Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


Part 23


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.




One day all of a sudden I called Mrs. Banerjee (Mithu) and said I am coming to their house. Upon reaching her home when I inquired for Banerjee she said he is sleeping and what happened now. I just said to her I felt like coming to your house so I came. Then she said it is their wedding anniversary and she is sad that she could not reach Swamiji. I wished her and said it is very difficult to reach Swamiji when He decide only we could talk. We were talking all kinds of subjects but my hand was dialing a number.


All of a sudden I got the line through. I spoke to Swamiji in Tamil and requested Swamiji since it is Banerjee’s anniversary whether he could wish Mithu. Swamiji was also in playing mood. So he asked me whether she know that I am talking to him. I said she does not know but she is looking at me. Then after changing voice Swamiji spoke to Mithu and wished them both and drama went on. Finally Swamiji revealed himself. After the conversation when she gave the phone back to me I could feel the joy and tension in her. She said to me “I thought you are talking to me and calling your wife. I did not know that you were calling Swamiji. I smiled and asked her “Are you happy now. You are my sister at least this much I am able to do to you”.


She used to work near my home and travels to work a long distance. They were supposed to vacate their house because owner wanted to put a taller building. I was asking them to come closer to my house so that I could visit them. They were not willing to shift to my area at all. One day I came to know that one of my neighbours was leaving and I called Mithu and asked whether they want to shift next to my house. Initially she was not willing then I called and asked Swamiji whether Mithu can shift next to my flat. He said go ahead. Then I called them and said Swamiji asked you to move, so you can move now. When they heard what Swamiji said they agreed to move.


The day they moved I went to their home and was helping. Since my children were not living with me I was very fond of kids. Pinky and Arjun were like my daughter and son. So I was playing with them and we were cracking jokes. All of a sudden I asked have you all seen a headless chicken. They said no. Then I narrated the true experience (mine) of a headless chicken which I witnessed. After I finished the story Pinky uncontrollably was rolling on the ground was laughing loudly. Mithu came out from the room to find out what happened to the children why they were laughing like that. Children wanted me to narrate it again. Moment I finished the story again all three of them were laughing again. Pinky was the extreme. Again she was rolling on the ground and laughing. Even though she was a grown up girl her innocent laugh illuminated the place. It took several minutes for her to calm down. This showed me moment they moved into this flat what a joyful presence of Swamiji appeared. Swamiji is the strongest divine in our life. Later only, Banerjee's came to know why Swamiji shifted them closer to my house.   




5 months back when I visited a shop I found statues of Mother Mary and some Christian denomination and not Jesus. I was surprised to see these in an open area I started to collect for my Christmas decoration. I was bit sad that I could not get Jesus in the series. When I asked the shopkeeper he said Jesus is not allowed to sell. From that day whenever I pass that shop I check for Jesus and get disappointed. Before entering the shop I asked Swamiji couldn’t you get me Jesus? Nearly 4 months I checked in 2 shops which had displayed these statues and they had all the other except Jesus. I was asking Swamiji why are you testing please get me one. One day again I went to both the shops and was disappointed that I could not find Jesus. I said to Swamiji once again you disappointed me. I moved out of the section but some or other I was pulled back to that section. I was looking at the statues once again and in one corner I saw backside of a statue with slightly long hair. First I said Swamiji do not tell me this is Jesus. I slowly turned the statue and was in joy to see that it was Jesus. That too only one piece was there. I do not have to assume how it would have come there. This shows that to wish and leave it to Swamiji appropriate action would be taken by Swamiji.


My only wish is to let those who do not have the blessing of Swamiji come to know that my GOD Swamiji can perform anything. When we are ready to wait and show the patience our Swamiji will not only shower the blessings what we wish, he also blesses what we do not expect because he knows what will make us happy. I write what we experience otherwise how the whole world will come to know about our valuable Swamiji. Swamiji know the criticism I undergo for being what I am but does that matter to me, why I write is to tell what I ask Swamiji and the feeling of mine when it is showered on me. It is like in a limited space only certain volume can be stored. Unless we offload part of it we cannot fill more into that space. Swamiji is showing so many different experiences when I write it is offloaded from me and Swamiji keep doing more and more. I remember one time a devotee asked Swamiji how come You are doing all these experiences to Natesan why not for us; Swamiji simply smiled and said I do not know how Natesan get these. Swamiji never differentiate one devotee from other. How we see Swamiji depends on our hand. BELIEVE SWAMIJI. 




