Meeting Swami

A friend of mine informed about Swami and asked me to come along. Did not meet Swami after two visits. Then the third visit could touch his feet. Little did I know that what a transformation he is going to make to this life. It was as though he wished to see me. The best thing is that, the friend who got me never saw Swami after not seeing him during the first visit and he is keeping me at his feet for the past 12 years.

He was always giving me big smiles and speaking about America and Maruthi Pramanam. He also mentioned that my experience will be unbelievable and everyone will experience and enjoy. Praying to write about the supreme soul with his thought and words.

It is true that God picks his devotees he wishes to meet and at the right time.

Anjaneya's House

I was an Anjaneya Bhaktha even before I saw Swami. Was planning to build a house for father and did not know abc of construction. Anjaneya arranged another sincere devotee of his whom I met by chance and who was an expert in construction and who helped me to construct the house. I was very young and I believed that god had sent him and I found a very sincere family friend.

Then when I did see Swami he asked about the house and said the first floor construction also will be done and which he arranged.

Anjaneya as Companion

This also happened before I met Swami. Had to visit my sister's house at Cuddalore and was travelling alone. Due to unavoidable reasons had to take an evening bus, which will go in the night. My sister had waited for me and thought I am not coming that day. It was the first time I was travelling so long alone. Unfortunately could not get the straight bus and had to take a bus to Pondicherry. A family traveled next to me till Pondicherry. Then I searched and finally got into a Cuddalore bus. Unbelievable the same family came and sat next to me in this bus also. Then the conductor helped me to get down at the stopping I informed him and this family also got down along with me. I knew Anjaneya was helping, it was 9.30 in the night. This family who came with me went to the only shop open and requested the use of their telephone and I made a call to my sister and they waited till my brother in law came to pick me. God is in all forms. It is 15 years since the above experiences; I still cherish them, as it was Ram who showed his love.

Swami as Doctor

He always used to ask about my father and give vibuthis to him. He was giving it as a medicine and taking care of father. He said don’t worry your father will never be in bed and he will have a sudden death. True to his words, Swami took care of him so well and he died suddenly due to massive heartattack.

Swami asked about my tooth and showed me an easy way of having it done. Also he is the chief doctor, so many times he has attended to all personal ailments and cured unbelievably. Still I cherish some very close to heart solutions for which I had consulted many doctors and gave up was cured by Swami, without any medicine. Swami hears prayers made sincerely. Even if I do not drink the vibuthi medicine, Swami hears, he will answer and he answered many times.

One prayer which is very close to heart. A colleague of mine was upset as her cousin had met with a very serious accident and was fighting for life. The doctor had told to inform all relatives and time given was 48 hrs. I told her do not worry, I shall pray for u. Then I prayed to Ram, please do go there and save him, you are the best doctor in the universe. Please also ensure he recovers fast and he is back to normal shortly.  The next day morning she came rushing to inform that her cousin is out of danger and the doctors are surprised about this. She also mentioned a little later that he has also started walking within a few days, which was also a miracle in the words of the doctor.

A similar experience was for my sister who was seriously ill due to wrong medication and I could not reach Swami, as he was away, he saved her and when she needed to return back to her house, he arranged to meet him, which was a great surprise as I had just gone and he had come only that day from an outside trip. He blessed for her fast recovery.

Had a problem of sleeping well and due to Swami’s blessings he ensured that the sleep is good.

Overwriting Fate

Had a dream where I was working and a snake was moving around near and it came very near and starting giving trouble. Swami was watching all this from a distance and then suddenly the snake came in water and Swami caught the snake and threw it. Swami never spoke a word in the dream. He asked about this dream in the puja and I told him everything. He asked do you know swimming. I replied no, he just nodded his head.


One day it is so happened that my husband wanted to go to beach, Swami gave suddenly a lot of phone calls and engagements that it became late to go to beach. I understood the significance of Swami’s words and his protection only after this incident. Then for the next one and half years he never allowed me to go anywhere near water.

Had a dream that Aparna had fractured her hand. I was very worried as we were facing a very bad time. Prayed to swami and informed the dream and to take care and ensure there is no problem, he ensured Aparna’s health was fine and he compensated by giving ear pain, which was minimal. Swami overwrites fate.


