Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience127.




One day when I was talking to Swamiji casually he asked,


Swamiji  : Did you see the movie BABA

Self        : No Swamiji, I was told this movie is not good, since Rajanikanth is acting   

                in a religious movie it was a  flop.

Swamiji : You must see this movie. What I speak over in the ashram they are

                explaining in this movie.

Self        : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji : You will like this movie.

Self        : Ok Swamiji.


After disconnecting the line I was wondering this is the first time Swamiji has asked me whether I had watched a movie. I never miss a single movie of Rajanikanth because always found lot of meaning in the dialogues. This movie was released 8 months back that means there must be something otherwise, Swamiji would not have mentioned it to me.


When I came to Canada I asked my wife to rent that movie. As usual she gave me negative feedback of the movie and refused to get it for me. I politely requested her to get it for me because Swamiji asked me to watch. When she heard Swamiji’s name she agreed to get it for me. When Swamiji says she knows no way I will do the contrary.


When the movie started I watched it very casually, after getting the boon from Babaji the way the hero used it for the first time gave me a shock because I felt this is the way I asked my Swamiji to get the car out from the sand. Those who had watched this movie can visualize my state of mind as the same of that character. Sure at that time with doubt I asked Swamiji to perform it without knowing the power of the boon which he had given to me in Jan’98. The boon was “To leave all my problems to him and relax”. This is the biggest boon I could get it in my life. After that the remaining movie word by word I heard the dialogue and understood why Swamiji wanted me to see this movie. My experiences of clock chiming, arranging finance for the car, changing environment, curing sickness similar situations were portrayed in the movie. Death of hero’s mother reminded me of my mother’s death. Especially the moment what I went through at the time of my mother’s death shook me. That one experience was enough for me to realise how God has come to me. After the movie finished watched it again. I got a nice sermon from my wife. She could not feel what happiness my Swamiji showed me through that movie. When a person believes and trust God, how God can take care of that person’s life is a big blessing in life. Next time when I spoke to Swamiji I mentioned to him few phrases what babaji uttered in the movie as our Swamiji always explain to us. He agreed with me and said yes I mentioned these in my poojas. My Swamiji is 100% my God who has come to take care of all my needs. In various occasions whatever I experienced I saw it in this movie. What he taught me was trust and believe in him and he will do everything. Whatever Swamiji wanted to tell me he explained to me through this movie. People see this movie as fiction but for me it is my life. For others is it possible for these types of blessing from God? For me because of my prayer to Swamiji it happened.           




I reached the walking strip at 10.30 pm. When I walked within 5 minutes was feeling cold and my fingers felt icy. Also, the breeze was making the walking uncomfortable. All what I said to Swamiji was “If You make the climate this way how could I walk please reduce the cold for me to walk at least 30 minutes instead of 1 hour”. When request is made Swamiji is always there to take care. Yes I thought of Swamiji and walked. After 5 minutes I felt my fingers were warm and the breeze had practically stopped and I did not feel the cold. I looked at the trees and plants shocking scene, yes even the leaves were not moving. I said when Swamiji is there why to worry and I proceeded and completed not 30 minutes walk but 1 hour. The entire period Swamiji arranged pleasant weather.


ON 4TH &  5TH DEC 2002


Since I work on Thursday, wished at least one Thursday I must relax and arrange the bhajans in my house. On 4th December I wished the same. Next day pooja was to be conducted in my house. I did not know whether holiday would be declared on the 5th, so that I could arrange the bhajans peacefully. All predictions were they will not sight the moon on Wednesday night but Thursday. Whoever was asking me I said definitely my Swamiji will arrange the holiday on Thursday by Kuwait sighting the moon on Wednesday night. My Swamiji is great as I wished they saw the moon on 4th Wednesday night and declared Thursday as a holiday. So Swamiji created an opportunity for me to arrange the pooja relaxedly. Great Swamiji.


