Experience: Mrs. Yamini Shankar

Monday, February 6, 2006 3:02 pm

Sriramajayam! Kodi Kodi Pranams to your divine golden lotus feet Swamiji". Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji. I am Yaminishankar from Chennai.

My experiences with Swamiji are going non-stop from the moment I knew Swamiji and it is going on still, by the grace of Swamiji.  I came to know about Swamiji in September 2000 through my friend Vidhya. Her husband Mr. Tamil Mohan is a great devotee of Swamiji. I didnít show interest in going to Nanganallur, because I was quite upset due to some personal problems with my in-laws. The very next month my husband and myself got separated due to misunderstandings and problems. I went to my parent's place, the problem became worse and from that moment I started to pray to Swamiji, as per my friend and her husband's advice. After that very wonderful changes started to come into my life and each day I started to experience miracles by Swamiji. After a few months I had a chance to speak to Swamiji, through Internet to New Jersey. I spoke to Swamiji in a crying voice, Swamiji said, "I know you are suffering a lot for the past two years, now you have called Me on this wonderful day, you wonít go to court, (our problem went worse, that I thought I will get divorced soon). You will come together with your husband soon to my Puja Mandiram; donít worry I will take all your problems, you will get solved soon". I don't know how swami know all my worries and was really surprised, when Swamiji put that word "you wonít go to court", how Swamiji knows this matter which I didnít tell anybody and how He could say all this without me telling him. I just said I am Yamini Shankar from Madurai in a chocked voice and he said everything and also took care of my problem. Within a month my husband had also met Swamiji with Mr. Tamil Mohan and Swamiji told him, "you will be again with your wife and kid soon".

And then Shankar has told Mohan anna that he wanted to talk to me before my kids first birthday. All of a sudden Mohan anna came with gifts and dresses from my husband for my daughter's first birthday, which was a wonderful miracle of Swamiji, which turned my life and I talked to my husband and he also felt sorry for what had happened, I also said sorry... and problem solved by MY LORD SWAMIJI. Thank You Swamiji, now I am peacefully living in Chennai, only because of YOU. I thought my married life came to an end but you made a reunion of my husband and made me live again. The life that I am living now is the miraculous gift from You MY SWAMIJI, MY LORD!

Another wonderful miracle is that my daughter was suffering from chicken pox and Swamiji has told earlier to my husband "who's birthday is on march 19, my husband has said my daughter's first birthday is on that day, Swamiji, has blessed and has given a vibuthi prasad and had asked him to sent it to us immediately. My husband didnít take it seriously, but on her birthday when I saw boils on her face and everywhere on her body. I told my husband and also asked blessings from Swamiji, through chat message. Next day my husband sent Swamiji's prasad through courier. As soon as I gave mixing it in water, my daughter started to play and surprising was that the next day itself the boils all got reduced and seeing this my whole family got shocked and they also stared to pray to Swamiji and I told my brother to go and meet Swamiji, he also met Swamiji, and each and everyone in my family started to experience Swamiji's wonderful miracles. Now, my husband Shankar, brother Sriram (Ajman), Ranjena his wife, Vibha his daughter, my sister Sumathi (Madurai), Prasanya, Arun, my parents, Suchitra Kannan (Abu Dhabi), Pragatha, Vivek are all devotees of MY PARAMATHMA, SWAMIJI.

As Swamiji Said through net from New Jersey, I went with my husband soon, after few months to swami's POOJA MANDIR.

After that one day again great problems and fight came between me and my husband, I went and cryied to Swamiji's Photo, "Swami, You only gave me this life again, but I dont think so everything is going to get alright. I am leaving this place, please bless me" Swami, I cried. All of sudden my husband knocked the door, said I am sorry if I have really hurt you. Then he asked me did you call Swamiji? I said no, I just prayed to his photo, I don't know where is HE now; I heard he is out of station. He said, Swamiji called me from Dubai (somebody told Vikraman Swamiji is on the line he wants to talk to you and gave the phone to Swami) and Swami said," Shankar, Immediately go home and talk to Yamini " I said I am in office Swamiji and workers all have gone outside, he said, I know... lock the door and go, I will take care nobody will come. If you are not going now, problem will get worse. I said, ok Swami I will go and solve it". Shankar asked did you give my number to swamiji, I said no, then how he called me, I could'nt believe he said. That's Swamiji, he is PARAMATHMA, he knows everything what we are thinking and feeling and HE is Lord Anjaneja, he only blessed us with Phone and number, so he knows everything, I thought to myself and said to Shankar, Swami knows everything. Ok. Where are you getting ready to go? Shankar asked. I said, to call my father and go to my parent's place again. My husband said, Swamiji has predicted you correctly and have sent me here. Gosh! Sorry yeah he said, swami has send me to solve, not to split again, forget it, lets go and get Swamiji's blessings as you wish when he comes here, he said and solved that problem. Later on I came to know that, at that time Swamiji was at a pooja, and he suddenly called Shankar and talked to him, when I cried infront of his photo. Swamiji's another great miracle is this which gave me life again. Now, Swamiji has changed us as a most understanding couples and we are happy in Swamiji's Grace. Not only this miracles and wonders, but Swamiji, each and every day does a miracle to me.Even if I lost my Almerah key I pray swami where I kept my key, suddenly he will show it somewhere in front of my eyes. Each and everything around me... Swami is present with me. When I ask he give it. Many more miracles had happened to me which are countless... coming up soon in my next chapter of experiences with MY LORD VIKRAMAN SWAMIJI!

Thank You Swamiji, for giving me this opportunity to tell my few great miracles of YOU, very important and which changed my life which was above get over, You saved me when I TRUST IN YOU. Thank YOU MY LORD.





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