He also showed in dream that the snake was moving all around our house and swami was taming and instructing it and thus ensuring all the time was taken over by him.

Brother's marriage

Swami used to ask about my brother's marriage always and said he will arrange it. I had left it at his feet and believed that he will take care. A person who was not interested in getting married was arranged by Swami to meet the right person and needless to say it was Swami's blessing he is happily married now.

Swami as driving instructor

Initially was very afraid of driving my two wheeler. Swami used to give vibuthi and say I will take care and give strength to drive. He said I would slowly increase the distance and make you travel longer.

While buying the vehicle I had asked for a green color and had gone to take delivery. One vehicle was already waiting to be delivered to me. I saw a very small scratch in the side and showed the executive. He changed the vehicle. Then new vehicle had its key number also as 5, I was so happy. Swami told no need to give extra cash for special number I will take care. Then when the registered number was given it was 5. I was so happy that Swami blessed with a double 5. Then I had to bring the two wheeler to get his blessing. I wanted to thank Swami for his getting the vehicle and luckily he picked the phone and spoke for a long time. I was so happy, I told Swami I want to bring the vehicle to you, but the distance is so long for a learner like me. He said don’t worry I will take care. Next day a friend of mine was asking me whether we can go and see Swami. I said fine and she asked how can we travel, I said I want to take my vehicle to Swami. Then she told I can drive well and she drew the vehicle and came to ashram. Want an arrangement. The next few days after her seeing Swami her marriage got fixed and she told me that it was best Saturday she had spent. The important thing was she was a Christian who had realized she spoke to god himself.

Then Swami was blessing to drive to office and back. He gave strength and I was driving the vehicle confidently. Then he came in dream and told "bring your vehicle to Nungambakkam station". Needless to say that instruction was very useful and I would not have been able to go home had my vehicle not been there as it was late from Swami's puja.

Slowly with Swami's blessing he made me an expert in driving and now he blessed to drive to his ashram many times. He used to say in puja that I was watching your driving now it is very improved. He is love is unexplainable.  Till date he ensured that there is no fear and in fact there is most confidence as it was Swami who was the driving instructor.

Swami's flat

Was planning to shift my house and was seeing a lot of flats. We saw a flat, which was under construction, and I liked it very much. It was above our budgeted figure, so my husband told to wait. It was a Saturday I saw the flat and Swami was in US. On Monday he came on an online chat. I told Swami I went and saw a flat on Saturday. The next line from Swami was, "I will come with my bhajan troupe and sing in the new flat." I was very happy and left it to Swami to do the needful. My husband was taking me to see many other flats and I dutifully followed knowing full well that Swami has already fixed his flat. Then one and half year's later, husband decided he would go for the same flat as it far better. God knows where he will live.

When the Flat was fixed it was a bigger flat than we originally saw and Swami arranged the extra money for the extra area. He also arranged the number, which he had informed was lucky for me.

Swami's School

With Swami's blessing the flat was finalized and now Aparna's school had to be arranged. Ram, arranged for expansion of a leading school in Chennai exactly the same time we need to shift, so it was very convenient for getting admission for Aparna. The tests were also handled by Ram and the process become very simple because of Ram. Otherwise getting admission in between in that part of city in a good school is normally difficult, but not for our Ram.

Also he blessed Aparna to read well and get good marks. He mentioned always about the artistic talent in her and arranged for a good dance teacher also.

Swami's car

We were planning to buy a car and my husband was seeing a lot of medium sized cars. I was always watching big cars and was wishing I should travel in them. Never mentioned this to my husband and Swami. Ram, always fulfills his devotees wishes. Then suddenly through a contact got a big car at the same price we had budgeted for the medium sized car. Best it was looking brand new. He does ensure that we do not waste money, when it comes to devotee's comfort, he gives the best of everything.

Took the car to get Swami's blessings, I had been to see him after a very long time. He gave a wonderful puja.

