Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

Jai Sri Hanuman!

Jai Sri Ram!

With the Blessings of Sri Vikraman Swamiji, I have experienced many many Miracles over the past six years. Swamiji lifts us both materially and spiritually to Divine heights through His Blessings and Words. Being in Swamiji’s presence is a unique experience, which fills us with Joy, Happiness and Bliss. Just by looking at Swamiji, our heart is filled with happiness and joy; and we feel the magnetic force which draws us all towards Him. Swamiji says that taking care of our family members, children, and parents is itself God’s Puja. Swamiji says that there is no need to go to the Himalayas and sit in meditation; but we have to realize God living and working in this world/Samsara.Swamiji Blesses us with all the four objectives of Human life-Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Swamiji demonstrates God’s Presence, by answering all our Prayers, and fulfilling our wishes.

1.      Wife’s job: My wife Ananthapriya works for the Ministry of Health Kuwait, and in the Ministry Hospitals, getting Salary increments is a rare event.Swamiji told us during one of the Pujas, that my wife’s Salary will be enhanced, and she will get a new Chair in her office. True to His word, my wife got a big jump in her Salary, and also got excellent reputation and name.Swamiji also mentioned that my Wife’s photo would appear in Newspapers and magazines many times in the future. True to His word, my wife’s photographs and articles have been published in Newspapers, magazines, Videos and Medical journals, and my wife is extremely happy and prosperous with Swami’s Blessings.

2.      Lost Mobile phone: Once while returning from Thursday Puja in Kuwait, my mobile phone fell down from my pocket, which I did not realize. I went home and when I put my hand in my pocket, I found the phone missing; and I was worried. I prayed to Swami for getting back the phone. After a few minutes my home telephone buzzed, and one Male voice told me that he has found my mobile telephone on the road, and he will keep it in one of the hotels; and he asked me to collect it from the Hotel’s Cashier. I thanked the person, and told him that I wanted to come and meet him; but he told me that he had an urgent work, and that he would be leaving that place. I went to the specified hotel and met the Cashier and collected my phone, and the Cashier informed me that the person who found the phone had already left. I felt that Swami Himself came and gave the mobile phone to the Hotel’s Cashier.

3.      My new job: Swamiji told me three years ago that my job would change; and I was wondering, which new job I will land into. A few months ago, my friend called me and told me that there are vacancies in his company, and I may apply for the same. I applied for the job online. After a few days, one of my colleagues got a call for interview, and I did not get the same. I Prayed to Swami that I should be called for the interview. One of my friends called me and asked me to go and meet the personnel at the venue of the interview, and I went there immediately with the copies of my documents, and they in turn directed me to the HRD of the company, and they found out that one of my documents was missing in the email, and so I produced the hard copy of the document to them. By Swami’s Grace, I was sent to the interview venue immediately and was interviewed. After the interview, one of the panel members of the interview came out, put his hands on my shoulders and offered me the job, and asked me if it was acceptable to me! And I agreed without any hesitation. The same day, during Swami’s Puja, Swamiji asked me what had happened during the interview, and I narrated the same to the entire Swami’s Devotees. After a couple of months, I signed the Job offer with the company, and underwent the Medical tests. The same day I took Swamiji’s Blessings for the Job offer and Medical tests, and Swamiji asked me if I wanted more Salary, and I replied that I wanted more Salary. To my surprise, my Salary was enhanced by more than 30% even before I joined the Company, (and my Medical tests were cleared without any issues).With Swamiji’s Blessings, nothing is impossible! Swamiji already told me that He has arranged a good office and a good Boss for me in the new job, He also told me that the new job would be very comfortable.





-Sameer M Vaidya & Ananthapriya (Kuwait)

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