My experiences with Swamiji- Rajasree-London

Let me consolidate some of my experiences over the past eight years with our great yet sweet and humble , Swamiji .

I thought I had written this experience with my Malaysian experiences, Swamiji  asked me to describe to everyone this time, I came home and realised I have forgotten to share it (it happened more than eight years back) and Swamiji  reminded me and I realised how fortunate we are to have him in our life.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Anjana , in 2001, I was travelling by cab to the office. The driver went through a bump and I was in pain and prayed to Swamiji to protect my child. When I looked at the mirror instead of the driver, I saw Swamiji smiling at me and then I forgot my pain!!

In 2002, my beloved husband, as Swamiji wanted us to tell, got a job in Foster Wheeler- Chennai and was deputed to U.K. I got Swamiji’s blessings and we came to Reading, U.K. Within 5-6 months most of them were made redundant and sent back to India. Meanwhile my mother was in India and when she went to meet our Swamiji, he asked her, “ Are you not going to London?”  She told Swamiji about the problems here, as when we tried for sponsoring her here, Jeevan’s boss told that it wasn’t right time to bring her, when we might have to go back.

Swamiji told her, that we will settle here and we will do well and she could go without any problems. My husband got another job very soon and she came over and we are here now and got the citizenship which we never even thought of, but it was what Swamiji wanted us to.

Swamiji kept telling me I will get a job and we will do well and most unexpectedly got a job in 2005 and enjoyed it and when redundancy started, Swamiji kept me in longer than most, then told me not to worry and Swamiji has many more companies where he will get me a job. I am now waiting for that miracle!!

We managed to get a house in 2006, which we never thought of, and I was so worried about our capability, finances to get a house here, so called Swamiji as we just started to save, but Swamiji made sure everything could be arranged and we moved in on Jan 15th 2006, Anjana’s birthday.

My brother inlaw, Sham was studying in Madras when he had the chance to meet Swamiji and then Swamiji told him you will learn further and come back and meet me as a great person, he was just doing his graduation, then he did his Master’s here staying with us and then his Phd in Belfast and he is now a Dr in Virology!! Swamiji’s words surprise us till it happens!!!

My niece, Sumukhi was doing her graduation in Madras, when Swamiji asked her whether she was interested in going to London. She had no plans..not thought of finances.. Swamiji said that she will and she would do a subject with Maths. She told that she was doing Microbiology and so no Maths.. BUT Swamiji repeated that she will do a subject with Maths and Biology in London. She did Bioinformatics which was in Maths department!! She still tells about that, as she thought she might not use Maths again.

My beloved husband had to go to Chile in 2007 for nearly a year off and on and was stationed there for some months.  He used to travel by car and since the driving was different from U.K and since the site and office was far, I used to worry about his fatigue. He has not experienced our Swamiji’s sweetness but since I married him just because of Swamiji, my husband accepts my belief but does not like to be compelled. I have left it in Swamiji’s hands to attract him!

Since Swamiji had told me(when I was thoughtful about our match, between a person who thinks Swamiji does everything to a person who rationalises everything,) that Swamiji is with my husband and so I can always follow him, I try my best not to question him( I do argue sometimes and Swamiji corrects me always.. even on 10th Jan 2010..,I remember him reminding us that we should consider our partners as beloved wife and beloved husband... which was a great advice to me and I think to all of us there.)

My husband was driving back from Site in Chile to his hotel in Santiago. I was sleeping in U.K, glancing at Swamiji’s photo asking Swamiji to protect him, every now and then. It was too late and I didn’t receive his call, so though I was sleeping, I was waking up and praying to Swamiji to take care. Then around 2am, I had a dream of a white car and Swamiji as a chauffeur!!  Swamiji took his cap and saluted me and I was in a shock. Within few minutes, my husband called to tell he reached. Our Swamiji goes to any level to protect us and make us happy!! I was literally in tears and was thanking our Swamiji!!

One of my friends who had some physic powers and told me Raji, I had a bad feeling, please don’t let Ajay near the sea or any water body. I said that Ajay is not going anywhere, but Jeevan was in Chile and they are going on some trip in the sea. Knowing Jeevan, he will not stop if I tell him to, telling all this is my stupid thoughts. She knew I was Swamiji’s devotee and she also knew him well. I, kept praying to Swamiji to protect him, Swamiji, you know everything, please take care and next day, the trip was cancelled due to technical problems. Without my telling anything, Swamiji stopped the trip.

On Ajay’s birthday, two years ago, we were blessed to talk to Swamiji , he asked my son whether he should be in first place in school, we didn’t know how he will be so as they don’t rank them in school. Very soon, we came to know they had a system to having top group, top desk, top person and Ajay was there in the top. After that blessing, his attitude towards learning changed and he became competitive. Swamiji, brought that feeling in the kid to aim to achieve.

I was walking to my work place and tried calling Swamiji, so my early morning is so blissful and happy. Swamiji took the phone and asked me why I was walking in the dark..( Swamiji could see me as it was still not daylight here.). How lucky are we to have someone take care of us like this?

