Our kodi kodi pranams to the one and only one God, Our God, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend, Relative, GURU and EVERYTHING TO US. – SHREE VIKRAMAN SWAMI, THE ULTIMATE – BEGINNING AND DESTINATION OF ALL.  Our sincere sincere thanks to you Swami for accepting us in your fold and our request to you Swami to please do keep us ever ever at your sricharan, in your heart and in your prayers Swami.  Words are never sufficient enough to express our thanks or feelings to you Swami – our god who can however still understand the unsaid unspoken words of our heart and mind.  You have made us realized and see God.  You made us realize that every single breathe of ours is our SWAMI’s GRACE. You have given us the understanding and realization that YOU – GOD is with each one of us every millisecond and there is nothing that is hidden from you or is done without your knowledge.  You have made us understand and realize the meaning and power of prayers.  The theoretical knowledge that we had accumulated with us, you have shown us how to use it practically and also how it works out in reality.  Rightly enough JK has said OUR SWAMI IS VERY MODERN AND PRACTICAL SWAMI.

I came to know about Swami way back in end 1991 early 1992 through my friend and colleague Srikala who works in EMITAC Dubai – Head Office that there is a Swami who calls people by their star sign, car number etc and conducts late night poojas in Dubai.  I was newly married and settled in Abu Dhabi and at that time never thought my husband would then agree to take me to Dubai for such late night poojas still however the desire to meet Swami was ignited and I wished at least once to see him and waited for my time to come. Swami finally bestowed me with the happiness and joy, ananda of being with him finally in 1999 with bigger blessing of coming to him with full family devoted to him.

Sometime again in 1998 another colleague Chetan Sonawala who too worked in Dubai office and use to come to Abu Dhabi gave me the website address of Swami and once handed over to me a photocopy set of Swamiji’s bhajan and Ashtotram. I went through all the experiences then posted on the website and was now more eager to meet Swamiji. Reading those experiences has helped me in improving my understanding and realizing God - Swami   The bhajan copy set and ashtotram I kept in my office drawer as the bhajans were all new to me and till that time had never heard those bhajans hence the tune being unknown I did not know what had to be done with it.  In the meanwhile I use to visit Swamiji’s chat room and tried calling couple of times to speak to Swamiji but could never get through.  Infact once I when I called, although had never heard Swamiji’s voice, I felt the person who answered the phone and told me Swami is not there and to call back later was Swami himself but since he thought of playing with me that time I kept quite and equally played the part he wanted me to do so by pretending ignorance of having got him online. However finally on May 8th, 1999 my friend - Srikala spoke to Swamiji and took permission for me to meet him but that day unfortunately I was held up in some other commitment and could not go to attend his Pooja in Abu Dhabi so next day she got me permission to meet Swamiji in Indu’s house Pooja 9.05.99 - Sunday. That was my first meeting Swamiji physically and that became my memorable day. I reached Indu’s house around 7:30pm and was among first few to be there along with my daughter Karishma. Waiting for Swami we started packing kumkum vibhuti packets and extending help to the host in whatever way we could. Swami came around 10:00pm and first spoke to many devotees assembled in the hall on my right, left, front behind except me. I was quietly seeing and listening to all swami’s conversation Finally Indu mentioned to Swami I was new devotee and had come first time to attend Pooja. Swami said I know I will talk to her later she has many problems. After sometime he spoke to me and asked few questions which by his grace I could answer correctly. He then asked me if I eat ice cream which I do but not so often. Swami just said one thing to me when you go to doctor you should be honest and tell everything. Then I recollected just 2 days before Friday I had eaten ice cream and mentioned to Swami about it. He then asked me to avoid maximum possible ice cream and spoke to Karishma and asked for my husband –JK. JK had not come and he was at home after work when Swami asked for him. Finally the Pooja got over and JK called if it was time for him to come and pick me up, I requested him since he was coming to pick me up, just come up for few seconds and take blessings of Swami, as Pooja had also got over and it would not take much time.  After much talk he finally agreed and when he came up and met Swami, Swami told him that he was probably waiting for him only and spoke so beautifully to him.  Finally we all came down and could get the opportunity to see off Swamiji going back to Dubai in car and then we came back home. Infact just before meeting Swamiji I had finish reading the first time Sai Satcharita through the internet and on completion I was thinking blessed were the people who were alive then during Sai’s time and got a chance to see, meet and be with him. After meeting Swami I felt indeed we too are blessed for we are with our Sai now in this form and then also we were with him in some other form.

Coming Friday during bhajans in Krishna Temple Dubai Swamiji asked Srikala whether her friend i.e. me was happy after meeting him.  Thanks so much Swami for remembering me always.

After that my next meeting with Swami was in Dubai Temple bhajans Friday 5.11.99 during Diwali time where Swami gave me one Bhajan Book and one book to Srikala. Next meeting with Swami was in Poornima Soman’s house – Abu Dhabi on 27.05.2000. During this period my husband – JK use to tease me at times why haven’t you asked Swami about second child. I was thinking we should be going in for second child as Karishma too was asking for sister and feeling lonely. I use to reply to JK I have never asked Swami nor he has ever mentioned anything to me for second child. While taking blessing in that Pooja Swami gave me extra packet of kumkum saying today I give you one packet extra kumkum. Neither did he say for what purpose nor I asked him, just silently took it and walked out.  During this Pooja Swami spoke to JK and told him though he never does any Pooja or shows outside but inside he believes in God. This touched JK as he felt then Swami knew everything.  This thing he had not said to anyone but was just his inner feeling. July, 2000 I got pregnant. Though I had never asked Swami anything nor he said anything openly but he had blessed me in that Pooja silently and then I understood what the extra packet of kumkum was for.  Till such time I never had any photo of swami and was praying to him that I get one small photo of his to which I can hold on during my delivery time.  In August/Sept. 2000 all of sudden Chetan, one of my colleagues working in Dubai Office, gave me one vibhuti packet having Swamiji and Hanumanji’s photo on it.  He had got an extra packet from Swamiji during one Pooja in Dubai and had kept for me. He said normally Swami gives vibhuti in those packets only in temple Pooja but surprisingly this time it was Pooja in someone’s house and Swami had distributed vibhuti in those packets.  End of December 2000, I was deeply praying to Swami to give me darshan at least once before my delivery to which he answered and all of sudden in Jan, 2001 we were called for picnic with Swamiji in Safa Park Dubai. There Swami blessed me for safe and normal delivery which true to his words I had normal delivery on Feb.26th 2001 – Divya’s birth. While I was in labour pain on 26th morning the doctor came to check and told my mother who had come down for delivery then that I am anaemic – my hemoglobin level had gone down considerably and from 11.02.01 the doctors had started to give me iron injections one alternate days i.e. till 26th I had taken 7 injections and the baby is small 2.1 kgs (as per their scan report). My mother got tensed that I am also weak and baby is also very small that means weak what will happen. But when they took me in the delivery ward and did my blood test my hemoglobin level had reached around 11 from 8.2 (per last test done before the injections were given) and Divya was born 3.1kgs!! Later I got a chance to meet again Swami in Krishna temple Dubai during bhajans when Divya was around 4 months old. On seeing Divya, Swami said I had been waiting for you!!

Also in January, 2001 Karishma had met with small accident in the house itself.  I had just cleaned the kitchen floor and she had slipped and hurted her knee at the marble slab of the kitchen entrance.  The cut was quite deep and I tried cleaning it to the best I could. This happened on Friday and next day she could not go to school because of the pain.  On Sunday also she did not go to school.  Somehow I was not feeling comfortable in the office and I came back at noon from work.  I saw Karishma dragging her foot and coming to the door to open.  I was shocked and immediately asked JK to come home and take her to hospital.  We went to Central Hospital and on examination found pus had formed in the wound and she needed to be operated.  I did not know what to do at all.  We waited there patiently for all formalities to be done.  Just when she was being taken into the ward one of her friend’s mother who was working as a nurse in the hospital came to attend her and we felt some relieve.  Her husband too was working in the same hospital as Radiologist and when Karishma was being taken for operation he too came to see her.  We were remembering Swami all the time but we were little reluctant to call and bother him over the phone. The operation went off well. It was Swami’s blessing only that we got the parents of her friend to attend to her when we were totally lost in the hospital and also the doctors were telling us there are chances of the pus infecting the bone also.  I was very scared when I heard that and was praying to Swami to do something and help us.  The child should not suffer and I was so angry at myself for having cleaned the kitchen floor and not checking if the floor had been completely dried up.  Thanks to Swami that the pus had not touched the bone and at the right time Swami made me come back from the office to take her to the hospital and get medication done for her.  We have no words to thank Swami enough. 

