Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji

The greatest miracle of getting a child

Dear Devotees I am going to write the unbelievable miracle of how I conceived by the grace, blessings and miracle of our beloved Swamiji.

I and Sriram knew Swamiji since 2001. We were facing lots of problems where each of the problems got solved unbelievably. We were leading a comfortable life. At that time we realized that it’s time to have a baby. We thought that everything will be normal and I will conceive soon without any problem until I made my visit to India. Just like a general check up I went to a leading gynecologist in my home town. She suggested for a scan and I did so. By seeing the reports she said that I am having polycystic ovaries and maybe I can bear a child after 1 year or 4 year or 10 year or not bear at all. I was shocked and shattered. I was lost. What will I do? I am the only girl to my parents and Sriram is the only son to his parents. And all the family members were eagerly expecting only for our child and if I am going to tell what the doctors told me how will our parents feel and react. I really did not know what to do. But I knew my Swamiji is there and he will never leave us alone.

One anjeneya devotee who was claimed by people that he will predict the future and even cure sickness happen to meet me. I and Sriram refused to meet him as we know only Swamiji.   He predicted that my uterus has not grown and there is some problem and that problem has to be cured and only then I can bear a child. And I don’t know how he came to my house but I and Sriram happened to meet him.  For both of us even if the real God comes and talks to us, we will not believe. It’s only Swamiji who is everything for us. The anjeneya devotee was talking to me and he even gave some medicines for me in the form of biscuits and our first job was to throw it out of the window. I was just waiting to see my beloved Swamiji to pour out all the things which I had in my heart.

For some reasons Sriram was made to stay in India and I travelled to Abu Dhabi. For my luck Swamiji came to Abu Dhabi very soon since I had reached Abu Dhabi and I happened to meet him in the pooja. I went to him and I told all that had happened. The moment Swamiji listened to it he busted to laughter. And then he told me that I will be having two children and the first baby will be a baby girl and both of them will be Swamiji’s greatest devotees. I was out the world listening to it and thanked Swamiji millions for blessing me.

After that Sriram got his visa and then by Swamiji’s blessing we shifted to Sharjah to a beautiful house.  We attended so many pooja after that and every time we visited Swamiji we had nothing to ask but one and only for baby. We always use to ask him for the baby and Swamiji used to tell so many things not to get upset like

“Swamiji has given everything to you both. Won’t Swami give you the baby?”

“Swamiji, has given a Mercedes Benz car to drive, won’t Swamiji give you both a baby to drive in that car as well”

“When the right time comes Swamiji will arrange for the baby. You both have to wait for it”

“Baby is on her way. She is coming soon”

I am writing all his sayings of Swamiji just to make people understand that even if both of us were very strong devotees of Swamiji the right time has to come for things to happen to us. As devotees we should have the patience and confidence in our Guru, our God Vikraman Swamiji. We should never lose the trust. If the issue is getting late to happen there may be many reasons which only Swamiji will know. And what he does to us is removing all the obstacles and granting us something which is a miracle. Swamiji says “trust me and leave the rest”. True. We only have to trust him 100%. HE HAS NEVER NEVER NEVER LET HIS DEVOTEES FALL”

I am very proud to say about me and my husband Sriram that we believe Swamiji so much that we waited in patience for the time which Swamiji has chosen for us to have our baby. Swamiji at last in one pooja asked us have you been to Tirupati.  We said “no”. He then told us to visit Tirupati and Sholingar. We did so as per Swamiji’s instruction and we returned back from India.

One month passed away and I did visit the doctor. Doctor told me that if I am not showing positive to pregnancy then I have to do a painful test just to make sure that there is no block in my tube. At that time we were called for a pooja. The crowd was more and our chance came to get Swamiji’s blessings. At that time I was telling about the test and Swamiji told me “Yes, you have to undergo that test.” After hearing that I told Swamiji that it seems to be a painful test. Swamiji replied back to me, “Yes, it is a painful test, I will pray for you” After listening to that I was very upset. I called all my family members to convey the message what Swamiji had told me.  After that I started to browse in the internet to find out what it is. I came through so many web sites giving alarming information’s about the tube test.  I was very upset

