Sri Ramajayam                   

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.




With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.




These days my fear was to get leave. When I apply for leave Finance Director (FD) makes sure to disturb me by refusing to grant. That is why I always ask my Super Director who can change any situation for me. When I spoke with Swamiji I requested permission to come for the Jayenthi. He said sure You could come. What are You bringing? (Very unusual question from Swamiji)  I said I am bringing myself to You Swamiji. (Note this point). Swamiji blessed me that I could come. That was enough for me to work out my arrangements of visa leave and ticket.


I spoke to my new boss and since he knew Swamiji’s pooja he straight away said no problem. So I went to FD and talked to him about my leave. As usual he started his drama by saying my immediate boss is new and he will not agree for me to go on leave. I told him it is matter of 2 to 3 days. Even if I fall sick people will be able to manage. So it is not an impact on any work. After I said to him my boss is ok with myself going he wanted me to go back to my boss and talk again. All what I did not say to him was when he leaves the company on business trip or personal leave for weeks the company still run.


By the time I reached my boss, FD called him and instructed not to send me on leave. My boss respects me a lot. So he wanted me to give little time for him to talk to FD. For couple of weeks nothing happened but I applied for my visa to India and booked my seat.


I gave heavy pressure saying I have to get my ticket just before Christmas the deal was struck. My boss knew that FD was unfair so finally he assured to him that he would take care. I got my ticket too. This time everything was ready but as usual I was the problem.


By the time Logan came home to take me to the airport, I was still in the office. After I came home, quickly took shower and packed the things in suitcases. For Logan this is a usual occurrence. This time he handed over the key to me to drive because we were very late.            


Came to the airport took my luggage out got a porter to take it in. I requested Logan to come inside. I had 30 minutes to catch the flight.


Porter: Sir, which airline?

Self    : Sri Lankan Airlines

Porter: They have closed the airline counter and no one is there.

Self    : Never mind you go to the counter.


We reached the counter area no officials were visible in that area.


Porter: Sir, I told you now you must get back.

Self    : You just wait here my friend will come ask him to wait. I will go upstairs and

             look in the office. 

Porter: All have gone to the plane.

Self    : You just wait I will comeback.


I ran towards the office. Swamiji, what happened? Please take me today I do not want to come tomorrow. Why would I lose one day by staying here? You know why I got delayed. Please show me one person in the office and I will talk to them and convince to send me.


While going towards the office I saw a Kuwaiti coming with a bag. So, I asked him, 


Self          :  Are you coming from the Srilankan airline office?

Passenger:  Yes.

Self          : Is there any officer?

Passenger: No one.

Self          : Are you catching the Sri Lankan flight?

Passenger: Yes.

Self          : So you also came late.

Passenger: I already informed them I am coming late, but no one is there.

Self          : Ok. (Swamiji, are you doing something)


I saw a Srilankan airline officer walking towards us.


Passenger: Are you (name)?

Officer     : Yes.

Passenger: I am (name); I called and informed you that I am coming late.

Officer     : Not this late?

Passenger: Can you take me?

Officer     : Do you have any bag?

Passenger: Since I am going to Dubai for one day I have this hand luggage only.

Officer     : Ok come I will check you in.


Swamiji jump in and do it.


Self     : Officer, can you check me in too?

Officer: Where are you going?

Self     : To Chennai.

Officer: I cannot do anything.

Self     : I tried calling nobody picked up the phone, I must go to Chennai and I am

              coming back after 4 days.

Officer: I cannot do anything.

Self     : You are going to check in this passenger. Please check me in too. 

Officer: Do you have bags?

Self     : Yes.

Officer: No way I can take you. We do not have time to board any bag.

Self     : Ok, I will go today and send the bags tomorrow.

Officer: No I cannot do that.

Self     : Ok then check me in.

Officer: No bags ok?

Self     : Ok.


I saw highly worried Logan. I ran towards him. 


Logan: What happened?

Self    : Logan, Swamiji managed to take me but not my bags.

Logan: What to do with the bags.

Self    :  I will go with my hand luggage. I have a set of clothes, balance I can

              buy it over there.

Logan: What to do with these bags?

Self    : Tomorrow Anilkumar and family are coming. They can bring 8 bags (4

             members). I do not think they will carry that many. So, you take out all my

             dresses and give all the things what I have for the pooja to be carried to


Logan: Ok I will tell Anilkumar.