That year 2001, I was unable to attend the Guru Poornima celebrations in Dubai for some reason.  This had hurted and upseted me so badly in my mind. By Swami’s grace I felt so much when this time too though I was unable to attend the Guru Poornima Pooja Swami had again sent Prasad for me through Chetan. But still the pain continued too much within me for being unable to attend the Pooja and once while going through the Chatroom messages of Swamiji suddenly the thought occurred to me we have Swamiji’s bhajans everywhere in Madras, Dubai, Kuwait, USA etc. wonder if there are any in Abu Dhabi and if not why not start one in Abu Dhabi too!!. I sent out email to Swamiji and later found Sunitaji from Dubai was going to meet Swamiji in Madras through one of her message in Chatroom. My friend Srikala suggested me to talk to her, check with her about bhajans in Abu Dhabi and ask her if she could pass on your message to Swamiji.  I took courage and spoke to her over phone and she confirmed to me there are no bhajans held in Abu Dhabi and she would definitely pass on my message to Swamiji. She returned after few days and bought the good news of approval from Swamiji to start bhajans in Abu Dhabi. I took down from her the requirements and the instructions received from Swami on how to proceed. So happy was I to get Swami’s approval. At that time Poornima, who is incharge of Abu Dhabi was in Kerala and I did not know who all are the devotees yet Swami gave me the courage and guidance at every step.  Those days I use to receive calls from Bhavana for any Pooja in Dubai and had her contact. I spoke to her and asked her help to give me contact numbers of the devotees in Abu Dhabi whom I can call for Bhajans.  In the meantime there was one experience of Rupa Wahi that had been posted in the website and just one of Swami’s ways of preparing grounds. After I had read that experience once I had received a fax from one medical centre in Abu Dhabi introducing their medical centre.  This fax was signed by RUPA WAHI and that time I had correlated that she should be the same person whose experience had been posted in the site and I had noted down her contact number just for my knowledge. The whole issue of bhajans came much later but the basis was being created by Swami.  Somehow Swami gave the courage to me to call Rupa Wahi and ask her if she was a devotee of Vikraman Swami, introduced myself as another devotee who had got blessings of Swamiji to start bhajans in Abu Dhabi. She too was very helpful. She had her own contacts who were also devotee of Swamiji. Both Rupa and myself on checking with major devotees then available on the list that Thursday would be convenient day for all and coming Thursday - Aug. 30 – Onam day in 2001 evening 5 -6:00 pm would be best time for starting the bhajans. The first bhajans were held in our house and there on started the new era in my life. Swami arranged people to sing, dholak and photo. Pushpa bought small photo of Swami since I had none and Mamta came with Dholak. All devotees assembled and the first bhajan started with tremendous swami’s presence. 

I was working and since long had wanted to quit job. Infact in 1997 I had submitted my resignation to the Company a time when our company was terminating employees, managers etc. I was facing problems for getting good babysitter for my daughter as her previous babysitters had left for good to India. I thought of quitting job and looking after house and child and typed my resignation and kept it in the Pooja room at night praying to God that if I am making a mistake in submitting this resignation then only you have the power to revoke it. Next morning I submitted the same to my Divisional Manager and copy to Financial Controller in Dubai which would have reached him the next working day. To my surprise my Financial Controller on receiving my resignation called up and asked the reason for my resignation.  When I mentioned to him that the only reason for doing so was because of difficulty to find suitable place to keep my daughter and not that I had got some other offer, he asked me to wait and came down to Abu Dhabi next day to talk to me. He then offered me one shift timing i.e. straight from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (maximum as I had to be back home before my husband left for work at 4:15pm). In a company of approx. 60-70 employees I was the only one to be offered such timings. When I pointed out to him he said that I should not be bothered, the management would handle it.  However I requested him only one thing that in case any time in future the management would find it difficult to continue with special timings for me, to please let me know so I can resubmit my resignation (this by Swami’s grace they kept up to their word till end). Here I would like to bring to notice just one thing that I had met Swami only in 1999 but now after meeting him and realizing and understanding Swami, I can say there was never ever a moment  in my life when he was not there with me.  The form may be different but he – GOD is always and always there with us. That time in 1997 also when I prayed to God and submitted my resignation the miracle as mentioned above did take place. This arrangement went off very well for over 4 years.  In this period Swami cushioned our lives so beautifully that when he felt I should now quit he had bought my husband’s salary at comfortable level for all of us to survive with one earning.  Exactly after a month of starting bhajans i.e. on Sep. 30th my Financial Controller came to Abu Dhabi for some official work and he then spoke to me on my timing arrangements.  He said he was finding it now very difficult to cope up with the very petty behaviour of few employees who were creating problem for him also because of my timing and requested me to continue but with 2 shift timings.  That day morning itself I had got an envelope from P. Krishna Kumar, working in Dubai office who had come to Abu Dhabi that day, given by Sunitaji to him. That envelope contained Swamiji’s and Hanumanji’s Photo.  Though we had started the bhajans but I did not have till such time even one photo of Swamiji and Hanumanji to keep in the Bhajans and these photos Sunitaji had send to me for keeping in Bhajans.  Swamiji had now come in this form in my life and taken full charge of it henceforth. The courage and confidence that those photo had given me, just a glimpse I had taken of them in my office, was immeasurable. I replied to my Financial Controller genuinely with full courage, confidence and happiness that it was the best news he could have ever given to me.  I had wanted to quit the job 4 years ago but it did not work out. Today he has relieved me of a burden which I was carrying unnecessarily for others and I would next day itself submit my resignation which he please be kind enough to accept this time. In this manner my last working date was Oct. 30th.  The three months – Aug. 30th, Sept. 30th and Oct. 30th became very important.  I now feel that when we join any company we normally have six months probationary period but Swami liked my performance so much so that in one month’s time itself he had made me permanent in his service. Swami may your grace ever be on all of us like this. Please do keep me ever at your sricharan, ever engaged in your services.

 Here I would also like to mention one more incident out of many in my live wherein Swami – God’s presence can be very well felt. How Swami arranges everything before making first entry in our lives in his divine physical form. Since I came in Abu Dhabi we were sharing the flat with JK’s staff i.e. living in staff quarters. In 1998-early 1999 we faced several severe problems in the buildings and we were thinking of moving out to new building. At that time I use to check with my colleagues in office if they came across any one bedroom flat within range of Dhs. 25000/- central A/C, having balcony, facing sea side and near the market place since we were staying near the market place and that area would be comfortable for me in case anytime I need to go out shopping for anything alone. They all use to laugh at me what you want to import flat from India, you won’t get all the conditions fulfilled here, you will have to compromise on something. This I was not willing to. Finally Swami in his own way even before we meeting him arranged our current flat – Rent Dhs. 25,000 per year, central A/C, one bed room, balcony, sea facing and very close to old building and market place.  All my conditions were fulfilled over and above the flat had the seal of approval of Swamiji – Hanumanji as the flat no is: 1202 – totaling to 5.

Before marriage when I was in Bombay I use to go whenever possible to one Mata on Friday who would go in trance – Santoshi Mata and she was at that time my guru- whole and sole everything for me. Our marriage also was done by her. She had selected my husband and had arranged everything for me. When I came here at times I use to call her whenever my mother had Pooja conducted by Mata in her house on Friday. But in my heart I always felt so lost without her and after birth of Karishma, I used to pray and wish she too would get such guidance in her life like god had bestowed me with. Now when the time came of our shifting to the new house in my mind I was thinking Mata had done the inaugural of my sister’s house, who would do for me here in Abu Dhabi.  That night I dreamt Pooja being conducted in our new house and Mata and Swami both had come in an unique form - the person was half lady and half man i.e. face of Swami and body of Mata (till such time I had still not met Swamiji personally). The Pooja was tremendous. This unique form that had conducted the Pooja was very happy and dancing in the new house.  I took that as indication that Mata had approved the new house and inaugurated in her own way.  She had also conveyed to me that till now my life was guided by her and henceforth she had given the charge to Swami to take me forward in my life.

First time we attended Swami’s Pooja on Diwali day in Sunitaji and Pravinji’s house on 14th November 2001. My mother-in-law had come on visit visa and we planned to attend the Pooja in Dubai and later go to JK’s brother’s house in Sharjah spend night there and come back next day.  While getting dressed I was putting rings in my purse for the next day to wear and while doing so I felt this diamond ring would fall down and I will not find it. Promptly enough the ring did fall down and on searching high and low we were still unable to find it. Infact in June same thing had happened while changing my earrings on my daughter’s birthday I felt I am removing the earring but it will fall and I will not be able to find it.  That too happened and tried as much I was unable to locate it.  This time we were in hurry also to leave for Dubai so after searching for some time when we did not succeed we left the matter there itself and proceeded to Dubai.  Next day 15.11.2001 there was Pooja in Abu Dhabi in Poornima’s house and Swami was talking with everyone asking them about their rings, diamonds etc. In my mind I was thinking should I tell Swami I lost my ring but felt bad also how to ask him for such a materialistic thing and kept quiet. After some time Swami was talking to someone next to me about his rings and turned to me and asked me Vaneesha you do not want diamond ring. I mentioned to Swami that infact I lost one of my ring.  Swami replied and said not to worry I will find it. I returned back from Pooja and next morning since Swami said I will find the ring I searched once again my cupboard last shelve. While doing so I found the earring that was lost in June but still could not find any trace of the ring.  That evening 16.11.2001 there was again Pooja in Rupa Wahi’s house and while taking blessings I mentioned to Swami that I did not find the ring but found my earring lost 4-5 months earlier. Swami asked me do you want the ring – sometimes diamond is not good for you.  Immediately I replied Swami if you feel it is not good for me no problem you can keep it and surrendered to him entirely. After around one month in December 2001 we were having our house painted and while shifting our bed JK found the ring on the floor lying just below Swami’s photo. Now this photo is exactly on the opposite wall where I had lost the ring near my cupboard. How the ring reached there only Swami knows. The ring could have been also found by the workers who had come to paint the house but only JK had to notice it – isn’t that Swami’s miracle. Moreover I felt since I had surrendered the matter to Swami and asked him to keep the ring with him if he felt I should not get it back, he had indeed kept the ring with him for it was found on the floor below his photo!!