Swami's devotee Mr.Muniswamy came in between to attend the puja. He was about to leave, when Swami told, "Muniswamy, where are u going, we need you here, especially Vaidehi and gave a big smile to me." I left that at his feet and was enjoying his big smile and was so happy to sit at his feet. There were only some 20 of us and Swami mentioned Anjaneya had handpicked the devotees he wanted to meet. Then I told him, Ram your car is outside. Then he immediately called Mr. Muniswamy and asked him to do the puja for the car and told, "Muni-Swamy, Swamy is also coming". What a way to show his blessings.

Swami as Home maker

Swami used to always ensure that the all his appliances and vehicles were in good condition.  Once the gas stove was not burning and I prayed, as I need it urgently and suddenly it started burning properly. In a puja he informed that gas is leaking and to be checked. I was surprised as I had just a month back changed the tube and was wondering. There was no real smell and believing Swami I called the gas people, he also checked the tube and found to be okay, then he was checking with match stick and the switch portion started burning and gas was leaking from it. Thanks to Ram, it was set right.

Swami was mentioning about changing the gas stove for a latest model in puja, which I was also wishing; now he has done that also.

After a puja with Swami was returning home, I normally go in short cut direction and suddenly I had missed and had gone to main road instead, also in between I found that my vehicle was bouncing and I was wondering what is wrong. Then I went to petrol bunk and checked the air and it was so low, that the man was wondering how the vehicle had run. I was surprised I had checked my air only two days back. Swami knew and took me through this route, as there were no petrol bunk in the short route. The best thing was when I went and saw him the next week he asked about the air in the vehicle and I told how Ram is taking care.

My vehicle was giving a lot of noise and was not finding the right mechanic to give it for service and was little worried because, it was no.5 vehicle of god and nothing should be wrong with it. I saw Swami after a long time and suddenly Swami asked how have u come, I said in car. What about your vehicle, it is at home and it is giving problems. He asked do u want to get a new one. I did not want to change it immediately in four years and it was close to heart with the double 5 no. So I told Swami no I do want to change as car also is there. Then he nodded and arranged for a good mechanic immediately and serviced the vehicle well. It is running now very smoothly. The best was my relative who gave her vehicle alongwith mine, who recommended the mechanic had problems in her vehicle even after service. Swami always takes special care. I am sure he would have stood next to the mechanic while he was servicing.

Again there was a starting problem in my scooter and had to leave it at office and return home. Praying to Swami to arrange for simple solution with least cost, I called the mechanic and he came in person to my office the next day and set right the scooter in 10 mins. I asked him his fees and he said "Rs.20/-", I was speechless. He arranged at convenience with least cost.

Swami was always telling the refrigerator is not working properly and need to change, had wanted to change and it got postponed and I left it to Swami to finalize the purchase. Suddenly the fridge was giving problems and we changed it and it was good Refrigerator Swami purchased.

Swami finalized the computer purchase unbelievably and I was very happy as god gave all the comforts. He mentioned in Puja that the house you are living is very lucky and true to his words he is keeping his house full equipped with all needs. Thanks a lot Swami.

The experiences we gain are in equal proportion to the devotion and faith we have. Swami has been organizing time as per need. I always pray that the right amount of food for the day should be there and nothing should go waste, needless to say daily from morning to night not only does Swami choose the menu but also the quantity. Many days he has reminded to purchase a certain item or remind to do certain dish and unbelievably it will be required that day. The quantity is just speechless, he will tell in heart to do one more dosa and just do a little extra of a dish. Someone will come or the members will be hungry that they will eat more, it gives great happiness to experience Ram's love. He is the "Narayana" who gives food for everyone so he knows what is the real need and does accordingly.

Once During Navarathri he arranged each day in such a special way that the guests were coming in comfortable time and the prasad made was good and in the end the function was very grand.

One good experience was my relative who was recently married and was to come home for dinner. There was no special item at home and I was wondering what to do for dinner and Ram also was not giving any reminders for what to make for dinner. I left it to Swami, then the relative called to inform that they have to change their schedule and so will come in an hour's time and they cannot wait for dinner. I was stunned then being Ram's house, nothing is impossible. He quickly acted and made me call a person who gives me home made "sevai" and I had all the right mixing to make it tasty and made payasam and everything was ready when they came. I strongly believe if I had left it to Swami a little more he would have made the boy knock the door, as many times when I wanted to call him I would be bump into him in the lift and give the order. Due to Ram's superb arrangements the food arrangement became grand and my relative was surprised I had done so much within 45 mins. Also she was very happy with all the arrangements.

