Jai Shri Ram



Experience – 1


This is about how Swamiji helped me in solving the problem I faced in the renewal of my Passport. It so happened that my passport period was getting expired in the month of October 2008. Since I am working in Dubai, I applied for renewal of my passport through the Indian Consulate at Dubai. Alongwith renewal, I had applied for change of address in the passport. I was supposed to get a new passport after 45 days from the date of application. But it ended in a disaster. Since the passport was issued at Bangalore, the application was forwarded to the Passport Office at Bangalore for address verification and normally it will take 45 days for renewal. After the stipulated time period, I was called by the Consulate personnel and was told that the procedure could not be completed because the Police status in the Personal Information was adverse. Since I and my family are presently residing in Kerala, the Police couldn’t locate me in the address given in the passport. This happened because during the issuance of my Passport, I was staying with my Father in Karnataka and after his retirement from his job, the whole family shifted to Kerala. The Consul-General at Dubai told me to either go to India or send someone to Bangalore. I and my Father did a lot of correspondence with the Bangalore Passport Office in person and through Fax messages. But to our dismay nothing happened the Passport office personnel were not telling the reason for the delay. Whenever we contacted the Passport office, they told that they have sent the message to Indian Consulate at Dubai. On enquiring here at Dubai, they did not receive any message from Bangalore. I was very much upset. In the meantime my Visa got expired and I had to renew my Visa. I approached the Consul-General again and he issued a Passport with the latest address for one year clearly mentioning that further renewal is to be done at Bangalore. I was very much distressed.


Then during one of Swamyji’s visits to Dubai, I told him about the matter. He assured me that everything will be alright. In the meantime When Swami came to Dubai again, he called me during the Pooja and told me that someone has to go to the Passport Office and He will arrange for a person to help me out. Then it so happened that I was going to India for my vacations. I had plans to go to Bangalore alongwith my father to sort out the matter. After I reached India I made all preparations for my trip. Then something happened which surprised me very much. Two days before my scheduled trip, I met a senior Officer working at the Passport Office at Trivandrum. He advised me not to go to Bangalore and instead submit an application at the Passport Office at Trivandrum for extension of the validity period of the passport and assured me that he will do the follow-up. I then moved forward as per his instructions. In the meantime I cancelled the journey to Bangalore. On the day when I had planned to go to Bangalore, I got a call from the same person telling me that my passport is ready and I can collect it from the Passport Office at Trivandrum. I went and received the passport and on examining it found that my passport was renewed for a period of 10 years. It is to be noted that I got my problem solved without going to Bangalore, I got it renewed for 10 years, there was no further police verification and all were because of the blessings of our Swamiji. All the things happened so fast that I had a feeling like all the things that happened was preplanned. All happened just as Swamiji had told me. Such is the power of our Swamiji.


Experience – 2


This .is about how Swamiji helped me in doing the maintenance of very old house in India. For the past few years, I and my father were desperately trying to do the maintenance work of my house. It was in a very worse condition. All the money we were earning was getting spent in some way or the other. We couldn’t save money for this purpose. During one of his visits, Swamiji asked me about my house and I told him about it. He told me that everything will be alright.  Then during one of the Poojas, Swamiji told me that he had visited my house. The miracle that happened was that within few months of that Pooja, I could send money for starting the maintenance of my house. It was successfully completed. Not only I could complete the maintenance of the house, I could renew the furniture, do the Electrical rewiring. Now all the members of my household are having peace of mind. They have also become strong believers of Swamiji. This is the power of our Swamiji. If are having full faith in him, he will take care of all your problems for sure. You need not even mention about your problems.


Anil Kumar.K,


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