Jai Sri Ram





Where should I start about my experience with Swami and where should I stop . I understand I cannot do that. Like the air I breathe Swami is with me all the time. I can experience him always with me. Also I understand the greatest happiness that one have in life is once you realize yourself. God is in you, within you and GOD IS LOVE. This is what I learnt from him mainly.


Our Swamiji is so simple and he teaches and guides us in very simple way if we try to understand and accept it. First of all we have to surrender to him 100%, have full faith in him. You can see he is not like the other Swamiji that we must have seen and experienced. He is quite different in his looks in his practice and even the way he lights the lamp he offer flowers and all. There is nothing unnatural or any diplomacy. If you remember, the first Bhajan he made Mr Satish Bhaskar to sing is “Rupu thera Mastana””……


Also he has been telling several times before that I will make Satish Bhaskar sing Bhajan and now Satish has become a regular singer of Bhajan especially for the Friday Satsang we have.


So Swamiji brings the Confidence in us. He gives us courage to face any situation in life boldly and patiently. As Sai Baba Says When I am here why do you fear?   ……. Swami is always with his strong devotees. He will never allow us to fall but whatever Karma each one of us have done in our past births of course we have to face consequences. Even for that A Good Guru like Swamiji will be able to guide and protect us and take us to the right path


Everything you do can be likened to catching a train If you run behind the train it can leave without you. If you have to run in front of the train it can destroy you. You have to be in the train- only then will the train safely bring you to your destination Similarly everything must be done at the correct place and correct time for the action to bear fruit. How to recognize the correct place and time , ask your Heart. Ask the God within you and let him guide you. So try to see Swamiji and get his blessings


Every person is like a flower given to you by God. You only have to accept them in your life-your vase and pour in it some water-love and then your relationships will blossom and you will feel God’s presence in every moment of your life


There are four principal F

The first is Follow your master

Next Face the devil

Fight to the end and finally

Finish the game…..


I have been convinced with my Experience that Hanumanji works through Swamiji and brings the message to us. Following are my close experiences with him for the last 18 years


1. The Birth of my daughter was predicted long back when one of my wife’s cousin visited him in Madras. Accordingly though we never expected another child after having two sons as per   Swamiji’s blessing we got a daughter. Fortunately at the time of birth Swamiji was conducting a Pooja in Dubai and even he disclosed the time of birth and said in the Pooja that just now my call will come informing the birth of Child and accordingly it happened. Since this child is given by Swamiji I have named her with Swamiji’s permission as his own child ‘ARCHANA”


2. My two sons has reached the present position as blessed by Swamiji. I was able to send my elder son to U.K for his business Management only because of Swamiji’s blessings


3. Swamiji has blessed my Sister who were not having children for long time just by his Vibuthi. Though both husband and wife are doctors and working in USA they faced this problem for long time and in one Pooja I just asked Swamiji’s blessing and he said they will have two children (one boy and girl) and he gave me Vibuthi to sent to them. Now they have these two kids who are now grown up


4. I have experienced Swamiji saving a whole family from suicide.

    One Financial Manager was accused of stealing about DH 123,000 from the safe though he was not actually involved in this. Since the news appeared in newspaper they have decided to end life along with their two daughters. Somehow they were able to reach the feet of Swamiji in one pooja which Swamiji conducted only for them and helped them for finding the real culprit. Based on Swamiji’s advice they could find the money from the culprit who was a PRO working in their Company who made duplicate key and stole the whole money and the responsibility was put to the Financial Manager who usually keep the safe key in his custody. It was only Swamiji who saved them and catch hold of the real


Culprit a Jordanian and the Police could recover some of the stolen money from his house and the rest was used up by him. Once the Police arrested him he confirmed he has stolen the money though the Company owner initially rejected to search his house because he has been working for the Company for longer time than the Financial Manager and being an Arab he believed more on him. But based on the insistence of the Financial Manager he finally agreed to search his house and recover the money. Swamiji also said this is first time he is showing a thief and it is only because he wanted to save the life of this devoted couples


5. The origin of the pious/old Hanuman photo is a great Miracle. I have asked many many people whether they have ever seen Hanuman in this kind of photo. Many said they never saw Hanuman so pious since he is considered a Veera, Soora, God. This photo originated in Dubai (This is Hanuman in Dubai) and this Hanuman photo is so pious and if you look with concentration to the eyes of Hanuman you feel that sometime the eyes get closed and Hanuman is blessing us with folded hands. The photo originated in “Rajani Studio” in Sharjah. Just before 6-7 months before the first arrival of Swamiji in Sharjah one Christian by name of Joseph has visited this studio and he gave a negative to the owner of the studio Mr Rajani (his actual name is Chow en Lai) for taking a print. Mr Rajani is from Kerala. Kollam and he is a firm Communist. He donot believe in any God or God Man and he do not know well the Hindu Gods and their scriptures.


He used to come to a Garage in Sharjah to repair his car. One day casually he was there for a visit and at that time Swamiji was also there. Though he does not believe in any God Man, Mr Rajani was introduced to Swamiji by the owner of the garage. Swamiji just asked him two main points and immediately he recognized that he is standing in front of some great power since except him nobody  in the world knew what Swamiji has asked him. From that day he was official photographer for Swamiji’s pooja and he never missed any pooja also he started taking big big poster Photos of Swamiji and introduce to everyone that he is GOD .(In web site of Swamiji you will find Swamiji sitting in a blue sofa that photo was taken at Rajani’s house)

Once Swamiji went to his house to light lamp than Swamiji asked him there is a photo of God that he has kept and asked him to bring it. He said he donot have any God photos. Then Swamiji explained to him and he could recognize the photo and once he brought it Swamiji asked how it has come to him ?. He explained the visit of Mr Jospeh and his request to make print but he never returned. Swamiji then told him God can come in any form and this photo was enlarged because Mr Rajani felt that actual God came to his studio and from that time this photos is being circulated. So this photo is Hanuaman from Dubai and always kept in all Pooja’s conducted along with Swamiji’s photo.


Swamiji’s miracles are endless.

Please leave all your problems at Swamiji’s feet and have 110% belief in him and he will always be there with us at any time.

Swamiji know each and everything about us and God works through him.


We are all Lucky to have known Swamiji and please let us spread his Mission to the whole world so that he keeps all the people of the world “UNITED AND LIVE IN LOVE”


Swamiji, we whole Family is very much indebted to you and we surrender at your divine feet and seek your blessing on us as always in this birth and forever.


Jai Sri Ram !!!!!

Jai Sri Hanuman !!!!!

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji !!!!!




Babu, Usha, Anup, Arun & Archana


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