Shree Rama Jayam. 


Swamiji & Amma please be with us always and keep us at your Shree Charan forever.  Every moment we experience miracles with Swamiji’s Blessing.


 Swamiji’s first Puja in Kuwait.


 We must mention that soon after Arjun’s board exam he left for Kolkata to appear in some of entrance exams. Arjun left at 10:00 p.m. flight and Swamiji arrived the same night.  There was a Puja on the very first day and as soon as Swamiji sat for Puja, he looked at me and asked for Banerjee.  It was so crowded that people were standing out of the main entrance even and I could not see him, but he came forward and Swamiji started talking to both of us which lasted for around 30 minutes. All other devotees were quietly listening to Swamiji.  Swamiji first asked about Arjun’s departure and his exams.  We were very much worried about his result.  He said “AMMA & MYSELF WENT TO HIS COLLEGE IN CHENNAI. WE HAVE VISITED AND IT IS A VERY NICE PLACE.  LOTS OF GREENARY AND THERE IS A TEMPLE AT THE ENTRANCE WHICH IS VERY DIVINE.” Banerjee asked to confirm whether Swamiji said “CHENNAI”.  Swamiji immediately confirmed “Yes”.  We were speechless because our worry was whether Arjun will pass his 12th board or not and here Swamiji is blessing him with an admission in a Medical College. The moment Arjun heard that Swamiji is in Kuwait he could not stay in Kolkata anymore.  He started begging that he wants to come back to Kuwait.  As soon as he finished with all his entrance he flew back with Swamiji’s permission.  That was the last puja in Kuwait and Swamiji told all of us that it will be finishing very early as we had that puja in a Public Hall.  Arjun’s flight was reaching 1:00 a.m. early morning so we both took permission from Swamiji and went to receive him.  That puja lasted till 7:00 am early morning next day.  Swamiji several times mentioned that “I have extended the time because of Arjun”.  He got blessing from Swamiji & Amma and was very happy.  Although we thought of two colleges if he gets at least 50% in his board exam, which one in Nagpur and the other was in Chennai (Sri Ramachandra Medical College).  After that a month or two passed.  We have got confirmation from Nagpur but did not receive anything from Chennai.  I was worried about it.  On the other hand Arjun always prayed to Swamiji for a college in Chennai so he will be able to attend all the Hanuman Jayanthi. Whenever Swamiji asked him what stream and where he wants to study, he replied “Swamiji, I want to study BDS and please arrange a college in Chennai as I want to attend all the Hanuman Jayanthi”. Swamiji always smiled and said “Swami will arrange everything”.  After Swamiji’s departure one fine morning I called the Registrar of Sri Ramachandra Medical College and the reply he gave was such a heart breaking.  He told that the NRI quota is over and it is not possible. Only thing is available that is Management Quota and for that the candidate has to sit for the entrance exam. I spoke to him from Kuwait approximately the whole day and several times.  Finally in the evening he said that we will have to come down to Chennai by 23rd May and sit for the exam scheduled on 25th May.  There was no other option.    Within a day we have booked a ticket for Arjun and myself and left by 21st May for Chennai.  With Swamiji’s blessing and presence we have completed all the admission formalities and we got Arjun’s result also when we were in Chennai. Swamiji, our father as blessed Arjun passed with 75% aggregate.  During our stay in Chennai we have attended two puja’s of Swamiji at the Ashram and got blessed by Swamiji & Amma.  Arjun now studying in Sri Ram Chandra Medical College in Chennai.  This is our beloved Swamiji and his miracles.  





Shree Guruvae Sharanam.


