Jai Sri Ram!

Let me write down the experiences for the 4Th time with your blessings. Ajay was doing his exams to go to a good high school when I had come for Jayanthi in 2010. Swamiji asked me not to worry and we will be able to decide easily and he told me we need not pay. In March, we got the results and Ajay got in both a good private and public school. So we decided to put him in the good school where we just have to pay nominal fees. Then Swamiji as he wanted to give his devotees the best did a miracle. The private school called us and increased the financial assistance and was ready to take him in the school at   any cost. We couldn't believe it, while I kept calling Swamiji!  He told me you need not pay!! And you go to the other!! So I was as worried as Swamiji knows the best!  Then the school gave us some more assistance and was so encouraging! I was so confused initially, then realized Swamiji didn't want us to worry about the   finances and arranged the school to give it. For ajay to perform  it was Swamiji who went to interviews and tests with him, he was always in his pocket. When I went later in April, devotees told me   Swamiji already told the result to them but wanted us to try for  everything. We can't thank Swamiji enough for making him a good student and also being with him. 

  We (Amma, Kids and me) were all going to India in April and   suddenly my mother couldn't find her handbag, when nearing the gate.  Since Jeevan was not accompanying us, I was so tense and as usual   kept asking Swamiji to come with us! I was telling to Swamiji in my mind to find it for me from somewhere as didn't know where to find in Heathrow! My husband then called telling it was under the car seat safe!!  Jeevan was coming the week after and around the time  when his plane was supposed to leave, we were in Anna Nagar temple   and praying to Swamiji to bring him safely and in 2 minutes he called me his plane had a technical snag and has been halted. He came few hours late but safe and it is another of swamiji's miracles!

From Chennai we missed the train to Kerala (Swamiji knows the reason for this change I am sure) and then the bridegroom was supposed to   start 10 days before from Glasgow but couldn't because of volcanic ash!! The first few days we were alright but then all of us   panicked! All the while, we kept informing ashram requesting Swamiji to bless us! (In Jan, Swamiji asked us was the date changed! We were thinking, must be this.) Swamiji, please do   something again for the marriage to go on happily. The believers and   atheists in the family turned for a miracle to happen by swamiji's   grace as there were many marriages cancelled! After 6 days he was able to come on the first flight starting from Glasgow! Though he was not promised a seat in the last moment a seat was available and he reached safely! Our Swamiji again can change destiny of change of marriage date even! When we were there, we kept praying! Swamiji in the form of a poojari in a small temple told me, don't worry he will get in the plane soon and though the news was otherwise, the planes resumed the next day!! He is our Govarden GIridhari and will protect us from ash!  After all these ordeals and the marriage was really happy! (Swamiji always tells us if we don't have problems we will feel bored.) We  were fortunate to meet Swamiji in Chennai before leaving for London and Swamiji blessed us all. He told me I will get a job soon and   gave me 3 coins and I did get a job miraculously again in July this year in my previous company all on a sudden, without any formalities. Swamiji told me don't worry about the renovation! Swamiji has arranged it and truly he did! He said Swamiji builds Bungalows for his devotees and he did. He blessed my husband to do a superb plan and arranged for good sincere builders and good neighbors to let us stay with them during the work. And he looked into every beautiful detail of the house, vastu and all without us worrying about anything much. Swamiji, thank you for making us realize again and   again that when we leave everything to you it will be the best!

 We were thinking of a good day to move home and I was not sure which date was good and was praying to Swamiji and my mother in law told me that 22nd Oct was considered good and I still wanted to hear it from Swamiji. That night I had a dream! Oh my God!! Swamiji   and aunty in traditional dress standing as if they are inviting me with Swamiji giving me a White jasmine flower and aunty giving me a tray of fruits and giving me all the blessings! The next day I could  speak to both of them and get their blessings and told Swamiji and he told me it was a good dream. We were painting the pooja room and I was wondering if Swamiji liked this color as usual I keep asking questions to his photo and in the dream he came wearing a yellow shirt of the paint and I was assured. When I spoke Swamiji assured me 22nd Oct was very good and Oct was better than September and so we could happily do it. So we arranged   a poojari in the nearby Ganesh temple to come for the homam. My neighbors and builders did everything to help us arrange for the  pooja.  I kept praying Swamiji, miss you so much, and please show your presence. The poojari had his temple kumbhabhisekham the day before   and so asked me to call him at 1:30am, so we didn't sleep and kept calling his mobile. It seems we had given 140 missed calls and went around to the locked temple and my neighbors banged on the doors   and windows to wake him up a 2:30am. Till 5:30 am we kept calling   him and trying every source of help to get him. Again my neighbors came to our rescue (Swamiji arranges so much for help for his devotees that we can't thank him enough), and succeeded to wake him up!! He was so exhausted after the kumbhabhisekham that he slept at 1 on a chair! He arranged another poojari who did special pooja for Ganesh, Lakshmi, navgraha, vilakku and many more very well and explained it to all of us and we were all feeling happy. Though it was delayed it was very satisfying and we knew it was swamiji's presence and as he always tells it will happen at the right time! Swamiji blessed the children for the school!

Ajay was complaining  of pain in his underarms and neither we nor the doctors knew what it   was  and we were applying vibhuti and our Swamiji a s doctor told me  it is only a boil but can be very painful and may go slowly only. The very recent dream was Swamiji coming as a lady and talking to   me telling he is Swamiji! Swamiji just did a miracle when I was typing suddenly I can see this text but no contents! Then when I asked why he did this when I tried to spent any time I got to type, it came suddenly! Some experiences will be felt only when we experience. Swamiji, thank you so much for being with me always and taking care   of all of us  and assuring us once we leave everything at your feet,  we are safe.


 Please Swamiji place your feet here to make it   heaven and be with us... ‘Aap abhi aaana tho vapas nahi jaaana, Swamiji'! Please forgive any mistakes made and bless us to feel your presence  and think of Swamiji always. Thank you Swamiji and aunty for your all your blessings and so much of love for us!! Please make us write more and more miracles and know you more and  more, Swamiji!!


Jai Sri.  Vikraman Swamiji ki!!!

Rajasree Jeevan


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