06.07.2002 Swamiji conducted first Pooja in our house i.e. a year later than last year Guru Poornima which I was unable to attend 5.7.2001. We had Swamiji Ashtotram chanted for the first time and did Pada Pooja. This copy of Ashtotram had been given to me by Chetan way back in 1998 even when I had not met Swamiji.  Swamiji had blessed me to come home and bless me with such a beautiful and tremendous Pooja a year later. Infact we had purchased the video cassette of 2001 Guru Poornima and while watching it I had seen Swamiji Pada Pooja being done and flowers put on his feet and was wondering if ever I could get such a chance. Not knowing then that Swamiji would come home and give us the opportunity to do so. Thanks Swami for all the blessings that you have been bestowing on all of us always.  May we ever ever remain at your sricharan, in your heart and in your prayers.

Guru Poornima 2002 was celebrated in Emirates English School on 25.07.02.  Last year I was unable to attend the Guru Poornima and I was so far in Abu Dhabi. This year 2002 Swami made me and Karishma sit on the stage so close to him along with few other devotees from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In 2001 though I was physically so far from Swami but mentally my mind , in thoughts I was very close to Swami for my mind was only in the Pooja that I was missing out.  In 2002 Swami brought me physically close also. In that Guru Poornima, Abu Dhabi Bhajan Group had presented one Bhajan to Swami wherein it mentioned how Shabari had welcomed Lord Rama and for each verse of that bhajan where Shabari is adoring Lord Rama one from the group was asked to enact the portion.  It was decided that I would be doing the 5th verse i.e. enacting Shabari making Lord Rama eat Baer (type of fruit). This I could not believe for in my childhood once I had dreamt that I am making Hanumanji eat motichoor laddoos and he is relishing it.  I had gone to one Hanuman Temple close to my house and offered to Hanuman the laddoos. This had been just between Hanumanji and me and I had not disclosed this to anyone in house also.  Now I was getting chance to feed Hanumanji actually!! Any other verse also could have been given to me how come only this particular verse was given to me is a miracle!!

Swami’s unlimited, unbelievable blessings for my mother:

The experiences of devotees posted on the Website always gave me immense strength, confidence, inspired me, and enhanced my understanding and faith in Swami.  Once while reading Experience No: 91 of Saraswati Rajan I experienced similar feeling.  My mother lived alone in flat in Bombay (my sister stays in different colony at walk able distance of 10-15 minutes). In her experience Saraswati had written about her father how he was saved because of Swami’s miracle and how Swami mentioned to her “Sometimes even if your parents and relatives do not believe in Swami, because of your bhakti, (devotion) Swami has to do something, Swami has to protect them. Swami will protect them in the form of whichever God they believe." This relieved me very much and then and there I surrendered my mother to Swami in my mind and requested and prayed to him to take care of her henceforth and do what he thought was best for her.  This was sometime in Nov.’2001. January 21st, 2002, I got call from my sister in Bombay that my mother’s condition was not good and I should be prepared to travel anytime to Bombay. She was admitted to hospital. Next day the call came to start immediately. I prayed deeply to Swami to do what he thought best and leaving everything to him I made preparations to travel. Throughout my journey I felt Swami’s protection and presence. On reaching 23rd Morning to Bombay I went to my mother.  She had been miraculously saved.  She had been admitted to hospital on 21st because of too much acidity however on 22nd when the doctor came on routine round to check her, suddenly he noticed that her pulse beat and BP had fallen down.  Immediately he had done minor operation, injected through her neck vein medicine directly to get into her blood stream to bring her back.  Had she not been admitted in hospital on 21st and the doctor been next to her to pay immediate attention at that time when her pulse and BP had fallen down she would have collapsed.  Swami had saved her and given her another birth for a certain purpose which Swami mentioned to me later. I stayed with her for few days and then came back to Abu Dhabi. She recovered to some extent though throughout that year she use to fall sick quite often and be admitted to hospital. However one best thing that happened in that year was she made one trip to my brother’ place in Singapore and had a very good stay there and enjoyed every bit of it.  November 20th there was Pooja in Poornima’s house and we all were busy in the Pooja.  For some reason JK went back home and he attended the call received from my jijaji ( brother-in-law) from Bombay saying my mother had been admitted again in hospital on Nov. 19th due to severe stomach pain and on doing all check up it was found that the matter was serious and cancer has spread in her body.  She had been operated twice earlier for cancer and her full course had been completed successfully however now when they had done the test doctors had found that cancer had spread all over (Infact sometime back only she had finished her full course of cancer treatment and the doctor had assured her everything was okay and asked her to discontinue her medicine for the same). JK came back to Pooja but did not tell me anything. When we went to take blessings he mentioned about my mother being admitted to hospital directly to Swami. I was shocked and could not take the pain of her suffering so much since many years. Staying all alone she had faced many health problems from many years. I burst out crying to Swami to please take her away and keep her with him and give her mukti. That is the time he said I had decided to take her early this year (he was referring to the January incident which I have never mentioned to Swami personally) but for some reason bought her back. Do not worry I will pray for her. When I asked him whether I should go to Bombay he said not now but he will let me know when to do so. Next day there was Pooja in Promil Wahi’s house and there Swami spoke again to JK about my mother and then asked me to proceed to Bombay immediately. During that Pooja I could see Swami’s compassion and unconditional love for his devotees and their families and extended families. I felt he was strongly praying and arranging the best for her. After attending one last Pooja in Dubai with Swami’s permission on 26.11.02 I left for Bombay on 29.11.02 along with my two daughters. My sister had not disclosed to mother about the cancer spreading and since the doctors had said there was no chance of recovery or taking her for any further treatment for cancer because her heart condition would not be able to withstand that any further. She had been having cardiac problems since more than 20 years and along with that as years had passed by she had become victim of several other sicknesses off and on and had become physically weak.  When I reached Bombay we maintained our silence on her health issue. Her health slowly started deteriorating. Since Swami had blessed and sent me and also given special vibhuti and kumkum for her along with his photo with Hanumanji taken in Anjaneri, we were experiencing many many miracles with her. Her sickness that had started with severe stomach pain that pain slowly vanished. Though water started accumulating in her abdomen but there was no trace of pain. When she was normal she had too much unbearable pain but now even though the sickness was taking fast turn within, Swami had taken away the pain. I kept on calling Swami for taking blessings for her.  Each time I would think I will ask Swami to speak to her but it never materialized either I would not get Swami on line, if I would, either I would forget to tell him or my mother would not be around.  Something or the other kept happening and the matter did not work out. Earlier also in 1999 once  when I was talking to Swami from Bombay I asked him if he would be able to speak to my mother since she was around me but he said he would do so sometime later. I kept praying to Swami that let her have peaceful death. She was on bed but she kept up her spirit. When she use to ask why she is unable to recover we use to just push away the issue and give some other reason and give her confidence that she will indeed recover soon. The way her health was going down Doctors told us maybe it will be first her heart that will give up and that time in my mind was praying to Swami please bless her so that she has peaceful death no problems at all she does not deserve any more pain.  Once while talking to Swami he on his own blessed me and said Vaneesha do not worry. Your mother will have peaceful death. The words Peaceful Death that came out from him mouth were so soothing and assuring. At the same time it showed his omnipresence. He was there with us when we both sisters were praying to him to let her have peaceful death. Before leaving itself we had already booked return for Abu Dhabi on 2nd Jan since Karishma had to resume school.  Before that I spoke to Swami and asked his advice since mother is still sick and I do not know whether I should send back Karishma alone or keep her with me.   He said sometime we will have to change the plan and let Karishma proceed to Abu Dhabi. We sent her as an unaccompanied minor and both Divya and I continued to stay back in Bombay. My mother slowly lost all interest in everything and her appetite also reduced drastically.  It was less than the appetite of an infant and consisted of only liquids few sips of juice or soup only. We had got for her hospital bed at home so that she could sit and sleep well.  Because of her big stomach now she was also facing problem in breathing and we had got oxygen cylinder at home for her use. My brother and his family had come down from Singapore in mid. December and left back for Singapore in end December since he had to attend to some urgent office work and was planning to come back within 15 days. Hence we brought mummy from her house to my sister’s house so that running between the two places could be avoided and my sister also could give her better attention and look after her house too.  Sometime in January she wanted to get admitted to the hospital but just to avoid that we agreed to keep the house nurse for her.  Her body swelling started increasing and at times her legs toes also use to get swollen. On January 20th my mother insisted on going to hospital from the morning. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her and the nurse also felt the same. My brother was also supposed to come down to Bombay on Jan.22nd morning.  My sister asked my mother whether I should ask our brother to start immediately she said no need even if he did start he will not be able to meet her. All our attempts to divert her mind failed and finally at noon we called for ambulance and took her to hospital. She was fine there till early evening then suddenly she had breathing problem and since she was in hospital immediate action was taken by the doctors. My sister had gone with her and I was sitting at her place. Late evening around 7:00 – 7:30 I called for Swamiji.  I had not been able to get through to Swamiji since more than 20 days and this time too I was asked to call later after an hour or so. My brother-in-law came home to pick up few things and asked me if I too would come along. I never thought Divya would stay alone at home with my niece without me and I thought just go and see mummy and come back.. While leaving, my niece came to me and said you go and stay there if you want I will take care of Divya not to worry. We left for the hospital and I went in to see my mother. I do not know what made me dial Swamiji from her bed so soon again within ½ hr. I was leaving my message and name when immediately Swamiji came online and said he was just back from outside  I was so so desperate to talk to Swami since long and I just blurred out to him Swami where are you? I am next to my mother in hospital. When will it happen it is so long now I cannot just see her in pain anymore. Swamiji calmly replied not to worry very soon it will happen. Then I asked him if he would talk to my mother (by his grace it occurred me to do so) which he said yes and I put the mobile on my mother’s ears. She was barely able to talk but she managed to tell him in Hindi to take her soon. Thinking that Swami might not be able to understand her broken language I took the phone back and translated to Swami in English that she wants him to take her away soon. That is the first time Swami said “Do not worry she will have PAINLESS PEACEFUL DEATH.” I disconnected and assured my mother and came out and conveyed the message to my sister and brother-in-law that something soon will happen as Swami has said it. It seemed mummy was waiting to hear Swami’s voice and then her health started going down at very high speed. (All this time I could never get them two speak to each other but waited patiently and trusted Swami. Indeed Swami knew the best time to speak to my mother and he knew what better time would it be than to speak just before she leaves this world to come to him). Her body was deteriorating so fast as if she is running and climbing up the stairs to meet Swami. She started to loose her senses, her nails started to turn blue by 11:00 pm.  Another miracle here was that the Junior doctor who used to also pay her visit at home asked my sister to come out and decide on whether she would like to keep mummy on life support and sign papers accordingly.  My sister was in dilemma should she ask for the life support to be given till my brother comes and make mummy suffer or just let things take its own course and before she could say something the main doctor – Cardiologist in whose clinic we had admitted her himself took the decision and said he would not like the patient to suffer anymore and let the nature take its own course.  It was as if Swami had come and decided himself what action had to be taken.  To my knowledge no doctor would have taken the risk and responsibility on his own accord least of all any of us, family member, could at a later date/time create problem with him.  My sister did not sign any papers.