Self    : Now let me run and check in. Bye Logan. This is the worst airport dropping for


Logan: Sure. Go safely. I will wait till you leave.

Self    : Ok.


I checked in and got my boarding pass. Thanked the officer and went for Immigration. They did not accept me because the boarding pass was hand written. I was referred to the Captain and he refused to send me. The officer came and after he gave written guarantee I was let go. As usual got into the plane doors closed and plane started to taxi. I thanked Swamiji during the whole episode and called Logan and thanked him for his patience and the trouble I caused for him.  


Reached Chennai and went to the ashram. Swamiji know all the dramas. He was inside the ashram. Moment I went to him,


Swamiji: What happened?

Self       : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Like what I said I have brought myself to you and

                nothing else. All my bags are in Kuwait. (All what happen was not my fault

                Swamiji knew that very well)

Swamiji: OH! Natesan.

Self       : It was my fault Swamiji, for telling I am bringing myself to You and now You 

                made it that way only.

Swamiji: What are you going to do?

Self       : Swamiji let me call Logan and check whether he handed over the things for

                 pooja to Anilkumar. I can buy the clothes over here.

Swamiji: Ok you call and check with Anilkumar.


I took the blessing from Amma and joked with her regarding what happened to me. When I called Logan I understood there was a problem for Anilkumar to bring those things to Chennai. When I informed that to Swamiji he asked me to call Anilkumar and talked to him. When I spoke to Anil he said no problem to bring all the things and brought me all in. When Swamiji is there what not?


Some of the devotees and me were packing Vibuthi and Kumkum packets for next day’s distribution. Swamiji was seated in the ashram vicinity and was giving instructions. It was like the first meeting of mine how I sat far away from Swamiji, this time Swamiji was sitting North end and I was sitting South end. Where we were seated swarm of mosquitoes were biting us and disturbing our workflow. With the disturbance few devotees slowly moved out from that spot. When number of people reduced more attacks took place. To packet we need two hands. One to hold the packet other hand two lift the powder and drop it into the packet. Then with both hands must seal the packet. Since God has given two hands for us to use purposefully how can we chase the mosquitoes. We have to stop the work and chase the mosquitoes and continue with filling the packet. It became so difficult every packet we had to chase the mosquitoes. Finally I looked at Swamiji and said if you keep disturbing me like this, what I should concentrate, on the mosquitoes or filling the packets. Can you please take the mosquitoes away for me to do the filling smoothly. After a minute I found the mosquitoes moved away from me and was attacking the others. Slowly the other devotees got up and vanished and I was doing the filling alone. After short time when I completed my job and got up I was smiling and enjoying how Swamiji took away the mosquitoes. Then Swamiji got up from his chair and walked towards me and asked,


Swamiji: Natesan what happened?      

Self       : Swamiji when I was filling the packets mosquitoes were biting.

Swamiji: Then what did you do.

Self       : I simply told You, Swamiji “if you keep disturbing me like this, what should I

                concentrate on the mosquitoes or filling the packets. Can you please take the

                mosquitoes away for me to do the filling smoothly”.

Swamiji: That is what I did. You asked so I said to the mosquitoes allow Natesan to do

                my work and leave him alone.

Next moment I was at his feet. When I was praying to him He did not even look my side but did the required blessing.

Next day we had the procession. That is the day all the devotees meet each other and have the joy of sharing the feeling of Swamiji. When I met Mr. Venkatesh and enjoy his hearty laugh I did have a different feel. In Kuwait when I went to his house and chat I could not even understand lot of subjects. I learnt from him simplicity and smile during facing a problem. We both were having a chat at the entrance of ashram one of the devotees from UAE came to chat with Mr. Venkatesh. Then I greeted him,

Self                   : Sri Ramajayam Vishwanath.

Viswanath        : How do you know me (a stranger to know him???).

Self                  : I know you very well (I raised my hand up) and said you play ching

                           ching in Swami’s pooja in UAE.

Mr. Venkatesh: That is (??? I cannot remember the name of the instrument now)

Viswanath       : You know about me. Who are you?

Mr. Venkatesh: I will tell you where he is from. He is from Kuwait.

Viswanath       : Is this Natesan?

Mr. Venkatesh: Yes this is that Natesan.

Viswanath       : Oh! He is the one who write those experiences.

Self                  : Swamiji is showing I am writing.

