I am very proud to share Swamiji’s miracles which had happened in my life.

My kodi kodi pranams to my beloved Lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji.

Second Part

We are very happy to share a miracle that had happened during my daughter’s birth by blessing of our Shree Vikaraman Swamiji. It was truly a miracle in our lives.

It was on March 2006, when my wife was carrying my younger daughter,  Swamiji was always asking about her health and informed that her health was not ok..She went to India in January for delivery and facing many health problems, I was in Dubai at that time, my wife didn’t inform me about all these issues because she knew that I will be worried.

In March a pooja at Monalisa building, suddenly Swamiji called me  and asked “Jinachandran, how is your wife. I said she is in India Swamiji. Swamiji asked again “ What about her health?  And Swamiji said again , her health is not ok, she is suffering from health problems” and Swamiji gave some viboothi for her and asked me to send this to India for her. I sent it and on March 25th she got viboothi. At that time she was tired and was planning to go to hospital. I called and asked her to take viboothi with water and later she went to hospital. In that hospital it is very difficult to get an appointment but that day she got First token number. The doctor did her checkup and suddenly the doctor said the baby is struggling, heartbeat of baby was in critical stage, and within seconds doctor did emergency operation and took out the baby and at the same time doctor informed my mother-in-law that if we had delayed coming by two hours, we would have lost baby. 

I know very well our beloved Swamiji, who arranged the first token number in the hospital for my wife, that is the only reason we got my dear daughter alive.

But the baby was in critical situation, she was shifted to ICU in another hospital. The doctor’s informed that this situation may cause heart and brain damage. We prayed to Swamiji with tears and I called Swamiji.  Swamiji said don’t worry she will be all right within 10 days.

You believe it or not, to the surprise of the Doctors my daughter  began to be normal and the cardiac diagnostic test shows that heart was functioning properly.  As Swamiji said  on the 10th day she was shifted from ICU. But the doctors were not satisfied they said we should do the brain development test after six month because it seems that there is 90% possibility that baby could be mentally retarded. We felt sad again but we believed in our Swamiji and from that time itself my wife began to give the baby, little quantity of  viboothi along with her medicine.  By surprising all the doctors again the brain development test also gave 100% perfect result. 

My dear Swamiji, it is you who gave me a healthy daughter, and so we are calling her Archana as Swamiji’s daughter’s name is also Archana.

 With heart full of love we are submitting ourselves at in the divine feet of Swamiji


Thank you very much our dear Swamiji…………Jinachandran and Vidya Jinachandran - Dubai




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