“Jai Sri Rama Jayam”, “Jai Sri Anjaneya”,

“Jai Sri Sai Baba”, “Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji”


Experience by Suchitra Kannan

Date: 18th December 2009


With the blessing of Swamiji and Kodi Kodi Namaskarams at his Divine Golden Lotus Feet, I would like to share few of my experiences with our beloved Swamiji. Today I proudly say that we are the devotees or of our “ONE AND ONLY LIVING GOD THE GREAT SHRI VIKRAMAN SWAMIJI”.


I came to know about Swamiji through my younger sister Yamini Shankar in 2000.  However, I got the blessing from the almighty to meet Swamiji in June 2001 at the Krishna Mandir in Dubai. It was Friday Bhajans. Me, my daughter Pragatha, my brother Sriram and my sister-in-law Ranjena arranged for a rent a car and went to see Swamiji. When I entered the Mandir my eyes were searching for Swamiji, but I saw a simple young gentle man sitting on the chair in a corner and singing bhajans. For a moment I couldn’t believe my eyes. All my imagination and what heard about Swamijis' in general was totally wrong. Throughout the bhajans I was trying to bring me back to reality. To make me understand his simplicity is the first step he brought me closer to him. We took his blessing and the first blessing and words of Swamiji was about Pragatha. That is “She is a bright child and is going to be a good singer and dancer”.  After his divine blessings we came back to Abu Dhabi.


Next day my routine started and I went to job. In my office there was a big tension. At that time my brother Sriram called me from home and coolly asked me, how are you? I was bit annoyed and with a desperate tone I told I am fine and what is up? He said, no, I believe you have a big tension over there. I was surprised and asked him how you know about it.  He said I just spoke to Swamiji to take blessing from him for job. While taking Swamiji said that your sister is having big tension in office and ask her not to worry and everything will be solved. I was literally in tears and was wondering how it could happen. It was unbelievable. It did not take too long. It was less than an hour the issue was sorted out and I was totally relaxed.  This was my first experience/miracle which was on the second day of meeting our great Swamiji. My trust and belief became stronger. After that every single day and every single moment I started feeling his presence around us and experienced immense number of miracles in my life.


After that we started attending every single pooja of Swamiji. Millions of thanks Swamiji for blessing us.  Swamiji, please bless us, protect us and guide us in a proper way.  Please always keep us under your Divine Umbrella.


Till 2007 Kannan had never attended Swamiji’s pooja. However, in each and every pooja Swamiji used to ask about Kannan and give him Vibuthi Prasad and tell that he is going to be one of his strongest devotees. In one of the poojas in 2007 Pragatha told Swamiji, to bless Kannan to attend the Pooja. The next pooja itself Kannan got the blessings to attend Swamiji’s pooja. Now he is frequently attending Swamiji’s pooja. Thank you Swamiji for your Divine blessings.


Swamiji blessing us with a house


In one of the poojas in Sindhi Ceremony Hall, Dubai, I requested Swamiji on my mother’s continuous push whether we can start constructing a house. Swamiji, without any hesitance said yes. I was really surprised. We hardly had one and half lacks only in hand at that time. Still we proceeded further will full faith and confidence on Swamiji’s words.  On the process we were planning to take loan in India. We approached ICICI bank and the procedure was so lengthy that even after 3 months the loan was not sanctioned. I was deeply praying to Swamiji to solve the issue as we don’t want to stop the construction in the middle. At that time Swamiji came to UAE. In one of the poojas in Abu Dhabi, Swamiji asked Sriram who is Srinivasan. I immediately responded that it is our grandfather’s name and he is no more.  Here I have to say that my grandfather died even before our parents wedding. Swamiji immediately said that his blessings are always there for you. Within 2 days after that my father called from India and said since it is taking too long in ICICI bank, he approached State Bank of India and they agreed to provide loan shortly. Then we stopped the procedures with ICIC and did the formalities for SBI. Within 2 weeks our loan was sanctioned. My father called me and said that the loan was sanctioned and the Manager, Mr. Srinivasan approved it quickly. I was shocked to hear this and asked my father to repeat his name. Later I came to know his name was E. Srinivasan, the exact name of my grandfather with the initial. Then I realized why Swamiji said that name to us. This is our great Swamiji. We can’t understand anything until we realize the situation.  Every single step of our construction, about our entrance, windows, water pump direction, Swamiji’s guidance and blessings were there. It is Swamiji who has blessed and named our house as “Dwaraga Bhavan”. Without Swamiji’s blessing we wouldn’t have achieved this. Thank you a millions for blessing us to experience this Swamiji.