One incident happened, which I don’t want to mention here and that incident made me burst to the core. I was shattered. One night, Sriram was sleeping and I was so disturbed not been able to sleep. I was looking at Swamiji’s photo which I had kept to the corner of my bedroom just at the back of my bed. I started to cry. Then I looked deep into his eyes and asked him “You know that I am your strong devotee. You also know that whatever you say will come true 101%. Why do you want me to go through this test? Since what you said will have to come true and I don’t want this test to happen to me TAKE YOUR WORDS BACK SWAMIJI. I SHOULD NOT UNDERGO THIS TEST”

I spoke to Swamiji’s photograph and I slept

Early in the morning still Sriram was sleeping. I knew I was sleeping too but with my consciousness very wide opened. My conscious was looking deep into the same photograph to which I prayed. At that time I saw the eyes of the photograph moving left to right and right to left. From the eyes of the photograph Swamiji’s roop came out from the photograph.  I was seeing Swamiji live on earth. He was so so bright and was wearing white kurta. He was so beautiful for my eyes. He came down to floor and I am watching him and I was also seeing my bedroom which was messy. I went to him and kneeled down to get his blessings and Swamiji told me don’t worry I will take care of you. I told him that I did not know what to offer him. He asked me to give a glass of water. And on my dressing table Sriram keeps a small tumbler to drink his viboothi. I saw it was there and I gave Swamiji a glass of water. Swamiji drank the water and he told me “Ranjena don’t tell anyone that I came”. Telling me so I saw him walking out of my front door and I did saw many people running for him.

I woke up from my consciousness. I still saw Sriram sleeping. I did not know what to do and how to express my feelings of seeing Swamiji with both my eyes wide opened. I was so happy and only tears rolled from my eyes and I did remember the promise which I made to Swamiji. I DID NOT TELL SWAMIJI COMING LIVE TO BLESS ME TO TAKE HIS WORDS BACK TO ANYBODY AND EVEN TO MY HUSBAND SRIRAM”

One or two weeks passed by and the day for doing my test was nearing. Everyone in my family was waiting for me to do the test since Swamiji himself had told me that I have to do the test. No one knew the other story where Swamiji came live to me to take his words back. And I only knew what is going to happen to me.

Just before a week for my tube test I insisted Sriram that I need to do the pregnancy test. Sriram was in surprise and got me a test kit. But only I and Swamiji knew what really happened and still I did not share about my dream experience with Sriram. In fact he did not even come to the medical shop. He sat in the car and I went to purchase a packet of pregnancy test. I got home and kept it in front of Swamiji’s photograph and I just told him “you take care Swamiji”.

Next day I woke up and took the packet from Swamiji’s photograph and I was ready to do the test. Sriram was waiting to pull my legs because my family believed in what Swamiji spoke with me in pooja and no one knew what Swamiji spoke to me in reality. I did the test and “YES, it was POSITIVE”. Sriram just jumped in the air not knowing what happened and he could hardly believe it. And that was the time I told what happened and how Swamiji came to me in reality to bless me and keep away from the tube test. First what we did was to call Swamiji’s ashram. And it was like Swamiji waiting for our call. He picked up the phone and when we told the good news he congratulated and blessed both of us.

Swamiji told us to visit Trirupati. We visited Aug 10, 2003 and my daughter Vibha was born Aug 10th, 2004. Swamiji knows everything past, present, future and the far future. Only trust and belief is needed to go very near him. Near to the extent of actually feeling that he is sitting next to you. People you will actually find hard to believe. When I wanted to see Swamiji, I just look in to his photograph and I have seen his real eyes. If you also feel to see him he appears in your dreams 100%.

Swamiji, you have blessed me and granted me a gift my daughter in which case that each and every single moment when I see her I wish to Thank you million times. Swamiji, without you in our life I would have been totally lost in this wild world. Dear Swamiji, our wish is to always and always to be near you in all our births.

People it’s been always that when you trust and believe and ask Swamiji whatever you want he gives to you what you want along with a bonus too. That’s how Swamiji bless us with our second daughter Subha.

Please sit back and think how Swamiji has done this miracle of blessing us with two children against what the famous Gynecologist findings in me.

Vikraman Swamiji ki Jai!

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