Living With God

''Ohm Anjineyaya Vidmahae, Vayu Puthraaya Dheemahi, Thanno Hanuman Prajodaysath'

''Om Sri Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jai, Jai Veera Hanuman Ki Jai''

With the blessings of His Holiness Sri Vikraman Swamiji, I begin to write my experiences with Him. I am like everyone, ineffable and inadequate of words to describe his Divine Miracles. As I begin to write, I can feel, I am writing 'Sri Rama Jayam' several thousand times. A Note to Readers: ''Those who want to speak to God, speak to Sadguru Sri Vikraman Swamiji. Those who want to live with God must fall under His Holy feet with full trust and belief''

G T Moorthy & Raja Rajeswari, Bangalore

My First Experience

On August 2000, my parents and I were worried about my career and other bad things happening in the family. My cousin sister, Dr. Sathya advised me to go with her for Swamiji’s Thursday bhajan in His Ashram at Nanganallur, Chennai. As I had just completed the MBA, I visited temples whenever I felt though I was not very attached to bhajans, etc. Initially, I did not feel anything and I just listened to the bhajans by devotees. Later when Swamiji himself joined the bhajan, His presence and the magnetic power in His voice and eyes, made me sing along though I could not master the bhajans.

His Style

Once the bhajans were over, Swamiji started speaking to devotees discussing their problems. As and when I heard their problems, I realized that the problem that I had was so insignificant which could blown off like a dust. He looked at me with a pleasing smile but moved to another person of my age with whom He discussed incidents that happened on that day and before. I was amazed that the discussion between Swamiji and the other person exactly matched the things that I did on that day and the day before. I took Swamiji's advice to the other person as an advice to me. Then Swamiji turned towards me and said, "You are so intelligent and sharp." I understood his omniscience and what He actually meant.

His Predictions on That Day

He predicted that I would land a job within two weeks and I would get married within three years and would meet him along with my wife. All his predictions have come true. I landed a job in India's top software firm and was sent to the United States within three months. I spent almost three years in the USA and met Him twice when I came to India and had His blessings. He blessed me that I would meet Him in the USA. As predicted before, I married Raja Rajeswari in my native place Madurai on June 13, 2003.

Other Wonders of Swamiji

In My Wife’s Dream

My work place changed and all my co-workers and supervisors were acting against me. I was so disturbed. Swamiji appeared in my wife's dream and said:” I will meet you soon and all problems will come to an end.” The interesting fact was that my wife had never met Swamiji then.

My Lucky Car

During a puja, He asked me "Do you need an increase of mileage in your car? Do you want your car's steering to be smooth and free?" Ever since, I am enjoying a feel of power steering on my Maruti Wagon R car though it does not have that facility. I am also enjoying a free ride because of the increase in fuel efficiency.

Swamiji As Anjaneya

During bad times, Swamiji pacifies and motivates me by saying, "Don’t worry, your good time is very near and close.” One day at my sister’s home at Kalpakkam, I just opened a page in a book that was lying on the table. To my surprise, the page had a small tale of Lord Anjaneya in Ramayana. The crux of the tale is "Lord Anjaneya motivates Sugriva during his bad times by saying "Sugriva, Don’t worry, your good time is very near" After I read this tale I felt Swamiji as Anjaneya was motivating me.

Miracle on Swamiji's Birthday

I was attending interviews almost daily in search of a good job. Swamiji told me that I would come with good news on the Hanuman Jayanthi. He also told me that I would get three offers. I assumed that I would land a job before January 04, 2004 Hanuman Jayanthi. I was little worried because nothing had materialized on that Day. But I didn’t loose hope on Swamiji's words and kept trying.

As foretold, I received an offer letter on His birthday (March 20, 2004) Swamiji’s Jayanthi. Normally the tradition is to give a gift on birthdays, but Swamiji gave me a gift, an offer from world's top software company, Accenture. Moreover, when I was writing my experience, I had two offers from Fortune 10 Companies, IBM and Accenture. I accepted the offer from Accenture, which I received on His Birthday with His blessings.

Wife Missing Issue at Sholinghur

I found my wife was missing at Sholinghur and immediately called Swamiji and informed Him. He told me "Don’t worry, keep your mobile phone on; she will call you". Within an hour she called up to inform that she was safe

Lucky 5 and My Son’s Birth

Swamiji often says that 5 is Anjaneya’s number. Doctor had predicted that the kid would be born on 13th February 2005. We prayed to Him that our kid should be born on the 14th instead of 13th as 14 adds up to 5. A miracle happened, we were blessed with a baby boy on 5-2-2005; the date is 5 and the date adds up to 5. The baby’s star is Moolam, the birth star of Anjaneya and Swamiji. We felt very happy as if Lord Anjaneya Himself was born to us.

My Neighbors Visit

Our neighbor was worried about her children; we advised her to meet Swamiji. She went with her sister, who did not enter the ashram because she didn’t have faith in Swamiji. After blessing my neighbor, He called the sister who was standing outside and told her that she had no right to criticize Him before knowing who He was. He said He talked to her because she happened to be a devotee of Sri Sai Baba and narrated an incident in which she had changed Sai Baba’s photo from one place to another. After realizing His power, she prostrated before Him.

Dance Programme

During a visit to the Ashram, He told that my wife would dance soon. I couldn’t believe this because I could not see any reason for her to dance. Within a week, she was invited to dance on the women’s day celebration.

A Note of Thanks

I thank Swamiji for keeping us under His shadow and protecting us at all times. At this juncture, I would also like to thank Dr. Sathya for introducing me to Him. I am at the top of the world to say, "We are living with the God."

G T Moorthy & RajaRajeswari, Bangalore

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