Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


Part 18


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.




I was in a major fix to get my leave sanctioned to go for Hanumanth Jayanthi. Since, I submitted my resignation in Sep’03 I was having on off problems with my superior. A person was hired above me, and now I had to convince two people. Let me address my boss as V and his boss as P. When I spoke to V, he asked me to talk to P. When I spoke to Swamiji, mentioned the difficulty of my leave being approved. He asked me to apply and leave the rest to him. I was so happy that Swamiji would take care of everything.


I went to P and asked,


Self  : Need 3 days leave?

P     : Why?

Self  : I want to go to Chennai to attend Swamiji’s pooja.

P     : Go to your boss and talk to him.

Self  : I already spoke to him.

P     : What did he say?

Self  : He wants me to talk to you.

P     : Your boss is new that is why he does not want you to take leave. Would talk to

          him and get back to you.

Self  : OK.


I did not have any other option. After two days, since both of them did not talk, I approached P again.


Self : About my leave, have you decided anything?

P     : Your boss is also of the opinion that you should not go on leave.

Self : I am not taking one month leave it is only 3 days. If I fall sick for three days

         would not anyone manage those days?

P     : No, you cannot take leave.

Self  : Ok.


Next day morning I called Swamiji and said,


Self      : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai Sri Ram Natesan. How are you today?

Self      : Swamiji I am not ok. I spoke to P and he refused to sanction 3 days leave.

Swamiji: What is his problem?

Self      : (Narrated the conversation.) Swamiji I want to come and attend the pooja.

Swamiji: Do not worry go back to him and tell you want one week off.

Self      : Swamiji, he is not giving me 3 days how can I ask for one week.

Swamiji: You just ask him.

Self      : Ok Swamiji.


I went to office, by noon when time was, suitable went to P,


Self   : Want to talk to you about my leave.

P      : Yesterday I told your leave would not be approved.

Self   : Yes I know but I spoke to my Swamiji he wants me to attend the pooja, so I

           need one week leave?

P      :  I denied 3 days leave and now you are asking for one week

Self   : That is what my Swamiji wanted me to ask you.

P      :  No leave. Call Swamiji and ask what his final decision is.

Self   : Do you want me to ask him that?

P      : Yes.


Next day morning again called Swamiji,


Self       : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji : Sri Ramajayam Natesan. What happened?

Self       : You know everything Swamiji. (Narrated exactly what was discussed). I am

               worried Swamiji.

Swamiji : Go back to him and ask what his final decision is? Accordingly, I will

               give my decision.

Self       : Swamiji I want to come for Jayanthi.

Swamiji : Do not worry you just go and tell him.


Went to P and narrated everything.


P    : Did Swamiji told you find what my final decision is.

Self : Exactly.

P    : Call Swamiji now. I want to speak to him.

Self : I do not know whether he is there anyway let me try.


Called Swamiji,


Self       : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji : Jai Sri Ram.

Self       : Swamiji, I told P all what you told me. Now he wants to talk to You. Can


Swamiji : No problems give the phone to him. Do not go away stay there only.


I handed over the phone to P.


P           : Pranam Swamiji.

P           : Swamiji I do not have any problem with his leave but the VP will create a

               problem. Who am I to take the decision? If you ask me to send him, I will

               send him.


I was thinking what a drama, as if my Swamiji does not know, who is creating the problem.


P: Do you want me to change my car?

P: Ok Swamiji. If you tell, I will change.

P: I will try to get his leave sanctioned by VP.

P: One minute Swamiji.


Handed over the phone to me,


Self       : Swamiji.

Swamiji : No problem your leave is ok now, are you happy.

Self       : Thank you Swamiji.


P           : Give me an application why you are going I will give it to VP and get it


Self       : Ok, thank you.


I was wondering why VP has to sign my leave that is also only 3 days. Past 10 years I was working with them never it went beyond my boss. Anyway, I went and gave my leave application to P for VP’s sanction.


For the next two days, nothing happened. Next day I came to know that VP was going on Christmas break. If He leaves, I will be given an excuse that VP did not sign and all the plans are doomed. I was on pin, went, and asked P about my application he said he would try. The mystery was VP’s room was right in front of P’s room and every day he goes into VP’s room several times. I was praying to Swamiji to get my leave sanctioned otherwise I could not put my passport for stamping the visa and buy the ticket. Then, in the evening when I checked up again, P took the application signed and gave it back. He said you would face the consequences. I said OK and walked away. When my Swamiji is there, why should I worry? More over I did not bother for anything other than attending pooja. I understood it was not Vice President (VP) truly, my bosses V and P were the troublemakers.


I managed to get my visa stamped and buy the ticket. Since, all the drama of changing dates Swamiji arranged convenient arrangement. Only one thing I was not happy because 31st midnight I will be flying. I will not be able to pray in my house at New Year dawn. I took off from Kuwait and landed at Dubai airport. Instead of take off before dawn, the flight was delayed at the tarmac and it took off only after 12.45am. Therefore, I was in Swamiji’s second residence. That was the consolation I had for a better place.    


