Dear Readers,

             I am a resident of Kerala and I came to know of Shri Vikraman Swamiji through my daughter Sudha who stays in Madras in the State of Tamilnadu in South India. Swamiji used to send Vibhuti (holy ash) through my daughter or son. When I came to Madras enroute to Hyderabad in connection with a cataract removal surgery Swamiji advised me regarding the auspicious date. The surgery was successful as predicted by Him. Similarly, He asked me to stop medicines which I was taking for blood pressure. From that day onwards I am not taking medicines for B.P and I am keeping well ever since with, His blessings of course. The interesting thing is that I never told Swamiji about my ailments. On the contrary, it was Swamiji who mentioned my problems to me !  You have to believe me when I say that whenever I face a physical discomfort, I do not rush to any doctor, instead I take a little of the holy ash which Swamiji has given me.

        My son Suresh who is settled in Hyderabad too had few experiences with Swamiji. Swamiji had clearly foretold his buying a house and a car. In fact I came to know of his buying the car from Swamiji first !

Our family is protected and guided by Swamiji.
With pranams to Swamiji,

Smt. Vinodhini
Ashok Nagar
Madras, India 600 083

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