During Swamiji’s stay at Kuwait, one day Swamiji told me “Pinky (my daughter) will pass and complete her graduation, do you have any doubt?”  I replied “Swamiji when you are saying this how I can have any doubt?”  It was true even as my daughter completed her Engineering Graduation this year the month of August. All through her education Swamiji & Amma, blessed us and repeatedly said not to worry as she will complete her graduation and will achieve two certificates.  One from the University and the other from a Divine Soul.  Our both the children are really blessed by Swamiji & Amma and with that strength they are achieving their success through out.  Each and every success of theirs are given and blessed by Swamiji & Amma.  There is no word to thank YOU.  There are many instances and experiences showered by our beloved Swamiji & Amma which we cannot share at the moment. May be one day Swamiji will give us strength to share with other devotees of Lord too.


When Swamiji says it is always true.  It is our good fortune that we are under divine chatrachaya of Swamiji & Amma.  We should always pray to rest at His Shree Charan.


Pinky was travelling from Manipal to Kolkata after her graduation with Muffine.  For the first time by air with a 10 months old dog.  Muffine is very precious for all of us.  We have done all the booking and arrangements. The booking was Managalore – Mumbai – Kolkata with 1 hour transit at Mumbai Airport.  As usual I have posted my prayers to Swamiji & Amma for a safe trip for both of them at the chat room.  The Jet Airways flight took off from Mangalore Airport 45 mins late. The tension was within 15 mins how the Jet Airways staff will connect my daughter and the pet to the other flight at Mumbai Airport.  We did not want the dog to be sedated for long hours as if she misses this flight then the next flight would be 9 P.M. in the evening and that was the reason we have taken such a short transit.  We were deeply praying to Swamiji & Amma to take care of the situation.  After the flights departure from Managalore, I went on the net and checked the connecting flight schedule and saw it is already 15 mins delayed from Mumbai airport to Kolkata.  So at that moment we have 30 mins time in hand instead of 15 mins. Upon landing at Mumbai Airport my daughter was really worried about transfer and “I told her don’t worry your next flight is 15 mins delayed already”.  As she was coming down of the stairs of the Plane an officer came close to her and asked whether she is travelling to Kolkata with a dog.  Upon confirmation from her he told her “Hurry up your dog has already boarded the kolkata flight.  They have taken her in a separate bus all alone and boarded her on flight bound to Kolkata without going back to the Terminal.  The flight landed Kolkata and She was still worried whether they have really boarded muffine or not.  Then one of the ground staff brought Muffine’s carrier.  She was fine and healthy and my daughter was also very happy to get her back. On this day I kept on posting each and every detailed of their journey to the Chat Room and continuously prayed to Swamiji & Amma, for their safe trip.  With Swamiji & Amma’s blessing the trip was safe and even the connections Swamiji has arranged perfectly.  All these can only happen when our SadGuru Swamiji’s presence is there with us.  Jai Shree Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jai. 







Date: 4.11.2008


Shree Guruvae Sharanam.


Jai Shree Vikraman. Swamiji Ki Jai.


