Jai Shree Ram Swamiji.


Kodi Kodi pranams at your Lotus Feet.


Before I begin to narrate a few of my experience, I would like to convey million thanks to Swamiji for blessings me with them.



We got a chance to visit Muscat alongwith Swamiji and attend Poojas there during Eid Holidays.  There were 11 of us from Abu Dhabi and we decided to go by road.  Expecting a huge crowd due to holidays, we opted to take the visa from the Embassy.  We submitted the documents for all 11 of us in Embassy on Tuesday and expected the passports back on Thursday enabling us to travel on Saturday.  We got the receipt from the embassy to collect the passports on Thursday 11:30am.   I had an important meeting in bank on Thursday at 10:30 after which I had planned to go and collect the passports from Embassy.  During the meeting some unexpected problem cropped up and I was stuck in the bank till 12:30.  I was unaware that the Embassy closes by 1:00pm.  Sitting in the meeting I was getting restless since I had promised all that I would definitely collect the passports on their behalf.  I was unable to concentrate there which was noticed by my colleague.  The clock kept ticking and my tension kept on piling.  At 12:35 I excused myself and went and called one of my colleagues, requested him to go to the embassy.  I arranged car also for him.  But as luck would have it, there was terrible traffic jam on the road.  The distance from his workplace to Embassy was of twenty minutes and the time was 12:40.  Caught in the jam, my friend told me that he might not be able to reach by 1:00.  By this time the Embassy people had started calling all to come and collect the passport or else we would be able to get them back only after the holidays i.e. Sunday!!! That moment I nearly collapsed.  I was so tensed that because of me none would be able to go to Muscat. I prayed to Swamiji deeply and asked him to help us out.  I again called my colleague to ask where he was.  He said the cars have started moving slowly now.  He managed to reach the Embassy at 12:59!! The Embassy staff ,without asking him the receipt,  handedover all the passports to him.  He called and informed me immediately that all documents were in his hands.  It was indeed Swamiji only who helped him to reach there and also get the passports without any verification proof.  I will never forget those ten minutes of my life where I donot know whether I was Living or Dead!! If it hadn’t been for Swamiji, we all would have not been able to attend the Muscat Pooja.   During the pooja there, we mentioned to Swamiji about this incident.  He asked me to be alert and careful and touched my heart and told me this is for courage and strength.  Thank You Swamiji for everything.


Around 5 years back, Swamiji had once visited our house to light lamp.  My parents and brother was also there in the house that time.  Swamiji spoke to my brother and told him many things about his marriage and asked him about gold chain.  My brother does not like gold chain so he does not have one.  Swamiji told him not to worry one chain is on the way which he has to wear.  He blessed him saying after marriage they will come to ashram.  Time passed by and we all forgot about this.  Around a year back his marriage got finalized.  The girl is from Nanganallur!!  On engagement day, the girl’s side presented Gold Chain to my brother!!  That’s the time we all were reminded of Swamiji’s blessings.


Swamiji knows everything and without his knowledge nothing is happening in this world.


We had finalized the date for my brother’s marriage which was to be held in Chennai.  Sometime before the marriage date an unexpected thing happened.  My father, who is 82, got serious health problem and surgery had to be performed.  I spoke to Swamiji and he blessed my father.  He told me to proceed with the surgery and after that he will be able to attend the marriage in Chennai.  By his grace the surgery went off smoothly and after 12 days he was discharged from hospital and we all were able to travel to Chennai for the marriage ceremony which also went off well.  As predicted by Swamiji, we all did go to Ashram after the marriage.


Thank you Swamiji for everything.


Usually kids have small vacation in the month of March and this year we planned to go to our home in India and visit as many temples as we can in the short period of 12 days.  Before leaving, we took Swamiji’s blessings and mentioned to him we also wished to visit Sabrimala Temple.  He blessed us that we will have a good darshan.  By Swamiji’s grace, we were able to visit all the temples as per our plan and we had good darshan everywhere.  As blessed by him, indeed we had good darshan in Sabrimala Temple.  We went to Guruvayoor temple on Thursday.  Generally it is too crowded on Thursday but due to Swami’s blessings, inspite of the crowd, we had a good darshan and a chance to stand in front of the deity for full 3 minutes uninterrupted!!.  It was an amazing experience.  Thank you so much Swamiji.


Through the experience, Swamiji is giving us courage and confidence to face the challenges of life everyday.   Swamiji knows everything and nothing is happening without his knowledge. Our humble prayers Swamiji, please be with us always so.


Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jai


Venkatesh – Venkatesh, Jyoti, Janani and JyoteshKumar – Abu Dhabi.


Jai Shree Ram


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