During the last visit in my house pooja Swamiji talked about my clock, so it was understood that the clock is in Swamiji’s control. Nearly 1 year this clock was running 10 minutes slow, I did not even wanted to rectify because I do not want to even touch the clock till the battery is completely dead. This day Swamiji’s clock chimed in different way. All what I heard was at 6 a.m. and 6.05 am both times it chimed 6 times. I was curious to know really I heard it that way or did I imagine it was happening that way. By 7 o’clock I came to the clock and was waiting for the chime. Exactly at 7 AM it chimed 7 times. I was looking at the clock and then at Swamiji and said “Are You going to chime again at 7.05 AM or is it over”. When the second hand reached 7.05 AM, it chimed again 7 times. I gave a sheepish smile and said You are the one who is controlling this clock Swamiji. Same occurrence did not take place again. With the lonely life I underwent without my family and load of work on and off Swamiji on his own amuses and make me to laugh. Also, make me to realize he is with me.




When I think of the good old days within ¼ second my anger peaks and I use to break things. After few minutes I regret of my action. I do not know where all those anger vanished now only thing I know is that by Swamiji’s blessing and live presence, my life is totally under His control.


One of the bhajan days I was very worried whether I would be able to conduct the bhajan in my house. More than other days I was able to sit comfortably without any pain. Swamiji’s presence could be felt in many ways. Whatever planned by me did not take place. As I requested Swamiji took over the arrangement completely. I got a beautiful garland and excessive amount of rose petals. I left my office very late and I was very unhappy. In fact I asked “today are you angry with me is that the reason you are delaying everything”. He is my wonderful Swamiji, who listen to all conversation with a smile, bless and allow me to do what He wants. Everything He did was so beautiful. What I requested before the bhajan exactly at that time only He allowed it to happen. During the bhajan Swamiji made me to feel His presence with His eyes. Last visit Swamiji told me I would witness his eyes would move and now He did it. First I could not believe my eyes later I realised what He showed. Then I wished the lamp should burn till a specific time. Exactly the lamp burnt out at the time I wished. Swamiji, is so wonderful, definitely He only arranged everything so well.




Once again my wife started to nag about talking to Swamiji and get a house for her. Swamiji has already mentioned about the house to both of us. All the time Swamiji has taken me to the wrong place at the right time and makes me to listen and see. Swamiji know my wife has series of worries. Every time one problem surface her mood will change. Even after I explain to my wife, when Swamiji has indicated, you will get your house why do you keep worrying, she continues her torture on and off. When she visited India Swamiji’s blessing was made to her regarding a house in Canada. All I could tell her was after hearing from Swamiji now to leave everything to him.

My wife thinks that I will push Swamiji to get what I need. Lakshman rekha was crossed by Seetha and what a lot of sorrow was experienced by Rama, Seetha & Lakshman. Surely the patience what Swamiji taught me I cannot cross His rekha. His smiling face will play down any obstacle before even it surfaces. With patience can get all the blessings from Swamiji.


On 07.11.04

My present Finance director (P) called me and said that he is leaving his job and a new person will be coming to assume duty soon. When I asked him for his sudden decision to leave he said for health reason. Since, Swamiji has given me enough reality show of this man, I could figure out the truth. When my colleague from HR asked me the sudden decision of my boss, I said to him the reality what comes into my mind. He said to me you are right. Almost the entire company was happy to know he was leaving but could not show it out.     


After 2 days we had the new director(S). He was transferred from one of the company in the group. He knew the entire setup of the organization. He sat with every individual and listened to the process of each department. S knew the entire political game of P so he was very respectful towards me. Also, S asked me about Swamiji and I told him about Swamiji and his protection for me.