Swamiji always says that ‘You should not delay to fulfill a vow. We wanted to go to Shirdi to fulfill a vow but somehow due to many difficulties we could not make it.  With Swamiji’s blessing we have planned a week trip to Shirdi to have darshan of Sai Baba.  This plan is also a Big Miracle.  We were talking to Mr. Rao, one of Swamiji’s devotee that we need to go to Shirdi and have Baba’s Darshan during our next holiday to India, because two trips to India will be very costly.  Within a day or two Mr. Rao, called me up and gave me news that Jazeera Airways, a low cost budget airlines operates from Kuwait is giving a promotional ticket for anywhere in the world for KD.10/- and no taxes applicable. That means we get a return fare Kuwait-Mumbai-Kuwait for KD.20/- each.  I could not believe and waited for the day of promotion.  We knew that our beloved Swamiji has arranged this and I was sure that I will be able to get a ticket online.  The day of promotion I have kept the computer on Jazeera website much before the time allotted but to show his presence at the time of booking the electricity went off...   I got shocked and started praying to Swamiji, “What happened Swamiji; you don’t want me to fulfill my vow and go to Shirdi, why you are not giving this opportunity where I will get ticket for both of us (me and my husband Banerjee) with 40 KD. Only……. “Soon after this everything became normal and with lots of difficulties I could get access to the website and booked our ticket.  Due to the promotion there was a heavy traffic on their website and many people could not even get the ticket done that day. Although I wanted the ticket on a Thursday but I could only get it on 9th of November Sunday and coming back on 13th November Thursday.  After 2 or 3 days I suddenly remember that my daughter should take an entry to Kuwait before 28th of November to keep her residence of Kuwait which needs an entry before 6 months of departure.  We both regretted of not remembering this as this ticket promotion is between 22nd of October till 30th November and we could have easily avail this opportunity for her.  The difference between this Jazeera Ticket and other airways ticket would be around 20,000 Rupees.  Anyway we could not do anything as that was our mistake.  Suddenly after a day or two when I have visited Jazeera Airways website I saw a notice given that the same promotion which was there last Wednesday would be repeated this Wednesday due to heavy public demand.   Now this is a real miracle shown by our SadGuru Shree Vikraman Swamiji and our Mother Amma.  I could not believe my own eyes seeing this advertisement. Immediately I have spoken to my daughter and asked her whether she can be able to come to Kuwait during this time.  As usual Pinky is always very late to take any step in any situation.  The Wednesday came and from morning I was after her to give me a date as these tickets are not refundable.  The promotion time was between 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.  She continuously told me to wait as there is time till 6:00 p.m.  I have repeatedly warned her that waiting till the last moment won’t be advisable as last week many of them did not get a ticket.  No use as usual and finally at 5:15 she gave me the date of her travel. In the mean time I have changed our ticket from 9th to 7th as I have wished before and coming back from 13th to 15th of November.   This was also a miracle.  When I have emailed their helpdesk to change the dates on my previous purchased ticket they denied saying that promotional tickets are not changeable.  But when our Swamiji is wish to do something then who can stop it.  I could change my ticket online without the help of their helpdesk during the 2nd day of promotion as per my wish.  Coming back to my daughter’s booking, when at last she gave me the date we wanted her to come along with us on 15th of November but it was too late so only available ticket was on 14th of November.  That means She will be arriving Kuwait one day before us.  Although it is not a very difficult situation as we have Swamiji’s devotees here who will be very happy to take care of her and bring her from the airport etc. Anyway thinking that this is the best option we have taken the ticket as 14th November Mumbai – Kuwait and 18th November Kuwait – Mumbai.  Since this almost every day I have gone to Jazeera Website and tried to change the date as 15th and failed to do so as the helpdesk told in my case that promotional tickets are not changeable.….   Today, 4th of November I wanted to print the ticket and send it to Mr. Rao, one of Swamiji’s devotees and our neighbor who will bring Pinky from the Airport.  As I was going through the ticket I have noticed that the flight no. and time in pinky’s ticket does not exist in their flight schedule on line for the month of November.  I got panicked and called their helpdesk.  The person who attended told me that they have cancelled that particular flight and moved all the passengers to the earlier available flight on the same day.  Which did not make much difference as the day of departure is important for her. So at that time I casually asked the person whether he can change the date of her arrival from 14th to 15th of November as we can be able to travel together.  That fellow with my surprise said a big YES.  I did not believe myself and asked him to do so immediately.  I gave him our reservation reference and asked him to give us the same flight and same date.  Normally to change on this low cost flight a minimum charge is levied but this particular ticket was on a promotion day and without tax so in this case they should charge the tax as well.  But Swamiji is there to take care and when I asked the person what will be the difference of fare he told me “because we have moved you once to another flight so you don’t have to pay anything this time, but careful if you change again then we will charge you”.  He immediately proceeded and changed the flight as we have wished to come back altogether. No one believed this in my office when I told them.  This is a BIG MIRACLE shown to us by our beloved Swamiji. For your information before this also my husband called the helpdesk and tried to change the date and they did not even entertain talking to him.   SO THIS COULD ONLY HAPPEN WITH SWAMIJI’S BLESSING AND PRESENCE.  We can’t explain the importance of this to others neither you can feel the joy similar to ours but we all can experience such beautiful moments with the Presence of Our Beloved Swamiji & Amma.  During Swamiji’s recent visit to Kuwait, he repeatedly told us in front of other devotees that “BANERJEE & MITHU WILL BE a FREQUENT TRAVELLER.  MONEY AND TICKET WON’T BE A PROBLEM AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ARRANGED”.  This shows the truth of Swamiji’s each and every word. He also said after my son’s admission in Chennai that “NOW ONLY KUWAIT AIRWAYS IS THERE FROM CHENNAI BUT DON’T WORRY THERE WILL BE MANY FLIGHTS SOON”.  As we have come back from our holiday after my son’s admission etc. there are two more flights started from Kuwait to Chennai i.e. Air India Express and Ethihad Airlines and both of these are low cost flights.  “Jai Shree Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jai”…….


