Our kodi kodi pranams to the one and only one God, Our God, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend, Relative, GURU and EVERYTHING TO US. – SHREE VIKRAMAN SWAMI, THE ULTIMATE – BEGINNING AND DESTINATION OF ALL.  None can tell the greatness of Guru but the only thing we can do is to keep thanking our Guru, who is our God, for accepting us, keeping us always in his fold, under his protection and showering his incessant blessings always on us.


Swami says,

We can see limited but God can see all, the past, present and future 

Generally we keep asking God to give more and more of things - materialistic.  Little do we realize the immense blessings he has already bestowed on us and keeps blessing. The value of our Swami keeping his hands on our head and blessings is not just limited to one time gain or for one birth.  Once he has kept his hands on our head that gets carried by us throughout our life and lives too!! To explain this I would like to narrate here a small story which I heard in Guru Gobind Singh Bhajan cassette.


Once, a great king came to Guru Gobind Singh Darbar.  When Guru Gobind Singh saw him he smiled and greeted him by saying “Dhan Guru Ramdas” (Great Guru Ramdas).  The King was surprised for the Guru addressed only him in this particular fashion.  Throughout the satsang he kept thinking what could be the reason of Guru calling him “Dhan Guru Ramdas”.   Seeing the King deep in his thoughts, the Guru asked him what are you thinking (just like our Swami ask).  The King humbly replied “Guru, you know the heart of all, still you ask me. I was wondering the mystery behind you addressing me like this.”

The Guru smiled and continued in his unique way of telling a story that in Guru Ramdas Darbar there were many devotees who would do service all day long.  At the end of the day, they would stand in two queues.  One would be of the devotee volunteers who would want nothing from the Guru, they were doing Nishkaam Seva (Selfless Service) and the other queue would be of the devotee volunteers who would take money for the services rendered by them.  Guru Ramdas would come and bless all in the first queue - volunteers doing Selfless Service and then proceed to bless the second queue – volunteers whom he would bless and pay also for their service. 

Once while he was blessing the volunteers in the first queue he noticed an old man standing there who daily stood in the second queue of volunteers where he would give money along with blessings.  Seeing the old man, Guru Ramdas told him very politely that he was standing in the wrong queue and to please go and stand in the other queue where also he would come and give blessings and money.  The old man then told Guru Ramdas that everyday he stands in the other queue for money.  But today someone mentioned to him that money, wealth, clothes all things would be left behind by us but the blessings of Guru Ramdas will be carried by us in all our future births and would be of help not only in this world but the next one too!

The old man told Guru Ramdas that he is poor and has to feed family so everyday he stands in the other queue to earn for his family.  But today he did not want money for the services he rendered for the day.  He pleaded Guru Ramdas to bless him.  Guru Ramdas was moved by his sacrifice and prayers and he told him “Go Baba, God has blessed you.”  Saying this much Guru Gobind Singh stopped.

The King still could not understand the connection of the story with him.  He asked Guru Gobind Singh “Guru, I understood the story but I pray to you to please tell me the link between the story and me.”  Guru Gobind Singh closed his eyes, smiled and told him that he was the old man of the story.  He told him to see how the blessings of Guru Ramdas have been carried by him in birth after births, he has been enjoying all the comforts and bliss of this earthly life and he has in this birth become a King with hundreds of people serving him. Guru Gobind Singh further added, God alone knows how many more births will the blessings of Guru Ramdas bear fruits for you. ->.Such is the power of Guru’s blessings. 


Thanks Swami for blessing me to hear and understand this story.  It made me realize the depth, true value and power of your blessings.  Truly Swami, only you know since how many births we have been associated with you and we have been enjoying the fruits of your blessings every birth.  We can only join our hands and pray to you Swami, to please keep us always with you in all our future births also. Just as Guru Gobind Singh seeing the King addressed him as “Dhan Guru Ramdas” (Great Guru Ramdas), Swami, it is our humble request to you that wherever we go, may we be addressed similarly “Dhan Guru Vikraman Swami” (Great Guru Vikraman Swami) and be known by your name only.  Our identity itself becomes Your Name. May your name always prevail in the world for ever and ever.  All the worldly things will leave us at the time of death.  The only thing that we carry with us will be you, your thoughts, your blessings and your name.  Bless us all Swami with this grace.


Swami pervades all living and non-living things and is omnipresent.


