Jai Sri Ram

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji


Koti Koti Pranam to Our Beloved Vikraman Swamiji and Amma




Part-3 of our experiences with Swamiji.



It gives me great pleasure and happiness indeed to write about our experiences with Swamiji. For the last seven years, Swamiji has influenced our lives in a great way. It’s really unbelievable at times to realize what all we have experienced in these years. There are innumerable miracles witnessed by us and our family members. How fortunate we are to have Vikraman Swamiji as a Guru in our lives. He is the God, He is the Guru, He is the Guide, He is the Brother, and above all He is the Friend.



Swamiji delivers His divine messages in very simple words and each of these words are so powerful, so meaningful and absolutely unforgettable. Understanding and subsequently practising his advices in our day to day lives can surely transform our lives to any possible extent. We will be surely then free of all miseries, sadness and worries. He always says “Your efforts, dedication, prayers can do wonders. Do not worry - leave that to me”.  I should not deny that it did take us time to understand all his sayings. But finally, He gives us the confidence and courage to face any situation in life.


Swamiji always says “God is One”, “In whichever form, wherever and whatever way we pray-God is one and God will certainly listen to us”. Swamiji has great faith and confidence in the children and young current generation and according to Swamiji they will unite the world. Swamiji’s teachings would be strong instruments for the peace on the planet.


His saying “Help others in whatever way you can”, “Love All and Love is the God-You will be free of all tensions and your life will be full of joy and happiness”. Swamiji says “I will shape you”----He will help you to get rid of your pride, jealousy and anger.


We all know Ahankaar (pride) kills us; simply ask yourself- Why we keep ourselves engrossed with pride of materialistic possessions or career/financial achievements in life.  My achievement would be meaningless if I use that as a weapon to humiliate others. Ultimately any one of us, with the Blessings and Guidance of Swamiji can definitely achieve the Amrit of life; Spiritual Enhancement.


Swamiji says “Have Faith - Faith can do wonders”, “Have patience - When time comes you will get it or you will realize it”. These words look so simple but his every word has to come true in whatever context he refers. We always pray to Swamiji to bless us with more faith to remain closer to Him.


Swamiji is the greatest and ultimate source of confidence, strength, happiness and love for us. Over the years, many of our family members have become close devotees of Swamiji. He is the binding force for all of us. Our old parents are absolutely dependent on Swamiji.



I will certainly like to share some of our great experiences and miracles which Swamiji had showered upon us from time to time, particularly in extreme crucial and terrible moments. He had provided us the courage and strength to face boldly these situations.  We all know that one serious problem will definitely bring many more troubles and a chain of untoward happenings occur. If there is a health problem, then other related social, financial, work place related problems crop up, causing immense worries and tensions. This is the time when our Swamiji’s blessings and miracles work and the entire period gets over without facing any serious complications and problems.  Many of our family members had gone through very difficult and complicated health related problems. We are extremely fortunate to have had Swamiji’s blessings in those times. 

Last year, when we were about to go to Delhi from the UK as my mother was not keeping well and my mother got hospitalized just a week prior to our arrival date. Her condition deteriorated.  My sister called me from Delhi and she was crying over phone. At the same time, without disconnecting the landline, I called Swamiji at the Ashram from my mobile and explained him the situation that it is extremely difficult to bring forward the flight booking by three days. Swamiji blessed my mother and asked us not to worry. He asked me not to cancel the ticket and told me that my mother will receive me at home on my birthday which happened to coincide with our date of arrival. It was unbelievable for a moment but I got the strength and told my sister about the Swamiji’s blessings. Swamiji’s blessings worked like miracle and I am very fortunate that I got blessings from my mother on my Birthday at our home only, as she was discharged from hospital a day before.


In 2009, just two and half months after joining my job in the UK, my father fell acutely sick and he was hospitalized.  Being very old, his health condition worsened rapidly and he had to be operated. There was no chance for me to get a long leave, but it did happen with Swamiji’s blessing. I got straightaway one month leave without any hurdles and we were able to rush to Delhi and I could do my duty there. Slowly he recovered completely and all his wounds healed.


In some other cases of health related situations involving our other members, terrible complications were predicted during the treatment, but those times passed very smoothly and comfortably only because of Swamiji’s Blessings. We do not have the words to thank Swamiji and explain these situations to anyone else.



Swamiji had blessed our family members in difficult financial times and shown miracles. His blessings had done many miracles in many situations; job, education, higher studies, property related matters, travel and many more instances.


We shall ever remain grateful to Swamiji. We always ask Swamiji to bestow more faith and belief upon us so that we can move on the path shown to us by Swamiji.


Jai Vikraman Swami

Koti Koti Pranam to Swamiji and Amma



Dr. Ashim Kumar Lahiri

Mrs Sukanya Lahiri

Amritash Lahiri

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