The doctors gave both of us permission to stay that night in the hospital. Sitting next to her and watching her all the time. By 3:00 am early morning I noticed blood clot in one of her eye.  She was alive still but we felt her consciousness was losing.  Her responses were becoming slow.  Infact few days before we had noticed some blood clots on her body and on checking with the doctor she brushed us aside saying maybe because she is sleeping all the time, she would have got hurt somewhere while going or coming from the bathroom etc. But now we realized that these clots were giving indications of her veins inside breaking and the cancer spreading at its peak within.  Morning my sister went home for bath and came back and bought walkman with Guru Saheb cassette for mummy to hear.  On hearing the words “Satnaam Waheguru” the last response that she had given was raising her eyebrows to acknowledge known words.  Infact when my sister had gone home the nurses came to change her that time I felt mummy was in complete coma sort.  She had no feelings the nurses just lifted her front and back just like rubber doll. She had last taken few sips of Mango juice previous evening and that was the end. Morning also there was no response when we asked her for tea. My sister came and asked me to go home. I barely reached home she called to say mummy’s condition had worsened and again within few minutes called to say she was no more.  I rushed back to hospital.  The chapter was over.  Swami had taken her soon as he promised and indeed her death was PAINLESS AND PEACEFUL as blessed by Swami, since just before her death she was in coma state.  She breathed her last on Angarkhi chaturthi the one that came in Margashish month that day is supposed to be very auspicious. She was also a great devotee of Ganpati and she would keep Ganpati every year and she did that till her health permitted her.  Later when we returned home did I realize that Swami had infact given the date when the event would occur but also ensured that it does not strike me before the event took place for when in Poornima’s house when JK passed on the message received from Bombay first time to Swami, then Swami had told me that he had planned earlier that year 2002 itself to take her but for some reason returned her back.  Yes, early in January 2002 she had been admitted to hospital on 21st and had the miraculous escape on 22nd January, 2002.  In January 2003 she was admitted on January 20th and she left to be with Swami for ever and ever on January 21st, 2003.

Since we had to wait for my brother we had her body moved to morgue for a day.  While they took her into the morgue I applied on her forehead the kumkum and vibhuti that Swami had given.  The kumkum tikka came so beautifully round on her forehead (I have never been able to do like this before or after this) and her face shone like she was in deep meditation.  I called and left message for Swami and thanking him deeply for doing the needful.  On the next day when body cremation formalities had to be done I called again for Swami and got him online. I apologized for speaking to him in an upset manner the other day and thanked him once again. He blessed and said we would feel his presence while the final rites would go on.  I asked his permission when I should proceed back home.  He asked me to finish all my duties and then come back.  While they were taking mummy I applied all the balance vibhuti that swami had given to me on her entire body. By his grace all the 12 days ritual finished perfectly and all went off well. On the last day we came to know that Mata had come to Bombay then who had shifted and settled down in Mysore.  Mummy used to go to her devotedly and how her guru Mata too reached Bombay coincidentally on her 12th day.  We went and bought her to our house, spent time with her and then reached her back to her place.

And another miracle here I would like to mention is that although towards the end days say from November onwards when we came to know of the cancer spreading in her body, she was not having any major heart problem but since we did not want to disclose the news to our mother the Cardiologist doctor supported us so much that whenever we wanted we could take her to his clinic or admit her where he takes cases of heart patient. In spite of his clinic being very full majority of times, he use to willingly admit her till her last day. Although technically she was not at that moment suffering from any cardiac problem, just so that my mother never suspects anything or the sickness is not cardiac but cancer that is killing her. The Cardiologist had supported us so much that at times mummy use to pressurize us too much she wants doctor to examine her and she was not in condition to be taken to hospital, the Cardiologist had given permission to his Junior Doctor to pay house visit to her whenever we called. Also after she passed one of our relative who is also a doctor came to pay us visit and while talking to us inquiring about mummy he mentioned to us that when water started accumulating that means the liver must have definitely been affected and it is a surprise how come till the last day whenever we did her blood test or any other test advised by the doctor the report came normal. Jaundice should have definitely been reflected in the report.  Had jaundice been shown in the report mummy would have caught us and questioned us as she would check each and every medicine that was being given to her and ask for what it is being done so. Thanks to Swami for handling the whole issue so perfectly. Right from the beginning the vanishing of the stomach pain, the initial complaint.

My two months stay in Bombay with my mother in her last days was one of the biggest blessings Swami has bestowed on me. Each and every moment those days and now also, were and are full of his presence and his protection. I learnt and experienced so many things it is so hard to describe and express all. I also realized the immense strength and courage Swami had given us to handle and face the situation so courageously. Even the last night that we spent with our mother full night just looking at her and expecting any time the moment to come we never had a tear in our eyes or sadness within us. We could feel Swami holding us so tight and close to him. One thing in short I can say is that when Swami promised something he fulfils it to each and every alphabet to the core.  I had asked Swami to do what he felt best for her and to take her with him which he did. I realized when Guru God commits something how he moves things and situation, everything in order to fulfill his promise. Trust and faith in him and his words is all that he requires from us.

During the 12 days ritual of my mother, one morning during short nap I dreamt Swami and he told me from today onwards I will not see him. The face was of very young Swami but I could recognize from his voice. I requested him Swami at least bless me and go but he just vanished. I got up with shock and called Dubai and spoke to Sunitaji. She mentioned to me that yesterday night they had very nice Pooja and Swami was there in Dubai but not available that time. I spoke to her and left message to tell Swami to bless us. But my mind was not at rest at all thinking Swami was in Dubai, I should go. It was my sister who made me understand that Swami mentioned to me to finish all my duties and then come back which means I should finish all 12 days rituals and going in between Swami himself would not like it. I obeyed and after finishing all duties returned home back to my Swami.

On my return Swami gave me the blessings of coming to our house and lighting lamp. Though my mother had never met Swami, before going she had given me one prayer mat and had asked me to make Swami sit on it whenever he comes to my house.  I told her I will use it for keeping his feet but she insisted no he has to sit on it. I could not say anything but assured her I will try my best (not knowing how I will be able to tell Swami to do so). When Swami said he will be coming to our house to light lamp I arranged the chair and on the chair I kept the mat. He came and sat on the chair without question.  It was Poornima who mentioned to Swami that the mat on the chair was given by my mother for him to sit on it. He also allowed me to attend the light lamp in Rina Ramesh Kalra house that day and have lunch with HIM. He made me sit next to him and also served me food. Right from 2002 onwards after the miraculous escape of my mother, Swami had taken full responsibility of me.  He was there with me for each and every occasion, festival, our wedding anniversary day started and ended with him in that year 2002. Now when mummy is with him he continues to give his full support to me, taking her place.  I have no words to express my feelings and thankfulness to Swami for giving me such beautiful experience that day.  Again nothing asked, nothing said but all messages were conveyed in silence. Till date I can never say or feel mummy is not there.  Swami told me my mother is with him very happy and those words are sufficient for me to ever remind myself in any adverse situation or feeling that mummy has to be happy for none can be sad when he/she is with Swami.