After few days S asked me to come to P’s room. When I went over S asked P to talk to me. P smiled and asked S to talk to me. S tried to explain to me about the efficiency and the Head Office has decided to replace me with another person. Hence, after sometime a replacement will come in. My God has developed me with 180 degree vision to observe what goes on for me to capture what is deemed to be and give me the feel what happens behind my back. With my vision I was able to observe P was having controlled enjoyment of what was going on. Here I am listening and praying to Swamiji why I am being used. After 15 to 20 minutes of explanation S became tired and stopped the conversation and looked at P and asked “Do you want tell Nadesu anything”. Then in return I looked at P and S.   


Gave a pause for 15 seconds since nobody spoke I looked at S and asked “Is that all? Can I go now?”


S and P looked at me at the same time and they could not believe. So S asked me “do not you want to ask anything? I said no”. He could not digest when a person is told that he would be terminated there is no reaction. I calmly asked them again “Can I go now because I have some urgent work to finish”. Both shook their head to say ok. Not even a word came out from them.


After few days P was given a farewell party. I understood from everyone’s face the radiant look of P leaving. Since, he told me the reason of his leave was ill health. I accepted his version in reality Swamiji just indicated what I was supposed to feel. S came to me and asked how come that I am not worried. I said to him when my Swamiji is there why should I worry. He told me to stay back that He would take care of me so I shall not worry. Then S told me I have never seen a person like you. Hope your Swamiji will take care of you. I was so confident my Swamiji will do something.


After 3 days Vice President (VP) came back from his business trip. Due to P not completing some new project work VP extended the departure of P by 2 months.

2 days later there was an unbelievable happening. The new director S came to me and said that he has resigned. When I asked him why he resigned, he said his parents are old hence he wants to get back to his native place. Nothing surprised me because I was thinking that some game is going on. My Swamiji is in total control. The most beautiful thing he said was “since I am leaving there would be no problem for you, because P needs you. He would never relieve you.” He said continue your faith in Swamiji. I just gave a smile. After one hour P called me and said, “S wanted to terminate you since now that I will stay back you do not have to worry. So long I am here you will stay here.” What a joke from both of them. Both were talking to me as if I am a child. They did their game without realizing my God was playing His game. 


What both did not know was already I explained this to my colleague in HR that both the guys are planning on getting rid of me. If I stay in the company then it would be good for S hence P tried to convince S to terminate me. S was smarter since he planned of leaving after P leaves the country he wanted to go with P’s flow and terminate me so that in case P comes back I would not be there for him to work with. So both musketeers decided to get rid of me for their personal gains. Whereas my Swamiji is very powerful, He taught a lesson to both of them. Later I came to know S left the country and came back to another company.    


Was I to be the Guinea pig? After first day’s incident when I called Swamiji soothed me with there is no need for you to worry leave it to me. When He said what harm can come closer to me. When Swamiji is there how could anyone disturb me?


The problems what I went through and how Swamiji took care of me I heard an audio speech thus giving me the feel the right moment of messages what Swamiji passed. The message was about surrender and trust made me to feel how my Swamiji says the same thing. “Fear never, I am there” the power of these words gives me infinity level of mental strength. At times I wonder why I faced with problem. Then I realise what can I do by worrying and just tell Swamiji and leave. Happiness too meet same course. Like what I heard in the prayer, do not give me pride and make me to feel the height. Whatever condition, Swamiji’s feet are the best I could rest with. My prayer to Swamiji is that what I feel best for me is immaterial but what Swamiji provide me is the best that I want to cherish. Swamiji is my GOD who can provide only the best and protect me 100% from any ill thoughts of people.


I have listened to Vibhishan’s Saranagathi episode. Whatever Swamiji has taken me through and now made me to listen I do not have words to describe. I recall one time what Swamiji said-we do the activities not with the fear of lord but by love of lord. Now when I do something I think twice whether Swamiji allows such an action. When Swamiji is there how could we commit wrongful acts deliberately? Now I understand the message what I got one time “where are sinless souls, but with His realisation we become realised sinless souls”.


I do not want to be a philosophical writer but writing what philosophy I practically went through with Swamiji. When Swamiji there why to fear.