During the cleaning up the rose flower petals for Ashtotram I was thinking, I should have bought a smaller flower for my Swamiji’s hand. Next time in my house bhajan I should make it that way. Swamiji did not leave it that way he made sure within a minute provided the flower within the petals. Wonderful eh!




On 7th my wife informed that her mother’s health is deteriorating hence to leave immediately. Since, it was a holiday, travel agency did not open. Therefore, went to office to clear all pending and critical work. My mother-in-law passed away next day. I was able to get my leave advanced by one week. Also, was able to talk to travel agent and got my travel re-arranged. Since it was an emergency, finally I finished my work early morning 2.30, and rushed home to pack up my bags. When I finished my packing it was about 3.30 am. I had requested one of the devotee who regularly takes me to the airport to come at 6 am. I looked at Swamiji and said “You know since I did not sleep well yesterday also I am very tired now. I am going to sleep now and set the alarm to get up by 5 am, please make sure to wake me up if I miss this flight my wife will not forgive me at all. Therefore, please wake me up” and went to sleep.


I heard my mobile ringing (when I am awake also at times when mobile rings I do not hear the sound) and woke up and answered the call.


Self      : Helloooo.

Voice   : Natesan what time you should leave to the airport.

Self       : Oh! My God Swamiji, thank you very much for putting me up otherwise no  

               way I would have woken up.

Swamiji : Do not worry. Everything will be ok. You can reach on time.

Self       : Thank you Swamiji.


I got off the bed and was wondering how it all happened. I set the left side alarm to 5 am and right side alarm to 5.05 am. Since I am alone I used to keep two alarms to wake up. It looks like both the alarms have been put off by me and gone to sleep or I set the alarm and did not put the alarm switch on. In one of the the chat pooja with Swamiji he mentioned that “even when you are sleeping I am with you”. Now he showed that to me. What a way to show me his blessing that when I am sleeping he is watching and protecting me.


Then devotee Logan came home sharp at 6 am because he know always I have something and get delayed to go to the airport. He always pushed me and do my final packing. Since I got up late and final packing was not done I managed to finish it by 6.45 am and left to the airport. Logan was happy atleast I left 1 ¼ hours early.


While driving he asked me how I got late even when I got up before 4.45 am. I asked him what makes him to think I got up before that time. Then he said “I called you at 4.45 am and since you did not answer I thought either you were in bath or praying”. I narrated that I came late from work, the alarm story and Swamiji’s call. I could not believe divine’s play that 4.45 am telephone sound, 5 am alarm sound, 5.05 am alarm sound I did not get up for those loud noise but woke up at 5.15 am mobile low sound. My friend Logan could not digest the whole thing. Is it not the wish of mine for Swamiji to make sure to wake me up was fulfilled. Definitely for me he is watching every move of mine. I got off with 45 minutes for the flight to take off. As usual I gave an excuse that I am on emergency leave and finished my work late, it worked this time for them to accept me. After I finished my check in and immigration my friend got relieved. When I boarded only I realized what Swamiji blessed me with. Reach on time was the blessing, as he said I boarded the plane, the doors closed 20 minutes after and the flight took ofthe flight took off. Swamiji, is precision decider.




Since, I had my G1 licence (written in part6) my wife wanted me to have my G2 licence. It was a problem to convince her that I will not be able to make it during Dec 2001 winter time. Slippery or snowy road conditions made me hesitate to go for the test. As she always insists and pushes me she finally won the game. She made me to call Swamiji and get the blessing also.


Swamiji: Hello.

Self      : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Sri Ramajayam Natesan.

Self      : Swamiji, one hour’s time I am going for the driving test. Please take care of


Swamiji: When?

Self      : Today in one hour’s time.

Swamiji: Why today?

Self      : My wife is pushing Swamiji.

Swamiji: You proceed with it I will arrange the way it should be.

Self      : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai Sri Ram 

Self      : Jai Sri Ram Swamiji.