Many days when I was wondering what to make for the next day Ram will remind of a material at home, which I would have forgotten and each day Ram arranges breakfast to dinner. All this is because he taught a good habit, I always invite him to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. He also mentioned in puja that, I was eating the other day, the food was not sufficient. One more day, my daughter told that the food was little hot and spicy. Swami mentioned in the puja on the same day, I tasted the food, t was very good. What more to ask from god who blesses with his presence filled arrangements every Milli second.

Milli second presence

Slowly Swami blessed to realize him more and was giving a lot of messages in dream. It was very happy to see him in dream. Some of them were very nice and close to heart.

I used to always call Swami to come along and do shopping or have dinner and it used to be always a good experience. Some of them I cherish a lot.

Had to go for dinner arranged in the apartment and was sitting and praying to Swami. Then I went down for the dinner, I was just seeing Swami's face in front of me and so powerfully, I could not understand, then I remembered I had not called Swami to come along to have dinner and he was reminding. It was as though he was physically present then I told Swami please come and eat. He gave a big smile the presence was unbelievable.

Had to buy a saree for my wedding aniversary. There was no time for shopping and I just entered the shop and picked a saree in 5 mins. Was not having time to pick the readymade blouse. I left it to Swami, as I normally go to Kamakshi Amman temple on wedding anniversary day and did not want to go with churidhar, which was also new. Then I went home and was going through to see what to wear for the temple. Then Swami showed me a blouse, which was stitched earlier, which I had not used since there was no proper match and that bloused matched with the new saree exactly. Was speechless, no one would believe that I had not bought the blouse for the saree.

I went to purchase some thread and buttons for my daughter's uniform alteration, I always pray to Ram, it is your money and you should always ensure not single paise goes waste. Needless to say Swami always comes to shop. He arranged for me to buy the thread. Then I was searching at every shop for the button and just could not get a similar button. I was worried, I was thinking that Swami always comes for shopping and does the needful, what is wrong. Then I went home without buying the button. Then when I sat to mend the uniform, Swami showed that it could be done in a different way with the existing button. The button cost was only .50 p. but god decides whether that expenditure is needed or not.

Had bought a new saree and did not get the matching blouse for quite some time. During diwali shopping took the saree for purchasing blouse and kept it back as it was a good saree and did not want to crush it in the crowd. Then after all purchases for relatives, had to go to buy the matching blouse for the sarees bought. After the blouses were bought, the shopkeeper suddenly showed a blouse bit which was beautiful and told he will give it less and asked to take it to stitch blouse for daughter. I took it, as it was good. At home, I had a doubt so took the saree for which I intended to buy blouse and it matched perfectly. Ram, had decided to do his purchase.

Had made a trip to Rameswaram and then Tiruchendur. We reached Tiruchendur in the night and had the darshan of the lord in the morning. It was a Thursday and "Shasti" day (which was not known to us) we sat right in front of the lord and had a great darshan. The lord there wears his diamond crown only on such special days, what a beautiful arrangement by Swami.

In puja at ashram I was waiting for Swami and prayed that please come immediately after I finish writing 108 Sri Ramajayam and kindly call me as soon as I finish writing 108 times second time. When I was writing the 108 time Swami entered and after I finished 108 times second time he called me. I was very happy and he also asked how is Sri Ramajayam writing. I told him the beautiful experience he gave and he nodded. He knows all; he asks to makes us happy.

I used to always talk to Swami in the virtual puja image. One day in the puja he mentioned I am listening to all the talking. Unbelievable I used to ask Swami a question and for his answer I used to ask him to speak with the flowers in the virtual puja. The flowers used to stop at the particular point and the answer given. No explaining this in words as for months we used this way of talking and each time the answer given would be exactly right. The control of the flowers by Swami to answer back was just superb. It just cannot be explained he can do anything.

