Jai Shri Ram  2009


I feel the happiest each time I realize that there is someone who can show me that nothing is impossible and that we all are unique in our own ways. Swamiji, never put any of us down, but instead showed us the right way and guided us through our times of bitter hardship and comfort.



I had just finished my last board exam. A 20 marks multiple choice science exam, on the 30th of March and on the same day we had a mini puja in the evening. There Swamiji asked me a series of questions which left me stunned. He initially asked me how my paper was and I said it was ok. I basically didn’t like this paper.

He then asked me “You didn’t like 2 questions in the paper. You were unsure of the answers”

I said” yes, Swami”.

Swamiji” Was one of them the 4th question? It was quite a long question”

I gasped “Yeah. The 4th and the 6th questions were hard. I spent most of my time on the 4th and it occupied one entire page of the question bank”

Swamiji:” I know. I was walking beside your table. You didn’t see me?” I shook my head.” Did any teacher come and ask you anything.” He asked me

I said “Yes. My invigilator asked me if I needed a glass of water.”

Swamiji said” It was I who asked her to do so. Your answer paper was a bit wet too.”

Now I was stunned and said” I had been sweating a bit unable to guess the right answer and their fans were also switched off.”

Swamiji and everyone else laughed while he said.” No problem, you will get good marks.”


Yes I did get good marks in the boards which were announced in exactly 2 months. On Friday 30th of May, I woke up the whole household with a 100 in mathematics and 93% as my overall aggregate.


Our child like minds

Many a times, it has happened that I think about something and exactly the same thing happens.

When I was quite small (around 6-7 years) I didn’t like bananas and did not like to accept that as my prasadam. In one of the puja, the fruit bowl had some mangoes which I had been eyeing for quite some time. I wanted at least one mango. And it so happened that Swamiji exactly placed the one mango which was the juiciest in my hands and blessed me saying that it was only for you.


That was when I was young. Now even at the age of 16 I can’t help my feelings. In the sweet box, there was one last milk sweet, which I saw and like every other human being, wanted it. There were still some devotees ahead of us seeking Swamiji’s blessings. Amazingly that sweet was not given to anyone. When Swamiji was blessing me, He gave the sweet to me placing it in my hand funnily. My face lit brightly as I laughed to myself. And Swamiji himself smiling like Jesus asked me “Are you happy? “

I replied” definitely”. He makes sure every little wish of our gets fulfilled.


Every single thought that crosses my mind has got an instant answer in some form or the other.

Like I would be having a hard day at school with some couple of tests on the same day, and I would make a simple wish that some teachers remain absent that day. Or I would pray for a particular question NOT to be asked in an exam. The exact thing happens to my utter amazement and I will be sheepishly smiling throughout the day thanking him every minute.




As a child I used to sing many bhajans during the bhajans sessions, but after having some problems with my hearing, my voice is not suitable to sing solo bhajans, but I am able to join in the chorus.

Around the month of August/September Swamiji asked my mom “Did Urvi sing any bhajan?” She would reply that I sing only chorus and clapped very well. He has asked this couple of times to my mom. I on the other hand was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t sing.


It so happened that on the 9th October, there were very few singers in our bhajans. Something within me made me want to sing a bhajan that day. I could feel the atmosphere changing around me and butterflies in my stomach as I got permission to sing the next song. Finally when I got the mike in my hand I just stole a quick glance of Swamiji’s picture saying ‘this is for you’ and took a deep breath. I began the first line ‘maruti raaya vanara kaaya….”.

I got the most fascinating and amazing shock of my life. It was like I was singing with someone else’s voice. It was pretty melodious and just completely different from my cracked voice. I remember seeing people peering from their places to see who was singing. All kinds of fright and butterflies vanished as I once again repeated the song, freely, in a faster speed.


When you do anything for Swamiji with a pure heart, nothing can come between you and your aim.


Now when Swamiji came home, my mom told Him about my above mentioned incident. He was very happy, and told me “I was there, you sang very well. People clapped for you after you sang didn’t you know?” I said I was so shocked for the moment that I didn’t remember anyone clapping.

He further said “You sang in very fast pace, you know you even missed one word”

I began to blush and laugh because when I had increased my speed, the uncle who played the tabla had to stop to understand my pace. And yes I did miss one word, actually one letter. I said “baishaki” instead of “baishnaki”.

This song thus has become very close to me and another thing is that when I returned home I tried to sing again but, to my dismay my voice was back to its original quality.

But I know that Swamiji has a very good reason to make me sing. I know He is going to perform a miracle for me as He has said so.


We are Swamiji’s children. We are HIS strongest devotees and biggest fans. He is our Hero. We all love Him very much.



Jai Shri Ram


Urvi Kanakaraj,Dubai


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