I reached Chennai and got the blessings from Swamiji and Amma. Mr, Venkatesh (Mr.V) arrived and I went out with him to do my shopping. My Amma is so careful with me, she in fact told Mr.V "take Natesan with you, and buy everything what he wants and bring him back home". I went off with Mr. V to do shopping. My Swamiji is so great every Jayanthi he shows something special for me.


One of the dramas was when I went with Mr. V to visit a family highly respected by me. Lady of the house asked me certain questions about my belief in religion. I explained to her that my parents never objected me to go to other worshipping places. Even though I am born Hindu I respect all religion. Then I was made to understand there are Swamiji’s in every street so why I am like this. Whether my parents did not teach about Mutt. First, I did not understand what this Mutt is. I did not know how to respond. It was especially a family highly respected by me, I did not expect to get questions like that. I was listening to the questions and was praying to Swamiji, why He is testing me. Am I to defend my faith in Swamiji or just let it go? Finally, I said nothing doing Swamiji, you are not a common Swamiji. Every happening in my life is so miraculous if I keep quiet, I accept that my Swamiji is nothing.


Then explained to her some of my experiences with Swamiji’s divine power. Finally, said when I experience all miracles, which is impossible to lot of people, how anyone can expect me not to accept God is sitting and talking to me. Let anybody say anything but for me God is talking to me in the form of Swamiji. I felt bad to talk to elders like this but my Swamiji is much more important to me. Later when we came out Mr. V was laughing at me. Upon asking why he is laughing, he explained that these people do not believe anyone other than their faith. I told sorry about the whole thing. He said I enjoyed your talk Natesan I never knew that you could talk like this. Mr. V, I did not know that I could talk this way. You are such a learned person, when you talk to me, I am just listening and enjoy. Compared to you I am just an ordinary person. It must be our Swamiji might have actioned like this.   


After we attended the first day’s pooja Swamiji was casually talking to few people along with the owner of Karu Mari Amman temple, which is closer to Ashram. Since, time was running I asked Mr.V,


Self    : Shall we ask Swamiji, to go and put the chairs in front of the stage?      

            Otherwise, tomorrow morning when we are in Ganapathy Homam they will

             look for volunteers to put the chairs. 

Mr. V: Yes, you ask Swamiji. 


I was waiting for Swamiji to relax and I asked,


Self   : Swamiji, can we go and put the chairs in front of the stage otherwise tomorrow

           morning while we are in Ganapathy Homam we will be requested to come and

           put the chairs. We will get disturbed. Can we go now and do it.


Swamiji, looked at me, and continued to talk to others.


I looked at Mr. V with my quiz face he knew what I was going through, by hand, sign he said wait. While people were leaving I asked Mr. V,


Self      : Shall we ask Swamiji again?

Mr. V   : I will not ask if you want, go ahead.

Self       : Swamiji.

Swamiji : Yes Natesan.

Self       : Swamiji, can we go and put the chairs in front of the stage otherwise

               tomorrow morning while we are in Ganapathy Homam, we will be requested

               to come and put the chairs. We will get disturbed. Can we go now and do it.

Swamiji : Sure, go ahead.

Self        : Ok Swamiji.


We walked towards the stage.


Mr. V: Natesan I would not have asked Swamiji again.

Self    : You know I too would not have asked again. I do not know how I did it, if we

           have not done we will surely get disturbed tomorrow morning.

Mr. V: No problem Swamiji knows what to do.


Yes, as he said Swamiji knew the right time to show me his dramas.


When we went, we saw two cars were parked in front of the stage. Unless they take out the cars, we will not be able to put the chairs. I asked Mr. V until the cars are removed can we walk up to the road top. When we were walking, Swamiji had decided to show us another experience. It was closer to 11.30pm and I heard drum beat. I asked Mr. V what is that noise. Before he could answer, I noticed deity being brought closer to the temple. I said come let us go and I gave a dash towards the temple. The people who were carrying the deity were trying to take the statue inside the temple. There was a gap and the pallak was tilting to a side. Therefore, quickly I moved in and gave a hand to balance the pallak. I helped the pallak to be carried in and once we went in, we kept the pallak down. Then I looked for Mr.V, he was standing on the side and was smiling at me. When I went to him, he asked, what happened to me that I forgot everything and ran like that. I said I do not know what happened to me I just got carried away. Then he asked whether I know which God did I carry. I said I do not know. Then he said that day was opening of Swarga vasal and today people will go directly to heaven. I was so ignorant about it. I just smiled and said I did not know about it. Then the owner of the temple who was talking to Swamiji before noticed us, came to us, and put us garland and picture of Lakshmi Narayan. Honestly, I was floating in air. This kind of blessing is not possible if not for Swamiji’s blessing. Then we came out and I was thinking where did I leave my slippers. Mr. V said Oh! Now you are looking for the slippers. It is here. When I realised how it came over there I felt very bad. I was cursing for the idiotic behaviour of mine. For me such a learned person whom I respect need not worry of me. He is such a wonderful person. Swamiji had arranged Mr.V for me, to go through some facts of life. Through him, only I learned devotion and bakthi towards Swamiji. Then we walked out of the temple, went and arranged the chairs.


