Swamiji, now it is in your hand please get your devotee the job. You told me, sometime back you joked with this devotee that he will be back. For me you had already passed the message to him. Please take care of him. Only you could do this miracle for him. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (16:14am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, now my computer was totally stalled and I had to restart. So many devotees had problem with the system and that is the reason beginning of the pooja itself you had mentioned about the computer. Every time to get the connection I always say Swamiji, please get it fast, it is no doubt when I say that only I get the connection fast Swamiji. You only know all. Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku jai. " (17:00am IST)


Swamiji, Colorado says,"Natesu Kuwait: I am remembering you. Swami is going to do everything which we discussed earlier. Wish you best of luck. I will come back to chat room tomorrow. Now we are all going out. Good Night to you. Nothing to worry about anything." (17:08am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, today several times internet conncetion is getting cutoff. Please allow me to have the connection till the chat pooja finishes. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. "

(18:41am IST)


Swamiji USA says,"Natesu Kuwait, What you say is correct. Its because of traffic jam, Lot of devotees from all over the world even, I think from other planets, are in chatroom. Swami is going to solve this. But still, there are lot of Natural things, which should always go by the Nature Law. I pray for you Natesu. " (18:43am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. From last night I am in front of the computer. Swamiji, it is Sivarathri for me just now I took shower and I feel very fresh and I have done the patha Namaskaram to you. I want to do my morning pooja. Swamiji, I feel till tonight I go to bed you will give me full energy to perform all duties satisfactorily. Swamiji, with your permission can I go ahead and start the pooja. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (22:20am IST)


Swamiji USA says," Natesu, Kuwait, when I was typing I was remembering that Natesu is infront of computer, At the same time, you sent the message. I was so happy when you did paada pooja. Natesu you can feel each and every time, whether I am talking or not, Swami is listening to my prayers. Wish you best of luck Nateshu, I am always there to protect you, Lead you. Are you happy? You can proceed with your pooja, You can feel me more than now. I am always there with you.Wish you all the best." (22:29am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Oh! Swamiji, I quickly did the bath and sitting in front of the computer thinking which pooja I should attend. Both poojas are important. Since, you have given me the permission I shall light the lamp and do the pooja. Day 1 when I saw you I was thinking how to fall on to this human. Swamiji, now six times a day at least I do the patha pooja, when I do, I feel that is my mukti. I always feel that You know each and every milli second of my life. Thank you very much for all the blessing and protection. When you are there no worry & no fear Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (22:40am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Just now I spoke to my wife. When I told her that I almost forgot, she said already cautioned the kids, if I do not call then (you know what would have happen to me). Thank you very much for reminding me of today's occasion. Since she spoke to you yesterday, she is on top of the world. Today as you blessed it is very special day for her. You had brought the change in our life and made her dream complete. As you said I know all changes are now going to be so swift we will not even feel it. Swamiji, even before I met you, you made my wife to leave Kuwait with all future plans. Your plans for us………is our future. I am really lucky to get a strong (both size and mind) wife like this and thank you very much for making her now to be more understanding towards my spiritual life. Swamiji, today I am very, very happy and my mind is so light. All these because of your blessing towards our family Swamiji. Thank you very much for making my life comfortable with all your sweet blessing and miraculous experiences and making me to realise who is my Swamiji. Now, when I pray to all forms of God and Goddess I simply say my Swamiji is there, whatever you want to do, please do it through my god Swamiji. Unnai Allamalee Veru Deivam Illai Ini En Valvil Thuyar Illaiyae. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (9:14am IST)




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Even if I try to reach you only know when you allow me to reach you. Till such time I shall wait patiently. Swamiji, I am very happy at least through this mode you are very frequently talking to us. Now it is night 1PM. Once again you are straining for our sake and keeping us happy. Swamiji, I am very lucky to have you in my life to take all the pain from me and to keep me happy and tension free. Sri Vikraman Swamijiku Jai. " (2:50am IST)


