Because of love attachment comes. That attachment will not allow us to accept     the Truth that one need to face. One who established himself in Guru/God can see Truth at all times and he does things without attachment. The actions generated from that consciousness of God/Truth are not bound by the Law of Karma.


  1. One cannot enter to the Inner Divine field without proper Karma Phala and The Blessings of Guru. Your true services to Guru enrich your life in the Divine kingdom (Spirituality) and it is easy to bring balance in worldly pleasures, relationships, etc, in all aspects of life.


  1. The world is a drama. We should know how to act. True home is different.- by Sri Vikraman Swamiji



  1. Though God is in front of you, you can not put Namaskar heart fully even once, due to your own Karma phala. Our mere physical presence in front of Guru/God may not allow you to realize the power of Guru until you reach that level of Karma phala.


  1. Instantaneously identifying the key issues (both positive and negative) in any subject, complete flexibility and adoptability both in mind and body-these are part of that consciousness/Truth/God which I observed in Swamiji.



  1. I have been experiencing God through Swamiji and He is my Guru and my God i.e., through whom you experience God is your Guru/God.


  1. Certain times, Swamiji repeats a few important issues so that devotees can understand, realize and follow without missing it.


Divine  Experiences.


Date: 24/02/2008



  1. This world is beautiful and colourful. We should know what to do when to do and how to do.



  1. Everything is around you. Effort is needed to put them together and work. Like - air is there, but when you switch on the fan you get nice cool breeze. - by Sri Vikraman Swamiji


  1. Ego, Mind, intellect & Memory are the Thejus of the God. The more you realize on this, the more you will know the ways of God. All our selfish ways will fade away in that light of God and your journey towards truth / God will be peaceful. Nothing happens without knowledge of God.


  1. Raga, Dwesha, Krodh, fear, Madha, Matsyarya etc are created by God. If these come out of us out of selfishness / ego then it is not correct. If these come for the benefit of a right cause and applying them at the right place – at the right time is correct and acceptable, as its root cause is not selfish / ego and you leave the results to the God and that Karma does not bind you.


  1. The whole world is Maya until you realize the God. After realizing the God, you can see the God every where.


  1. Love is God, sincerity is God, Duty is God. .- by Sri Vikraman Swamiji


  1. Faith and Devotion are most important. I saw Swamiji is responding to Faith ad Devotion many times in Swamiji’s poojas around the world some by physically attending and some through DVDs.


  1. Nothing happens without God’s Knowledge. .- by Sri Vikraman Swamiji



  1. I go in to a state of Ananda and forget everything around me when I listen to Swamiji.



  1. In my extreme Ananda Swamiji flashes in my Heart automatically indicating to me that He is with me always. This happens without my knowledge. When I get that,   Swamiji is making me realize more and more that he is there everywhere and nothing happens without his knowledge. He is behind me and making me realize all that is happening to me is because of him - good or bad - sukh or dukh. When I am realizing this more and more, I am enjoying his nature without any complaints about this world created by him.



  1. Swamiji told me that I can see his presence even in machines. Yes truly, I realized that when I had faxed a document in my office.


  1. In 2008 Hanumanth Jayanthi , When I was asked to share my experiences, I was telling about how Swamiji  can catch our thoughts at any moment, and how Swamiji  tells devotees I remember for you if you do not remember - conveying intellectually to the devotees it is only the God that can catch your thoughts (meaning – exactly telling what is happening at that point of time in your mind)  at any point of time and the God is our memory meaning that when Swamiji tells certain things we can not remember immediately at that moment but later (may be a day, week, a few years and sometimes a few seconds later) we recollect it and realize what Swamiji told is right. My mode was intellectually conveying about Swamiji, The God. Immediately, Swamiji turned towards devotees and telling about the importance of Karma meaning that intellect along with Karma (action) is vital in human life. Also, Swamiji told that there is no Guru without Devotees. See the beauty of the Guru and his simplicity. It really touched and imprinted in my heart.


  1. Do everything honestly and sincerely from your Heart, the God will be pleased. It is not the statistics and majority that decides what is truth/correct but a person who realized the God can tell truth fearlessly at the right time and at the right place.


  1. If you cannot help others, no problem. But, do not disturb others.


  1. God is one – one can worship him in any form. – This is the one which attracted me towards Swamiji when I met Him in the beginning in Feb 1997.


  1. You have no right to criticize others without knowing fully and without experiencing what they say.


  1. Swamiji and Amma accept inconveniences on their way to reach devotees. But, Swamiji says it is nothing for me when I see happiness in my devotees. My heart melted for these Golden words of Swamiji. Wa! What a Love he has for his devotees.


  1. Swamiji ways are unique as every one in this world is unique. He tells devotees (divine messages) individually what is applicable to them.


A.Srinivasa Rao


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