I must also mention here that both my journey to Bombay and back from there too had been very smooth and rich of experience and Swami’s presence. The day I was leaving for Bombay I got a photo from one devotee –Vishwanath, of a Pooja conducted in his house – Swami sitting on the chair and myself sitting very close to Swami looking at him. Swami’s hands were so posed as if he is blessing me silently and hidingly from distance. This photo had been clicked by another devotee and how and why he took such a photo of Swami and me is beyond our comprehension but that is Swami’s leela and getting the photo reach me before I travel was an indication of Swami coming with me.  While coming back also at each and every place, right from Bombay Airport special care and attention was being showered on Divya and me. I was guided, lead through each queue, counter and everything being taken care of so beautifully. Indeed I feel after coming in contact with Swami he has written something on our foreheads infact on all his devotees’ forehead for wherever we go we do get special attention and love.

Swami always says WHEN YOU CALL I’LL BE THERE; WHEN YOU NEED I’LL BE THERE – TRUST ME BELIEVE ME. Indeed whenever we call or need him, he is there.  He may come in any form; we must seek his blessings to ever recognize him.  Here I would also mention that in Jan. 2003 after sending back Karishma when I was not being able to get Swami on phone to check with him what I should do as days are passing by and how many more days should I stay in Bombay at that time JK told me not to come back before end of Jan. and wait till such time.  Though I was unable to get through Swamiji directly but he came in JK’s form and asked me to wait in Bombay at least till end of January, 2003.  Also in Jan.’2002 when I went to Bombay for short period of 19 days I had taken only Divya with me and in Jan.’ 2003 Karishma had come back in Abu Dhabi and was staying with JK, managing on her own, most of her needs for more that month this time.  Both the times, our friend whose daughter also studied with Karishma offered on her own to take care of Karishma and relieved me from the tension of thinking and making arrangements for her (infact even before the thought comes in my mind to think about Karishma, she had called and offered help). All the things were taken care of by Swami. Swami came in JK’s form and asked me to wait till Jan. end and in my friend’s form to take care of Karishma and help me out.  Each and every aspect, every step, every minute detail was and is still being taken care of by Swami and his presence felt.

Swami’s Murti – 2003

It was sometime in May, 2003 once when I was lying down on sofa in afternoon that the thought came in mind to have Swami’s murti done. I asked my friend Srikala about the same but she was not sure if we can have a murti of a living person/God. I wrote to my sister asking her to find out the possibilities of making the murti. The process started and in meantime both Srikala and myself was trying to get through Swami to get his permission to proceed in the matter. I checked with few others here but they all felt we are not supposed to make murti of living person/God. I was discussing once with Srikala over phone what is meant by not making murti of living god? You mean all the gods whose murti we have are not living any more, they are dead??!! God is always living, ever eternal. We continued our prayers to Swami to show us some sign of approval. Then the thought occurred to Srikala that Hanumanji is chiranjeevi and yet we have murti of Hanumanji. And also Eklavaya had made his Guru Dronacharaya’s murti when Dronacharaya was alive and learnt archery from it. So in his own way Swami had answered our prayers. Later one Tuesday Srikala got through Swamiji in Madras and spoke to him about the proposal and got approval from him to proceed with it. My sister in the meantime had contacted one sculptor who asked for Rs. 30,000 to make one murti. When she checked with me while we were chatting on the net, I just looked up to the big photo of Swamiji and asked him why is he giving me tension, from where will I get Rs. 30,000/-. It was your idea, so you only arrange the money. I told my sister I will get back to her. Next day while I was having tea in morning I remembered one incident in Sai Book wherein one devotee had to pay Rs. 30,000/- and did not have funds. He asked few for help but received no response and then he rebuked himself for not having faith in Sai and running helter shelter for funds.  So he then composed himself and waited till last minute relying 100% on Sai to provide the funds. Last day one of his friend’s son approached him with business proposals and asked his opinion on them to which the devotee gave his honest opinion and later mentioned to him that he needed himself Rs. 30,000/- urgently which he would return on completion. That man gave him the amount without hesitation and never returned to get back the money. When I recollected this incident I was surprised how come the amount in that case and here with me is also the same Rs. 30,000/- and I too felt bad at not having confidence in Swami.  Immediately I sent out SMS to my sister to go ahead and proceed in the matter as Swami will arrange the funds. To my surprise after few days my sister sent me message saying she had located another sculptor who was willing to do the job for just Rs. 5,000/- (this amount by coincidently I had kept with my sister for donation purpose). Things started taking shape. Now the question came how to bring the murti from Bombay here. 

That year Srikala was initially planning to take local leave and sit at home however one of her colleagues suggested to her to pay visit to her sister in Pune instead of sitting here itself. She took the suggestion seriously and started working in that direction. That gave us the idea that she could go to Bombay stay with my sister, then go to Pune and on way back from Pune to Bombay and here she could also possibly bring the murti. Everything worked out fine and the murti also was ready by the time she had to return. It is noteworthy the person who made the murti has never seen Swami, only on the basis of postcard photos of Swami that I sent to my sister he had made the murti.  19.07.03 my sister Karuna collected the murti and bought it to her home. On Srikala’s return journey though she was traveling with her son they got 4 seats in the plane and Swami came sitting on a separate seat for him!! 26.07.03 the murti reached Dubai and JK arranged through one of his taxi drivers to have the murti picked up the same day and bought to Abu Dhabi.  29.07.03 Swami came to our house to inaugurate the murti and on 1.08.03 Pooja in Saleh Bin Lahej Hall in Dubai the Murti was re-inaugurated there. This was the last Pooja in that trip of Swamiji. Next trip first Pooja was again in Saleh Bin Lahej Hall on 11.09.2003 and in that Pooja, Swamiji gave me Guruyavoor Murti, bought by Rema but presented to me by Swamiji.

I deeply thank Swami for giving me the blessing of keeping the murti and more so for bestowing his grace and blessings on the murti which has become so lively and vibrant. 

When Swami had come to our house on 29.07.03 to inaugurate the murti and light lamp, we mentioned to Swami how we came across people who said we should not make murti of living god.  To our surprise Swami’s reply was word to word the same that I had with Srikala. He said whether living or not living God is everywhere. Also had Srikala traveled two days later from Bombay it would have been very difficult to bring the murti for there was bomb blast in Bombay a day after she had left and there was Red Alert in the Airport.  Well in time she came here and all arrangements were made, as usual perfect, by Swami.

It was sometime in 2003 we had purchased Swami’s locket for each one of us.  Divya had started going to nursery and she too had a locket round her neck in black thread.  Couple of times it had fallen before and we had been able to locate it.  One day she was back from school and after having lunch suddenly she realised her locket was missing!. I searched everywhere in the house – room, kitchen, hall etc but was not able to find it.  I was not too sure where she had lost it also and sincerely I was tired each time trying to find it for her.  Very angrily I told loudly to Swami why do you have to do this to her every time.  I do not know how and from where but you have to find and give it back to me latest by tomorrow morning.  This was in the afternoon.  Next morning promptly I found the locket in the kitchen below the cabinets.  This was so surprising for we had sat in the kitchen and had milk the previous evening but did not see the locket there that time.  Next morning only I was able to see it.  That was the deadline given to Swami.

I keep Prasad for Swamiji whatever we cook.  I was thinking once whether Swami ever partakes from it as I never saw any sign or indications (as many devotees mention in Chatroom) but yet continued to do so.  It was sometime end of 2003 in December, once in Pooja Swamiji asked me Vaneesha what happened you did not make chapattis.  I said yes because I had not been able to do so for there was continuous Pooja.  Since there was too much Prasad food we got from the Pooja I had infact not cooked food last 2 days and did not keep anything for Swami.  He then told me you how you make nice thin chapattis, I like it very much. This answered to my doubt.  Though physically Swami had never given any indication of eating any food, he had infact partook each and every meal I had kept otherwise how could he tell me about my chapattis.  Also in April, 2004 once when I had kept lunch for Swamiji, when I took back from the Pooja room, there was kumkum mark on the edge of the dal bowl. Another indication of his, blessing the food kept for him.

A few of the miracles experienced in 2004:

Sometime in January 2004 Karishma had Class picnic and all kids had decided each one to bring a particular dish. Karishma had to take Puri Bhaji for picnic and full week she reminded me of that.  Friday we had bhajans in our house and Saturday morning was her picnic. I do not know how I did not hear the alarm and suddenly at 6:55am my eyes opened. Maximum by 7:20am Karishma had to leave for School and I was at loss, I had to wake her up, make breakfast for her. Puri Bhaji was just not possible to be made in such short time. First thing I woke her up and sent for bath.  Meanwhile I chopped cabbage in the chopper and got down to make cabbage parathas for her. By the time she was ready to leave I had managed to make around 15 parathas which I packed and sent her to school. Though she was not happy since she had promised puri bhaji and had to take parathas but she never said anything to me. I also was not very pleased and chided myself and Swami for not waking me up earlier at the same time thanking him for waking me up at least just before her school time. She went to school and did not say anything to her friends. They went for picnic and when time came to remove all breakfast she quietly opened her parathas anticipating many remarks from her friend. But to her surprise another girl had bought puri bhaji (who was supposed to bring something else actually had landed up bringing puri bhaji) and all her friends were so happy to get parathas and all relished the same. She came back very happy and we all thanked Swami once again for creating the confusion in the morning such that I was held back from making puri bhaji (otherwise there would have been 2 people making same dish) and striking in my mind to make parathas. There are no words or feelings Swami to describe your leelas. Each time Swami you show and make us realize that you have taken total charge of our lives and you are controlling it perfectly.  We are only doing what you make us do. We have surrendered to you totally Swami and thanks for accepting us unconditionally.