Swamiji, USA says,"Natesu, Kuwait. I am always remembering Natesu. Sometimes, because of time, you are not able to contact Swami over telephone. But I can listen to your prayers and sincere devotion. Renji would have got her citizenship. I pray for all of your success and peaceful life. Yesterday while you were praying during your pooja, you would have felt a strong feeling of Swami's presence. On the chat devotees, who are coming there general things openly and at the same time, nobody should give their personal details and they can write in a diplomatic way which swami can understand and which are happening in our chat room always. Swami will also handle in such a way. Wish you all success. You can contact me tomorrow morning or afternoon. Wish you best of luck." (2:51am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, what a surprise to me. I am in the office just now Praveena called and passed the message that you are online. I tried reaching you and with the messages I received I felt that Swamiji will talk to me on Tuesday. Swamiji when you have to talk to us is your wish, we have to wait patiently is the subject you have taught me. When ever I need you are there. So why I have to worry, when you tell me leave worry to me and relax that is what I am doing. Last night I slept for 3 hours. As you said today morning while praying I was feeling my eyes were like burning and body was very tired. I looked at you and said "Swamiji, please take out my eye strain and body ache". After 2 to 3 minutes my eye strain had vanished but not the body ache. When I did the pada pooja I asked my body ache has not yet gone Swamiji. When I got up that too vanished, who else could have done this for me. Yesterday while praying your photo with Ayyappan, Swamiji was giving me test. When I looked at you, Ayyappan Swami's eyes were moving. This was happening when I was singing 18 steps. Swamiji, I was bit shocked to see such happening. I did not know whether I was assuming. Anyway Swamiji, this is one of your experiences for me. Thank you, Thank you. My wife's citizenship you arranged and she received. Without your blessing nothing is possible Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (3:16am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, your message to Rajaguru to convey it to Amma and Archana through Peetambaram, I saw the message and got bit excited and called and read it out to Archana. Without your permission I did this, please forgive me if I should not have done. Thank you very much for giving permission for me to talk to you, definitely I know Swamiji will remind me the appropriate time to call. Swamiji, you are always inside my heart. How I can do anything without you giving go ahead. There were situations that when I tried to do something you had shown me the right way. In office colleagues wonder how I manage things so quick and precise, I always tell my Swamiji is there with me, so he know how to make me to do my work. Swamiji, please ensure that I will not leave you and go anywhere? I am now scared to go anywhere without you. I need your presence with me all the time as it happens now. Last Friday and Saturday Raju, Mamta, Shruthi and Krishna were with me. I really enjoyed myself with the Bala Sena Swamiji. Please bless me to spend more time with the children. Thank you very much for all blessings for me, Ranji, Vaishu and Mithu. You are definitely our protector Swamiji. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (3:46am IST)





Swamiji, USA says,"Dear Devotees. The userid and password that has been given should not be shared with others. I would ask all of you to follow it strictly. Devotees may write messages for others, but the devotees name should also be in the chat message. This will help to maintain the orderliness in the chat room. Anybody who shares his userid and password, will have to reapply for the userid and password once again. Userid and password can only be shared within family members and should not be given to people outside of the family." (13:19am IST)


Swamiji, California. USA says,"I encourage all the devotees to interact in the chat room and at the same time. Whenever other devotees help devotees to contact me regarding the messages in the chat room, it is sufficient if the devotees thank the helping devotees once in the chat room and the devotees need not thank everybody individually. It is also not required to contact devotees outside of the chat room to thank them personally. These rules are for our convinience and safety. Chat room is sufficient medium for all the devotees to contact me and convey to me any messages you may have. In case you want to listen to my voice, you may contact me over the phone and I am always there to bless the devotees." (2:27am IST)


Swamiji, California. USA says,"Devotees are required to post thier messages in a diplomatic way, so that swami can understand your messages and respond back to you. Posting very personal details in the chat room will allow others to read your messages and hence post your messages diplomatically." (2:47am IST)


Swamiji, today's message of yours is a good lesson for us to follow in our life. That will lead us to avoid any gossips and sharing personal information of others. With your teaching we can organise our life much better and lead a physical and mentally healthy life. Thank you for these healthy messages Swamiji. Without putting any message you are giving replies to our queries. Definitely with short sentence you will bless us with what we want. Moreover when we surrender to you and you lead our life there is no more tension in life Swamiji. Once again thank you very much for all your blessings. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. 


Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. I just remembered that today early morning for nearly 20 minutes I was suffering with leg cramp. I was chanting your name and enjoyed that pain during that 20 minutes and moment you relieved my pain within few seconds you put me back to sleep. Thank you very much for relieving that pain. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.




Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, since I could not get through even in my house I was thinking of going to any other devotees house I was almost in tearing in my heart. Swamiji, some or other you managed to bring me from my office out and managed to get me to listen to you. Thank you. " (3:20am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, thank you very much for listening to my prayer. I was not happy with myself that I am unable to reach my Swamiji. Sincerely I was praying why this is happening to me. Then I was thinking of calling you and in my mind I was thinking why to trouble Swamiji. Very reluctantly I called at least to get blessing from Swamiji just few seconds. I was wondering whether I can get through to Swamiji by phone. 2nd ring I was able to talk to you. Swamiji all these your arrangement only. When I was talking to you last bit I knew such strong hearted person like me was cracking. The words you spoke just broke all my happiness and when I went off the hook I was crying uncontrollablly. Next I was under your feet and finished off my crying and took your blessing. Swamiji, I know you are there always find ways and means for me to reach you at the appropriate time. I thank you for the all the blessing you shower and please make me to continue "Nin Pada Chinthanam Allathil Oru Vela". Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (3:45am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"As you said Swamiji just after putting my last message I could see you and hear you clearly. Swamiji All your blessing only. " (3:48am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, what a blessing no one can even imagine that what you said to me few minitues back you showed me fully. Only you could do this. Thank you. " (4:16am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, while coming from office I was singing the song along with you. It was Guruvayoor valum, I was asking you whether you are singing this song now. I am blessed the same song you sang now. Thank you. " (4:18am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"I am speechless of what you have shown to me today. " (4:20am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"In my life today is the most wonderful day. What miracle Swamiji if I tell, no one will believe. I told my colleague that how you repaired my computer. I could see his face. Thank you Swamiji. " (4:22am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, I am so happy to hear the water music. I will not forget during watching the movie "Lord of the Rings" at the theatre, how you tapped my hand and told me to listen and I could not believe the same way you play the water music was played in that movie. Now again you played for us. thank you swamiji. " (4:26am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, let me get back to the office and continue my work. Thank you very much for giving this wonderful experience in my life. My heart was crying for you in the office. With the office pressure I could not leave early. Finally, you made me to leave and come to the house and here also as you said you were testing me. I did not know what to do Swamiji. Since, it was getting late to connect to the real player I wanted to leave. Then kept praying all the time and finally you allowed and that too for a short time. Swamiji, in this world only you can understand my heart that is why you made me to break all my agonising pressure which was built into me since morning. With myself crying you made me to feel everything ok. Swamiji, Thank you very much for spending this much of time for us. At times I ask the question will anyone of us give this much of time for anyone in our life? I am sure Swamiji, NO. You are so precious to us and once again I am thanking AMMA and ARCHANA for giving away Swamiji's time for us. Also, let me thank Mr. Krishnamoorthy for using the technology to the best and kept us so happy with Swamiji. All what you said came right within the span of few minutes, YOU ONLY can do these wonders what you showed me today. Thank you very much my GOD. Once again Good Night Swamiji.Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (5:04am IST)


These chat messages should become live is the wish of mine. When Swamiji is there he will make it happen. Past 18 days messages are so positive which gives me lot of confidence for the future.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.





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