I told my wife that I am not very happy. Still, my wife pushed me to go. I was reluctant because I did not have a prior appointment date and was on waiting list. If there was no show up of any person then I could do the test. I reached the place and waited from morning 7 am I was probably 6th or 7th on the waiting list. At 3.30 pm they called the guy before me and said no more waiting list. I left the place with mixed feelings that I could not do the test. When I informed my wife she informed the pensiontrainer to try next day. I was very reluctant to go next day because it was the day prior to Christmas holidays. Still I had to go and wait in the cold weather. She told me already you have the blessing from Swamiji so what is your problem. My wife again won.  


Next day morning at 6 am I was at the testing centre. Since it was cold we were sitting inside the car. When they opened the door we rushed but one person who came after me went in first. I did not mind because by that time my mind was not willing to do the test. By 3 pm they took one person (who entered in first) and announced no more waiting list. I could not believe it. Is this the way Swamiji arranged my test. I was lucky because my wife could not push me another date because till I left Canada the centre did not open for business. My wife was angry but not me. So I did not appear for the test in December 2001.


In December 2002 my wife was insisting that I should go for the test again. I managed to reach Swamiji and with his blessing got the date for the test too. This time I did not worry so much because Swamiji has blessed that he will take care. As I had the date and time fixed up went at the right time and appeared for the exam came out successfully. Ironically, I appeared for the test exactly one year after the last  visit of Dec 2001.




2003 Hanumanth Jayenthi was a big test for me. When I started my journey from Canada via Kuwait to Chennai I wanted to dissolve portion of the ash of my mother-in-law in India and the balance in Sri Lanka. When I left from Canada I planned everything with one of my wife’s cousin who resides in Chennai. I wanted to land in Chennai he would pick me up and take me to Marina beach to dissolve the ash. I left Canada as per the plan and reached Kuwait next day morning. Same evening I was leaving to Chennai, before leaving I called my wife’s cousin. When I spoke to him he said he cannot receive me and he suggested that I could come to Chennai and proceed to dissolve the ash. I was in such a dilemma that I will land in Chennai at about 9am and wanted to reach ashram by at least 3 pm to take part in 1st day’s procession. Now since I had to find out everything on my own and do it I was thinking whether I would be able to do all this and return back to Swamiji on time. I decided to check with Swamiji whether I should proceed to do it and come to the ashram or whether I should finish Jayenthi programme and proceed to do the ash dissolving. When I called Swamiji,


Swamiji: Hello    

Self       :Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji : Sri Ramajayam.   

Self       : Swamiji, sorry to call you now.

Swamiji : What happened?   

Self      : Swamiji, I wanted to dissolve the ash of my mother-in-law in Chennai. I

              arranged it with my wife’s cousin to go and do it. Now he said he cannot

              pick me up. I do not know what to do. Can you please tell me whether I

              should do it before the Jayenthi or after. I cannot keep it here also. Then on

              my way  back I am proceeding to Sri Lanka with balance ash to dissolve it

              over there.

Swamiji: Do not you want to do it in Kuwait   

Self      : (My mind said You asked my mother-in-law when are you coming to India

             that is one of the reason why I am bringing her ash) Swamiji, I have only an

             hour before I leave to the airport and I wanted to dissolve both in India and

             Sri Lanka. That is why I am so confused.

Swamiji : Ok talk to this devotee.   

Devotee: What is the problem?

Self       : (I narrated the whole thing)

Devotee: You are coming for a pooja, how can you bring the ash here.     

Self       : No, I do not want to bring it over there, I was suppose to take it somewhere

              else now I do not know what to do. That is why I am calling Swamiji to

              guide me

Devotee: Ok talk to Swamiji.

Swamiji : Natesan, you proceed with your wish.   

Self       : I am sorry Swamiji now I realise that I should not have done this.

Swamiji : Do not worry for anything you proceed. I will take care.    

Self       : Ok Swamiji, please make sure that I will come to the pooja on time because

              that is very important.

Swamiji : Ok Jai Sri Ram   

Self       : Jai Sri Ram Swamiji.


I was very confused why did I do something like this. I do not know because of me whether Swamiji is upset. With heavy heart I left Kuwait to Chennai. Entire journey I was worried about the problem I created now.


