Miracles Part 2                                                                       15th August 2009


Vikraman Swamy


With the Blessings of Vikraman Swamy I am writing Part 2 of my Miracles experienced by my family and me.


As my words unfold you will be able to feel our Dear Vikraman Swamy’s Omnipresence,  Omniscient and Omnipotence.


In 2006 in the area where we lived, was being demolished. Vikraman Swamy had come to our house for Pooja.  I mentioned to Him, “Swamy, please let us live here and let not our home be demolished”. Swamy smiled and said, “Whatever, if it does get demolished you will get some place bigger, better and with a garden, like a palace”.  “Thank You, Swamy”, I prayed.


In 2007 June, we got the notice to vacate in three months. I was stunned.  My daughter Laila’s marriage was on 27th August 2007.  My husband Bomi and I were leaving for England on 1st August.  What to do. Pray, yes.  Swamy’s words came before us.  He will take care of us.  We managed to get an extention.


Bomi was going through a difficult time but Swamy said that Laila’s marriage to Simon would go through “beautifully with no problems and the English weather will be full of sunshine”.  Swamy, too, said that Simon was the right choice for Laila as a husband. All this came true.  It was pouring with rain a few days earlier when we had gone to see the venue but 27th August 2007 was full of “Brilliance and Swamy’s Sunshine”.


We returned from England so “full filled” with happiness.  Thank You, Swamy.


Now where were we to find a home.  We booked a villa but it had no bedroom downstairs and with Bomi with weak knees, we needed one.


On 21st June 2008 my Emarati girl friend telephoned me that one of their villas was getting vacant and to go and see it on 26th June.  At 9 am a telephone call comes from the Real Estate person that we could see the Villa before lunch time.  That very morning Swamy telephones us that He would love to come and have lunch with us and come to fetch Him.


Off we go to fetch Swamy.  We have the instructions that it is somewhere near the Jumeira Zoo, villa 3.  It is now 12.45 noon and we cannot find the location.  I telephone the person in charge and tell him that we are now waiting at the corner of the Zoo. Swamy is patiently sitting in the car and tells us so very kindly, “Don’t worry, it will all be alright”.  What kindness, what consideration.  He has another engagement at around  3 pm.  At exactly 1.30 pm we meet up with the Real Estate person and follow him to the other side of the Zoo Road and locate villa no. 3.  We make Swamy get out of the car first and step into the villa.  He sees it and says, “Take it, it is such a lucky villa, just like a Palace”.  Swamy goes first to the kitchen area and Blesses it, saying that, too, is in the right area.  Swamy loved the house and we said “yes”.  On 13th August 2008 Bomi and I slept in our New Swamy’s Approved Villa.


We have not looked back.  We love it here.  This year in January,  2009 Swamy took more care of us and made Bomi comfortable, too, in the new Villa.


Swamy knows when is the right time for showering His Blessings and Boons.  For so many years our son Darius is waiting for his Green Card.  He received the intimation of approval on 8th June. I gave Swamy the good news and He said, “All will go smoothly”. On 6th July Darius went for his interview for the Green Card and got it and stamped in his passport in record timing.  It all went off, “smoothly”.  Darius informed us that he would be going to The Ukraine to teach poor village children English for a fortnight.  His official Green Card had not come but he was told that he could leave.  Again I spoke to Swamy and again He gave Darius His Blessings and said, “I will go with him and it will be like a Dream holiday”.   When Darius return, safely back to The USA, the first words he used was, “Mum, the visit of like a Dream Holiday and I loved teaching the children”.


Swamy knows and sees ALL


Take just a simple incident of asking Swamy’s help. I had to go to the Gulf News office to collect a substantial amount from the staff of Gulf News who had collected money for the Charity that I work.  The appointment was for 11 am.  I just could not find a parking place, near or even at a distance.  After several rounds I saw a place right in front of Gate No. 1 but how was I to park.   “Swamy, would You help me?”.  Just then an Emarati couple drives up in a 4-wheel drive and from their car guides me. It was a perfect fit and they drive off. I go in on time, collect the donation. Thank You Swamy for giving this towards the CHF charity fund.  Going out, I tell the receptionist, “I hope I find a good Samaritan again to help me come out”.  Swamy sent the good Samaritan, a car drove up, parked just behind me and the driver got out and guided me.  Thank You, Swamy.


Another simple prayer on 24th July’s Pooja. “Swamy, I have come early with Bomi, could I sit in my usual place on the chair?”.  I was sitting in the middle area.  In no time, the two persons sitting moved to another place.  Thank You, Swamy.


Before we left the same Pooja, Swamy gave me a beautiful photograph in exchange for the two that He had asked to see, with the words, “God Appears in many Forms and has many names, you may worship Him in any Form”.


On Friday, 18th September 2009 Bomi and I were parking our car before going in for Pooja at a devotee’s house in Jumeira.  Like a bullet, a 4-wheel drive car wizzed past in front of the car. We missed hitting him by a hair’s breath.  What a horrendous accident was averted by my Swamy.


At the Diwali Pooja for Swamy on Friday, 16th October 2009 when I was about to relate to Swamy about the accident, He immediately said, “What a serious accident you and Bomi were going to have.  I know , do not worry, it is all over, nothing to worry”.


Once again, Swamy knew.  He is everywhere.  When You need Him, He is there giving you a listening ear and soothing all our worries. BUT we have to trust Him, believe in Him.


Thank You, Swamy.


Please Swamy, remember us (Bomi, Deena, Darius, Laila and Simon and my sister, Sheryn, in Bombay) in Your Prayers, protect, guide and love us, Always.


Deena B. Motiwalla.




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