On 10th November 2004 I put a message to Swamiji saying “Swamiji, please take care of a colleague who is facing very serious problem. Please reverse the court order and levy only a fine, no jail term and save him. Let him feel power of God and straighten his life. “(13:16am IST).


My colleague was caught by the police for drunken driving during Ramadan (Islamic fasting) period. In Kuwait drinking is a punishable offence and especially during Ramadan time is a serious offence. Since court has given a ruling he has appealed the court order. He was so devastated. I just mentioned to him that I will pray to Swamiji so not to worry. That is how I had put the above message and left the matter to Swamiji.    




For one week my health was very bad. I was feeling 95% strength level only. First time in my life I lost my appetite, voice and strength for such a long period. At times I was wondering whether I did something wrong. I did not know why Swamiji tested me like this. I prayed to Swamiji even if You do not cure me please make me to sing songs properly. When I attended bhajan as I prayed to Swamiji I was able to sing normal. What is the use of attending the bhajan if I cannot sing for Him? I thanked Swamiji for curing me too.


That day’s bhajan highlight was fruit blessing. Before leaving for the bhajan while cleaning the fruits I found one of the apples had a special skin. Which was 95% covered with reddish pink and balance 5% cream colour. This colour formed like Vaishnavite’s namam. While distribution I just put my wish to Swamiji, please get me this particular apple. At the time of handing over I do not see inside the bag. What comes in my hand I just give. Exactly Swamiji got me the same apple what I wished for. Apparently that was the last Apple remained for distribution. May be He tests his devotees to see how much we could withstand.   




3 weeks back I requested Swamiji to save my friend from the driving offence punishment. The offence what he did he was to face a fine, jail and/or deportation from Kuwait. I prayed to Swamiji to save him with a fine only.


The day of the case when I was praying few questions and answers were flashing in my mind. This was regarding my colleague’s case. After my prayer I called him and said the questions and answers to him. I said to him in case if judge ask answer the way I said to you. He asked me how you know all these. I said to him while praying this was just flashing. I do not know whether the judge will ask you or not but in case if he ask these questions please be prepared to answer like this. He said ok to me but I know he would not agree to me.


After few hours he phoned and said higher court reversed the lower court’s decision and levied only fine and cleared him off from jail term but his driving was suspended for one year. Then I asked him you mentioned to me jail &/or fine but you never mentioned anytime about your license would be suspended. If you had told me I would have prayed to my Swamiji for not to suspend your license. He said now what to do? I told him now we cannot do anything I shall continue to drive you morning and evening for one year, I do not have any problem. If he had told me about the suspension I would have prayed for reversal of that decision too.  




For one week I was taking my colleague with me to work. Dropping back sometime he comes with me or he use to go with others because of my late working hours. That particular day returning from work he came with me. All of a sudden a part came down from my car. This happened when we were just after getting into a motorway.  After I parked the car on the side I tried to re-start could not restart. We called a colleague and got dropped at my friend’s house.  Then colleague said to me till you get your car you drive my car. When I refused to do that he some way convinced me till I get my car it is ok to drive his car otherwise his car is still going to be idle. Finally I agreed and took his car. 




Month of December on a Wednesday night I prayed to Swamiji that for the past 4 days the house is bit cold. On Thursday the bhajan will be in my house so please keep the house warm for no one to feel cold. Normally, even with the heater on some of them feel cold. I did not want any devotee to feel uncomfortable. Last year when I got the air conditioner changed to heating system within a week weather changed and house was really warm. With that experience I did not change it yet to heating. What a wonder Swamiji changed the weather so much during the bhajan house was nice and warm. After all the devotees left the house, 2 hours time temperature inside the house was back to cold. What kind of a wonder Swamiji created in my house. My Swamiji have his game play with me and I really enjoy it.




One week later before the bhajan between 6.45 and 7.15pm electricity tripped 4 times. I was very worried due to what it was tripping. Only additional load was the light on the Christmas tree. My biggest worry was that 7.30pm bhajan will start and during the bhajan if it trips what to do. My prayer was if it is the Christmas tree am I to put off the decorating lights. Swamiji without the lights will the tree look nice. Why are you testing me today? I do not know anything I am leaving everything as it is, You must ensure that it does not trip. My wonderful God always fulfils the wishes did this time too. How can I explain to anyone, it is definitely wonder of my Swamiji who makes these types of things to happen?