Mr. Venkatesh: You are in Abudhabi or back in India?

Viswanath       : I want to come back but Swamiji is not allowing.

Self                  : If Swamiji says stay back there you must.

Viswanath       : Family needs me.

Self                  : I am away from my family. Swamiji asked me to stay here I am staying 


Viswanath       : Does not your wife ask you to come?

Self                  : Initially yes, now she knows Swamiji is first after that only her words.

                           When Swamiji says leave I am gone. This is the understanding I have

                           with Swamiji. When Swamiji is listening and watching what should I

                           worry about. How do I know what is good for me. It is He who decides.

Viswanath       : Are you telling Swamiji is listening now.

Self                  : Of course.


I know what I think. After seeing Swamiji’s miracle how can I doubt what Swamiji can do for me? Later we were talking about some of the experiences of Swamiji. After few minutes we heard devotees telling Swamiji is coming down. I was wondering how come Swamiji is ready so early. He gave some devotees few instructions what need to do be done. Then looked at us and came to us and said,  


Swamiji: Natesan, do you know who is this

Self       : Yes, Swamiji. This is Viswanath from Abudhabi. I have seen him in

                some Video.

Swamiji: Oh Natesan know everything.

Self       : Swamiji I do not know anything what you show I know that.

Swamiji: You know (he raised his hands like how I did) Viswanath plays ching


Self       : Oh! My God Swamiji.

Swamiji: Viswanath, you know Natesan has got lot of experience

Self       : Swamiji where I have got experiences, you showed those experiences.

                That is how I am able to see and say it to everyone.

Swamiji: (gave a proud smile) You all carry on I will go for a round.


Swamiji walked away to see the needs.


Self                : Mr. Venkatesh, you see Swamiji was upstairs and He had been listening

                         to our conversation and not only that He was watching my hands rose

                         and uttering the words ching ching.

Mr.Venkatesh: True.

Self                 : With all the pooja tension listening to our conversation too.

Mr.Venkatesh: Yes.

Self                 :  How did He watch through the floors? My God is amazing.


It took few minutes for me to digest what he did. After sometime procession started and moved very slowly & smoothly.


Next day morning after Ganesh pooja, Swamiji asked to get Hanuman statue to be lifted and brought into ashram. I could not take part in that process. I was little disappointed. When Swamiji wants to show what He has to show I could see, otherwise I got to just lie low.


After sometime, Swamiji started to bless the devotees. When I was passing Swamiji, Amma called me and said to hold one of the items for Swamiji to bless. In return I asked Amma how last time I got a shouting from Swamiji for holding the plate. This time no way I would go to Him unless He calls me. Then I walked out from that area. I was enjoying the events and after noon lunch since I was bit tired probably jetlag I stretched my legs. Then someone came to me and said Swamiji wanted me to come inside the Ashram to hold the plate for blessing the devotees. So now the call has come I could go safely. Actually I had a wish for me to perform that. Now the order has come. Enjoyed that service for few hours then Swamiji asked me to go out and enjoy.


I told my experience on stage along with few other devotees. When Swamiji came to the stage and sang I could feel the divine command when He sang TRUST ME BELIEVE ME. I left myself at His feet. With that belief of Swamiji only I am leading my life.  


Next day when I was leaving Swamiji asked me to perform something on Hanumanji and Him. When I did He said that I have to do something later on. If my God wants me to perform I have to do it. That is my Swamiji’s way of indicating what He know and what I do not know. I am totally ignorant of any activity but when Swamiji is there He know what He wants me to perform.




Morning I was trying to postpone cleaning the shrine room but Swamiji made me to feel to clean it immediately. Past few days I noticed out of the four colour series light one colour has gone off completely. I was in double mind whether to change the whole thing or not. Finally decided not to change now but when a particular activity would start I will change the whole thing, till such time Swamiji to manage with the present live bulbs. Swamiji did not leave any room fused off light series started to work. As Swamiji says His presence is always there why to ask in doubt. When we give our time to Swamiji His showtime is always there for us. He is there waiting to hear from us that He can action “ask thy shall be given”.


I pray and when it happen what a joy Swamiji bring to me, and make me to feel that He is with me. Recently when I requested Swamiji “if you are with me now holding my hand and get what I want” closed my eyes and picked and what I got was what I wished. These small things give such joy of His presence and taking care of my need.