When we pray sincerely, we can see, with Swami’s blessings even so called non-living can start talking and communicating with us! We have installed Webshots program on our PC and have collection of Swami’s photos saved in the PC. Each day the program will select a photo at random from the collection and display it as wallpaper. Sounds so simple, Right.  Yet it can be most communicative and unbelievable with Swami’s grace.  I give below few instances :


15.01.06 – Sunday.  Karishma was back from school and while having lunch she was talking to me about one of her friends who had lost her mother a year back and now she had fallen into bad company and lost interest in studies.  Karishma had tried her best to bring her out of it and make her study but failed.  While she was telling me about her, in my mind I was telling Swami are you listening to this?  See where this girl has reached.  At such a crucial stage, she will lose a year in studies and her life is ruined.  After few minutes the wallpaper changed and it was now Swami sitting on the chair in Sindhi Ceremonial Hall Pooja.  I was shocked to see the photo for exactly what I was telling Swami, are you listening Swami to this and there he was sitting on the chair and his sitting position was exactly like as if he is listening to you.  I just could not believe this.  That photo is unbelievable the expression and posture everything was an answer to my mental talks to him. 


16.01.06 – Monday.  I was listening to Swami’s bhajans and then came Happy Birthday Song. I recollected the way Swami came dancing beautifully in Astoria Hall Birthday Pooja on in 2003. I just said in mind Swami which photo will you select for Wallpaper today.  Maybe the Pooja in Saleh Bin Lahej Hall, where you wearing your birthday dress long jacket, and I had in my mind one particular photo.  I forgot this and later in afternoon I was thinking today is Monday Swami will your murti where we have decorated you as Lord Shiva will come as wallpaper today?  As usual 3:00pm the wallpaper changed and it was close-up of Swami’s face in one Pooja in Saleh Bin Lahej Hall.  I was little disappointed as Swami’s murti had not come. Later in the evening I was telling Karishma about today’s wallpaper selection and saying so I went to the photo gallery to check on the photo and show her which one I had in my mind in which I thought he was wearing the birthday dress.  When I did so what did I see?  The photo that I had in my mind, in that Swami was not wearing the birthday long jacket but a similar colour jacket and the photo that actually came as wallpaper, Swami was wearing the birthday long jacket which I had asked him in the morning!!  Not only he heard my talks and selected the photo accordingly but also made me clear my confusion about his dress and photo by making me go through the photo gallery. I was happy that though I made mistake in the dress and photo but Swami did not and in fact corrected me!!


17.01.06 – Tuesday – Today while offering food to Swami I thought what Swami today is Tuesday – which wallpaper will you give today – Ganpati? And truly indeed, when the wallpaper changed it was Ganpati Bappa Moraya on the screen!


19.01.06 – Thursday – Today we had to go to St. Joseph School for written test to be given by Divya to get admission for Std. 1 in that school. We all prayed to Swami to please be with her and all kids appearing for their entrance test.  When the wallpaper changed it was Swami sitting on chair in Rina’s house and Divya standing in front of him.  At a glance I could not understand Swami’s message.  But when I looked at it again I realised and understood his reply.  We wanted him to be with her and with this wallpaper Swami showed us that indeed today he was and is there with Divya!! For in that photo only Swami and Divya are there.  There is another photo of Swami and Divya in our photo album but in that Swami is sitting and Divya standing besides him.  Swami had selected the correct photo Divya standing in front and Swami behind her rightly as he says I am always behind you!


01.04.06 – Saturday.  I was thinking why this time Swami did not come to our house to light lamp and when I switched on the PC the wall paper for the day chosen was of the first time when Swami had come to our house to light lamp and before leaving blessing me and Divya!! This photo had been selected for the first time by the PC. In my mind I said swami thanks for blessing me and giving me the reply.  Still I was contemplating on this thought and working in the kitchen.  I had finished grinding something and had tied the wire of the mixer and was doing some work at the extreme other corner of the kitchen. Suddenly I heard some noise – the plug of the mixer had fallen down and I could feel swami’s presence.  There was cool breeze – chilling rather to say.  My kitchen is not so cold normally but that full day the kitchen was so cool and calm.  I could literally feel presence of another person in the kitchen.  I thanked Swami and thought Swami had it not been that I was your devotee and knew your ways of showing presence, in ordinary circumstances, if similar thing would have happened, it would have scared me to the core.  But for now, I am thoroughly enjoying every millisecond of this presence of yours with me.