There was lot of pressure at office and he used to guide regarding the need of doing a job and the he used to ensure and protect such a way the problem was minimal. Every time in the virtual puja he used to reply and guide correctly.

Then one day I prayed should not depend on external means of communication, so please do bless to speak to you internally. The result of this prayer was his superb talking from inside.

Supreme Soul working experiences

Due to my busy schedules, I was not a regular visitor for Swami's bhajans or even pujas.  Swami also mentioned in ’95, your service will be outside only and he showed in dreams that I was serving him by doing my duties. I used to feel sad that I was missing sitting at his feet often. He gave realization with his Milli second working and presence that he is always with me. He also showed that keeping Swami in heart and remembering him every Milli second is sufficient and enough. “Duty first and then god”. He mentioned in a dream that, "it is okay if u are not able to come and see me, you are remembering me every Milli second, it is enough".

In the year 2004 he gave a lot of experience and presence. He mentioned in one puja  "Jan 10". I just nodded, as it was my father's birthday. Actually he was mentioning an experience he was to give. Came Jan 10, I was busy with my morning schedules and my daughter was still fast asleep and I just prayed to Swami, why don't you wake her up for me. The next second my daughter woke up wide-awake and came to me. Unbelievable as I saw her fast asleep the previous Milli second and I did not do anything to wake her up. Swami is the supreme soul who is in everyone.

Then he came in dream almost daily and gave such big smiles as though saying I am always there. He was a good doctor who kept me fit and who gave me mental and physical strength when needed. Most important in this supreme soul working was he made people whom I wanted to speak call me, whom I wanted to meet, come and meet me. In short he was arranging all his work and it was great.

In this period he also started talking inside, I could hear his voice well and he used to guide. Many times he used to tell see the car in front is going to take left turn or u do this work now, it will be needed later. Needless to say it always came true. He compensated in a grand manner for my not being able to be with him physically. Unbelievable this was going for many days. He is the antaryami. One very good message he gave in the heart is cherished.

During my official work, I was needed to call a person for payment. I was about to call, Swami told in my heart, don't call he will call himself and give the payment. I left it to Swami and continued with my work. Best my boss never asked me about the call. Came evening that person called to inform that he has already sent the cheque by courier and that I will receive it tomorrow.

India Vs Pakistan matches were played in Pakistan. Was praying India should win, suddenly Swami told in heart "India will win". I was very happy. Pakistan won match, I was confused, what Swami says happens. At the end of the series India won both the test match and one day international series. Swami does like to play, but what he says always come true.

Was tired one day and was sitting and praying to Swami that it would be better if you will arrange some ready-made food for dinner. Immediately my husband called to inform that he had to go out with a friend and he has eaten and purchased food for us also and that I need not make dinner.

Could not attend Swami's birthdays and I was feeling very sad. In Mar 04 birthday I was very sad, I just prayed to Swami, see if my devotion is true you should arrange for me to wish you first in the morning. I never wanted to disturb Swami physically unless it is important. As I know he is always there every Milli second. He blessed to improve more mental communication and I believe it is the best and was happy about it. I went to sleep and the next day morning at 4.30 a.m. he gave a beautiful dream, I am entering Swami's ashram and Swami is smiling and receiving me, I wished him many happy returns of the day and he smiled back. I was overjoyed when I got up.

The same day evening he again came in dream and I touched his feet and got his blessings a second time along with Amma. He also gave a long message and told lot of personal things.

In Mar’05 was very upset that I could not wish Swami for his birthday and he also did not come in dream. Then Swami came in dream on his star birthday and I wished him and the same day he came in online chat and he made me come online wish him on his birthday.

I was always feeling that devotion is only from inside and rituals and puja even if not done in an elaborate and traditional way is not an issue. God only sees devotion. I had a prayer to Swami when it was nearing "Vaikunta Ekadasi". Ram, if my devotion is true you should appear to me in the form of Vishnu and bless at the right time, they call as "Sorga Vasal" when devotees are allowed to see Vishnu. All this of course only in dream, I strongly believed that god always keeps the devotees convenience as important.