When I landed at Chennai airport I called Ashram and I was told that Swamiji and Amma both are gone out. I just passed the message that I landed in Chennai. Then I stood there and prayed to Swamiji to care of everything because I know nothing what to do. Then things happened at lighting speed. I saw a booth where they were arranging taxi. I went over and asked them I need a taxi but I do not know the exact location where to go and said to them the purpose of my visit. Then the person told me about marina beach. I said to him I need someone to take me there wait till I dissolve the ash then to take me to a lodge where I can take bath. They said that can be done. I was partly happy. Then I asked them whether they have a luggage room. He said on your way out you will find one. I wanted them to stop for few minutes to reconfirm my return journey with the airlines. For that also they agreed. I asked that person to explain the whole thing to the driver and agree in front of me because I do not want any problem after I start the journey. It was done that way. I was so happy because when no one is there for me moment I wished how Swamiji arranged the whole thing. I came outside the building and proceeded to the taxi. When we started up and while coming out I asked him are we not going to the luggage room and he said I am going there only.


When I went to the luggage room I was holding onto the ash canister which was to be taken to Sri Lanka. I went to the counter and asked the staff to keep the luggage and it is ash which is to be taken to Sri Lanka. He said we do not keep the ash over here. I said to him if I had left a luggage with the ash canister inside how you would have come to know about it. Is it because I was truthful this problem has occurred. He looked at me and said ok leave it. I left the canister in a safer and higher place so that accidentally no one will damage it. I was happy that somewhere safely I was able to store it.


Then I proceeded to the next stop to reconfirm my ticket. When I walked in I was praying to Swamiji that there should not be any delay. Generally the time I go always that place used to be crowded. Atleast I get 10 numbers later. Since this time I was running short of time I did not want a crowd there. My Swamiji is such a powerful God moment I walked in I got the chance to go to the counter and the next two minutes there were nearly 7 to 8 customers walked in. I was thanked Swamiji as he is a wonderful God to make me to reach one minute early or delayed everyone by one minute for me to do the work faster and leave. After finishing my reconfirmation I came out and proceeded to the beach.


After reaching the beach I asked the driver to wait and started walking towards the sea. Half way of the distance I remembered that at one point Swamiji telling me when the ash is being dissolved to put some flowers or fruit. I said Swamiji in the excitement I forgot to get the things. Now where would I get any of these. Oh! my God Swamiji why did not you remind me before I came upto this point. It is too hot to go back and find a place which sells this. Now what shall I do. Let me go and see whether I could find something otherwise what can I do. My mind was full of anxiety that I must finish this job and get back to ashram. My Swamiji gives me full blessing. Can anyone guess what happened? Next moment a lady was crossing in front of me selling jasmine flower. Looked up and said what a powerful God are you? You will not leave your devotee to feel bad eh! I bought the flowers from that lady and proceeded. When I reached the shore another problem surfaced.


I have to get into the water to dissolve the ash now what will happen to my passport, ticket and money. Who will protect it? Swamiji, where are you please take care of these documents. I was removing my sock to get into the water. Then one person who was standing next to me asked “are you going to get into the water do not worry I will take care of these. You get into the water and do your rituals”. I stood there and closed my eyes and said if you are here show me your presence. When I opened my eyes I saw three crows were crossing so close and lowly right in front of me. I looked and said do not tell me that you three are in front. Now I should not worry about anything you are there to protect me. Let me do the rituals. I did what my heart said. Then there was a huge wave came and soaked me completely. This person stood guard of my belongings and when I proceeded to the car he walked with me and left bidding bye. Who was he?


I proceeded to the Lodge and took a room. I took a nice shower and changed my dress. Washed the old dress and checked out and proceeded to the ashram. Now my guilt feeling was torturing me. I was feeling that I am a sinner. I should not have brought the ash. I do not want to get closer to Swamiji. Let me stand at a distance and enjoy what he is doing. When I reached ashram upon enquiry I was told all three of them were out. I was bit surprised because I did not know what I felt about 3 crows at the shore was true or not.


