Jai Sri Ram

Krishnamoorthy, Dubai- Part 1


Sadguru is the one who creates the atmosphere in such a way that Children, Women and men enjoy it. He teaches us the taste of self realisation and He is very well versed with theoretical and practical knowledge. For Him poor, rich, small and the great are equal to Him.


All these beautiful qualities can be seen in our Sadguru Vikraman Swamiji. All the Bhaktas who meet Him must have accumulated lot of merits in their past birth. Fortunate are the people who are included in Swamiji’s poojas like the one Saibaba had in Shirdi.


A true devotee should go to Swamiji with pure mind, firm faith and hold his feet and he will save Him from all the miseries. With humble pranams I would like to narrate my experience where and how He saved me from the inevitable.


One fine morning, exactly 14 years ago, I called swamiji. In my very first attempt, I got swamiji on line. I didn’t know him and He has never seen me before. He started telling all my problems including my kidney problem. He was talking to me for a long time and gave a lot of comfort and confidence.


Within a month, I met Swamiji with my family in AbuDhabi at Pushpa Vaswani’s residence. My daughter Gopika was two and half years old. Looking at her, Swamiji immediately said she should go for dance and music class. We obliged immediately. By the grace of Swamiji she attended these two classes till 11th standard.


Days were passing with all difficulties. In one of the poojas,  Swamiji said, “Even God is not in a position to help you at this time.” But He mentioned that things will be alright and reassured me that He had taken complete responsibility of my health. In those days, I used to go to the central hospital at night 10 PM, return home at 6 AM and would get ready to go to office. I followed this cycle for quite sometime.


In September 2000, I had high fever and my temperature was not coming down. Doctors had no clue on what was going on. After taking permission from Swamiji, I went to India, leaving my flat, car everything as it is. Even the cheque I signed was rejected by my bank. It was nowhere near to my reference signature. Eventually I had to meet the Manager and explain the situation. As soon as my flight landed in Chennai, I was taken directly from the airport to hospital.


On and off I spent almost 10 months in hospital. I spent most of the money I saved during that period. During this turbulent period, my wife and daughter used to meet Swamiji regularly. We were living on the Strength and assurance given by Swamiji. In one such meeting, Swamiji gave one powerful message that gave an answer to all our problems. 


He said to my daughter “you will live in the same house, go to the same school and you will be back with your old friends”. By the grace of Swamiji my operation went through successfully. After one month of surgery, doctors carried out biopsy. Doctors were divided in their opinion about the report. We called Swamiji from the hospital and He said that the doctors were confused. “There is nothing to worry about. Everything will be alright.” That is what turned out to be true in the end. Thank YOU , Swamiji, Doctor of Doctors.

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