A. Srinivasa Rao, Kuwait, Experience Part-III


My Sata Koti Namaskarams to You Poojya Swamiji.  Oh! Paramatma, what we can write about your infinite nature. Yet, I made mala (experiences showered by you) from my heart to garland you. Kindly accept this mala.
Let me humbly say all my experiences are showered by Swamiji and He is the owner of it and I am just an instrument at His hand.



         The Divine Facts of Life.


1)       I learned the feel of words through the seva or service to my Guru Sri Vikraman Swamiji. The feel of words is one part of your consciousness or alert buddhi or intellect.


2)       Revelation of the essence or truth in each and every aspect takes place on its own based on our readiness to accept the truth. One needs to practice it to apply that knowledge of essence effectively on real time life events. This is also a part of an alert intellect.


3)       The essence of Human Life is a) Faith in the God   b) Devotion / Love for the God with patience. The word patience is very important with respect to one’s difficult period which can shake our faith and devotion towards the God.


4)       Surrender to the God completely, and then one can grow from limited to unlimited ness within.


5)       Fear can be overcome by Faith in the God.


6)       The true Wealth is Faith and Devotion to the God and passing this knowledge according to the times, situations, and places perfectly to the next generation is the true wealth that one can contribute to this mother Earth.


7)       Classification or Division of knowledge or various types of knowledge which helps humanity in many aspects should not be used as a means to bring differences/ clash between human beings by saying as that knowledge belongs to this place or community etc. Whatever may be the form of knowledge,   it must be used for the benefit of the humanity.


8)       All Religions are paths to the God. God is one and can not be many.


9)       Love is the beauty of Life which the God gifted to us. Enjoy and spread that love.


10)   Truth is beautiful , Truth is love , Truth is colorful , Truth is Laughter , Truth is fearless ,  Truth is Love , Truth is Ananda , Truth is light and darkness too, Truth is wonderful , Truth is the God , Truth is all that pervading , Truth is water in the Ocean and waves in the water, Truth is Fire and  Heat in the fire , Truth is there every where , Truth is having form and formless too, Truth is peace , Truth is health , Truth is duality of nature ,  Truth is time , Truth is space, Truth is-  anger , agony , misery , pain , wish , want , fear , Truth is Life and with out Life Only Truth exists ad every thing in this cosmos is a part of it . We can realize this Truth (The GOD) only through Guru in any means (Form/ Formless). The God come in the form of Guru to make us realize Him/Truth.


11)   Inculcate Faith and Devotion towards the God. This is most important in everybody’s life. Rest all fall in its place.




Jai Sri Rama


Thank God for this beautiful life. Remember the God in all we do - by actions, by mind, by heart, by soul. There lies beauty of Life. You can see the God presence everywhere.


All our experiences of the God happen by the blessings of Guru only.


Potato Chips:


One day I felt from my heart that I want to offer delicious potato chips to Swamiji.  But, I forgot it later and went to Swamiji’s Pooja conducted in Kuwait at Mr S.P. Venkatesh residence. Swamiji was talking to so many devotees present over there and asked me where are potato chips for me? Then I told Swamiji, I forgot to bring and requested His permission to go and bring potato chips. Swamiji said o.k to bring it. There my excitement started. Before leaving the hall, I saw many devotees and hence felt to give potato chips to devotees also. I went down with great joy and brought potato chips. Alas! My wisdom failed, and I offered devotees first the potato chips and then nicely offered to my Lord Swamiji. Then, my eyes were looking only Swamiji to see that precious moment when He takes the chips. Time was flowing but Swamiji did not touch it. I was observing His hands only, But no use He did not touch chips for more than 45 minutes. Nothing was going in to my mind on what Swamiji was talking and just watching only Swamiji when He was going to pick up potato chips which I brought with so much love. Waited, waited still no use.  Then I prayed from my Heart, Lord you asked for chips which I forgot to bring, but why are you not taking it so far. What mistake I made that caused you not to touch. Weeping in my Heart and asked Swamiji to let me know my mistake and then take the chips. The moment   I told this in my mind, the very next flow of thought in my mind was, I did not offer Chips to the Lord first where my wisdom failed. The moment this flashed in my mind, Swamiji hand went to the potato chips plate, picked up one piece and went in to His mouth. All happened instantaneously in a split of a second and I was blessed that Swamiji made me to experience this. Swamiji made me realize that the God responds to our Heart/ Devotion through Him.


This shows that you can realize the God through any means. This is what Swamiji is doing with every Devotee around the world.


Offering Food to the Lord:


This was happened with me in Kuwait some years back, may be before year 2000. One day I felt strongly with devotion to feed my Lord Swamiji at my Home for all His days in Kuwait. When we (my family) all went to pooja, with a doubt whether Swamiji would agree or not, I just expressed to Swamiji to come and have food at our place. Then, you know what Swamiji reply was?! -  Yes, I am coming to your place not only tomorrow but all the days during my stay in Kuwait which was exactly my wish in my mind. There it is again, Swamiji replied to my Heart/ Devotion. Time and again I am realizing the God in Swamiji.



Swamiji responds to our Devotion- the issue could be anything.


Through whom you realize the God is your God.  




A. Srinivasa Rao, Kuwait, Experience Part-III


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