Swamiji then told me, just now we have fixed Hanuman Jayanthi for 9th-10th Jan, all of you can come. I told him, Swamiji, you know everything, my job, children and all expenses were running in my mind. Swamiji said I will take care. I wanted to attend very badly and kept telling my husband about it, I lost my job and so one problem solved, my kids, mom, husband, niece, to be taken care, feel guilty leaving them here, but then everyone agreed and asked me to go to Swamiji and get happiness and blessings for all of them as well. I booked tickets and informed Swamiji , who said welcome!!

Then came our British passport on Dec4th, so fast, that I had to surrender my Indian passport and get a visa according to new rules. I didn’t realise the rules were so strict, so on 14th Dec, I was in tears as I knew it was time consuming and there were Christmas holidays coming up. It was my husband’s Convocation for his MBA and he deserved happiness for his struggle to work, learn, teach kids, help me. So I called Swamiji’s ashram and teacher took the phone... I told her to ask Swamiji for blessings for coming there for Jayanthi and also for my husband. Swamiji makes his devotees tell consoling words as well, she said Swamiji will bring you here, don’t worry, Rajasree.

On 15th morning with snow and frost !!I started my efforts as it will take atleast 8 to 9 days minimum and hoped it didn’t go beyond then it will become slower. I had booked my tickets for 2nd Jan 2010. I saw a dream on 24th early morning, Swamiji showing me 3,, with 3 fingers with different types of rings, I got my visa on 24th !! and met Swamiji on 3rd Jan 2010.

On onam day, I saw a dream of our aunty telling me, today Swamiji is making payasam for us, it seems he is cooking today. I was feeling so bad, why is Swamiji doing this for us, I could see him working with his dhothi tied up, making payasam of different types of flowers... it was a surprise to me and might have more meaning!!

My sister was in Mantralyam and usually she calls us where ever she is, inspite of the charges. After going there, she didn’t call us for 3 days and when we tried all phones were dead. I called Ashram and told Selvam to please tell Swamiji. While he said that would conveyed, he asked me to pray and Swamiji would never let us down. I saw on the net Mantralyam and saw it is submerged. We kept praying.. and by evening my sister called from Bangalore after they reached there. Swamiji saved them and also didn’t let us know, so we wouldn’t worry about it, so kind and thoughtful a Swamiji he is!!

I am a vegetarian but my husband and children love to eat meat and fish. I used to think of Kannappan who fed Shiva with his portion of meat and think God loves everyone and so let me make it for them and have made. Everytime, I make, I don’t taste it, I keep telling Swamiji, please make it taste delicious, ok, Swamiji, don’t let me down, Swamiji!! He always makes it so well, that even my neighbour’s children love it..!!It is all Swamiji’s cooking and his recipes!! Even two days back, he did that for me!!

Swamiji‘s on new year telecast asked me “Rajasree, how are you? Are you happy? “I was elated but my daughter was touching Swamiji’s photo on the computer and asking why he is not asking about her.. or something like that. Next Swamiji asked what is the problem with your second child, daughter. She jumped down, asking how did he know? what did he ask? Then when I was there for Jayanthi, she told me to pray for her dance exams, telling she really believed in him now so much. Swamiji attracts everyone in different ways and it is all amazing.

When I was in there for Jayanthi 2010 and Swamiji made me meet many devotees and share their experiences and learn more and more. Another important lesson, I learnt on 10th Jan 2010, to never think of anything as mine, think of it as Swamiji’s gift, then it is easier for us to digest.

One thing, I felt about our Swamiji is that like gopikas used to forget everything and talk about Krishna, we think of speaking about our experiences with our Lord ,how HE comes to us in different forms, different places and makes us happy.  

I saw Swamiji on 3rd,7th,9th and 10th and Swamiji asked me to do my duties on other days, reminding me and asking me not to worry, I can’t be in ashram all the while! Each day, it is different experience and it can be only felt and how he made us share the miracles to all devotees to make each one understand that everyone is unique to Swamiji. I wanted to make one last trip before I came back, but couldn’t due to duties again (Swamiji had told me to do that.. even the week before)!! I travelled on 12th night, with snow early in U.K this year, I was lucky to reach without any problems in Chennai, but on my return the flight was diverted to East midlands due to snow in Heathrow. I was in the flight and called Swamiji, Swamiji, I have landed but elsewhere. Swamiji asked me they will take you, won’t they?

I said that is what they say, Swamiji, but the snow is so much that there is only one runway it seems. Dont worry, Rajasree!! Swamiji will clear the snow, you will go back today. I reached Heathrow 5 hours later and the cab driver told me it was really bad in the morning, then the weather became warmer and snow stopped falling.. and Swamiji cleared it for me..!! when I was in the cab, it was snowing again. Krishna had the Goverdhan , and so did my Swamiji for me!!

I think I have shared many major experiences and am sure there will be greater lovelier ones for us by our great Swamiji. Jai Shri Ram!! Jai Vikraman Swamiji!! Please guide and protect and bless us all and forgive anything done unknowingly. Hope and pray for your love and protection, Swamiji, for all of us!

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