Beginning of December


I wanted to purchase a mini Christmas tree to keep alongside the nativity set. When I purchased that piece I wished to buy a small lamb. I purchased the nativity set and wished why the manufacturer has not given one more lamb and few minutes later Swamiji gave me one from another shop. Swamiji only know how He provided it to me. Shopkeeper himself asked me from where you brought this lamb. Imagine the shopkeeper saying he do not know what he has. Finally he gave that away free. Complete shopping spree I had a feel that Swamiji was there and kept providing the best decorations.


Following day after the purchase of mini tree I was thinking why I did not buy few more. When I told about the purchase to one of my colleague he wanted the same nativity set and the tree. I explained the location and requested him to purchase few more pieces of the tree for me. Next day he said to me trees were not there, so he could not purchase. Immediately I said when my God knows what I want he will give me. He asked me an interesting question “If I ask my God will he not give me”. I gave a smile calmly said, “it is not the question of power of God, and it is how you communicate with God. All what I am saying is when I ask my God Swamiji, he will do it. Hence, I tell and leave to him to provide me. I am not saying others do not have faith.” That day itself I went looking for those trees and Swamiji not only provided it for me also made me to buy for my friend too. When Swamiji is there what I should not wish. When I finished the complete decoration I just looked at Swamiji and asked “Are you happy with the decoration”. That special chime went in the clock and immediately I became very happy and not only that, such an amount of energy went through me and my tiredness vanished. During the bhajan felt Swamiji’s presence and saw the happy faces of the kids appreciating the decorations.


My wife was bit unhappy that I did not get to Canada to be with the family. When I decorated the nativity set I created the scene with snow on tree and surrounding. My wife was talking to me informed me that they are experiencing heavy snowfall in Toronto.


On 24th and 25th of December 2004


On the eve of Christmas even though it was weekend off(Friday)  I was working hard in office and my friend Krishna called me to come home and have dinner with him. I was trying to give excuses because it was already 8.30pm being next day is a working day I did not want to trouble Sreenivas Rao and Praveena. I explained to Krishna that I have to put the lights on the Christmas tree and nativity set. He in return said go home and put the lights on and come to my home. I knew Krishna’s love if I do not have any commitment he will keep me with him. Hence, I explained to him I will come directly to his house and will leave by 10 pm. He said ok. Knowing Krishna leela I was strict that I must get back by 10pm. Again he said ok Uncle just come and have the food with us and you go. Praveena also came to the line and said I have already prepared the food for you just come have the food and leave.


I immediately stopped my work and left to Rao’s house. When I entered Krishna greeted so happily and ordered mother uncle must go home early get the food immediately. I fell for his trap after having the food I was talking to the family and as usual played with Krishna. At 10 pm I said Krishna I must go now. He said ok uncle go. When I looked at the door I noticed Krishna’s leela. He has removed the key from the door keyhole. I knew today big problem to leave the house. He pleaded and extended the time and finally let me go by 11.30pm. Did I have a choice? When it comes to Krishna I did not mind giving my time because we really have good time together.


I was very worried that I was not able to put the lights on came home and opened the door. Went directly to Jesus and said “please excuse me you know Krishna and me. Wait for little time let me take bath and come back to you and put the lights on”. I took shower came and put the lights on the tree and nativity. Exactly clock time moved to 12 midnight. I burst into laugh. I said to Jesus “So all these are your drama, you wanted me to face this delay so that I will switch on the lights by 12 midnight. Wonderful, I do not know what else you would show me.” I lit the lamp in my shrine room and did my prayer. Came back to Jesus I sat there till early morning 2.30 and went to sleep. Morning continued all rituals and went to work.


Evening my friend (whose car I was driving) came to me and asked whether I could take him to the church for 15 minutes I said no problem when you are ready tell me I would take you. Around 6.30 he came and said let us go now. I shut down the system and proceeded with him to a church in Ahmadi (a place in Kuwait). I have seen the church before but I did not get a chance to go in. When I dropped him,


Friend: Wait for 15 minutes I will be back.