Yes, as he said Swamiji knew the right time to show me his dramas. Otherwise, Swamiji could have asked me to arrange the chairs at the first request itself then I would have missed all the temple events.


Next day when the pooja was conducted, we were not disturbed.    


After the Ganesh Pooja  Swamiji gave me a simple blessing with five words, which boosted my confidence. That was Swami, Sonnathu Nadakkum Santhegamillai, Santhegamillai. With all what happened regarding my leave and how I was in front of Him, itself was sufficient to realise the authority of my Swamiji.


After the pooja, Swamiji started to bless devotees who were waiting in the queue. I was wandering around. Amma saw me and instructed me to go and wait closer to Swamiji. Then I was given a tray of fruits to hold for Swamiji. After few minutes, Swamiji looked at me and asked what I am doing over there. He asked me to leave from there and go and do something better. I was bit upset with this remark. Still I had to do what He says so I moved from there. While walking I saw Mr. Venkatesh’s eldest daughter, who was serving sweet rice to people. I joined her in giving the Prasad. After sometime I saw a child (could be 4 or 5 years) coming to the queue for second time serve. I was thinking of Swamiji’s greatness of feeding the needy that day. To my surprise, I saw that boy coming again that was third time. I decided to play with that child.

Self   : Did not you come the third time?

Child: No. (with a fear in his eyes)

Self   : No, you came before.

Child : (Shook his head to say no) No.   

Self   :  If you tell a lie, I will inform the police

Got scared and wanted to leave. I held his hand,

Self   : Tell me the truth; this is the third time, right.

Child: No. 

Self   :  Ok why are you taking the food away. Eat now.

Shook his head and ate. I saw the divine look in his eyes. Then I thought oh! My God. Swamiji wanted me to understand the benefit of giving the food to the needy. In addition, the thankful look on the face of the child gave me so much happiness to serve that child. Swamiji is right, I would have missed the glorified serve to that child. In addition, I heard someone’s rude remark to the child. Luckily, Swamiji kept me there to serve that child. My Swamiji serves the needy wholeheartedly and must be enjoying what they feel and say.

We do not understand what is around but the divine only know to show what we have to see. When I saw those smiling faces, I was so happy. What more happiness I could have received from Swamiji. I was blessed to have such a joy showered on me.


In the evening when Swamiji was on the stage, while singing all of a sudden I heard Swamiji calling Natesan and Venkatesh where are you? Mr. Venkatesh and myself were sitting little further away with his family. Mr. Venkatesh told me Swamiji is calling go. I said to him did not you hear your name. Come let us go. We both got up and proceeded towards the stage. By that time, Swamiji started to sing next song. When we approached, I stood in front of Swamiji’s vision but in a corner. Then one person came to me and said “madam is calling you to come and sit”. I said to him ok, and was wondering who this madam is. Swamiji called and I must wait for him to finish the song to go forward and ask what He wants. Again that person came and mentioned “madam is calling you”. I was wondering which madam (thinking who?) is calling me. When I turned to see divine mother was sitting with a smile, waved me to come and sit next to her. I went to her and sat then Swamiji looked at me and gave his childish smile. I said oh! My God, You are very busy singing and arranging what I want too.


Actually while sitting I was looking for Amma(n) and was wondering what happened to her. For the past few hours, I did not see her. Lord was witnessing, brought, and left me next to her and smiling too. That smile was if you want something, you do not have to ask me I know how to get you. With this kind of arrangement, do I have to worry?


Next day before I left to the airport Swamiji did taught me a valuable lesson. What He did was a simple act but the way He passed the message to me was so powerful. I took the blessing from Swamiji and Amma and when I got up,

Swamiji : Is everything ok?

Self        : Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji : Are you ready to leave?

Self        : Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji : OK then get into the van.

Self        : OK Swamiji.

I got into the Van closed the door,

Swamiji : OK Natesan bye.

Self        : Jai Sri Ram Swamiji.

Swamiji : Where is your passport?

Self        : It is here Swamiji.

Swamiji : Where?


Swamiji : Where?

Self        : I do not know Swamiji. I left it in the handbag.

Swamiji : Then where is it now?

Self        : Swamiji I do not know what happened to the bag.

Swamiji brought the handbag from his back and gave it to me.

Swamiji : You should be careful.

Self        : I am sorry Swamiji.

Swamiji : Passport is valuable document. You should be careful.

I was down from the van, and took blessing from both. Took the bag from Him and got into the van, and closed the door. I enjoyed the last minute drama.

He played by hiding my handbag and giving it to me. After checking in, I made a telephone call and I left the bag at the telephone booth, and went to board the plane. Luckily, within minutes Swamiji’s experience reminded me about the bag is missing. Otherwise, I would have landed at the Srilankan airport and searched for that bag. Swamiji gave me the experience at the right time. Otherwise, I would have carelessly left the passport at Chennai airport. My God is always watching me and will not put me in trouble and caution me on time.

I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.



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