Jai Sri Ram

It’s almost 10 years since I last wrote my experience I hope to right down most of the small and big miracles in our lives during this period.

This was in the year 2000. We were at a Diwali puja in Dubai. Swamiji gave a pear (fruit) to my husband and said this is a medicine for you. He had it immediately. We hadn’t mentioned anything to Swamiji about any health issues. For over more than 10 years my husband used to get splitting headache if he goes out in the sun.  He never went to any doctor about this and used to take a paracetemol. There used to be days when the headache would last for the whole day. But after the medicine (pear) given by Swamiji, he rarely gets head ache.  This incorporated the faith in us that we don’t need to tell Swamiji our problems he is there to protect us and take care of all our needs at the right time.

In 2001 December we were visiting Singapore. We flew from Dubai, reached Chennai in the morning and had the Next flight in the afternoon. In between we went to meet Swamiji. We spent quite some time with Swamiji. Also we had Lunch with Swamiji. We knew we are getting late but at the same time we also had the belief that Swamiji knew everything. I had the belief that when Swamiji ask us to leave, is the right time for us. After lunch Swamiji came down to the ashram and he said he will give us some prasadam to be given to one more devotee in Singapore. There down another devotee was waiting for Swamiji. It was their marriage anniversary and they garlanded Swamiji with a big rose Garland. Just before we took blessings, Swamiji blessed us both with this garland and said. “I am coming with you” We rushed home to pick up our baggage and children to leave for the airport. We narrowly missed a major accident as the truck was coming ahead although he did not have the signal. We were sure it was why Swamiji had blessed us together a few minutes ago, Thank you Swamiji !

In 2003-2004 when Swamiji had come home to light the lamp he suddenly looked at my husband and said there is going to be a new boss for you. He will be between you and the present boss. Also he said it is all for the good nothing to worry. At that time my husband used to directly report to the CEO. For a few months we used to keep wondering what will happen and how things will be. After about 6 months we had almost forgotten about the same when suddenly in the company there were some organizational changes and in came a new boss.  When it did happen we were not so much disturbed as Swamiji had already prepared us for the same.

We can feel Swamiji’s presence in our lives every day. Be it a big thing or small if we call out to Swamiji our work is done smoothly. One Thursday morning we were rushing to attend the Kakad Arti in a Shirdi baba temple in Jumeriah. We were in a hurry and missed seeing the radar and the Radar Flashed. All I said in my heart What Swamiji we are coming to see you and we have to get this fine. And till today that fine has not appeared in the system though we have got some others.

In 2007 December we were just coming back with my younger son (Selva) after his tuitions and we were talking to him about a residential school in Chennai following the Cambridge syllabus. We were saying it looks very good. We asked him if he was interested in going there. Selva was in the 9th grade at that time and not interested in studies so much. His interest was to do business and he said for doing business I don’t need to study Science. In the CBSE curriculum we had no such option to choose till the 11th standard. I used to be worried how he is going to give his 10th board. Seeing the website he liked it a lot and agreed to join if Swamiji would say yes. We got Swamiji on line after a week in Chennai and Swamiji gave us the green signal to go ahead. We went to India in the middle of the 9th grade and he got his admissions and is happily doing his studies there.  When Swamiji Spoke to him before joining the school Swamiji told him from today onwards your marks will keep increasing. These were Swamiji’s Words and we a remarkable difference in his studies. Even there Swamiji is taking very good care of them.

During his next visit to Dubai also Swamiji was here. He was leaving for his school in between the Friday Puja. He got up and took Blessings to leave, Swamiji asked to Selva “is there anything you want me to change in your school .you may ask now it will be done”. He thought for a while and said yes Swamiji the food is not very good. Swamiji said don’t worry am coming along and things will improve. Lot of changes have come from that day onwards in the menu.

In his last trip he was telling Swamiji the Dining Supervisor is no good he doesn’t know anything himself what he will do for us. Swamiji Said don’t worry I will change him. Within two months of his return the supervisor of the mess had been removed. There are so many more small miracles happening in our lives daily. At this point I would like to thank Swamiji for coming in our lives and protecting us in every aspect of life.

