It was the year 2002. In one of the Poojas here in Dubai, Swamiji asked if I had heard of Siddhivinayak temple at Mumbai. I replied in the affirmative and then he asked as to when I would be visiting the same. I was surprised when He said that, as I had heard of the temple and perhaps been there in childhood, if I do remember. As an adult, I had never been there, nor did I plan visiting .This being so as my native place is Pune, which is the Home of Ganpati and whenever I visit Pune, I usually visit the Lord Ganesha temple at Saras Baug. Knowing that there would be a reason as to why Swamiji has asked this question, I replied "Swamiji, whenever you send me, I will go."


On 12 July of the same year, I attended another Pooja. There too Swamiji asked the same question and I too replied as before. At this he told "Sandeep you will visit Siddhivinayak Temple and you will see me in a different form. You will hear someone calling for you. Can you believe in what I say?" I mentioned," Swamiji, if you say something, I know it will happen"


On 2nd Aug 2002 I along with my sister landed at Mumbai and enroute to Pune, we visited the Siddhivinayaka temple as told by Swamiji. Those were the days when I was a bachelor and I used to visit India regularly to look out for a suitable match. We went to the temple and after offering obesciences to Lord Ganesha , we started for  Pune. At the temple nothing happened as Swamiji mentioned and I was a little surprised and disturbed, for I have faith in what Swamiji says and Swamiji's predications never go false. I got married in 2003 and life went on and I had completely forgotten about the incident.



It so happened that this year (2009) I had to change my visa status. My residence visa got cancelled on April 13. As per the law of the country, I had 30 days to leave. I could go anywhere and return by next flight, but the law says one must leave the country. Suddenly out of the blue my sister informed that this year Angarki falls on 13 May and her colleague planned to go for darshan of Siddhivinayaka and she too was contemplating on going there.


The Siddhivinayak temple is located at Prabhadevi, Mumbai. A huge number of worshippers visit the temple every Tuesday, which is considered to be the day of Lord Ganesh.  This number turns in lakhs during Sankashti Chaturthi which falls on the fourth day of the second fortnight of the Hindu Calendar Month . And more than 15 lakh devotees visit the Siddhivinayak temple on Angarki Chaturthi, . Angarki Chaturthi falls on the day when Sankashti Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday. Devotees start forming a queue as early as 6pm from the previous day. The queue can be seen right up to Dadar station which is about 30 minutes walking distance.


Since I had to leave UAE latest by 13 May, I planned to go to Mumbai, have darshan of Lord Ganesha and return same day or perhaps next day. This thought of going to Mumbai and not some other country to change visa status came to my mind just 3-4 days before my visa was due to expire. I called the Siddhi Vinayaka Temple authorities and asked if there is a possibility of special darshan on Tuesday as I was coming all the way from Dubai and it would be perhaps difficult, if not impossible to visit directly come from the airport and wait in the queue for 12-14 hours and then return to Dubai. They mentioned there are passes available but cannot be given on the same day and have to be collected at least a day in advance. I started calling some friends in Mumbai to find out if anyone could collect passes. One friend volunteered but there seemed to be a problem. Once he got the passes from the temple, I would have to collect from him as not much time remained for him to courier to Dubai. Now, we had plans to go to the temple straight from the airport but this would have been at odd hour of about 2 am. It would neither be practical nor wise to visit someone’s place at odd hour at night to collect the passes. I prayed to Swamiji to make a way. It so happened that my aunt from Pune decided to come for darshan and meet us too and so I gave her the number of the temple from where to collect passes. Still the problem of collecting the passes all the way from Pune remained. Again I prayed to Swamiji. My aunt spoke with the authorities and requested one sevadhari to keep the passes with him and she would collect the same on the Anagarki day. She requested this because she would be coming from Pune and we would be coming from Dubai. The sevadhari mentioned to her that as a special case he would allow us to do that and told we can travel without any worry.


So early morning on Anagrki we landed at Mumbai, met my aunt and other relatives at the airport and from there we went straight to the temple. Once we reached there, my aunt called the sevadhari on his mobile to inform we have arrived and is at the car park area. The sevadhari came near the parking and announced WHO ARE THE PEOPLE FROM DUBAI WHO HAVE COME FROM DARSHAN? Hearing this I was amazed! I was speechless too as I remembered Swamiji's prophesy made years ago. We collected the passes, and visited the temple. We had lovely Darshan. Once that was over, the sevadhari met us again and gave prasadam. We took the same and it was early morning by now. We thanked the sevadhari and proceeded to visit other places in Mumbai. That evening I bade good bye to my relatives as I had to return by the night flight to Dubai. As soon as I was sky bound, I thanked Siddhivinayaka and Swamiji! I realized whatever Swamiji says, it will happen. If not today, it will take few days, perhaps years! We as devotees should have the faith and be patience, as always told to us by Sai Baba.


Jai Siddhivinayak!

Jai Sai Baba!

Jai Vikraman Swamiji!


Sandeep Budhrani



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