Koti Namaskarams to our dear Swamiji.


 Words cannot express enough our love and heartfelt gratitude for our dear Swamiji. Our very intention to write this experience is His doing; we are merely His instruments…, instruments with plenty of shortcomings. Any divinity that a reader witnesses in these experiences can be due to His blessings alone, any shortcomings that you witness in our description is due to our limitations.


We were first mentioned about Swamiji by our friends-Sethu and Lekha. Although both of us (Vidya and myself) came from pious families, neither of our families had a Guru; this was therefore something new to us. We had just immigrated to Canada in 2000 and I was desperately looking for a job. The economy was doing averagely well but I was unable to find a suitable job. I recollect spending several hours everyday looking and applying for jobs but remained unsuccessful in finding one. There were several moments of despair. The invite to attend Bhajans couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Attending the Friday Bhajans gave me/us an inexplicable peace of mind.


During one of the Bhajans, one of the devotees talked about a dream they had about Swamiji, in the dream Swamiji had danced with one of his devotees. After the Bhajans, when we (Vidya and I) were driving home I remember asking Vidya if any of us (Vidya or I) were in the dream seen by that devotee; honestly I knew the answer would be negative. Vidya very innocently mentioned this to the devotee in the next Friday Bhajan session and all the devotees shared the joke for a small laughter at my cost. That very night I had my first dream of Swamiji (mind you I hadn’t even met Swamiji.., just seen him in photographs), I very vividly remember Swamiji’s words in my dream even today. “In the beginning I used to wonder who is this Krishnamurthy” (my last name)-while saying this Swamiji was smiling and He said this with his characteristic sense of humor. “Now you are also my bhakta, you are also my devotee”. This is how I first met Swamiji (in my dreams) and we have never looked back after that. 


I was told that as Swamiji was being inundated with calls from devotees from all over the world, He was unable to talk to everyone. I have been fortunate to be able talk to Him in times when I badly needed some guidance. During one of the conversations in 2002, I remember him mentioning to me in Tamil, “Ennam padipuku vaayapu undu”, which means you will be studying further. I had just applied for admission for Masters in Engineering and was eagerly awaiting results. Within a week after this conversation, that too on a Sunday, I got a reply confirming my admission for Masters. During the same conversation, He also blessed Vidya’s saying she will make good advancements in her job. Needless to mention, Vidya advanced very well in her job and this took care of all the household expenses when I was studying. During my study, I would be amazed at how I would score an A when I had doubts if I would even pass the examination. One such instance was the “Modeling and simulation” course that required me to be adept at computer programming.., I wasn’t. So in the final exams I wasn’t able to even attempt the paper fully, I was almost convinced I would fail the exam as I hadn’t even attempted 50% of the paper, and 50% is the pass mark. I recollect having prayed to Swamiji to do some miracles so that I could at least pass the exam.., in all honesty I didn’t expect to. And something strange happened during the results.., I got an A! I later learnt that the teacher had marked the paper on percentile basis-the highest in the class being considered as 100%. Many may consider this a coincidence; to me this was Swamiji’s miracle.


After a few interactions, one day with someone, I was pretty much disturbed about not being able to get even an interview call, leave aside getting a job. Swamiji, as usual, read my mind. When Vidya called Swamiji, Swamiji asked for me (Suresh) and spoke to me, “Canadale veliye pethi Bhayepedavei venda” which means do not worry for a job in Canada. These were words coming from Lord Anjaneya itself and were very soothing and reassuring. 


Sometime again in 2003, I had a dream in which Swamiji said “Unaku kunjum training vaenum”, which means you need some training. Consequently in Jan 2004, through people I didn’t even know properly, I got a job in a small research company. The company offered me a one month contract. At that time I had a part time but permanent call centre job which I had to resign from. Thinking that the new opportunity was coming from Swamiji, I went ahead and resigned from the part time job. That one month contract was extended to another month and then for six months and later on for a year. I was later confirmed as a permanent employee.


After two years, somewhere in 2006, this company was thinking of sub-contracting me to a bigger company. Two of us were shortlisted. My colleague went for an interview in the morning and I was scheduled to go in the afternoon. My colleague was not at all happy after the interview and was sure he wouldn’t be selected. Of the two of us, honestly he was a much better candidate for the job. When he didn’t do his interview well, I was pretty sure my interview would not be good. Much to my surprise, due to Swamiji’s grace, I got selected for the job.., I was least expecting it.     


Sometime again in 2003, I had a dream in which Swamiji referring to my job said “They have been thinking since six months, they will finalise by May”.., Swamiji did not mention the year.

In late 2006, when I was working with this company on a contract, I learnt about a full-time opportunity in this company I was currently working for. I had applied for the job somewhere in the month of September/October 2006. I didn’t hear anything from the company until November. In November I learnt that there were around 200 candidates being interviewed for the job. I was mentally prepared to restart working in the old company. I didn’t think I would stand a chance among 200 candidates, that too for just one position. With the grace of Swamiji, I was interviewed in the end of November once, end of December again and January once again. I was offered a permanent job in this big company in end Feb/early March 2007, exactly six months after my job application! My job is a gift from Swamiji and I have never doubted that ever. As an icing on the pudding, Swamiji always asks on the phone-How is your job Suresh.., are you happy! 


We had been trying to have a child for quite sometime; it was almost seven years since our marriage. I had somewhat resigned to destiny. One day I had a dream in which Swamiji said “Unaku Konzadei definiteaa undu”, which means you will definitely have a child. I wanted Swamiji to tell this to me directly over the telephone just to quell some doubt in my mind that this was not wishful thinking. When we talked to Swamiji next, Swamiji repeated exactly the same words which is you will definitely have a child. Our eldest daughter Harini was born on January 11 2008, due to His grace and blessings.


After having known and felt so close to Swamiji for eight years, we finally met Him with our daughter Harini. Swamiji was waiting for us outside the ashram. I couldn’t hold my tears when I first saw Swamiji and out of emotion, I said to Swamiji “You kept me waiting for eight years to meet you Swamiji” Swamiji just smiled saying that there is a time when everything has to happen. Swamiji blessed us with another child sometime soon saying “You will have one more child”. Accordingly in 2009 our second daughter Shivani was born. Both our children are invaluable gifts from Swamiji.


Once, while I was praying, I thought about Swamiji saying in my mind “Swamiji where are you, I feel like hearing your voice”. That night Swamiji appeared in my dream. In the dream I was resting my head on Swamiji’s lap, and Swamiji was gently stroking my head. What a beautiful dream! What more could a devotee ask for!!!


Swamiji, we owe all what we have to you, all the good things we see; we hear and appreciate, to You. Thank you for everything Swamiji. Knowing You has been the best thing that has ever happened to us.   


Vidya and Suresh Krishnamurthy






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