Selva never used to think a lot before answering Swamiji. We had to keep pushing him Selva tell. But after this change in school we see a big change in Selva overall. He has opened up and become very responsible. Now Swamiji barely completes his questions and he is ready with his answers.

It was around the same time we had planned to modify our flat in Chennai. We had finalised all the details and the work had got started. Since it is an old building the structure is very strong so the renovation work was tedious and took a long time and the neighbours had to put up with some difficulties. During this time suddenly the owner of one of the flat above ours, sent a notice saying you cannot continue with the work. We were a lot worried as already one wall was broken down flooring partially removed. We were helpless all I did was to call up Swamiji and tell him the problem. Swamiji said “Don’t worry I will take care “ there was no further problems he did not take up the matter as he had said and work continued as planned. Thank you Swamiji!

In 2008 February we were worried about Karthic’s (my elder son) higher studies. My husband went to India to inquiry about a few colleges. We were lucky to get Swamiji’s blessings before he left. Swamiji said I have already finalised one college for him. As decided he reached Chennai and went to 3-4 colleges. Before he left I was very keen on his joining SRM College. But after going there things changed and we got a very positive review for St. Joseph College from many relatives that almost we made up our mind to admit him there. When we went there things all went smoothly and his fees was paid and admission confirmed in the group Karthic which he had wanted. We had only heard a lot saying the college is very strict and almost like a school. But Swamiji told Karthic not to worry and things will change it is the right place for you. For some time you will find it difficult and then later you will be very comfortable. True to Swamiji’s words the initial 2-3 months it was very difficult but soon due to some unforeseen circumstances the college had to do away with a lot of their rules. He is now happy over there.

During that visit when Swamiji had come home to light the lamp Swamiji asked so many questions to Karthic .If was ready to go to India and Study or if he wanted to stay in Dubai with us. When he said he was ready to go to India. Swamiji advised him a lot saying since he is studied here he has grown up in a protected environment not knowing to tell lies etc, but when you go to India you will find different types of people. Once you get used to staying there then you will be able to adjust anywhere in the world. Karthic has seen such experiences now staying there for the last one and a half years. Swamiji has advised him so well that we as parents also would have failed to do so. Swamiji please be with them guiding them all the time in the right direction.

I feel blessed and lucky Swamiji that both my children have known you from their young age. They now remember your words at all times. Please be with them always.

Lastly I would like to mention about out most recent miracle. It’s about my brother in law’s son’s marriage. We have been hunting for a Bride for him over last 3-4 years. Somehow things where not falling in place. There were number of issues we had mentioned to Swamiji saying he has to solve it. In September this year when we attended a Saturday puja I again asked for Swamiji for blessings for this boy. Swamiji asked me can you send Vibuthi for him. I said Yes Swamiji. Then Swamiji turned and started talking to one lady about her problem. Swamiji made me wait for a good 45 minutes. Then he gave me the vibuthi and Said I am coming along I will go into their house and do a some small drama and don’t worry the marriage will be done soon. I came out happily. I called the boy and gave him Swamiji’s message. He is also Swamiji’s devotee. True to swamiji’s words he had started his drama. When we went and met his parents they were talking about some proposal from Dindugal. After the Vibuthi reached their hand they got a call from another girl’s house. They were not considering this proposal as the girl had studied more than the boy. But when the Girls side came forward things changed. Within a month there marriage got finalised and they are going to be married soon in February 2010. Swamiji please continue showering your Blessings on this couple.

There are many more miracles in our Lives. Thank you Swamiji! We are Blessed to having you as our Guru. These 13 years have been colourful and beautiful thanks to your blessings. Although there have been rough times also you have always held us guided us and given us the strength to overcome the difficult times.

Our kodi namskarams to YOU and Amma !

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jai !!!

Ghayathri Krisnakumar and Family Sharjah

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