April – May, 2004: We had put our second daughter Divya in Nursery in 2003 when she was just two years. That year I did not want to pressurize her too much for studies and relied upon the teacher in Nursery whatever she does in school would be sufficient enough for Divya. However in 2004 April when she was put in Junior Kg. and the studies started from day one full fledged I found Divya lacking behind too much and was totally unable to cope up. She was completely blank. I did not know what to do and the teachers were proceeding at giant speed with the portion. I deeply prayed and cried to Swami asking him for which mistake of mine had he given me this fruit. I had never wandered or spent my time in any other activity besides relating to his work then why this had to happen. That year April/May my niece nephew were planning to come to Abu Dhabi to spend their vacation. When we tried for their visa it was rejected and it was mandatory for the mother to accompany the kids. My sister also came that year with the kids, which was totally unexpected and spent 15-20 days with us. We had good time and besides that she also took up studies with Divya and brought her up to considerable decent level and main thing brought out the interest in her for studies. When we were sending them off at the airport I was seeing them walking away towards boarding of the aircraft and felt Swami had answered my prayers. He came in her form and took up the studies of Divya. My prayer to Swami and questioning him that relying on the teacher and considering Divya was little underage for the class I had been lenient for her studies and got my full concentration on only his works then why this outcome for me in Divya’s case he had answered by himself coming and doing the needful. My sister too felt that she had no plans of coming here but somehow last minute the visa problem for kids came up and she had to come and she too felt that Swami had answered my prayers.

After she left, when I continued the reading of Ramayana, given by Poornima to me, I read a chapter and one paragraph. It touched me deeply for I felt that is exactly what I had experienced with Divya and my Sister. The gist of it was that when a devotee is fully dedicated and engaged in providing services to others and thinks of God, God in turns comes and help the devotee to do his jobs.

During this period when my sister and her two kids were here, my brother with his family too came to Dubai for official work and so Swami arranged a pleasant get together of the family outside India after the departure of our mother. We all shared some very good time with each other.

June 3rd, 2004: It was Karishma’s birthday and both my sister and brother with families were here in town.  My sister and kids were with us in Abu Dhabi and all of sudden previous day we thought of celebrating her birthday as we might never get another opportunity like this – all kids together, to celebrate the birthday.  Karishma’s pre-semester exams were going to begin from Saturday June 5th hence we called all her friends to check if it was possible for them to come for the party on Thursday i.e. 3.6.2004.  Surprisingly they all agreed and we decided to celebrate her birthday.  All while in the morning on 3.6.2004, I was thinking I forgot to call Swami in the morning to take blessing for Karishma and since it had been long time Swami had not come to UAE we all were expecting him anytime and a call for Pooja.  I was wondering although we have asked all her friends to come what if we get the call now for Pooja in the evening what shall we do?  Thinking so, while changing the bed sheet in our room I got call from Mrs. Naroola.  She had just spoken to Swami in Madras and wanted to share the conversation with me.  Swami had enquired from her about the bhajan group and all of us and told her we can expect him shortly.  It was so unusual for Mrs. Naroola to call and share the talk with me for she had never done this before and the only time we talk is when I have to call and inform them about Poojas.  I felt since I was so deeply thinking about Swami, he made Mrs. Naroola call me and relieve me from the thoughts that Pooja might be conducted that evening and to go ahead and enjoy the party.

Guru Poornima in 2004 was on 2.7.2004 and for the first time all Abu Dhabi devotees were asked to assemble in Krishna Temple for Bhajans with the Dubai Devotees. I finished my prayers at home and did Ashtotram of Swamiji with flowers. The previous day we had purchased flowers for just Dhs. 2/- and in that also the shopkeeper had given me one lotus which I kept at Swami’s feet after the Ashtotram. I felt the murti looked very beautiful and clicked 3 photos simultaneously of it. Then we left for Dubai. As we entered the hall, Ashtotram was gong on and we all could feel the tremendous presence of Swamiji and when Rema started Swagatam Swami, Sharanagatam Swami I could not stop crying. We were missing Swami’s physical presence so much.  That year Swami had given the longest gap in his visit to UAE 7 ½ months – it was more than the 7 ½ years of Saturn Period we can say. I was telling Swami what I cannot even see you nor can I see Rema as from the place I was sitting I could not see her. Immediately someone came close to me and spoke directly into my ears – come and sit in my place. I was shocked and felt Swami talking to me. When I opened my eyes I saw Srikala’s son – Aditya and he took me to his place.  That seat was bang opposite side of Rema. Swami had heard me. The bhajans was so powerful and we all enjoyed. This Guru Poornima had its own beauty. After the bhajans were over I was asked to distribute kumkum vibhuti packets to all the ladies assembled. I was more than overjoyed. I was feeling and seeing Swami’s presence each and every minute rather moment. After bhajans got over we started back for Abu Dhabi but on the way we went to see my brother who had come down from Singapore and was flying back next day. We took him to Sai Temple in Jumeirah and there we put Red glittering Shawl for Baba. Baba shone in that dress. From there we dropped him back and proceeded further to Guruduwara in Ghusais where we put another red shawl for Guru Saheb. While leaving from there one devotee came and asked us if we were going back and gave us food/snacks for our way back to Abu Dhabi and a piece of cloth for our second daughter Divya. When we were getting into our car we saw the red shawl that we had put for Guru Saheb was presented to one new born baby who had come for blessings with her parents. Swami showed his presence of accepting our offerings. We all returned back home finally after a beautiful day.

Sometime in early 2004 I thought of keeping chappals for Swami in our house and worshipping it. I bought rubber chappals (house chappals) and kept it for worshipping it. One of our friends seeing that mentioned to me that we never do Pooja of rubber chappals better keep the wooden chappals. Also, I feel (as unable to recollect exactly) he tried to confuse my mind by saying that because of this Swami may not come to our house, but I firmly replied no Swami will come and use it. Also every alternate day I either do mopping or vacuuming of the house and while doing so I also clean the lobby outside our house thinking in my mind that Swami will come hence the floor must be clean. I will clean the area to the extent of one lift which is close to our flat. That year Swami came to UAE after 7 ½ months and in September he visited our house to light lamp. I was waiting outside our flat to welcome him and to my surprise he came out of the lift exactly the same one outside which area I always clean. After he entered the house he said he would like to use our bathroom. Immediately, by his grace, it occurred to me to offer him the chappals I had kept for him. After he left I realised how Swami had fulfilled and answered both my faith in him – first that he would come in the lift near our flat and second Swami would come and use the chappals. As your faith, so you experience - that is what Swami taught me.

October 13th, 2004 there was Pooja in Mr. Naroola’s house and Swami asked me about the murti was it smiling and I said yes indeed Swami it is very much smiling. Next day I gave our camera roll for developing since it had got over the previous day. Evening before leaving for Pooja to Dubai I managed to collect the positives and while going through the photos I saw the beautiful miracle Swami had done on the murti. The murti had a very broad smile on its face and moreover the 3 photos that I had clicked on Guru Poornima day had the biggest miracle. I had clicked one after another 3 photos and now in each of the photo we can clearly see the movement of murti’s head and in the third photo Swami’s face is full of vibhuti.  We had made Swami’s Murti in Shiva Roop for the Shivratri Bhajans we had conducted that year in our house and I had maintained the same decoration till then (it is the same still).

November 20th, 2004 when I was mopping as usual I moved the black bedside unit to mop beneath it the floor and while keeping it back one 1dh. Coin wrapped in silver foil (like Swami distributes in Pooja) emerged from below it. I had done vacuuming previous day and moved the unit then also but only today I found the coin. Thanking Swami for showing his miracle I kept the coin in front of the murti. When Karishma came back from school she enquired about the coin so I related to her the incident. She got a doubt that maybe few days back when JK was changing his container of all coins received from Swami his container had fallen down and this coin could be one of it.  I just kept quiet because I knew for sure that could not be the reason as each day I have moved the unit and only today the coin was found. I knew Swami was in his own way answering and assuring me as my mind was disturbed since Friday evening on some issue. Later Karishma felt bad she doubted the miracle and she too felt it could not be the same coin.

November 21st, 2004. Yesterday somehow I ended up changing the papers in my cupboard and removing few purses to donate it at the collection centre for relief fund items. I kept these purses on the chair next to our bedroom door and already there was one big bag containing within it another bag of clothes to be given which I had sorted out and kept aside since maybe end of August. Today while doing daily cleaning of house I thought of putting all the things in one bag since the chair was getting overcrowded. I removed all the clothes from old bags on bed and put them in new bag containing purses. While putting the last 3 clothes I found one more 1 dh. coin wrapped in silver foil as if freshly packed, no impression of the coin visible outside and this coin was packed in square shape which we in Abu Dhabi never do.  We pack it round in shape of the coin. I thanked Swami again for showing another miracle in response to Karishma’s thought and kept this coin too in front of the murti.  This coin was found on the extreme other end of the room and that too from bag of old clothes not used for so long.  These clothes had been washed, ironed and kept aside and moreover there had been no Pooja since 7 ½ months least one has doubts that the cloth was worn for Pooja and kept aside then and missed out on removing the coin. The coin was found in between the 2nd last and 3rd last cloth not inside any dress.