When Swamiji & Amma returned back to ashram I went and took the blessing from Amma and Swamiji. It was very painful for me to even go closer them. When I took the blessing, Amma gave me a smile and said Swamiji is coming. When I took the blessing from Swamiji I was ashamed of myself. My Amma is so careful with me she came back and asked about my lunch and made me to eat. Amma knows everything what I should get and when. She too is equally divine to me.


Normally during the procession I hold the prasadam tray for Swamiji to distribute. When the procession commenced I did not want to hold the tray this time and felt I am not clean enough to do that service. This time I wanted to just walk behind. Divine’s game is final so I was asked to hold the tray for Swamiji, which I had to. Swamiji looked at me and gave me a smile. I thought you know everything then why you are making me to do this work. We were about 25 minutes into the procession all of a sudden Swamiji looked at me and said,


Swamiji : Natesan You want to come into the chariot?

Self       : No Swamiji.

Swamiji : No problem you can come in and hold the tray.

Self       : I am ok over here Swamiji.

Swamiji : Ok if you want that way.


I became very cold. What is happening with Swamiji. He know that I do not want to come closer to him and now he wants me to get into the chariot be closer to him. No way. Mr. Venkatesh was walking by the side of me. He witnessed the drama of me with Swamiji.


Venkatesh : Natesan Swamiji asked you to get in. Why you are not doing.

Self           : Mr. Venkatesh I am ok here, there is not much room inside.

Venkatesh : Swamiji know everything, you get in.

Self           : No problem let me wait here.

Venkatesh : What Swamiji wants you do not want to do?

Self            : I have a problem I do not want to sit inside.

Venkatesh  : No problem you get in.


He opened the door and made me to get inside the chariot. I sat closer to Swamiji’s feet. Honestly I was shivering the whole procession and could not digest the happening. Almost closer to the end of the program I called Swamiji. He gave me no-response. Finally near the entrance when I requested to get off he with a grand smile said “Oh! Yes now you can get down”. I did not want to get closer to him and he made sure I was seated closer to his feet. I understood my message from Swamiji.


Next at the Ganapathy Homam, I was sitting and observing the rituals. All of a sudden a devotee came and asked few people to come and do the chair arrangement in front of the stage. I too got up and went to arrange the chairs. Went back and continued to witness the homam. Swamiji came and did the rituals and offered flowers to the homam.


Swamiji : Natesan where are you?     

Self       : Swamiji I am behind you.

Swamiji : Come here. Offer these flowers to Homam.


I received the flowers from Swamiji and offered to the homam. I became very cold and went speechless. Oh! My God Swamiji, what are you doing. I wanted to keep away during the whole proceeding and you are pulling me closer and closer. I do not know what God decides. We came out of the Ashram. After 10 minutes Swamiji came and blessed everyone. When he touched my head and blessed he asked what happened to me. I said Swamiji I cannot believe what is happening. He said relax be normal. I shook my head with tearing eyes. What a divine God.


I was enjoying the remaining second day programme. Swamiji came to the stage and spoke some messages. While passing these mesaages He was on and off looking at my right side. I saw a lady standing next to me. While Swamiji was talking I was getting a feeling whether this is Sowmya from Naganallur. Swamiji left the stage. Actually few months before I thought next time when I go let me find Sowmya and talk to her with all the dramas I forgot about it completely. Now how could I ask this strange lady is she Sowmya? My friend Krishna was on my lap. Slowly I asked this lady,


Self        : Are you Sowmya?

Lady      : Yes, how do you know I am Sowmya?        

Self        : While Swamiji talking he was looking at you and me, so I felt that.

Sowmya : Who are you?


I introduced myself and little Krishna and talked to her few minutes. Also, I explained to her that I wanted to see and talk to her this time but I forget with my tension. After sometime she wanted to leave home and I said how could you go now. She wanted to leave after taking the blessing from Swamiji. I said to her I think you should leave only by 9pm. She said no she must leave immediately and left. I was engrossed in the programme with my friend Krishna. After nearly 1 ½ hours I saw Sowmya in front of me. Upon inquiry what she is still doing here she said,


Sowmya : I wanted to leave after taking the blessing from Swamiji.

