December 07th, 2010.


Jai Shri Ram


Our loving humble pranams at the lotus feet of Swamiji. 


We were blessed to attend Swamiji’s Pooja in Abu Dhabi in 2002.  That was the first pooja we were attending.  It was an unbelievable pooja which gave us lot of confidence to face life and made us realize the presence of God, Swamiji, in our lives.  It was the beginning of our new life with Swamiji.  His grace has been showering on us since then which we can see, feel and realize every millisecond in our lives.

It was in the year 2003 when we were looking for a flat to shift out from the sharing accommodation we were living in till then.  It was very difficult to find a suitable flat in the same area and within the budget that we had.  Even after searching for many months we still could not find a flat of our choice.

During one of the poojas then, we asked Swamiji to bless us for a good flat. He said “Already arranged”.   These magical words removed all the tensions and fear within us.  As blessed by Swamiji, yes indeed, within a short span we found a flat not just in the same area but in the same building that we were living in.  The flat is just wonderful, of our choice and within our budget by Swami’s grace.  We could not have wished for anything better than this house. 

There are so many innumerable miracles that happen, take place in our lives by Swami’s grace which if we sit to list down would never end.  We would like to thank sincerely Swamiji from the depths of our heart for all the blessings he has been bestowing on us and pray to him to please be with us always.

Jai Shree Ram

Kamal, Rashmi, Mohit and Tanvi

Abu Dhabi.



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