December 10th, 2004. On this day there was Mata Bhajans in Madan’s house in morning. I was about to leave to go to his house when I got call on my mobile at 10:36am from Mohun Mobile – Srikala’s husband but no one was talking  I felt it might be Aditya again playing mischief and must have dialed  my number  but in background I could hear some Pooja going on. I kept the line on for few seconds and kept on saying hello but when no response came. I thought I better disconnect or else their card would be used up. Later when I checked with Srikala she said she did not call and she was at home with Aditya. The mobile was with her husband and he was attending Vedas Chanting in Jebel Ali (she had mentioned to me about this Pooja and asked if I too could come and attend the same) and automatically his mobile had dialed my mobile number. Another miracle of Swami as in his mobile after my number there are several other numbers and how only my number had to be dialed. It was also not the case that previous number had been redialed. Since she had asked me to attend the Pooja and I could not make it, Swami arranged for me to hear for 20 seconds the Pooja (and I disconnected the line thinking it to be Aditya’s prank).  Infact had the call come few seconds later I would have left for Madan’s house leaving my mobile behind since JK, Karishma and Divya were at home.

December 12th, 2004: I had given Swami’s orange photo extra copies to be made to the Thamana Photo Studio downstairs as Haresh (Jijaji’s  brother) was going to drop over and collect parcel for them. I wanted to send photo to my sister Karuna to make one more murti for Swami. When I collected the copies he had done some touch up and Swami was looking very very young. While putting the photo in the envelope I was talking to Swami’s photo and telling him you are looking very young.

December 14th, 2004 I spoke to Poornima in morning regarding coming Friday Bhajans in her house and she casually told me Swami is remembering me. Later in the evening she called again and told me she had spoken to Swami in the morning and while talking to him she asked him how he was keeping as he must be busy in Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations he mentioned he was very busy but he is getting younger. I was so amazed.  She could have mentioned this to me in the morning itself or she could have totally omitted to tell me this portion of conversation. How come she thought of sharing this with me? I told her then 2 days back I got copies of Swami’s photos developed and looking at the photo I was saying Swami you are looking very very young. What I told him looking at his photo he heard and sent confirmation to me through you Poornima. It was not necessary for her to tell me but it was his wish that I know he is listening, hearing me and is with me all the time.  Thanks Swami for being with me.

A few of the miracles experienced in 2005:

May 14th, 2005. In our PC we have loaded few photos of Swami and other gods and we had opted for the Web Shots Program to pick up one photo at random from any of the albums and to put that photo as Wallpaper for the day. This program was going on fine from past 2 years. On this day when I switched on the PC the wallpaper for the day chosen by the PC was Swamiji entering Rina Ramesh Kalra House on 10th Feb, 2003. Rina was touching Swami’s feet and Swami was talking to Ramesh. Seeing that I was praying to Swami do something for them. They had gone to India since Ramesh was not keeping well. I was praying and still looking at the picture. Then I sat down doing some mail downloading and sending message in the Chatroom etc. After sometime when I went back to our main screen the wallpaper had changed again!! This had never happened before or after that day. Per day only once it changes. The photo now chosen was Swami sitting on chair in their house. Looking at it I was thinking what Swami you could not wait at the door whole day so you rushed inside and sat on chair and changed the picture accordingly or what is the message you are trying to convey to me. This had never happened before and even if you switch on the PC after many days it will just change once the wallpaper and moreover it is also not necessary the photo selection will be in sequence it can either be random or in sequence but this time it chose to be in sequence. Sunday May 15th Poornima called to inform about Pooja and also mentioned that Rina is back in Abu Dhabi.  She had come on Friday. By changing the wallpaper Swami indicated to me that he has entered their house and answered our prayers.

On May 17th, 2005 Bhaskar’s house Pooja Swamiji asked me Vaneesha what happened this morning something fell down from the fridge. At that time I was unable to recollect and my apologies to you Swami for that. Later I recollected that morning when I woke up I remembered Karishma had asked me to give her onion cheese sandwich for breakfast in School and I was thinking Oh God! Early morning I will have to cut onions and while doing so tears will come out from my eyes so that meant I have to cry early morning. Thinking so, I opened the fridge to remove margarine to keep outside for sometime. While doing it one small white box fell down. I just picked it up and was keeping it back when I thought let me check what it contains and lo! There was a chopped onion. I had cut onions 2 days back and kept in fridge but had completely forgotten about it. I was so happy to see chopped onions and kept on saying in mind Thank you Swami, Thank you Swami. Full day I was again and again recollecting the morning incident, smiling to myself and thanking Swami had he not made the box fall I would have landed cutting onion in the morning and begin the day crying and just to avoid doing this whenever I have to make onion cheese sandwich for breakfast I usually cut onions previous night itself and keep in fridge. The day which would have otherwise started by crying by Swami’s grace and miracle started at very happy notes and in Swami’s remembrance. Also since I was remembering and thanking Swami full day he asked me about this incidence in the same day Pooja.  As I was remembering him, so was he too thinking about me.

July 21st, 2005: Guru Poornima and all devotees in Abu Dhabi decided to have our regular bhajans instead of Friday to be held on Thursday itself. Morning while doing Pooja in the house thought of asking Karishma and Divya to do Swamiji’s Ashtotram that day and they both did it beautifully.  We had been praying to Swami to bless us all on that day and show his presence in the special bhajans that day. To our surprise that day first time Rema had come to Abu Dhabi and conducted the Bhajans. It started with Swamiji’s Ashtotram and Ammu, Arvind and Anand along with Rema did the archana. I felt Swami gave indication of accepting the morning Ashtotram archana in our house as first time both kids had done at home the archana and same was being done in the bhajans too. The bhajans went off so well and for few seconds we all felt as if Swami was physically there.  At the end of it all devotees’ faces were shinning and happy just like when we are returning from Swami’s Pooja. Thank you Swami.

July 23rd, 2005: The wallpaper chosen for this day was unbelievable – our house light lamp on 22.10.03. Swamiji is sitting on the sofa, Rema, Ammu, Poornima, Soman and kids and myself at Swami’s feet with Divya on my lap. Past three days the sequence is completely different and today being my birthday I was so happy to get such a beautiful gift/message from Swami. Thanks so much for everything Swami and making it more special by showing your presence. This photo has been selected for the 1st time as wall paper in past 1 ½ year.


July 24th, 2005: Today too the wallpaper surprisingly continues to remain the same.  My birthday celebration continues. Unbelievable!! I had not cut cake yesterday and was planning to do so today Maybe that is why Swami also decided to continue my celebrations in the PC too. Once again thanks to you Swami.

July 25th, 2005: Today evening Karishma, Divya and self were going to Video Library to get the cassette changed. We had crossed one half of the road and the other half we had crossed three fourth when we saw a car approaching us with headlights off. I was telling Karishma we should do some gesture to point out to the driver and make him realize his car headlights are off and as we were crossing on the zebra lines we were little relaxed and did not take seriously that this car was just coming towards us rather Divya and me. The general rule is that when pedestrians are crossing at zebra lines, cars have to wait and thinking on those lines I was a bit cool. A last step and half was left to reach the footpath for Divya and myself but somehow nor the car was stopping nor my brains worked to speed up the last steps. Right at the dot somehow the car did not touch Divya or me and we escaped. First it would have hit Divya as I was holding her hand in my right hand. It just missed us by fractions of milimetres. After coming so fast towards us suddenly the driver thought of changing the lane and his movements was going to cause another accident as the taxi driver behind him on the 2nd lane blew his horn to alert the driver. Swami it was you and only you who stopped this driver from hitting us and at the same time also ensured that the taxi driver was also saved. I was so upset and wanted to somehow catch that driver’s attention and point out to him to be more careful and switch on the headlights first and to also wait for pedestrians when they are crossing at zebra lines but the driver just sped by and I could not note down his car number. I prayed to you Swami to see to it that he does no further harm. But surely Swami some disaster was written in our lives that day 25.7.05 but you got us out untouched Swami. We could see and feel your power and presence. One thing sure Swami that I can recollect and say I did not have any fear within till the last minute that something will happen or of death as the car was suddenly drawing so close to us.  Though per destiny, accident was written hence brains became numb and the presence to run across could not come in mind but Swami you were there and hence (I am unable to express) the car at the last minute took little step towards right thereby missing to hit us by just fraction of dot. You pushed his car on the right side with all your power and might to avoid us. That is why Swami I feel and say, either believe in destiny or in you Swami. When I believe in you Swami I know destiny cannot work against me and no harm can befall me. What is written or not written also in my destiny/fate I will get it for I trust and believe you. One thing for sure I can say Swami is that, what I enjoyed was the strong presence and feeling of you being there. The time/Kaal cycle played its part but my Guru; My Swami surpassed it to protect his devotees. The two cycles though work simultaneously yet each time at the last moment Guru will give checkmate to the Time/Kaal cycle.  Swami this the faith and confidence you have given me that when my time is bad God may turn away and stand aside but my Swami cannot and will not do that .  If he wants he can do anything and everything for his devotees irrespective of the time factor. Thanks for your warning also Swami and I will try to be more vigilant and careful. Thanks once again for everything.

