Siva Gowry Arooran - Kuwait



My thousand and thousand pranams to my beloved Lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji.


I would like to share the greatness of my sat guru & his (Swamiji)   miracles.


My special thanks to Kethavarajan brother & his family for telling about greatness of our lord and his miracles and took us to swamiji’s pujas.


My first swamiji dharsanam.


18 Sep 2008 is an unforgettable day in my life as I met my Swamiji for the first time, this was my second bajan. I joined with my husband in Kuwait only on 4th Sep 2008 .


When I got the first dharasanam of the Swamiji I got excited and I could not express or explain the feeling in words, at that moment lots of birds & butterflies were flying in my heart. At that time I realized I have found my Sat Guru to guide and protect me.


Swamiji was telling about my past but I was not that much impressed by that but all were correct. But when Swamiji told about the apartment where I am living in Kuwait and the rooms, items etc I was totally shocked at that moment and understood His greatness. At that moment I surrendered myself at Swamiji’s lotus feet.


In the same puja Swamiji told us that next time when I see you there will be some difference.


After coming from the Swamiji Dharasanam I was thinking and discussing with my husband what is it? But we could get any answer or clue for it.


After this pooja Swamiji went back to India, so we could not have his physical presence in Kuwait. In the next bajan I asked Swamiji’s old devotees when Swamiji will visit Kuwait again, most of them told probably between February and April in 2009. 


The miracle at house / apartment.


This miracle happened within three or four weeks after I got the first dharasanam of my Swamji.


 I cannot exactly remember in which puja DVD, but one Swamiji’s devotee from Dubai said they were shifting their house / apartment and they were very much tired to cook or go out for lunch and asked Swamiji to give food. When they went to their old house / apartment and came back to the new there was a lunch pack at their house / apartment door and so on.


One day I and my husband were suffering from fever we could not cook or go out. We remember that devotee’s saying and asked our Guru Maharaj “Swami why don’t you give some food to us”. We could not believe within ten or twenty minutes, some one was knocking at our door when my husband open the door a person asked whether your want vadai, samosa etc. We bought some snacks from him and all are very tasty and hot. My husband told until such day he had never seen any one coming like this with snacks (my husband was living in this apartment from June 2008 and this happened around October 2008) and we did not met that person again or no one else came like this up to now ( Dec 2009).


This shows how Swamiji love his devotees and even small thing when His devotees want it Swamiji fulfills devotee’s request.


Also this shows our great Guru is always with his devotees and helping, guiding and protecting them always.


I became pregnant (May 2009)


We married in 2002. In the early stage we were not interested to have children and we want to enjoy our life. But when my husband and my friends got babies, we also thought to have children. (At that time we were in Sri Lanka)


So we went for medical checkup to find out whether we are fit to have child at APOLLO, Sri Lanka (this was in 2006). They found that I have Thyroid disorder so I have to take medicine to control it. Days were passing and we kept our faith in God and tried for baby. But unfortunately we could not succeed and the Doctor told it will be difficult for us to have baby in the normal way and we have to go for IVS and we did it. But as we were living alone and I could not get any advice from elders (my parents were in Jaffna and they cannot come to Colombo where we were living and his parents were in Canada). IVS also failed. Then we changed the doctor as others also said she was now more concern on money. After changing the doctor also we could not succeed and later my husband shifted to Kuwait (in May 2008).


After Swmiji’s dharsanam I was praying to Swamiji, please bless us to have a children and I became pregnant without any medical treatment or support, I was only taking medicine for thyroid at that time and we found a good doctor to do the investigations very near (walking distance) to my apartment.


All these are because of my beloved Swamiji.


Now I like to tell you another miracle of Swamji in this matter, when I saw the Guru Maharaj first time in Kuwait Swamiji told that next time when I meet you there will be a difference in you and this is also a miracle of my Lord Vikraman Swamiji because I became pregnant in May 2009. He again gave His dharsanam to His devotees in August 2009.  Just three months passed after I conceived so that I can travel and go for the pooja to have Samiji dharsanam.  So the second time when I had my Lord’s dharsanam there is a difference in me.  I am carrying Swamiji’s devotee with me as Swamiji blessed us earlier.


There are no words to tell all the miracles of the Lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji, I surrendered my soul at Swamiji’s lotus feet to guide and protect me, my family, His devotees and all in the world.


This is part 1 of my experience next parts will continue as  there are lots and lots of miracles happened and happening in my life I cannot say all here. Believe   our Lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji and surrender yourself to Swamiji after that Swamiji will take care of you and your family and this is from my experience.


Shri Virkaman Swamiji is living God, whom we can talk and touch.


We have done some good karma to live with Swamji and have His dharsanam.


Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam

Swamiji saranam

Shri Vikraman Swamiji Saranam.



Siva Gowry Arooran - Kuwait.

10 December 2009

End of part 01



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