Mr. K. Doraiswami
Commercial Inspector/ Southern Railway (Retd)

                     I am a devotee of Shri.Vikraman Swami Anjaneya Upasakar of Nanganallur, Madras-600 061. For the past six years I attend pooja to get 'ARUL VAKKU' whenever swamiji conducts pooja at his house No 9A, 19th Street, Nanganallur, Madras. I had the good fortune of moving very closely with Swamiji at my age of 67 years and got all prosperity of wealth, health and shanti.

                    I came to know of Swamiji through my relative Sri Sampath, who is now at Saudi Arabia in a good job. The members of my family consist of eldest daughter Hema of USA, second son Arun and second daughter Lakshmi and my wife Padma. All of us are deeply attached with Swamiji having full bakthi in him.

 The following is my experience with Swamiji :
                1) Due to bad influence of my stars I was not able to stay at home during night times and I used to run away from my house, staying overnight (because of some family disturbances) and I used to stay at stations and bus stands. Once when Swamiji was conducting pooja at 12 pm , Swamiji promised me that such things would not occur again. For the last 3 years such things has not occurred again and I have been staying at home because of Swamiji's blessings.

                2) Swamiji saved me in 3 accidents, one when my drawing room collapsed , two when a sccoter hit me near high court and third near my residence when I had a fall and nothing happened to me.

                3) I was in the habit of smoking cigarettes for the past 40 years and Swamiji stopped this on 17/8/97 and my wife arrived from San Diego USA to Madras on 18th night. She is very happy and my health has improved - no cough or cold whatsoever.

 I can write 100 pages on my experience but however I stop with these.

With Regards,

Yours Faithfully,


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