I did not see on which day "Vaikunta Ekadasi" was falling and just left it. The day of "Vaikunta Ekadasi" at 3.30 a.m. in the morning my house was full of Shirdi Baba and I just could see him walking all over and he blessed me and also advised me to keep a god photo in each and every room in the house. Devotees do know that Shirdi Baba is Maha Vishnu avatar.

Also during this period Swami showed that he also is an avatar of "Maha Vishnu", " Venkatesa Perumal" to be accurate. The one rupee coin he gives turns to money solely because of this.

Suddenly I did not hear my Ram's voice inside and I was very worried, did I do any wrong. I left it for my Ram to show. Then he started showing very different experience. Someone told the thought, which came in my mind, around me. Someone else around me will do the action that I wanted to do. There was no need to talk anything he gave it all in actions. This made me remember Swami's words, only when god remembers an issue do we also remember, it comes only if god thinks first.

It was a very beautiful experience of thought followed by supreme soul action. I would want to go some where out and my husband would come and say the same place to me and the food I wanted to eat would be arranged. Also all the work would be arranged and as per need. The most important criteria Swami laid were surrender. Till I forgot completely and surrendered the task to Swami it would not happen. The Milli second I surrendered and carried on with other work it will happen from out of nowhere.

Many times he has ensured that all-personal work to be organized, the people will come home at our convenience and we would not have done anything about it. The arrangements he makes for Aparna are always beautiful; I never miss my mother only because of all the love of Ram and his working.

I had applied for broadband connection and was worried due to its delay. I used to check the telephone daily to see if someone has called in this regard. One Friday I saw a number, which I thought, was from the telephone department. I was tempted to call and knowing Swami well, I knew if I call the work will not materialize and was having this thought for 10 minutes and left it as it was 6.15 in the evening let us see later. As soon as I forgot about the issue there came a call from the telephone department at 6.30 p.m., madam we have been trying to reach all day, we thought we will make one last call before going. It so happened I knew the person and he was happy talking and confirmed they will come the next day to install at 11.30 a.m. I was very happy and excited, so the telephone work was in my mind and was waiting for the person. Ram, didn’t arrange for the person to come simply because "I" was constantly remembering "HIS" work. At 1.30 I called the person to confirm if he is coming and he said they are coming now. I was waiting and no one came. Again at 3.00 my husband told to call so I called and the same reply. I knew deep in mind that it is only because I was remembering the work that it was not getting over and I was little upset due to Swami being so strict about surrender. At 3.59 I stretched and decided to forget about this as it was only way to make them come, at 4.01 the telephone department came to install and as soon as they entered our dear Ram, in his classic presence switched off the lights and on to show he is working.

Swami also spoke in heart and gave experiences during this period. I had gone for vacation and had made purchases for gifting to relatives. Inadvertently I had forgotten to take a dress for my niece and my relative reminded me about it. I was leaving the next day morning back and I was wondering what to do. I had given my dresses for stitching with a designer who also was having a home boutique of dresses. I had found the prices a little high on the previous visit and had not purchased from her. When I was going to collect my dress, Ram spoke in my heart, "I have already chosen a dress for her and it will be cheap you can go take it within 5 minutes”.

I was very surprised and happy to get a beautiful message in heart, as it was more in action that Swami used to speak. Then I went and my dresses were almost ready and I told her that I would have one more look at your dresses. I just picked one dress and showed her and she reduced the price by 30% and the price matched exactly what I had originally wanted to spend. The best thing was the quality and output were beautiful and certainly this would not be available for this price in the market. Ram certainly likes to give beautiful experiences.

Had purchased a stud and lost the hanging and was very upset. Swami told in puja I would buy another one don’t worry. So I left it. I wanted to buy one particular pattern and was missing it every time I went. So the first day I didn’t surrender the work to Swami the usual way and the result was I could not make the purchase the first day. The second day I called Swami please do the needful and he came along and made the purchase in 5 minutes, the best was he got me two studs and the stud I was searching was inside the drawer, one last piece and he made the sales girl pull it out of the draw and I was very happy to get the pattern I was searching.