Many times the wallpaper chosen by the PC has given me message and shown me presence of Swami. Like on Tuesday I will have wallpaper of Mata Rani, or on Thursday the photo of Sai Baba, Swamiji and Hanumanji (on Swami’s Website), Monday of Lord Shiva etc. And these photos will be randomly selected and will be out of sequence and from different albums than the previous days wallpaper.

August 9th, 2005 I dreamt of Swamiji conducting Pooja in Venkat Jyoti’s House in Abu Dhabi and he had worn the off white and gold border dhoti and was doing pranams in front of the photo like he did during the Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations.  That week the Friday bhajans 12.08.05 was in their house and for the first time they had put off white with gold border dhoti on the chair for Swami. Also later Venkat casually mentioned to me that he had spoken to Swami that week on Tuesday (when I had dreamt of Swamiji conducting Pooja in their house) and he had blessed him that next time when he is in UAE he will come and see him. Swami intimated to me on Tuesday morning itself of the conversation Venkat would be having with him later in the day and Swami going to his house in his next trip.  Thanks Swami.  May your blessings and grace ever be on all of us.

November 7th, 2005 afternoon one staff Showroom Incharge in JK’s office had closed the showroom in the afternoon as usual but never came back in the evening to open and after sometime in the evening the search for him started. All hospitals and police station enquiries were made to check if any accident or any case filed but no luck. Meanwhile all were praying to Swami to give some clue. Late night another staff recollected he had seen the Incharge going backside of the showroom building and taking clue from there tried to check in hotel behind the showroom. By Swami’s grace he found that the Incharge had booked room in a hotel behind the showroom and his labour card was deposited in the reception. JK had just come home and tried talking with his staff and the hotel staff to open and check the room if he is still there since the keys had not been deposited back with the reception but his staff was unable to convince the hotel authorities and they were very adamant. I too was not at all at ease and thinking in mind if JK goes personally it will probably make difference. Finally after having his dinner JK also was tensed and checked with his staff who was still in the hotel vicinity, asked him to wait and went with his staff to hotel to personally appeal them to open and check the room. When the hotel staff finally did agree and opened the door with their master key, they saw him lying half on the bed rolled in blanket fully covered in blood and TV on. Police was called and by the time they transported him to hospital he collapsed on the way.   Full night JK was in police station as enquiry had to be done.  Thanks to Swami he had written a suicide note that no one is responsible for his death and he tried his best but could not succeed to continue live so he is taking his life. Next morning JK came around 9a.m. and took quick shower and went back to police and work. He briefly mentioned and showed me how the man was found lying and that one of the hotel staff had noticed the stomach was moving when they took him from the hotel to hospital. We do not know when he had cut his throat (under his chin deep cut and the hospital staff was saying the neck was balanced because of back only) but when the hotel staff had opened the room door it was between 11:00 and 12:00 night. Till such time he was alive. After JK left I was so touched with the issue and so disturbed in mind thinking and asking Swami how difficult it must have been for him to first cut himself so deep and not to make sound also and then lie waiting for the death to come.  So disturbed and touched with his pain, that I went to Swami’s Murti and touching his feet I was talking mentally to Swami do you know, can you feel the pain the man must have gone through cutting himself? How it must have been? If you could keep him alive till JK reached, then why did you let him go when he reached hospital? You could have made it easier by letting him pass off earlier fast or else when he reached hospital survived him or else made JK reach earlier to save him. I felt probably I should have not allowed JK to eat dinner and asked him to straight go to the hotel when the staff had traced him down to the hotel (then other hand I was thinking it is good he had dinner or else once he reached there he would have been so busy with hospital, police etc he would have not been able to eat anything full night -  till next day evening as JK could not come home for lunch next day also  because of the formalities that had to be completed). So deeply probably I was talking to him and mentally making action of how the cut must have been and could you feel his pain (although deep inside I knew and know if Swami cannot feel the pain then no one else can) yet all these emotions I could not help but share with Swami.  After talking like this to Swami later I gave missed call to JK to find out where he is and about the further developments in formality completion. JK called back and on his own started telling that one of that staff's friend/relative mentioned to him now that last time when this man had gone to his home town on holidays and he along with few other friends had murdered one person!! And he was hence now on the wanted list and he could not go back home and also he had taken loan etc and gone in bad company here also. When JK said that he had murdered someone else I felt inside immediately Swami telling me “Vaneesha you do not know the full story. Do you know the pain that man must have gone through whom this person murdered and you talk to me about the pain this man went through!!” This was unbelievable reply I had received so instantly. Nor had I mentioned about my talk with Swami till such time to anyone and even when JK told me I just kept quiet and listened to him within myself thanking Swami for the reply he gave to me. It is also to be noted here that I did not go and ask JK if there are any stories he found about this man’s past. The reply from JK was automatic and without his knowledge he was answering to my question to Swami i.e. infact Swami replying to me in JK's form!

November 29th, 2005: JK’s one aunt had come to Dubai on her way from Spain to Bombay.  We had to go to Sharjah to his brother’s house to meet her.  All day long I was thinking how nice it would be if we go to their house and Swamiji also comes there to light lamp in their house that day. I will have Swami’s darshan.  I was even thinking of quietly taking few packets of kumkum and vibhuti to keep in case Swami comes there so it will be easy for Swami to distribute. However while leaving it slipped off my mind. On the way to their house I remembered and was asking Swami why he made me forget it at last minute and left the matter there itself thinking maybe he has some other plans.  Next day Srikala called to tell me that Swami had all of sudden come to their house on Tuesday – 29.11.05 and she had kept the kumkum vibhuti packets which I had given her quite some time back for her to use whenever Swami comes to her house.  I did not know what to tell her.  That day so deep was my desire to offer these packets for Swami’s use that this small desire also he noted and indeed took care of it.  If not in Sharjah he did visit Srikala in Dubai (how come Swami chose that particular day only to visit her house) to fulfill my desire of offering kumkum vibhuti packets and give his approval for it.  Thanks so much for being with us each and every moment.

Swami always says children are very devoted and we cannot compare the purity and bhakti of a child with an adult.  Once during last year visit of Swamiji to UAE, I was deeply thinking of my mother and wanted to ask Swami how she is. But somehow I stopped myself from doing it and understanding that when one is with Swami there is no doubt she would be always happy and when once Swami has said your mother is with me and she is very happy then after that again asking him would indirectly mean I am doubting his words. After Swami had left from here one day all of sudden Divya comes to kitchen and tell me Vaneesha do not worry your mother is very happy. I pray for your mother, brother and sister. Such words coming out from her mouth was so unusual. I felt as if Swami was talking to me through her.  Never before or after this has she ever said anything about my family. Only that particular day she spoke in such a manner. Swami had read my thoughts and since I had not asked him openly in front of all he too had within the four walls of my house, came and answered to my query in privacy!!

This year too on 25.11.2005 it was Guru Nanak Jayanti (birthday). I had remembered this till 24th but all of sudden on 25th it skipped my mind. That day afternoon suddenly Divya started singing Swagatam Swami Sharangatam Swami (she does that very often and we have bhajan session and Poojas in different style in the house) and then she comes and tells me Swami is telling her today is his birthday, but Rema does not know, Poornima does not know and Gayatri also does not know.  She continued singing. Happy birthday Swami do not tell Rema, do not tell Poornima. Still it did not strike me what exactly she meant. Later in the evening suddenly I recollected it is Guru Nanak Jayanti and no wonder she is saying it is Swami’s birthday. Indeed Swami and Guru Nanak are one  the same!!

Swami it is thanks to you only that we have realised and understood the true meaning of Pooja, prayers, lighting lamp and the rituals. Merely doing rituals without understand and knowing after doing/following them, what is the outcome, how things work out, is burden and cumbersome.  But with you, with your blessings Swami, you have brought us out of many many phobias, superstitions, blindly following of procedure.  You have brought us so close to you, to see and feel the interaction between you and us, the oneness.  You have showed us and made us realised the Pooja or prayer is not confined only to the corner of the house where you have kept your temple or to the four walls of your Pooja room.  Anytime of the day or night, anywhere, any place, where you think of God/ Swami there starts your Pooja, your meditation and your prayers. Purity of body only does not matter but infact what only matters most is the purity of mind and heart irrespective of the outwardly purity.  Prayer/Pooja does not necessarily have to be in front of God Photo or Murti.  You hold his photo in your mind and that itself is sufficient.  You have bestowed us the sight to see the effects or how things work out in background for all the prayers and Pooja that we do, what is the next step or the next phase of the cycle that follows after we pray.  We have seen and are seeing through you how our prayers work, takes shape, becomes reality and comes into form.  We have realised the oneness of ALL FORMS OF GOD AND THAT IS YOU AND YOU ONLY. Slowly and steadily you are also making us realize that God can come in any form/any ordinary human form or any other form also! and we must learn to accept all as children of God and treat all with love – unconditional love, pure love that we receive from you incessantly/continuously.

Our Kodi Kodi pranams again to you Swami and we ever seek to remain at your sricharan, in your heart and in your prayers. That is all that I can say or express in words. Rest you know the best of our inner feelings Swami and we pray to be always with you whether this birth or any future births you have in store for us. Our prayers are to you only Swami to keep us always with you in each birth.

Lovingly yours

Vaneesha Sherwani – JK, Vaneesha, Karishma and Divya – Abu Dhabi.

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