Swamiji blessing my Son to join Professional Course


My son was staying with my mother and was doing his education. Due to unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t keep him with us in Abu Dhabi. I always feel disturbed on this. When he was doing his +2 there were lots of disturbances there and I was too tensed about Vivek’s studies. I asked Swamiji, whether I will quit my job and go back to India to take care of him. Swamiji said you leave the responsibility of your son to me and I will take care of him completely. These words soothed me a lot. He completed his exams and he came to Abu Dhabi for his vacation. When he was here we had lots of opportunities to attend Swamiji’s blessing and take his blessings. In one of the poojas, I told Swamiji that Vivek is willing to do Engineering. Swamiji, said don’t worry he will definitely do. When his results came his marks were not up to the level. I was so depressed. With having full faith in Swamiji’s words, we approached several people and finally we got his admission in engineering college. With Swamiji’s great blessings he is doing is III year B.Tech IT in Chennai. Swamiji made him realize his responsibilities and he is doing well with Swamiji’s divine blessings.



Swamiji saving us from a big accident


In 2007 we went to India for Vivek’s admission in college. At that time we attended my cousin sister’s wedding and were returning. It was just an hour’s travel from that place to Madurai. My elder sister Sumathi’s son Arun was driving the car, my son was sitting next to him and me my sister’s daughter Prasanya were sitting behind. While returning we all were tired. Arun while driving for a second went to sleep and the car started going towards the right side of the road. We just escaped hitting a lorry and went completely down the road. The car went and hit one stone and climbed on the other and stopped. I was totally skidding and we couldn’t realize how or who stopped it. The other side is a deep ditch. Little bit missed we can’t even imagine what would have happened to us. The door next to Arun was opened and he was hanging outside the car holding the steering. Vivek’s head hit in the front and the window pane flew. The car broke in the middle. We all came out and looked at each other. What a miracle there was no casualties. Only a small scratch on Arun’s head and all of us got internal injuries only. Only Swamiji saved us all. Thank you Swamiji for protecting us and being with us always.



Medical Miracles experienced:


Swamiji has done a lots and lots of medical miracles for his devotees around the world. Some of my personal experiences are here.


1)                 My Son Vivek was staying with my mother and during one Diwali he got burns on his hand while playing with the crackers and due to his careless ness. When my mother told this I was very disturbed and the next pooja I told this to Swamiji and cried. Swamiji said don’t worry he will be alright. Within few days he was perfectly alright.


2)                 My daughter Pragatha was having problem from her birth. She used to vomit at least 5 times a day. When we met Swamiji first she was 1+. After attending few poojas I told Swamiji about this. Swamiji said this will reduce when she is 3 and will stop when she is 5. That is what exactly happened. There is no doubt in Swamiji’s words.


3)                 Another miracle happened is that in September this year, Pragatha got severe head ache. 3 days passed and her head ache was not coming down. I went to the child specialist, they asked me to make sure that she doesn’t have any dental or eye problem. I went to both the doctors. They said that she doesn’t have any problem and the child specialist suggested seeing a neurologist. He said that she has got migraine and gave a medication for that. Despite of taking medication for more than a month her head ache was not coming down and every day & night she was crying due to severe pain. Next the doctor asked us to go for Brain MRI. I called Swamiji and with full of tears of I told him the problem. Swamiji said that I am coming to UAE soon and she will get better then. Within 3 days Swamiji was here in UAE. We went to Swamiji’s pooja and I told this to Swamiji. He asked us to proceed with MRI, but don’t worry as she will be alright soon. We went through the procedure and the MRI was clear and nothing to worry. Finally Swamiji made me to visit another eye specialist who found that she is having problem in her eye sight and suggested to wear specs. Only Swamiji guided us in proper way and cured her. With Swamiji’s blessing she is perfectly alright now.


4)                 After 2008 Diwali, my mother was admitted in the hospital due to chest pain and the doctors told that a complete check up has to be done the next day to identify the exact problem. Swamiji was in UAE at that time. I called Poornima here and requested her to pass on this message to Swamiji. Swamiji asked her to inform me that my mother’s problem is due to her back and that she has to do some exercises daily. This made us relax completely. The next day after complete check up the doctors told the same.  Swamiji being here several miles away from India informed us about the problem, where as the doctor’s have to do checkups. Unbelievable. With Swamiji’s blessings my mother was alright within few days.


5)                 Once when Swamiji was in Dubai I got a call from India that my sister’s husband Shankar had got severe convulsions and became unconscious. He was admitted in the hospital and in MRI they found that there were 2 blood clots in his brain. They also said that he has to go for immediate surgery. I immediately called Poornima and explained her about the situation. She contacted Swamiji immediately and Swamiji asked her to pass the message that he is having some problem however he will be out of hospital within 3 days and not need for surgery. I called my mother and my sister and passed on this information. The next day morning the doctors organized for the operation and as a procedure they were doing the scanning again to locate the clot. To their surprise they couldn’t see any clot and told that it must have passed by and cancelled his operation. The 3rd day Shankar was discharged and was at home. This is our great Swamiji.


Swamiji, thank you for blessing me to write few miracles happened in our life. Please bless us to experience more and more and write it Swamiji. Swamiji please bless us and be with us each and every millisecond. Millions and Millions of the wonderful miracles happening in our day to day life Swamiji. We totally surrender at your Divine lotus feet and plead you to take care of us. Our special prayers for each and every one in our family and all your devotees around the world. Namaskarams to Amma and Love to Archana. “Om Sri Vikraman Swamiye Namaha”.

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