Experience of Indranee Muthu Krishnan (Rani)

While I was away on a trip to the USA during October 1997, my mom along with a host of other people met with Swamiji. Whilst he was giving advise to each and every individual, Swamiji came upon my mom and stopped for a moment and told her not to worry about the daughter who is away at the moment and said all the worries that she was having in her mind and heart about her daughter ( myself ) will cease to exist after March 1998.  The prediction was that I will marry again and my career path will improve and there will be happiness in the family fold once again. Well, just before March, I met my intended husband via the Internet and now we have set our marriage date for the month of April. The whole family adores him as his family adores me. To top it all, my ex-boss called me up recently (last Monday) to offer me a job at her company as an Office Manager. I have been for the interview, and am awaiting the results, which I sincerely pray will be positive.

I still cannot believe all that has happened thus far, but honest to God it has. Dreams do come true for all of us who have faith in the Swamiji and I would like to thank him for his prayers and support. My family and I will continue to spread the word of faith.

Indranee Muthu Krishnan


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