Jai Sri Ram


Experience – Krishnamoorthy , Dubai, Part-2


Swami takes care of my father-in-law


Last July, when we went to Chennai for our vacation, we were fortunate to have Swami’s darshan in his ashram. This time, we also took along my wife’s father.  He was running his own consultancy, which he couldn’t manage and had to shut down. He was going through a lot a stress and we thought the best solution was to take him to Swami and get His blessings. As soon as Swami entered, He asked my wife about her father and made him sit next to Him. He talked to him for sometime and then from time to time gave him fruits to eat and gave him words of comfort and encouragement. My father-in-law is 83 years old and was fortunate to sit next to Swami for about 10 hours continuously. Swami asked him whether he knows anyone by the name of “Raj”. At that time, we couldn’t remember anyone, as usual. Swami said that some Raj would help my father-in-law. After a few days, we went to Madurai where my father-in-law had a plot but was not able to sell it for some reason. Selling the plot was important at that time, to make my father-in-law financially more stable. So, I told my brother about the land and our desire to sell it. My brother said he would take care of the matter. Meanwhile, we went to see the plot. While we were there, a man came running to us and introduced himself as a land broker living in that area. When we told him the matter, he assured us of his help. Within 15 days, everything went smoothly and the plot was sold. My brother and the broker took care of the entire matter and the beauty of the whole incident is that both their names are “Rajendran”! Swami had taken care of the whole process and we were blessed by our Swami in His ashram that day. Thank You, Swami for taking care of my father-in-law and giving him the support he truly needed.



The next 3 experiences are written by my daughter, Gopika, who is currently studying in 12th standard.


Rank miracle


This miracle happened when I was in grade 6(in the year 2004). I used to be the first ranker of my class in every exam. But that year we had a new admission in our class who happened to be a very brilliant student. The girl became the topper of our class in the subsequent exams and at that age, rank being a priority, the fact that I couldn’t get first rank in my class upset me. Swami asked me,” which rank do you want?” I replied,” first”.  He wished me all the best and said I would get it.  During my final mathematics exam, the girl, with whom I had a stiff competition, forgot to answer questions on the last page of the paper. So she lost around 33 marks in her maths paper. Thus, I stood first in that exam. It was virtually impossible for me to get first because the girl was good at both Hindi and English both of which were my weak subjects. Coming first in the final exam was an inspiration for me and I was able to come first in the following exams as well by Swami’s grace. How beautifully His words had come true. A small girl’s wish to stand first in her class can be so insignificant but for Swami, he takes care of the smallest wishes of his littlest bakthas, if only we surrender to His feet. My Swami, thanks a million for your guidance and encouragement.



Swami reminds me about my pen


During my tenth standard models in January 2008, Swami had come to our house.  During the pooja, he asked me,” Gopika, pennu vanga vendama?”( Gopika, don’t you have to buy a pen?)I thought for a while and replied yes indeed! That day I had written one of my model exams and while writing, my pen’s ink got over and thankfully, I had another pen. I made a mental note to keep another pen in my pencil box when I get back home but then naturally forgot. Swami reminded me about the pen and in a subtle manner taught me two things: one, do not forget your duties as a student and two, God is watching everything. Even if you forget, He doesn’t. This incident also reaffirmed my faith in my Swami and also made me realize that I was lucky to have Him in my life. Swami, my humble pranams to YOUR golden feet.



Weight issue


Swami once asked me if I wanted to reduce weight. I said yes. He said that I will reduce and within a year I reduced weight by 3-4 kilos. Swami can control everything, even the weight of his bhakthas. By doing this he is indirectly taking full control and responsibility of their health and protecting them ever always.


All these experiences that we have noted down are very few. So many of them happen everyday, some we notice and some others go unnoticed. So Swami , please bless so that we always remember you in whatever little we do, bless us so that we always thank YOU for YOUR Blessings and bless us with humility and bakthi so that we can surrender to you completely with faith. Thank You Swami for whatever you have done for us.



Jai Sri Ram!

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