Swamiji, our deepest pray to keep all my family members at your Shree Padam forever. 





With deepest pranams to our beloved Swamiji & Amma, I would like to share a miracle happened recently with my husband Banerjee.


During Swamiji’s last trip, we all were in a puja and Swamiji told Banerjee that you have a new shirt which you did not use it so far.  In normal case, Banerjee will use his new clothing immediately and will never keep it for later use.  He could not remember whether there is any new shirt in his wardrobe. After a month or so he was arranging his cupboard and found a beautiful Black colour Kurta with Ganeshji’s print on it and which is new with the price tag intact on it.  He showed me and was himself amazed by the prediction of Swamiji. In any case days past and Durga Puja started.  He thought of wearing the same Kurta on Maha Ashtomi day.  He took it out and removed the price tag and felt something inside the pocket.  He thought that the shopkeepers must have kept a price tag inside the pocket also. It was a shocking experience for him and all of us that when he put his hand in the pocket of the Kurta and took it out “IT WAS SWAMIJI’S VISIT CARD”.  How and when that visit card slipped into his new kurta we do not know. This shows that door or walls are not a barrier at all for Swamiji.  He can come freely to his devotee’s house any time he feels like and reside there the same way.  We are very much pleased to feel this truth that Swamiji & Amma is always there for us and with us. 


We love you a looooooooot.  



Jai Shree Ram Swamiji & Amma.


My daughter Pinky with our pet “TIGGER” was watching T.V. late night. They both were lying down together on the Couch.  Suddenly she saw the basket ball moved from one corner of the hall towards the big Portrait of Swamiji.  She was shocked to see that who is moving the ball.  The ball was rolling as if someone is kicking that towards the portrait. She was quiet scared and both my daughter and the dog was looking at the movement of the ball.  She looked at Swamiji’s portrait and said, “Please stop all this drama with me Swamiji, I am scared”.




Jai Shree Ram. 



It was the bonus time in our company.  My first bonus was given by my beloved Swamiji thru my Boss’s Boss as I wished it for.  This time similarly I have looked at Swamiji’s Picture in my office and prayed to him that “SWAMIJI PLEASE YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME 200% BONUS FROM YOUR SIDE THIS TIME”.  


In normal procedure only Team leader and Managers get such 200% bonus and not general staff.  But when I have asked Swamiji, who can stop that????  


One fine morning I went to my bank online and found a huge amount which is absurd.  That was not the salary time and we did not hear any pay raise or so recently.  Then from where this amount debited to my account was my real concern.  I was on a course and not attending my regular duty to office so I could not check with the finance from where this amount came from.  Once I finished my one week course and resumed my duty I found a pay slip in my office email.  It shows a bonus paid to me for the year 2008.  I have immediately calculated the amount and it was invariably 200% of my basic salary.  Yes this is absolutely possible as we are fortunate enough to be under the Divine Chatrachaya of our Beloved SWAMIJI & AMMA. 



Mithu Banerjee


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