I am sure if it will be my decision it may or may not be right. Since, Swamiji is my divine God, only He can take decision then it will be 100% correct. Swamiji recently said to me whatever He said would come right. Now I understand the meaning of it. My wife asks me why I am not doing anything on my own. She fails to realise that I could do only the planning and wishing, Swamiji is there to tell me the right time of execution of what I felt.




Swamiji’s divine blessing is so wonderful even a world planning could be changed. On 20th January Thursday pooja was arranged in my house. I wanted to celebrate it as Hajj celebration. When I mentioned it to one of my Islamic colleague he said how I could celebrate it on Thursday when Hajj is falling on Friday. I casually said my heart says it is on Thursday because Mount Arafat is on Thursday morning so I could celebrate on Thursday night Hajj festival. He said it should not be done that way. As I always feel Swamiji is listening to my conversation surely this also Swamiji heard and did it once again. Saudi government announced that the festival has been brought forward by one day. So I did the Hajj festival pooja on Thursday. When we feel within our heart Swamiji feels and then fulfill it accordingly.


CAR  ACCIDENT-17.02.2005


What can I write about the accident? What I saw or what I felt. What ever it is Swamiji’s protection only made me to feel nothing. Let me first write what I saw.

When I saw few cars near the roundabout I was wondering why they have parked on the middle of the road. When I realised that it was an accident and 7 cars were involved I was wondering how did it happened. I slowed down my car but few minutes before it had rained that point of road was slippery. It made my car skid. Even though the brakes were changed recently it still skidded. The car was moving towards the other damaged cars so I turned the steering towards left, car went over the pavement and hit a pole and came to a standstill. Without stopping the engine I put the car to park mode and got off to check the damage. Side was damaged with the left light smashed. No damage to the pole.


I did not feel any uneasiness or panic. Slowly I looked at my body to see whether I am bleeding. No blood. I shook my body to feel whether any trauma or pain. None could be felt. I thought of Swamiji and asked what happened. I cannot see any sign of trauma other than damage to the car. It is because of His blessing I escaped. Then I realised it was my friend’s car I was driving because my car was in garage. Since he had gone on vacation out of the country now how could I go to the police station and report it. Got into the car and saw steering wheel has come down. I panicked. Started the car and reversed it, slowly drove to the garage. Luckily this accident happened one km from my tire changing place. This is a Syrian man with whom I had good relationship. Moment he saw me smilingly asked me what happened. When I told him the whole story and my friend is not there to report the matter he said not to worry. I showed the steering wheel he just readjusted. Then only I knew it was a small problem. He was more worried about my injury. When I told him I am ok he was happy. Then he pulled his phone out and talked to someone. After few minutes he requested me to drive the car to a place which was one minute away. That person told me how much he wants me to pay and he said two days time come and take your car. When I told him that it is not my car, He said I know everything you leave the car and come after two days. I just left the car walked to my friend’s garage. Thanked him for all what he did to me.


Morning when I spoke to Swamiji He blessed me with a nice day. So I was confused of the great day. Later on I realised that no wound on my body, no trauma in my mind. More over, I did not even feel I had an accident. I could not imagine if it had gone to the right whether any of the people who were standing and inspecting their car damages would have got hurt or even could have got killed. With Swamiji’s hand power I escaped all these crimes. It is definitely Swamiji’s protection and intervention I got saved from getting hurt or hurting somebody.


I called my friend Logan and said what happened to me. He came quickly and picked me up and drove me off. Always, Logan is available for my needs.


I came home and called Swamiji. He simply said I am waiting for the call and when I mentioned of the accident He mentioned that I had a miraculous escape. This showed that He had been following me. His divine hands only turned the steering wheel to the opposite direction to avoid hitting other cars or the people who had already out of their cars. If I had hit anyone or their cars it would have been a real disaster for me. Evening I went with Logan to the pooja and I was so calm.


Two days later went to the garage and picked up the car. It was in mint condition. No body could tell it had an accident but when my friend came back I showed him the exact damage his car went through. He said to me unless I told he would not have found out it anyway. The garage has done a very good professional job. My friend asked me to continue to drive his car. I am sure Swamiji did take care of my bad time by facing an accident and got it rectified. I remember my chest hitting the steering wheel funniest thing was steering wheel came down with the force and no damage to my chest. How he saved me from any injury is his divine protection.   

I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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