Self         : I know.

Sowmya : After getting the blessing I came out.

Self         : Ok so now you are leaving.

Sowmya : No, after coming out I realised Swamiji did not apply kumkum for me.

                  So joined the queue again.    

Self         : Then what happened.

Sowmya : When I went to Swamiji he asked me why I have come again. So I said he

                 had not kept kumkum that is why I came again. He said ok and kept the

                 kumkum and blessed me again.

Self         : Are you leaving now?

Sowmya : I came to tell you what happened. Moreover after the second blessing I

                looked at my watch the time was 9 pm.

Self         : Ok.

Sowmya : You forgot. You said I will leave at 9 pm. That is why I came to tell that I

                 am leaving at 9 pm.

Self        : Oh my God, see Swamiji was listening to our talk.

Sowmya : Ok bye


What happened now I could not believe. With all the divine blessings he was giving to the devotees he fulfilled my wish of meeting Sowmya (eventhough I forgot). Also, made me to realise that he was listening to my conversation and fulfilled it. What a God.


Next day when I bid bye from Swamiji and Amma, they showed me that divine knows what has to be performed at each stage. My GOD showed me how human sees and how divine sees the same activity. We get confused with activities but divine knows how to fulfill everything without any complications.




In Nov’02 while I was watching Guru poornima cassette my video player got stuck. In Jan’03 I wanted to throw that player but before that I tried removing the casseete out by chanting Swamiji’s name. Swamiji too was very adamant that I should not take it out. Later I decided to watch a movie on the television and on and off I tried to eject the casseete out. I even opened the top and tried pulling it out. The hardware was so complicated for me finally I closed the top and tried only by calling Swamiji to respond to me. Then I gave up completely and continued with the movie. Almost at the end of the movie I said if you do not take out the cassette for me who else can give, please give me the cassette otherwise I am going to throw the video with the cassette and pressed the eject button. Yes, the cassette came out. Immediately upon seeing what happened I ran to his picture and started to cry. Is it not a different experience. His testing of patience was too much but the joy of receiving the gift for that patience made me to cry with joy. As I always say when my Swamiji is there what I cannot receive.




After US president’s speech in the morning my wife was bit worried. I explained distinctly that when my Swamiji is there nothing can go wrong for me and told her to relax. I had a discussion with my senior officer regarding the tense situation in Kuwait. It all started with him asking “what did your Swamiji tell about the situation”. I replied to him “my Swamiji did not tell me but I am not worried about anything because he will take care”. I said to him right time Swamiji would tell me what to do and I must do that. He gave me a smile. After that I said “when my Swamiji can do all what he is doing to me and watching from where ever he is, do you think I should worry about the war. Hence, I will leave everything to Swamiji to take care of me”. While talking or listening to us, Swamiji pauses and get into deep thoughts for seconds and get back. When I experience this I always think “Oh! my Swamiji has captured something on his satellite vision”. At times how he try to reach the devotee shows our problems cannot escape his vision. Right time he is there for us. Past few days everyday while praying I was seeing Swamiji and bomb falling scene. While talking to Swamiji I asked “even if a bomb falls you would ensure it will fall far away from me and not close to me. He said sure”. So why to worry?


Last July when I wanted to talk to him with serious issues, without any kind of communication he kept me waiting for 41 days. Surely that time I was getting upset and wondered why my Swamiji do not know that when I cannot reach him it is painful. Even without talking to me he was passing the message “Swamiji is with you”. Believe me it was a big agony for me that when I needed him I could not talk. Just after that what he gave me was something which I will not be able to forget. For my request how he responded still make me chilled. After that day I realised when he is watching what is the need to worry, if it is needed he would contact and give the solution. Once he has taken responsibility why I have to fear of the activities. Now I see all forms of GOD in my SWAMIJI’s form.



I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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