15.05.06 – Monday. Poornima and self were talking on various miracles experienced by grace of Swami and she reminded me of the 2 two coins that I had found in our house during November 21, 2004 and I said yes I had got shraddha and saburi from Swami. That day the wallpaper in our house changed in the afternoon to Shridi Baba photo wherein on top was written Sai Darshan and on each side of Baba’s photo was Shraddha and Saburi written and at the bottom Sarvasya Sharanam – Complete Surrender.  To my knowledge I have put in my PC photo gallery 3 photos of Baba. Any photo could have been selected of Baba itself  but the one bearing Shraddha and Saburi (the words, the conversation we had earlier that morning) only that was selected showed Swami’s – God presence.


24.05.06 - Wednesday. Since last week it was in my mind to change the Swami murti from Shiva Roopa to his self where I put crown for Swami but had been unable to do so.  Today also I could not do till late morning however thought before I keep lunch I will do it and when I got up to go to Pooja room to do the changes it was also time for the wallpaper on the PC to change.  I told Swami I am going to room to change your roop now, you change here and let me come back and see which photo you have selected for the day. While I was busy changing Swami and putting the crown for him, I got call from Poornima and after talking to her when I came to hall to keep cello tape back. I notice the wallpaper had changed.  The photo chosen was Lord Krishna showing his Vishwaroopa to Arjuna in the battlefield. Any Roop is Swami’s Roop, he is in all and all in him that was his reply to me.


03.06.06 - Saturday.  Wednesday evening onwards Divya was giving us lot of trouble in learning and was going completely blank.  We were facing severe problem in attempting to teach her and were very disturbed on it.  Saturday morning also I was praying to Swami to please shower his grace on her. Whenever I approached Swami to bless Divya for her studies he just kept quiet. Why!! Swami please brighten up the Vidya in Divya!!.  Afternoon when the wallpaper changed, Swami gave his reply.  It was the photo when Swami had come to our house to light lamp on 10.02.2003 and he was blessing putting kumkum on Divya’s forehead!! Could I ever ask for a more clear answer from Swami!! He answered my prayers by blessing Divya and showing me through the wallpaper!! There are 2 more photos in the album of Divya and Swamiji on the same day in one Swami is sitting and Divya is standing next to him and in the other Swami is sitting and Divya is standing in front of him. The latter photo was selected by the PC on the day Divya had her entrance test in St. Joseph School for 1st std. i.e. Jan.19th.  This photo and the one selected for the day could have been interchanged on the dates it appeared but then the reply from Swami would not be perfect for on that day. Our prayers to Swami on that day was to please go with Divya and today it was Swami please bless Divya. Not only this in the third photo Divya is standing next to Swami also could have been chose but perfect photo for perfect date was chosen. How compassionate, loving and considerate is our Swami, our God.  I wonder Swami, can we ever match even a drop or a dot of the love and compassion you have for all. 


03.09.06 - Sunday. After coming back from my morning walk, I had switched on the PC and waited till the main screen comes.    When I came and sat to check mail on the PC I saw the yesterday’s wallpaper once again and I felt Swami’s face was so serious and stern.  Mentally conversing to him Swami at least little smile should be there on your face this is not good, I manually gave the command to PC to change the wallpaper and was so so happy to see the new wallpaper.  Swami was sitting squatted on the chair in one Sindhi Ceremonial Hall pooja and was dancing. His face was bright WITH A BROAD SMILE. Exactly what I wanted.  It is so amazing and thrilling Swami, the conversation with you when done, we get replies from you in any form.  Even the inanimated things, so called  non-living things speak volumes.  I enjoy every bit of this wonderful conversation that I have with you my God.


Rightly enough it is said in one bhajan by Swami, that those whose head carry the mark of Lord Vishnu’s footprint, are saved from this world’s sorrows. This we have realized and experienced with your grace.  After coming into your fold Swami, one thing we all have noticed is that, wherever we go, be it temple or anywhere, we receive a special treatment.  It is as if your stamp, your name has been marked on our foreheads which though we cannot see, others can see very clearly and hence provide us with special attention. Not only this Swami, we have the firm faith that, Swami – our Lord Vishnu, it is your blessings hand and your Lotus Foot prints on our head that will take us across this bhavasagar safely to our real abode, our destination that is Vaikuntha. Jai Shree Vikraman Swamiji Ki.


Our kodi kodi pranams again to you Swami and we ever seek to remain at your sricharan, in your heart, in your prayers and in your service always. Our prayers are to you only Swami to keep us always with you in each birth.


Lovingly yours,

Vaneesha Sherwani – JK, Vaneesha, Karishma and Divya – Abu Dhabi. (Part 3)



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