The automan for dance class for Aparna was not regular so I had to look for another one and I had wanted to meet a neighbor regarding this and was busy the previous day and so could not meet her. I was wondering what to do and I left it to Swami, I took my vehicle and was down the corridor and the lady I wanted to meet and her automan came. The auto stand was opposite our apartment and the lady was two blocks away. Ram timing was that all three reached at the spot at the same time and he arranged for Aparna's class for that day in two minutes. I strongly believe no modern communication is needed when Ram works, his arrangement and timing always are beautiful.

Ram changed the dance teacher and arranged in a more convenient way for us to leave for the class and saved on the conveyance charges. The Guru he arranged was also a better one and he blessed with a lot of improvement in her dancing. All this when I did not mention anything to him, as he will take care.

My daughter was playing in computer and I wanted to reduce the volume as it was high and I came and reduced, simultaneously my daughter had also wanted to reduce and was surprised as I had suddenly come and reduced, when she wanted it to do herself. Supreme soul works across also.

One Saturday my daughter suddenly told that we would go and see swami and her classes were there so she said we would go on Sunday. Actually there were no puja of swami during that time and I did not call and check. Came to know that actually there was no puja on that Saturday and swami had kept a puja on Sunday only and he had spoken through my daughter. Supreme Soul message.

Daily he gives many experiences of completing his work after it is surrender to him. The timing will be just great, as soon as I forget about the work, he will automatically arrange it. He is a very strict master, he never completes the work till it is surrendered and if we worry he just watches and as soon as we surrender he completes immediately. The realization that he is the real doer and we are just instruments in his hand has been practically taught by our dear Ram.

Thanking you so much for keeping at your feet and imparting all Bhagvat Gita and all Vedas in the form of practical experience. God is very practical; no one has time to read for a long time holy book as early days and more disturbances around us so we need him every Milli second. He is the only Ram who can guide through this journey of life and ensure we are in him at the end of it. The love for his devotee makes God to do everything for them. The love is Unconditional and Pure.

Here we have Lord Ram, on earth, so humble, not even disclosing to anyone that he is Ram, making only true devotees understand and experience that he is Ram and giving them bliss. In his incarnation of "Ram" he showed the righteous way to live and discharge duties. Here also he is showing with his own activities how to conduct ourselves in this computer era. He also modifies scripture for today's need, who else other than God can do this.

If he is not Hari, how else can he please his millions of devotees spread over nations and still make them feel that he is with all of them and cares for them equally. No one else other than god can fulfill each and every wish of his devotees. He has stood next to me and got everything I wished against all odds and slowly and surely he has taken control of fate and this is the only solution, as it is god whom we need to reach.

It is time, which gives us tension, and Ram helplessly watches and comforts his devotees. He ensures that the time only gives little pricks because of his protection. We may not have any good happening in our bad time, but certainly Ram intervenes and gives us little pleasures and comforts to keep us happy. All this is possible only at the feet of Supreme Guru. Thanks a lot for keeping at your feet.

All our shortcomings are corrected by his grace and he moulds us to the path we need to take in this birth, the experiences we receive is also based on our future need. Each and every second in our lives is decided based on our future need. We may not like it but his solutions for some issues are based only knowing full well what is in store. He knows what is best for us.

It is true that God picks his devotees and gives us the realization at the right time. He expects nothing other than trust and belief in him. He expects us to move inward and understand that he is always present and think whatever happening is only for good. It is the trust which helps in crossing over the bad period.

He also mentioned that Vaidehi would write her experience later and not know in 1995. True he decides when to write.

Ram who faced all bad time will enjoy all the good time; he is my Ram, Sai Guru Vikrama Ram. Praying to be at his feet ever and experience his Supreme Soul Working Presence every Milli Second Ever. This is the first chapter written by Ram. Here I mentioned Ram, as I had not noted down anything anywhere. All work is done by my Ram, when something is needed he reminds, when it is to be done and has it done. Likewise he has written his own story of 12 years reminding to mention each and every incident. It has been written over a length of time as he decides what to write, how to write and when to write. He is the doer and he will do the needful.

Jai Sriram,


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