Self     : Do not worry take your time.


He got off from the car and walked towards the Church entrance. Being Christmas I felt I must get into the church and pray to Jesus. When I got off and closed the door my friend just turned and looked at me and asked,


Friend: Where are you going?   

Self     : I am going inside to pray to Jesus.

Friend: Ok but I will not take long.

Self     : Ok you go to right side and I will go left side. I want to pray on my own way.


While we were praying all of a sudden priest came and started his sermon. Moment he asked us to sit down my friend came running to me and said,


Friend: Let us go.

Self     : Go where?

Friend: We do not have to wait for the whole sermon.

Self     : Are you crazy, today being Christmas why do not you attend the whole sermon?

Friend: No need it will take time.

Self     : I am not leaving now, you respect at least him. He started the prayer how can we

              go now. I am not moving; go back to your seat.


I was determined to go on till the prayer finishes. He went back to his seat and sat and was watching me from there. I did not bother for anything so continued listening to the prayer. Finally when the sermon finished and people were going to get the wafer from priest. I too joined and my friend told me you cannot get that go back. I asked him why not it is church anyone who believes Jesus can get. He said those who got baptized only can get it. I could not believe it and came back to my seat.


After he received it came to me.


Friend: Let us go.

Self    : I want to get the blessing from father.

Friend: We do not do it that way.

Self    : It is ok, but I want to get the blessing from him.


By that time I saw father going inside. I said oh my God by talking to this man I missed the blessing from father.


Self     : Now I want to go one full round. (I wanted to do like how I do it in the temple).

Friend: Here we do not do it that way.

Self     : I want to do. You wait.

Friend: If you are going (pointed his finger) go there and see the manger where they

            have decorated Jesus.

Self     : Come with me.

Friend: I have seen before you go.

Self     : Ok I shall go.


I moved and went one round and when I approached Jesus I saw Him glorified. I was so stunned with the look of Jesus. After my prayer to Jesus, I turned back and came towards my friend. Then I saw priest walking into the manger. I showed my friend direction of the priest and walked towards him. I was looking at Jesus and priest. When priest saw me he came out,


Priest: What do you want my son?

Self   : (I knelt in front of him) Bless me father.


Normally priest put a cross on the forehead, and bless the person. This time He touched my head how Swamiji touches my head with both hands and said something. I immediately thought Oh my God Swamiji is it you who is blessing me now. My body became cold.

When he took off his hand I got up. He asked something.


Self   : Father, I am not a catholic but I believe Jesus.

Priest: No problem. Where are you working?

Self   : Kirby Building Systems.

Priest: Oh few years back your company did some work on the church.

Self   : Oh father I did not know that. I just wanted your blessing today because it is

            Jesus birthday. Moreover last night you know what happened (I narrated it).

            These days I just tell my priest (Swamiji) whom I consider God has come to me.

            He fulfills my wishes.


He asked about Swamiji and I narrated some of the miracles what Swamiji performed.      


Priest: You pray for us.

Self   : Oh my God father, You are Holy Father I am just an ordinary soul. You pray for

            us Father.

Priest: No, you can pray for us.

Self   : I do not know anything father I just pray to my Swamiji and he showers

            everything. I shall leave now father my friend is waiting.

Priest: Bye.


I came to my friend.


Friend: What happened?


I narrated what took place,


Friend: Do you know you are a very lucky guy.

Self    : I know.

Friend: No you do not know. You know who is that?

Self    : How do I know that is a priest?

Friend: Oh my God, you know that is Bishop of Kuwait.

Self    : Oh my God, why did not you tell me before?

Friend: I cannot believe what took place now.

Self    : Why?

Friend: I am here more than 25 years; he never comes to this church. You are here and

             he is here.

Self    : Oh my God today being Christmas I am really lucky to get the blessing from 

             such a high ordinate.


In my mind I was thinking really I am lucky in the form of Bishop of Kuwait blessing is by Swamiji’s way how GOD showered me the blessing. This is the most memorable Christmas I had so far.

I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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